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48 - Seth Rollins I didn't think you could get any less romantic

Combining with this request from an Anon: Heyyyyy your such an amazing writer do u think you can do an imagine with Seth Rollins where your his gf and your nervous about the draft but he isn’t.

A/N: Want to try some different point’s of view maybe over the next few propmts? In this it does switch between you the reader and Seth’s P.O.V a little but I’ve tried to keep it to a minimum and easy to see where the changes happned so it’s not super confusing. Starts off in my normal third person P.O.V

It was the night of the brand draft, superstars would be picked to either go on RAW on Monday nights or Smackdown on Tuesday nights. Sitting backstage you were nervously chewing on your nails, chatting with some of the girls you were all in the same boat, not wanting to be split up from each other but most importantly not wanting to be slipt up from your boyfriends/husbands.

“What if John and I end up on different brands? We’ll only see each other like once a week if we’re lucky.” Sighing at her you nodded in agreement that was how it would be for every couple if they were on different brands.

“They can’t split couples up can then? Surley it would go against some sort of wellness policy?” Renee commented looking to you. “How does Seth feel about the split?”

“He doesn’t seem bothered by it but hoestly we we havent really talked about it yet.” blushing slightly you look down at your swinging feet.

“You do realise the draft is goning to happen in like 2 hours!” Nattie looks at you in disbelief. Nodding your head you look at her.

“I know. We’ve only been dating around 6 months though. Maybe he’s just not as effected by it because we’ve only been dating for 6 months.” Looking past her you see Seth walk down the hall. He smiles when he sees you coming over and placing a kiss to the top of your head.

“Hey babe how you doing?” He smiled resting an arm on the crate behind you.

“Good. Nervous about the split. How about you?”

“Great. Supe excited to see which brand I’m gonna be on.” The girls had caught on to where the conversation was headed.

“You’re not worried about us being on different brands?” Your voice was smaller than normal, looking up at him shyly through your lashes.

“No? Should I be?”

Sighing to yourself, this is exactly what you thought he’d be thinking. “Yes. If we were luckly we’d only get to see each other like once a week.” Looking up at Seth properly you notice he doesn’t look to bothered at that.

“Yeah. Once a week sounds fine. Some couples see each other less.”

“Once a week if we’re lucky. What if we aren’t and we only see each other at pay-per-views.”

“That’s fine to. Does it really matter if we are on different brands?” Was Seth kidding right now?

“Yes it does Seth! We are in a relationship. You’re supposed to want to see me more than possibly once a week. I didn’t think you could get any less romantic.”

“And I do but all I’m saying is does it matter that much? not like we will be working for different companies.”

“No but we might as well be.” Turning on your heel you storm off down the corridor ignoring Seth calling after you. Making your way down the corridors you come to the area where everyone was waiting to hear the resutls of the brand slipt, seeing Nattie and Naomi you head over sitting by them.

“Hey, how did it go with Seth?” Naomi asks noticing your bothered expression.

“Well if we are still together after the brand split I’d be suprised.” Naomi and Nattie look at you shocked. “He basicaly said it was fine if we only saw each other at pay-per-views.”

“Really?! He said that?!”

“Yup. I know we haven’t been dating long but you’d think he would care a little right?” They nodded in agrement, attention shifting as Seth entered the room.

*****Seth’s P.O.V*******

Entering the room I saw (Y/N) sat with the girls, she looked so pissed at me and the sight nerly broke me, we hadn’t been dating long and I was so desperate not to fuck this up because I really did care about her. Heading over I wanted to talk about what had happened, hopefully she’d hear me out. As I got closer (Y/N) turned away from me, eyes set on the screen at the front of the room. Stopping I turn and stand near Roman and Dean looking at the floor, all interest in the brand split gone.

They were about to call out the first pick for Raw. I couldn’t take my eyes off of (Y/N), I just wanted to get this all over and done with so I could talk to her.

