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Easy way to put a protection spell on a bracelet. Something that won't raise suspicions from my family who don't know about me practicing the craft?

You could do a protective spell on a piece of jewelry or wear a protective amulet, put herbs in a bottle meant for protection, or wear a protective stone bracelet. Many retailers online and at the mall, such as Etsy stores and Earthbound Trading Co, have this type of jewelry pre-made.


here is a list of what I am selling so far: (my image+official store image)

Sebastian and Claude bag($12)- I have used this bag a few times and it is still in good condition~

Sword Art Online 2 shirt ($15)- this was sent to me by mistake from Hottopic. It’s never been worn and still in it’s bag (sadly no official image for it yet) retail price was $21

Sebastian Bracelet ($4)- worn a few times

Grell bracelet ($4)-worn a few times

Undertaker pop vinyl figure ($10)- this one is extra and has not been opened yet

Black Butler Figures ($3 each or $8 for the set)- The figures have a few small marks here and there but over all are in good condition(they arrived with the tiny marks) madam Red does not have a stand

Ronald Knox clear folder ($3) -never used~

Bootleg Book of Circus charms ($1 each)- these guys actually made me laugh pretty hard when they came in the mail. They are made of clear plastic and (as you can see) are not official. They’re still pretty dang cute (ALSO there is a circus sebastian charm but I just can’t seem to find it. when I do I will include it)

Sailor Moon uniform charms ($3 each) - metal charms of Sailor Moon’s and Sailor Mercury’s outfits

Sailor Moon sweets charms ($5 each) - perfect condition, are hella expensive on ebay 

CardCaptor Sakura straps ($5 each)- If you want all of them I’ll lower the total price

Gudetama pouch ($4) - never been used, inside is shiny yellow with polka dots

To Heart figure ($7) - This is an extremely old figure, but it’s in pretty good condition. a few small marks on her hair

fluffy pastel tail ($3) -** this isn’t real fur**

Crystal pins ($1 each)- made of plastic with a pin on the back

There will be more to come but for now this is what I’m selling! I’m selling these on a first come-first serve basis, so whoever messages me first pretty much gets it. I only accept paypal payments and buyer must pay for the shipping. I won’t know 100% how much shipping will be until I go to the post office but I will give you an estimate.

thank you!

  • Customer: Is this bracelet for a man or a woman?
  • Me: If you're a man and you like it, it's for you. If you're a woman and you like it, it's for you. Anything in between, and you like it? It's for you.
  • Customer: Yeah but would a man wear it?
  • Me: If I were a man, no one would dare tell me what kind of bracelet to wear.
  • Customer: But do you think it's masculine enough for a man?
  • Me: If it had pink flowers and rainbow hearts all over it, it still wouldn't make a guy's nuts drop off.
  • Customer: Yeah but could a man wear it, or is it for a woman?
  • Me: You will never make me answer that question. Give me your six dollars and go.