With back-to-school shopping and tax free weekend around the corner here is your friendly reminder to be kind to retail workers who are assisting you. It is not their fault if an item is unavailable in your size. Be patient when waiting in lines. Don’t be an asshole. Thanks.

oh the other day a customer asked if we gave out coupons at the front door and i was like “no.” and she was like “well why not? everyone else does.”

and i went, “well, our coupons work on everything in the store, versus something like a grocery store where they work on particular items” so she was like “ok well i’m not shopping there” and tbh like??? why would we hand out our coupons at the front door. if we did that there would be no point to having coupons to begin with. it would be a farce and a gimmick. we send out coupons as an incentive for you to COME IN to the store (like advertising), not just as a reward for showing up

i didn’t add that stores that just hand out coupons (grocery stores) hand out MANUFACTURER’S coupons, which means the store itself will be reimbursed for the coupon, and they won’t lose any money. but handing out coupons is their incentive for you to spend money at their store with no cost to them

versus OUR coupons, which DO come out of our pocket

Here is me after I cried for over an hour because today was the last day of my job of almost three years. I have grown so much as a person because of this job and have learned more than I have ever before. Ive made amazing relationships with people a lot older and younger than me. Its so hard to leave them because I see this little family everyday, they know everything about me, we listen to each other all the time. This store was my home away from home, a blanket where I could run and hide under and not have to face my shitty life outside. I am forever grateful for every opportunity I was given and grateful that one man ( the best boss alive) never doubted me once, saw the best in me from day fucking one when I walked in and asked for a job. It isn’t goodbye, it’s see you later! Am I terrified of the future? Fuck yes. But I always know I have a place where I will be greeted with open arms and that is calming.

Well is it organic or not?!

Believe it or not, this happened once. A lady came up to me and..well, just..just read!

“I see you sell organic celery. But how do I tell if its organic?”

I stood there for a good 3 fucking minutes with nothing to say. Finally i’m like “ well it says so. Right on the bag that its in. Right there.”

“But how do you tell by looking at it? I need to make sure its not a money grab”

You are looking at it in its MOST NATURAL FUCKING FORM. ITS CELERY. We don’t color code the organic from the non organic. What kind of answer would you like from me?

“Don’t worry ma'am. Its organic”

Since it’s summer, bugs fly into our store and there’s not much we can do about them, except swat them when they land. Some lady decides to complain about them while I’m waiting to get rung up, incognito.

Customer: *to cashier* I can’t believe how many flies are in here! It’s ridiculous, I can’t believe you let so many flies in the store!

Me: Yeah, we keep telling them to buy something or get out, but they won’t listen.

Customer: *freezes and looks at me, then finishes transaction and leaves*

Cashier: THANK YOU.

retail problems

- customers who laugh/act condescending/get angry when you offer them one of the promotional products at the counter. many places punish workers for not selling enough of these!!! just say “no thanks”.

- customers who dont parent their children. we have these godforsaken egg timers at work and today some children ignored by their parents set them ALL off in quick succession

- customers who come in 10 minutes before closing time to browse or with a demanding request. PLEASE do not do this unless you know exactly what you want or its urgent, often managers let workers leave a little early if the store is empty

- sexist remarks. i once got told by one man, I quote “so that’s where you belong, like all women, behind the counter taking the money”

- customers that call you “babe” “love” “sweetheart” etc, the exception is sweet old ladies calling you “dear”

- customers that expect me, a 17 year old girl, to know EVERYTHING about every single kettle, hoover and garden strimmer and act like I’m terrible at my job when I have to ask someone else to help them. we don’t get any training.

- customers that don’t politely ask for help and instead yell the name of the product they want at you. this happens so much, i swear people lose all social skills when talking to shop workers

- customers who constantly are in a phone call or have their headphones in and barely acknowledge you while you’re serving them. this is just bad manners!

- when you’re already clearly serving someone and a customer barges in interrupting and asks for help. wait your turn or ask somebody else!

i could go on forever