“And RAWs first pick is…… Seth Rollins!” I didnt even register that my name had been called, to busy looking at the small smile that appeared on (Y/N)’s face. Dean nudged me forward and I realised what was going on, grabbing one of the shirts that was being handed to me I forced a smile as people congradulated me and I was taken away for an interview.

******Third person P.O.V******

So Seth was going to RAW, you were happy he was heading ver there, the way the show looked it would be perfect for his career and he looked happy to be first chosen. Now you just had to wait and see where you were going.

It felt as if every woman in the locker room had been called before you, Seth had come back from doing a couple of interviews and was now stood in the corner chewing the skin on the sides of fingers, a nervous habbit you often scolded him for. Turning your attention back to the TV RAW were about to announce who their last pick would be, holding your breath you close your eyes waiting for someone elses name to be called. Then there was someone lifting you up into a hug, although your eyes were closed you’d recognise this hug anywhere. Seth.

“You’re on RAW babe. Welcome.” Pulling back he gave you a cocky smile that you couldn’t help but return.

“I’m on RAW!” Jumping up and down you couldn’t stop the grin that had spread over your face. Before Seth had time to say anything else you were being pulled away by a member of the team to grab a shirt and shot an interview. Finally you had finished the interview and most people had left the stadium to go and celebrate, all but you and one lone figure stood waiting at the end of the hall. Making your way towards the figure you smiled recognising it as Seth, he looks up from his phone, pushing away from the wall meeting you half way.


“Hi” Smiling shyly at him we stand in slience for a few seconds before Seth begins to talk.

“I’m sorry.” He mutters looking down at the ground.

“Me too. I should have thought about if you’d felt the same about me. I mean we’ve only been dating 6 months and…” you were cut off by Seth’s lips meeting your own, molding into him you bring your arms up to his neck, threading your fingers through the hair in the name of his neck. He pulls away after a few seconds he rests his forehead on yours.

“I’m the one who should be apologising not you. As you said we haven’t been dating long and this whole brand split thing I was cared of losing you. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before and thought that if I acted like I don’t care about the brand split it would some how all go away it would be fine. Instead I nearly pushed you away from me.” You were nearly tearing up at Seth’s little speach, he rarely showed his soft side so this sudden decloration was a big step for him. “I’m sorry I acted like I didn’t care, and I promise to be more romantic.” Smiling at him you pull him down for another kiss, tongues finding each other. Seth pulls you closer and you wrap your arms roudn his neck a little tighter, pulling away for a moment you whisper against his lips “You better keep that promise mister.”

“For you, I’ll do anything.”

Prompt from this list.


Japanese Nationals - Prelims Resutls

1. Mai Murakami - 56.300
2. Asuka Teramoto - 55.450
3. Shiho Nakaji - 53.550
4. Hitomi Hatakeda - 53.300
5. Aiko Sugihara - 53.100

1. Sae Miyakawa - 15.000
2. Mai Murakami - 14.800
3. Aoki Rino (sp?) - 14.650

1. Asuka Teramoto - 13.950
1. Yuki Uchiyama - 13.950
3. Hitomi Hatakeda - 13.900

1. Asuka Teramoto - 14.250
2. Mai Murakami - 14.200
3. Natsumi Sasada - 13.800

1. Mai Murakami - 14.250
2. Sae Miyakawa. 13.550
3. Shiho Nakaji - 13.350

So the Japan National ended.. with expected winners..

Well the biggest surprise was that Hanyu got the flu and had to withdraw which made me so disappointed, cause I was excited like crazy!!  But maybe this was for the best.. take care of your health and come back stronger!! –he’s always in a (mechagucha) state this time of the year!!  Why don’t they move JN to January, really.. it’s not even 2 weeks between it and GPF, and their best athletes are always exhausted-..

So Hanyu will be going to 4CC and Worlds like he planned!!  Ganbatte!!  Always look infront of you and do your best!

