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The Weaver’s Song Theory

X : This post recently came up and it got me thinking… I had actually done some research on this, but never really took out the time to type it all out. And who knows, maybe this has already been discussed and I just didn’t see it. Anyway, I found some interesting stuff…

There is a ballad very similar to what the Weaver was singing. It’s called, The Twa Sisters. There are many variations depending on what culture/region you look at, and even the titles differ. Now, I’m going of mostly by memory from what I researched here, but, for the most part the story is this;

There were two sisters (in some versions there’s a third sister mentioned.) The younger one was fair and beautiful, while the eldest was dark and jealous of her younger sister. In some versions it tells of a suitor who loved the youngest one more, hence the older sister’s jealousy. The older sister convinced her  younger sister to go to the sea with her, but ended up pushing her in. The younger sister begged for her help, but the older sister refused, allowing her to drown. Her body floated down the sea, until someone found her (usually a miller). This person/miller then took her body and created a instrument out of her body (usually a harp or violin of sorts). After he had made her body into the instrument, he took it to a merchant’s home to play it for them. The merchants home happened to be the younger sister’s family’s home. When the miller plays the instrument, the younger sister tells or “sings” of her story of being murdered by her older sister. Thus, the older sister is publicly revealed to be the one who murdered her. Some Norwegian and Swedish variants even end with the instrument being broken and the younger sister being resurrected.   x 

There are even real songs about this story, most of them being called Cruel Sister by Old Blind Dogs. Cruel Sister by Mediaeval Baebes. The Cruel Sister by Ruth Notman. All of them slightly different versions of the song. 

Here is the Weaver’s song:

(MAF p. 217-221)

“There were two sisters. they went playing,

To see their father’s ships come sailing …

And when they came unto the sea-brim

The elder did push the younger in.”

Sometimes she sank, sometimes she swam,

’Til her corpse came to the miller’s dam.

But what did he do with her breastbone?

He made him a viol to play on.

What’d he do with her fingers so small?

He made pegs to his viol with all.

And what did he do wither nose-ridge?

Unto his viol he made a bridge.

What did he do with her veins so blue?

He made strings to his viol thereto.

What did he do with her eyes so bright?

On his viol he set at first light.

What did he so with her tongue so rough?

’Twas the new till and it spoke enough.

Then bespake the treble string,

‘O yonder is my father the king.’

Then bespake the second string,

‘O yonder sits my mother the queen.’

Then bespake the strings all three,

‘Yonder is my sister that drowned me.’”



~ Some versions tell of a third sister = Nesta, Elain, Feyre?

In the original stories, it says that the oldest sister killed the youngest, and while Nesta didn’t kill Feyre, she did leave her to fend for herself and go out into the - potentially dangerous - woods.

~ “Their father’s ships come sailing…” = The sisters going to see Mr. Archeron’s ships

As we all know, Feyre’s father was a merchant who lost his fortune after his ships sank on their way to Bharat.

~ Her body floated on down the sea to a miller = Feyre’s journey to Pythian?

This was just my first thought when I read the Weaver’s song…

Miller = Tamlin?

So the younger sister makes it all the way down the sea, until her body reaches a miller’s dam. Once the miller finds her, he uses her body (Feyre being used) to make an instrument. And according to SJM/the Weaver, its a viol… very similar to a fiddle, in which Tamlin plays. 

(TAR p. 177) “Oh, I can play a mean fiddle…” and then on p. 225, where we see Tamlin actually playing the fiddle.

So if Tamlin = the miller, then Feyre = the viol.

~ The resurrected younger sister

As stated above, some Norwegian and Swedish variants of the story end with the instrument being broken (the 3 trials UTM) and the younger sister resurrected. This could easily be a connection to Feyre’s rebirth into High Fae after dying.


While there are many connections that can be made with Feyre’s story and the Weaver’s song, there could also be some foreshadowing… If you’ve been on Tumblr any, you may have come across some posts theorizing who Feyre’s parents are, specifically her mother… the missing mortal queen?? Or something else?

