retail ranting of epic proportions

So the other day, a toilet in the men’s bathroom backed up and made a huge puddle in the hallway. So naturally, we closed the bathrooms for the day for safety and sanitary reasons. Well apparently after I got off my shift, this woman lost her crap (almost literally) because our bathrooms were closed.
She chewed out the MOD for a solid 20 minutes about how not having public restrooms was a health code violation (which is false) and she would report us to the Health Department and let our Corporate offices know. The MOD told her that the pizza place directly next door to us had a restroom and she yelled about how she had to pee so bad so wouldn’t make it the 30 seconds it would take to get over there. She told the fitting room attendant to get her a cup and she’d just use the fitting room. She then took a picture of the fitting room attendant and was gonna blast her on the company’s Facebook page.
She then stormed out of the store and sent her teenage son to post by the bathroom to wait till it opened.
Sorry we don’t want you to wade through nearly ankle deep waste water just to appease your bladder.
Also, if it was such an emergency, why did she spend 20 minutes unleashing her wrath, but couldn’t walk 30 seconds to go pee next door?

Working the sales floor on Saturday sucks

You organize almost an entire section of clothing, get called to back up on the register, go back to the clothes you were organizing and all your progress is gone.

Or your organizing and someone takes a sweater off the hanger to try on and instead of putting it back on the hanger, they just hand it to me or hang it over the rack. Like fucking hang it back up.

Or you get those parents that don’t give a crap and let their kids run around knocking stuff you just organized over while screaming. I’ve had kids sit under clothes racks that I’m organizing trying to unwrap toys to put in their pocket and steal.

But my two personal favorite things are 1) when customers decide they don’t want something and look you straight in the eyes while they put it back in the wrong place. Like just give it to me. 2) when customers try something on and decide they don’t want it and drop it on the floor.

So aggravating. Sorry bout my retail rant. I’m done now

Retail Rant

Not mine, but related to me by a coworker and close friend.
So in my store we have a huge display for light-up, moving, detailed models that make noise every Halloween and Christmas. I hate these *emax things. They’re loud, annoying, creepy when the store’s empty, and instead of just being able to unplug one cord to turn the display off like my usual store, at my current store I have to reach around hundreds of dollars of merchandise to flip four or five surge protectors off, which are hidden at the back and require pretty much everyone under 6’ to climb onto the display just to reach them. They’re a pain in the ass.
So Sunday, in which we have more crazy packed into three less hours, a customer comes up to my friend with a complaint. It is her second day working there, and she doesn’t even know the store yet. This entitled fuck starts ranting to her about how ‘disturbed’ she is by 'all the noises in the Halloween section’ and how it makes her 'not want to shop here.’
Cue huge eye roll, with heavy sigh.
She (wisely) goes 'Would you like to talk to a manager?’ and goes and finds our bitchy, 21-y-o closing manager. To my surprise, manager actually turns it off for her, but glares daggers at the lady the rest of the time.
The second she walks towards the checkout, which was hella long after, manager is apparently watching her like a hawk going 'if she doesn’t leave in five seconds I’m turning it back on anyway.’
I am now going to defend the display with all my heart. 'I’m sorry, the display is for the enjoyment of all our shoppers and so people interested can see the products in action. I’m only allowed to turn it off after we close.’ If you don’t like it, get the fuck out of the store.