Shoma was under so much pressure that it showed on him!!  He fell on a quad in his short, but did all three in the free, well done!!  But had many little mistakes in his jumps.. but overall great!!  -I still like his FP in GPF the most-..  The weight of the pressure showed in his last pose and tears, and maybe exhausted too!!  Omedetou Shoma, National Champion..

Shoma will go to 4CC, Worlds and Asian Winter Games!! Wow!! Ganbatte!!

Mura did very well in SP, but he again made mistakes in the FP!!  What happened.. maybe his stamina!?  And Tanaka doing so well in the nationals.. omedetou.. lol, Hanyu must be so happy watching his friend, and more he’s going to be with him in worlds and 4CC!! Lool.. Tanaka get ready for the over excited Hanyu..

Tanaka will go to 4CC & Worlds, while Mura will go to the AWG.  Ganbatte!!

As for the ladies, I was so happy for Kana I got tears in my eyes at the end of her FP!!  She had two hard seasons.. and at last she performed a clean FP.. and the step sequence at the end was so beautiful.. otsukare sama..

(Aww.. her coach is crying too..)

And Mao!  The 3A is back!! Lool.. how stubborn can this lady be..!! (reminds me of someone who’s down now with a flu)!! -whistle-

I’m glad the 3A is back but I hope that her knee is totally cured to do that!!  Even if she didn’t land it, she’s getting better now, jumping her triples.. she still needs more confidence though before her triple jumps.. she does them perfectly at practice, but in her SP I felt she slowed down before her triples.. which make my heart sink!!  In the FP though she went for them and jumped, even though she fell twice.. I think that’s better than doubling them!! Go Mao!!

(lol, i saw that! Yes too bad for the 3A!)

(Comforting her self after the sp!!)

(I like how still she helps out with the flowers <3

(I don’t think she can carry more than this, lol)..

She got 12 in the ranking though.. and we won’t see her in the 3 coming competitions.. I’m hoping she would participate in small competitions if there were any.. Kana won’t compete too.. but she’s a substitute for AWG.

(More Mao screen shots..)

Hongo did really well.. I was surprised of her being 5th!! Maybe the jumping layouts!!  And she brought back the River Dance for her FP, I like it better to be honest, I didn’t like her fp.. but changing a program in the middle of the season is tough!!  Ganbatte in AWG!!

Lastly, Omedetou Satoko for your 3rd champion!!  The first mistake in the FP took me by surprise honestly and I couldn’t help but scold her.. lol.. but then she did everything nicely.. Otsukare and good luck from here on!!!   –I can’t but laugh at her stoic reaction when she was first, umm, you should react more Satoko chan!!!-.  Her last reverse spin is always beautiful..

Satoko will go to the three coming competitions 4CC, Worlds & AWG!!  Ganbatte!!  And with her goes two young skaters Mai & Wakaba, I think that’s good.. yep..

Go Team Japan!!  Good luck & Fight!!

+ this boy and his pooh! 

myongji university brochure - an interview with jonghyun, key and taemin
translation by: thatcoolcatmeow (via mini9296)


q. please tell us what you’ve been up to (lately).
jonghyun: we worked mainly overseas for two years and recently resumed promotions in korea after releasing “odd”. i’m glad and excited to see fans after a long time.
key: aside from the promotion of shinee’s album i’ve been performing the musical “chess” with the role fo anatoly. i’ve (also) been busy appearing on various shows.
taemin: i think “view” and other songs in the album have received so much love from everyone. it’s encouraging as everyone (seems to) love the album that all of our members worked hard on.

q. i heard the album is a hit worldwide — including in the u.s. and japan.
jonghyun: this album was ranked first on the billboard world chart. i feel very good that it received favorable comments from various places. also, last march, we held a concert at tokyo dome after our fourth year since debut in japan and, also, held a concert tour in twenty cities too.
key: i feel thankful that we are gaining good results overseas, too. we did try hard but i think we’re very lucky too.
taemin: it feels great as all the efforts we’ve put so far have come to frutation. i also feel thankful to sunbaenims who have pioneeed in the overseas market. we will work hard to become more influential artists abroad.