According to the Weaver’s song, after the youngest sister is turned into an instrument and played, she says “O yonder is my father the king” and “O yonder sits my mother the queen.”

Who is this “king and queen” the Weaver talks about? The missing mortal queen? The King of Hybern? Miryam and Drakon? In a way, Miryam and Drakon could be viewed as a type of king and queen where they live. There’s already many similarities between Miryam/Drakon/Jurian’s story, and Feyre/Rhys/Tamlin’s story. Is Feyre connected to Miryam and Drakon in another way than just similar stories?

I could be looking way too into this, but then again SJM doesn’t put anything in her book without a reason.

Thoughts? @sparkleywonderful @cruelwickedthing 

Friendly reminder that Sprx being aware of what was happening when Nova was confessing to him also means he was aware of every single horrible thing he said and did to her and the rest of his loved ones.


  • Attacking half of his team out of the blue when they were showing concern for him.
  • Giving Mandarin the Fire of Hate. 
  • Telling Gibson that he’d wanted to cause him bodily harm since he’d met him (while pretty much ignoring that Chiro was at death’s door during the entire conversation.)
  • Getting the Soul of Evil. (Which unleashed an actual demon that almost got everyone he cares about killed.)
  • Mocking Antauri about his differences from the rest of the team, which is a soft spot Sprx is very much aware exists after accidentally poking at it two seasons ago.
  • Taking complete advantage of Nova’s emotional vulnerability.
  • Just an entire episode’s worth of watching his friends get wounded and not only doing nothing to help them but often being the cause of their injuries. 
  • Heck, pretty much being the wrench in the works that allowed Mandarin and Valina to complete the resurrection at all. Let’s be real here.

We also know from several instances including his mounting frustration with the team making zero progress, his willingness to put aside his fears for the sake of protecting others, and his threat to straight up murder his hero because his revenge ploy was a danger to his team that Sprx doesn’t take watching his friends get hurt well under NORMAL circumstances! 

That is one traumatized monkey right there! :D 

What I want: A chance to resurrect Vaylin, or the revelation that she somehow survived, or at least a force ghost.

What I would accept: Some minor changes to the story (the I Shouldn’t Be Forced to Make Things Worse issue), more explicit revelation of having been controlled, or at least better closure to it than I feel we’ve gotten. Say, a funeral or some further relevance to the ongoing story.

What I expect: “After you defeated Valkorion”, and never hear about her again.

(repeat for Arcann, but replace “resurrect” with “get real help”. Yes, if forced to make a choice I will be biased, but I do genuinely want both)

Daily Tafsir of Ibn Kathir

The Resurrection is Real

Allah said that they ask you to inform them (saying):

(“Is it true”) asking about the return and the Resurrection from the graves, after the bodies become sand.

(Say: “Yes! By my Lord! It is the very truth! And you cannot escape it!”) meaning that becoming sand does not make Allah incapable of bringing you back, since He originated you from nothing.

(Verily, His command, when He intends a thing, is only that He says to it, `Be!’ - and it is!)﴿36:82﴾ There are only two other Ayat in the Qur'an similar to this. Allah commands His Messenger to give an oath by Him to answer those who deny the return. He said in Surah Saba’,

(Those who disbelieve say: “The Hour will not come to us.” Say: “Yes, by my Lord!, it will come to you.”) (34:3) The second is in Surat At-Taghabun, He said:

(The disbelievers claimed that they will never be resurrected. Say: “Yes! By my Lord! you will certainly be resurrected, then you will be informed of (and recompensed for) what you did; and that is easy for Allah.”) (64:7) Then Allah informed us that when the Resurrection is established the disbelievers will wish that they could ransom themselves from Allah’s punishment with the equivalent of the weight of the earth in gold.

(And they would feel in their hearts regret when they see the torment, and they will be judged with justice, and no wrong will be done unto them.)

