a mix of 70 songs that Luke has tweeted at some point.

1. living louder by the cab. 2. nothing by lewis watson. 3. ocean avenue by yellowcard. 4. can you feel my heart by bring me the horizon. 5. if you don’t know by 5 seconds of summer. 6. sex by the 1975. 7. please take me home by blink 182. 8. whatever by hot chelle rae. 9. everlong by foo fighters. 10. 3 am by matchbox 20. 11. stop this train by john mayer. 12. give me one good reason by blink 182. 13. waiting for the end by linkin park. 14. chocolate by the 1975. 15. stuck on you by new politics. 16. machines by biffy clyro. 17. i’m a mess by ed sheeran. 18. astronaut by simple plan. 19. the man by ed sheeran. 20. baby you don’t wanna know by sum41. 21. basket case by green day.22. superman by goldfinger. 23. black chandelier by biffy clyro. 24. social casualty by 5 seconds of summer. 25. young girls by bruno mars. 26. wayward son by kansas. 27. can’t stop by onerepublic 28. science & faith by the script. 29. emotionless by good charlotte. 30. shove by angels & airwaves. 31. vegas skies by the cab. 32. the end where i begin by the script. 33. terrible things by mayday parade. 34. all the same by sick puppies. 35. hold onto me by mayday parade. 36. walking disaster by sum41. 37. pursuit of happiness by kid cudi. 38. i’ll take you there by sleeping with sirens. 39. something i need by onerepublic. 40. all that i’ve got by the used. 41. what i like about you by the romantics. 42. awakening by yellowcard. 43. i must be dreaming by the maine. 44. nourthern downpour by panic! at the disco. 45. if only they knew by a rocket to the moon. 46. nine in the afternoon by panic! at the disco. 47. sad by maroon 5. 48. ever after by marianas trench. 49. hey there delilah by plain white t’s. 50. obviously by mcfly. 51. honestly by hot chelle rae. 52. UNI by ed sheeran. 53. king for a day by pierce the veil. 54. postcards and polaroids by sleeping with sirens. 55. girls and boys by good charlotte. 56. break your little heart by all time low. 57. fix you by coldplay. 58. can’t be saved by senses fail. 59. latch by disclosure. 60. champagne supernova by oasis. 61. canals by all time low. 62. st. patrick by pvris. 63. i still haven’t found what i’m looking for by u2. 64. escape (the piña colada song) by rupert holmes. 65. where did the party go by fall out boy. 66. shake tramps by marianas trench. 67. i can talk by two door cinema club. 68. hallucinations by angels & airwaves. 69. super rich kids by frank ocean. 70. amnesia by 5 seconds of summer.




This is what’s happening in my country, Catalonia, right now.

Catalonia has been occupied by Spain for 300 years. Our language has been banned, our traditions too, even our traditional dances. Imagine how it is to be beaten up if you’re heard at school speaking a word of your mother tongue.

Since the ending of the fascist dictatorship of Spain (~1975) our traditions and our language are legal again, Catalan is even co-official in our land. But the feeling of catalanophobia still stands strong in Spain, and Catalonia is economically discriminated (pays more taxes to Spain and receives way less than the other communities, etc).

This and many other reasons are why we want to be independent. We want to be free.

The Catalan government proposed to do a referendum to see if the Catalan people want to be independent (that year, and the 2 years before it, we had done peaceful protests with between 1.5 million and 2 million people asking for independence). But Spanish government, knowing “yes to independence” was going to win, said it was illegal. Then the Catalan government said it wan’t going to be a referendum, just an enquiry (the legal difference is that in a referendum, the winning resut must be followed, and an enquiry is just to have an idea of what people want). Spain still said no.

But we did it. Yes to independence got 81% of votes. So now Spain is forcing our political dirigents, elected democratically by the Catalan people, to go to trials just for letting us vote.

Today was the first trial, and more than 50,000 people showed up to show their support to President Mas, and the other political charges elected, Joana Ortega and Irene Rigau. And this was during laboral hours, imagine if it had happenned when we weren’t at work/school!

Here’s the BBC’s article on it.

So to sum up: Spain is not a real democracy, and Catalonia is still fighting for its freedom.

Visca la terra lliure! / Long live the free land!

the treatment of ichigo and rukia this final arc

feel free to reblog if you think it was bs how ichigo and rukia were treated this final arc and that ichigo got the worst resution for his character. As well as the worst resolution of any shounen or manga protagonist ever.

love the people i work with. on thursday jules had to work and they’d all got us a card each and then paul got us a bunch of flowers. i only managed to get them from jules’ today and have just put them up in my room. i love how much of a family we are at the WA, whenever it’s anyone’s birthday or anything big happens we all ‘celebrate’ properly. my mum is always saying that i should work at a pub in my village when my sister goes to uni because it’s better pay and so much easier to get to, but i really don’t want to move because i’d so much rather work somewhere where it doesn’t really feel like i’m going to work, more going to see friends.

ahrgents said:

allison argent in #13

My first Allison!! N what fun this fine lady was~ One of my fav themes in the whole of TW is the knight!Allison/queen!Lydia thing. so, naturally I wanted to draw a knight!Allison too <3  I made her armor part tattoo, part jewelry n part the real thing. Hope you like the resut as much as I do ovô~ More of my colour-pallette-meme stuff can be found here