q. when thinking about your university what’s the first place / time / person that comes to mind?
jonghyun: i remember being very nervous when having (my) admission interview for graduate school at the end of last year. i don’t know how many times i practiced my self introduction and answered for expected questions whenever i had free time. but, at the interview, my mind went blank and i couldn’t think of anything. it was the most nervous moment (of my life) after my debut stage.
key: many sunbaenims of myoungji university who are successful in the broadcasting industry comes up in my head — just like the sunbaenims i will try hard to set a good example of my university and major.
taemin: when thinking about my university…, people in my film and music major come up first. although i cannot spend a lot of time with them because of my promotional activities i think my university life will be memorable because of them.

q. if you have a life motto, what would it be?
jonghyun: it would be “approval over understanding”. things that seem tricky or not understandable at first sight — if you approve of it’s existence as itself and search for solutions you can make a breakthrough.
key: mine is simple: i want to live in confidence — things like: “you will do well since you’re kibum!” (laughs)
taemin: my one is simple too: “man proposes, god disposes.” try as best as you can leave the rest to god’s will!

q. you have already succeeded as singers — if you have other goals, what would it / they be?
jonghyun: i don’t think visible resutls like numbers or size are important — just like having a deep meaningful conversation with someone, i want to do music that will remain for a long time.
key: a life enjoy and accepting the moment. i want to live each moment of my life accepting results whether they are bad or good in a humble way.
taemin: i want to be an artist who is able to send clear messages to people.

q. what would you like to say to your university friends?
jonghyun: we are young / our body and also our mind. so, try to experience as many things as you can.
key: there are times when you have to domsething you don’t want or things because of the situation — but, once in awhile, please think about what you really want.
taemin: above all, i want to say thank you to my friends in the film and musical major.

[translator’s notes]

i. this isn’t word for word. there are mistranslations here and there.
ii. please do not retranslate into another language.


i. jonghyun is currently working on his graduate degree. key and taemin are working on their bachelor’s. they are all majoring in film and music / musicals. jonghyun had previously attending chungwoon university — alongside onew — where he received his bachelor’s degree in broadcasting music. more information can be found here.

Holy shit the Toddler was hungry, so we gave her food, but she was angry so she threw it off the table, resutling in Lena scolding her, which meant that their relationship actually decreased.

I’m really liking this, because in the sims 3 I found missing from the toddlers was any sense of chaos. You could be taking care of 6 toddlers and the only issue you’d have is that they sometimes get hungry or need to have their diapers changed. You didn’t have to deal with any behavior issues or toddlers getting into trouble or doing things that they shouldn’t be.

That being said I’m really enjoying the iteration of toddlers in the sims 4 so far. They’ve focused a lot on giving them more things to do, and that’s great.

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I'm sorry I've you've been asked this a lot (I'm new to your blog) but can you help me know how tarot cards work? I'm trying to learn how to use them so I also want to know how to set them up, how to read them, and how to form a bond with them!! My aunt and grandma are also encouraging me to learn about tarot cards because they both read/use tarot cards as well!

Wow this is quite a complex question little flower ^^ There are a lot of things to say about tarot cards, so many that it usuallly takes a book or two :)

If your aunt and grandma are familiar with it, it might be great to ask them how they started and choose to bond with their cards, how they read, etc.

All these are practices that can vary from one person to another.  

I think there is a post that could answer all of your questions and give you the informations you need, it is this one, very complete. But I’ll try to answer your questions too..

How tarot cards work

This will depend to who you ask the questions. For some people, cards have energies of their own, and all the resutls come from them. the tarot reader is just a vessel of their will.

For others, it is the opposite, the energy comes from the reader, and the cards are the vessels used to express this energy into something meaningful.