(55. No doubt, surely, all that is in the heavens and the earth belongs to Allah. No doubt, surely, Allah’s promise is true. But most of them know not.) (56. It is He Who gives life, and causes death, and to Him you (all) shall return.) Allah is the Owner of the heavens and earth. His promise is true and is indeed going to be fulfilled. He is the One Who gives life and causes death. To Him is the return of everyone, and He is the One who has the power over that, and the One Who knows everything about every creature; its deterioration, and where every speck of it has gone, be it land, oceans or otherwise.

(57. O mankind! There has come to you good advice from your Lord, and a cure for that which is in your breasts, – a guidance and a mercy for the believers.) (58. Say: “In the bounty of Allah, and in His mercy; therein let them rejoice.” That is better than what (the wealth) they amass.)


“The heart of salvation is the Cross of Christ. The reason salvation is so easy to obtain is that it cost God so much. The Cross was the place where God and sinful man merged with a tremendous collision and where the way to life was opened. But all the cost and pain of the collision was absorbed by the heart of God.” 
  - Oswald Chambers

anonymous asked:

Since we got that one scene with Undertaker and sleeping Ciel (who probably was Real!Ciel, not Our!Ciel), I wonder if he might need the "rare" blood type that Ciel obviously has in order to e.g. resurrect Real!Ciel or Vincent, so maybe that is why this arc ties into the whole core mystery of the manga (ouo) Another thing with "the theory is too obvious" is also that two of the biggest clue scenes coincided recently - the party in the Book of Circus anime and the Green Witch Arc flashback (cont.)

I think a lot of people might have missed out on the party scene implication of multiple children (especially since in some translations, the ambiguity is omitted), and unless you often go back to re-read older chapters, you might forget these details until you get more hints/the theory is confirmed and you go “oh, right, the clues were there all along!” - in a way similar to how the Phantomhive Murder Case was solved ヽ(´ー` )ノ 

Mmm, I’ve always been bad at biology and tbh I don’t remember whether twins are always the same blood type or not… If Ciel had a twin brother though, they would be most likely identical twins, so I assume they are both AB?? D: Either way, I like the 2ct, so for me it would be cool if the Blue Sect was somehow connected to UT’s bizarre doll/resurrection experiments, and thus to the twin theory, too! =D

About the party scene, yes, there was an issue with the trasnlation^^; Just like I explained here and here, if the 2ct weren’t true, then the online translation would be totally fine, but if there indeed were supposed to be two children in that scene, then the translation would be a bit misleading (i.e. it makes the foreign readers believe that there is only one child there).

This child is a bit shy…” (「この子は人見知りで」)

“Is that you, Ciel!?” (「シエルか!?」)

All [of you] together today? That’s rare.” (「今日は皆一緒か 珍しいな」)

“[He/her] insisted on coming with [me/us]. Even though this child has just recovered from illness”. (「一緒に行くって聞かなくてね この子はまだ病み上がりなんだけど…」)

Lastly, the “Oh, right, the clues were there all along!(◎_◎)”-effect you mentioned is exactly what Yana tries to achieve!! (*^▽^*) She once wrote on her blog:

That’s why I planned to give [little] hints which readers don’t notice at first and therefore can be left unanswered, but at the same time those hints are supposed to make the readers go “Wow!”, once their meanings have been revealed later in the story. (full translation and source: here)

Whether you think she’s good at storytelling or not probably depends on your taste, but I personally like the way she drops hints throughout the story and it’s fun finding them (for example all the ‘hints’ for the blood donation plot twist)! =D


“Easter to me is a very special holiday. In my life it represents love. A love I’ve found in Jesus, and also a love I found in life. A love I never knew could exist and can’t imagine living without. A love that has taught me more about myself in the past 2 years of being saved versus my 25 years of living.” 
  - Joy E. Kraft

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Do you think resurrecting the real Cas could be next season's goal for Dean? I can see that working to keep fandom engaged with the plot (especially if Misha stays as AU versions of Cas) and a believable and not co-depedent way of making the Winchesters finally be active in the plot again.

