resurrection of real

ok so just a thought but with the many character deaths on tv in 2016 i have noticed that a lot of these characters have come back in some way after they died. like lexa came back for one more episode, robin came back for a short arc, and now laurel (black siren) is coming back for season 6 of arrow. all of these character deaths caused uproar and i believe this is why they brought the characters back. so maybe just maybe the writers have realized that killing characters off for no reason other than shock value doesn’t do anything but hurt the show and we can stop this awful trope.

but there are just people that actually believe that karin might be the biological mother and this mind boggles me like

sasuke did not have feelings for karin whatsoever (im unsure he even CARES about her at all at this point) so he certainly didnt run off to have a baby with her

and if sakura was infertile they just wouldn’t have had a kid. get this through your minds: sasuke married sakura because he loves her, not because he wanted her to pop out uchihas.


Collective Yen Presents : A La $ole - Resurrection of Real