I believe that the cards help you to face some truth you were not always ready to hear, or to understand things you didn’t, by giving you a new perspective. I think they are tools to move on, to reconnect with yourself and your environment, with your life. They can help you take decisions yes, but they are just eye openers, not something to listen blindly to.

How to read them

In my opinion, there are two ways to do that ( my advice is to use them both):

  • first, with the decks you receive comes a little book explaining the meaning of every card. There are even dedicated books, as most of the decks have the same structure and so, all the cards have a given meaning (example: Death- Transformation). So you can use that to read your cards, the meanings that are commonly used and known
  • second option: to use your intuition. Take a little notebook, and for each card, note what your impressions are. Is it a card attracting you? does the character look worried? happy? what are the elements around? the colors; write it all down and see how you would interpret it, by yourself.

When you’ll ask your cards a question, do the same, look at it, in details, and see what your intuition tells you about it.

idk if it’s part of a question, but to use the cards, you can use spreads (examples here), or directly ask a question and pick one card as the answer. Possibilities are quite unlimited! We can talk more about it if you wish^^

How to form a bond with them

This is very personal and will depend of the person you ask to. I know some sleep with their decks, talk with them, etc. Most of the tarot readins cleanse them at some point (moon light, sun light, insense, spells, etc)

What I do after cleansing is a time of meditation where I visualize my energy going through the cards. I also like for a while to pick a card a day, to learn to know them.

It is also interesting to review them one after another, to get to know them individually.

I think it is important you take your time doing that :)

Hope it answered your questions. The link I put above will give you more in depth answers and way more informations!

If you have any other questions about the cards, don’t hesitate to ask!

Love from the Sea

 The Moon Mermaid

Phillip Island GP: MotoGP FP1, Lorenzo leads

1. Jorge Lorenzo ESP Yamaha Factory Racing (YZR-M1) 1m 29.167s (Lap 16/20)
2. Marc Marquez ESP Repsol Honda Team (RC213V) 1m 29.255s (17/20)
3. Alvaro Bautista ESP Go&Fun Honda Gresini (RC213V) 1m 29.831s (19/21)
4. Dani Pedrosa ESP Repsol Honda Team (RC213V) 1m 30.008s (12/19)
5. Valentino Rossi ITA Yamaha Factory Racing (YZR-M1) 1m 30.053s (20/22)
6. Cal Crutchlow GBR Monster Yamaha Tech 3 (YZR-M1) 1m 30.130s (20/22)
7. Bradley Smith GBR Monster Yamaha Tech 3 (YZR-M1) 1m 30.361s (19/22)
8. Nicky Hayden USA Ducati Team (GP13) 1m 30.666s (15/20)
9. Randy De Puniet FRA Power Electronics Aspar (ART CRT) 1m 31.280s (20/22)
10. Andrea Dovizioso ITA Ducati Team (GP13) 1m 31.295s (17/17)
11. Andrea Iannone ITA Energy T.I. Pramac Racing (GP13) 1m 31.295s (18/20)
12. Aleix Espargaro ESP Power Electronics Aspar (ART CRT) 1m 31.458s (18/18)
13. Colin Edwards USA NGM Forward Racing (FTR-Kawasaki CRT)* 1m 31.557s (11/18)
14. Hiroshi Aoyama JPN Avintia Blusens (FTR-Kawasaki CRT)* 1m 31.637s (19/19)
15. Hector Barbera ESP Avintia Blusens (FTR-Kawasaki CRT)* 1m 31.766s (14/18)
16. Danilo Petrucci ITA Came IodaRacing Project (Suter-BMW CRT)* 1m 31.803s (24/24)
17. Claudio Corti ITA NGM Forward Racing (FTR-Kawasaki CRT)* 1m 32.300s (15/17)
18. Yonny Hernandez COL Ignite Pramac Racing (GP13) 1m 32.341s (17/18)
19. Bryan Staring AUS Go&Fun Honda Gresini (FTR-Honda CRT) 1m 32.741s (18/20)
20. Stefan Bradl GER LCR Honda MotoGP (RC213V) 1m 33.165s (11/11)
21. Luca Scassa ITA Cardion AB Motoracing (ART CRT) 1m 33.234s (13/18)
22. Lukas Pesek CZE Came IodaRacing Project (Suter-BMW CRT)* 1m 33.797s (13/16)
23. Michael Laverty GBR Paul Bird Motorsport (ART CRT) 1m 33.875s (21/23)
24. Damian Cudlin AUS Paul Bird Motorsport (PBM-ART CRT)* 1m 35.906s (20/20)