I’d probably do that, yes, since Jack has been established to have the ability and it gives them a lesson to relearn (one the show has been trying to teach but not well). Though I would also make it both Sam and Dean’s quest, to avoid complicating an already sticky situation.



“I passed on to you what I received, of which this was most important: that Christ died for our sins, as the Scriptures say; that he was buried and was raised to life on the third day as the Scriptures say.” 
1 Corinthians 15:3-4 New Century Version

Prompt: Cat
Ship: Hartmon

“We are not keeping it.” Hartley told his boyfriend firmly.

“Aww but Hart, look at him,” Cisco said lifting one of the seemingly angry ball of fluff from the box, cradling it to his chest, scratching it’s head with his finger.

“No, we’ll take it to an animal shelter.”

“Please,” he said giving his widest puppy-eyes.

“Cisco come on, I’m not a cat person.”

“Hartley you aren’t a human person.”

“That’s besides the point, the cat has a collar, it belongs to someone else.” Hartley tried reasoning.

“At least let me find his owners. Please,” he tried the eyes again, knowing Hartley couldn’t resist. Hartley sighed, removing his glasses to pinch the bridge of his nose, knowing he’d regret what he said next.

“Fine you can keep him until his owner claims him.”

“Yes!” Cisco cheered, punching the air, “let’s go Leonardo,” he cooed reading the name from the collar. “We need an awesome picture of you for those posters.”

Rolling his eyes Hartley went into the kitchen to cancel Barry and Caitlin coming over for dinner, knowing Caitlin to be allergic to cats. Hopefully she’d be OK around them at STAR Labs.

Cisco printed out the posters while Hartley headed to the store for a weeks worth of cat supplies and a handbook for taking care of them. Since they weren’t having company they worked on some calculations on their laptops and separate projects in the living room to their apartment, Cisco turning in first. Hartley followed through shortly, having solved his problem to find the cat curled up dead in the middle of his side of the bed. “Move it.”

“But he looks so peaceful.”

“Cisco move the cat.”

“Not a chance, he’s chosen his spot.” Sighing Hartley picked up the cat, slightly more rough than necessary and it lashed out with it’s claws on his arm. 

“Ah fuck,” he called getting it loose, dropping it outside of their room and firmly slamming the door. All the next morning while they got ready for work the cat was shooting Hartley dark looks. They left early to put up posters with their home number on and Hartley had the phone forwarded to his cell during the day in case anyone wanted to claim (what he now referred to as) the demon spawn. Their neighbour, a young woman training to be a vet had checked the cat over, declaring it fine so they just had to wait for him to be claimed. Hartley gave it two weeks. He just wanted the creature gone. 

Friday morning he stood in one of Cisco’s t-shirts and a pair of sweats, leaning against the door frame of their room with a steaming mug in his hands, as Cisco packed a travel bag with some clothes and equipment. “I should be back by Monday,” he said zipping up the bag and turning to Hartley. He was dressed in jeans and his rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spoc t-shirt and Hartley’s old College jacket. They would wear each other’s when they went away, just for a warm reminder of each other. “Are you sure you’ll be alright with him?”

“I promise not to throw him from the windows or leave him without fresh food and water.” He said as said creature rubbed itself up against his boyfriend’s leg. Cisco tried to get all the hair off as he was traveling with Caitlin to Gotham City, where head of Wayne Enterprises had requested some assistance. This was however just a formality as they were really going to help Bruce jazz up the “batcave.” They headed through to the hallway, Cisco put his bag down and hugged Hartley, kissing him lovingly.

“OK, I’ll see you Monday.”

“See you Monday,” Hartley replied handing him a travel-mug with fresh coffee. “Text so I know you arrive safe.”

