So yesterday a police officer in uniform checked out with me. He was buying draino and skittles. I didn’t think much of it because people in uniform come in often and buy just little things. But anyways, somehow we started talking about how officers are all getting a bad rap from the media and he says, “you know what this draino is for? We were just at a domestic violence call and we realized none of the drains in the house were working, so we came here to buy draino, and the skittles are for the kids. You don’t see anybody filming this.” So just know there are still good guys out there.


Written 9 Time zones apart
Piggy bank funded
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1 year later.. Retail Rejects the webseries IS HERE

Working retail is honestly such a bizarre experience because literally within the span of five minutes you could have one customer who makes you think “wow I love this job, people are so nice, what a great day and age to be alive” and then immediately afterwards you have a customer who makes you go “wow I cannot actually believe that we have explored space and transplanted major body organs and carry mini computers in our pockets but PLEASE and THANK YOU are considered too advanced for some people’s vocabulary”

Ive worked in retail for over a year now and I have to say, for all the complaining that old people have about us millennials always being on our phones, I have seen so many supposed “adults” check out at the register while taking a phone call. I have never seen a young person do this. Ever. Ive also had countless “adults”, especially older men, plop their money on the counter despite my outstretched hand. Young people are rarely like this! They almost always meet my eye and my hand, thank me, and reply when I ask them how they are doing. It seems to me like old folks are the ones being rude and spoiled brats.


here are some comics about retail I drew hastily after work while drinking ADULT BEVERAGES. disclaimer: I honestly like my workplace and my customers are mostly great and my co-workers are ALL great!!!! 

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We made a queer web series!

It’s been a long road for the Nacho crew, and series creators @cosimageekhaus and @chromatix-and-romantix are excited to present,


ELLA (Allie Pev), an actress, is excited to start her new sales job at Brinkerhoff and Coemans but quickly finds herself in amid the chaos, confusion, and comedy of working in Retail. Will she survive to sell another day?


Ugh why do old men think it’s okay to make personal remarks to their cashier? Some old bastard came through my line today.

“I thought you were a boy, I couldn’t tell.”

*ignores him*

“You’d be much prettier if you had long hair.”

*ignores him*

“You’re not even listening to me!”

What I really wanted to say was “Shut the fuck up you miserable old anal prolapse. Nobody cares about you or your opinions.”

What I said instead was “I happen to like the way I look,” in a super cold and steely tone. He got all huffy about his opinions being ignored but seriously what the fuck?

A customer was super rude to us but after she left, the customer behind her said, “fuck you, you don’t know how hard it is to work retail” about the rude lady and I was like Thank You Ma'am for the Validation