Aragon GP: MotoGP FP3, Rossi leads

1. Valentino Rossi ITA Yamaha Factory Racing (YZR-M1) 1m 50.464s
2. Alvaro Bautista ESP Go&Fun Honda Gresini (RC213V) 1m 51.003s
3. Nicky Hayden USA Ducati Team (GP13) 1m 51.545s
4. Aleix Espargaro ESP Power Electronics Aspar (ART CRT) 1m 52.778s
5. Bradley Smith GBR Monster Yamaha Tech 3 (YZR-M1) 1m 52.804s
6. Hiroshi Aoyama JPN Avintia Blusens (FTR-Kawasaki CRT)* 1m 53.206s
7. Andrea Iannone ITA Energy T.I. Pramac Racing (GP13) 1m 53.505s
8. Yonny Hernandez COL Ignite Pramac Racing (GP13) 1m 53.888s
9. Danilo Petrucci ITA Came IodaRacing Project (Suter-BMW CRT)* 1m 53.946s
10. Luca Scassa ITA Cardion AB Motoracing (ART CRT) 1m 54.493s
11. Claudio Corti ITA NGM Forward Racing (FTR-Kawasaki CRT)* 1m 55.101s
12. Bryan Staring AUS Go&Fun Honda Gresini (FTR-Honda CRT) 1m 55.432s
13. Randy De Puniet FRA Power Electronics Aspar (ART CRT) 1m 56.027s
14. Michael Laverty GBR Paul Bird Motorsport (ART CRT) 1m 56.138s
15. Hector Barbera ESP Avintia Blusens (FTR-Kawasaki CRT)* 1m 57.290s
16. Colin Edwards USA NGM Forward Racing (FTR-Kawasaki CRT)* 1m 57.573s
17. Lukas Pesek CZE Came IodaRacing Project (Suter-BMW CRT)* 1m 59.232s
18. Andrea Dovizioso ITA Ducati Team (GP13) 2m 1.521s
Stefan Bradl GER LCR Honda (RC213V) No Time
Dani Pedrosa ESP Repsol Honda Team (RC213V) No Time
Cal Crutchlow GBR Monster Yamaha Tech 3 (YZR-M1) No Time
Damian Cudlin AUS Paul Bird Motorsport (PBM-ART CRT)* No Time
Marc Marquez ESP Repsol Honda Team (RC213V) No Time
Jorge Lorenzo ESP Yamaha Factory Racing (YZR-M1) No Time

THE BIG 4 OF SLOVENIA 2014/2015 

  • Žan Košir winner or big crystal globe and small crystal globes in parallel GS& parallel slalom in snowboarding, silver medal on world championship in Lachtal. * 3 times ~ 1st place  | 4 times ~ 2nd place | 2 times ~ 3rd place *
  • Peter Prevc winner of small crystal globe in skyflying and 2nd place overall. * 5 times ~ 1st place | 6 times ~ 2nd place | 6 times ~ 3rd place *
  • Tina Maze world champion in downhill& alpine combined and 2nd place overall. * 3 times ~ 1st place | 5 times ~ 2nd place | 5 times ~ 3rd place *
  • Jakov Fak world champion in mass start in Kontiolahti and 3rd place overall. * 3 times ~ 1st place | .. *
  • and all the other athletes who showed good resutls this year..

Thank you all for so many nice moments, we can’t wait to see what next season will bring :)