“I will,” with a last peck on the cheek Cisco left to the Caitlin’s car which was patiently waiting on the street. Hartley showered and dressed for STAR Labs. A lot had happened since he first returned bent on destroying Harrison Wells but now he was just like one of the team with the newly resurrected real Harrison Wells and Tess Morgan heading the research and Team Flash. After his experience with Eobard Thawne, Hartley had been cautious about trusting them but he had come round eventually when he was being trusted and recognized for his work.

Mid-morning a coffee mug was placed on his desk, he looked up from his laptop to see Tess smiling down motherly over his shoulder. “Thanks,” he smiled, “I think this is almost done,” he told her sitting back and rubbing his eyes. On his desk his phone vibrated with a text from Cisco telling him they were almost at Gotham. After Tess left him to work Hartley finished and proof-read the plans he’d been working on before emailing them to Harrison for hopeful approval and permission to work on building. He agreed to do a lunch run for himself, Barry, Tess, Harrison and Ronnie who was visiting while Martin Stein spent time with his wife. 

Hartley had just set everything down in the car when his phone rang. He put it on speaker not wanting to let the food go cold. “Hello?”

“Hi is this a Mr Rathaway? I think you found my daughter’s cat, he’s called Leonardo we haven’t seen him in just under a week.”

“Yeah we have him, he’s fine, my neighbour is a vet, she took a look at him for me. When is good for you to collect him, I’m kind of at work at the minute but I should get home about half five at the latest.”

“That’s great, if you could text me your address we can get there about six if it's convenient?”

“Six is fine, i’ll see you then.”

Upon his arrival back at the break room of STAR Labs he found Dr Wells reading his email, making scribbles in the margins, Hartley was happy for critique and corrections so he left him to it, leaving his burger and shake on the table for him. The rest of the gang were eagerly waiting for their lunch. Hartley’s phone buzzed again. ‘Arrived safe, love you, don’t kill the cat x- C’  He smiled and sipped his shake.

“What’re you so happy about then?” Ronnie asked.

“Someone called and claimed Satan’s Little Helper.” He grinned, “they’re picking him up tonight and I get my side of the bed back. Cisco’s gonna be heartbroken though, he’s really attached.”

“He’ll be OK, he had a good week but the cat’s going back to where he belongs. It’s what’s best for him.” Tess told him.

“Agreed. Should I text him about it or wait until he’s gone?”

“Text him and prepare him,” Barry said, “he’s probably gonna want to know. Speaking of which I have to check the blood results at email them to Cait or she’s gonna kill me.”

“I’m gonna tell him, so he doesn’t come home unprepared,” he said texting him as Harrison called him over to look at the plans.

Hartley arrived home with an hour before Leonardo’s owners were picking him up, he packed up the things they had bought like the extra food and dishes and the pair of toys Cisco bought to keep him entertained while they worked. With everything in a box he waited in the kitchen, getting a bottle of water from the fridge when he felt something rubbing up against his leg. The cat stood on his two back paws, his front ones tapping their way up his jean leg. Hartley rolled his eyes and ignored him, turning the tv on in the lounge and putting his feet up on the coffee table. The cat followed him and pushed against his leg, rolling over, meowing at him. Sighing Hartley gave in and stroked the cat, which began to pur. “You trying to suck up to me? You’re heading home soon,” he said with a smile. The buzzer rang and he got up. “Hello?”

“Hi we’re here for our cat.”

“Yep come in up.” He buzzed the woman and her daughter in. He let them in the apartment and showed him the picture they had just so he could be sure it was the right cat, (Cisco would kill him for giving it to the wrong people.) Satisfied he went and brought the cat in his arms back to the eight year old girl who was bouncing on the spot with excitement.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” she cried hugging her returned pet and kissing his head.

“OK Madeline what have we learned?”

“Don’t leave my bedroom window open while we’re in the other room eating dinner.”

“That’s my girl. Thank you so much,” the mom said shaking his hand.

“Don’t worry about it, there’s some left over food I’d prefer you take it rather than it go to waste.”

“That would be great, honey put him in the carrier so he doesn’t get loose.” Hartley carried the box of cat things down and saw them off in their car, returning to his now empty apartment. Hartley sat in the kitchen at the bar on his laptop, reading through the plans and improvements Harrison had sent him when he sighed. The apartment felt lonely. Empty. Without that stupid cat. Hartley took a break when Cisco called to tell him they wouldn’t be home until Tuesday night due to a set back in the tech department.

Sunday was Hartley’s day off from STAR Labs, the only time he would go in was if there was a meta-human emergency. Bored and alone he decided to take a walk to the little shopping precinct a couple of blocks North from their apartment building. He bought himself coffee and a light lunch before heading back the longer route through the park when he saw a familiar man and a little girl, sitting on the front steps to their building with a cardboard box between them. Written on the side was Kittens, Free to good homes. He went over, the little girl looked increasingly sadder as one of them was taken before he got there. “Hey Bob, Sophie, what’s the matter?”

“Her mom developed a cat allergy so we have to get rid Peanut and her kittens. Sophie’s really sad to see them go,” Bob explained placing a hand on his daughter’s shoulder.

“Peanut was my best friend.” Hartley smiled sadly, looking in the box. Three kittens were left playing among the strips of newspaper.

“We’re having trouble with these three, they can’t be separated without starting to mew and cry.” Bob said sadly, “nobody seems to be willing to take all three of them together.” He said as Hartley reached in to stroke the kittens.

“I could take 'em.” He said. “Cisco found a lost cat and got pretty attached before we found the owners, this might cheer him up a little.”

“Promise you’ll take good care of them?” Sophie said looking up at him with glowing wide eyes.

“I promise and if you miss Peanut I’m sure Cisco wouldn’t mind you coming to see them.”

“Really? Can I daddy, please?”

“If it’s OK with Mr Ramon it’s fine with me.” Bob said, Cisco and Hartley had been good friends of he and his wife since they moved into their apartment. They had even babysat for Sophie before on rare occasions so it wasn’t like they were strangers.

“Thank you Mr Rathaway,” Sophie grinned bouncing on the spot.

“No worries, come on, let’s take these little guys upstairs,” he said picking up the box. Sophie and Bob helped him take the kittens upstairs and showed him the right things to order for them to play with and eat. Hartley made coffee for Bob and himself while Sophie played with the kittens.

“What’re you gonna call them Mr Rathaway?” Sophie asked when the delivery came. Hartley was letting her decorate the food and water bowls. 

“Well this little guy,” he said stroking the grey kitten in his lap, “is gonna be called Oliver, the ginger one Lucifer and the little white one over there Figaro.”

“I like those names.” She smiled petting Lucifer. “They’re Mr Ramon’s favourite cat names so it’s a surprise for him, so we need to make these bowls look special.” They set to work, and finished them the next day after school and work when Hartley said he’d babysit so her parents could make a PTA meeting. 


“They look awesome, Mr Ramon is gonna love these, high five.” She slapped her palm to his and they watched the Aristocats until her parents got back.
Tuesday after work Hartley let Sophie come over to play with the kittens and her parents took the opportunity to do some grocery shopping. Hartley’s phone vibrated on the table to let him know Cisco was downstairs. He told Sophie to hide in the office with them and let them out by throwing the ball with a bell in it they loved to chase. He greeted Cisco at the door, kissing him on the lips.

“Welcome home. I have a little surprise for you.”

“A surprise? What kind of surprise?”

“Something I think you’re going to love, go sit in the lounge.” Hartley waited for him to sit before opening the door to the office just enough so Sophie could throw the ball and all three kittens raced after it, seeing Cisco they began sniffing around his feet before reaching up to be petted.

“You got me kittens?”

“I know how much you loved that cat and Sophie who we babysit her mom developed an allergy so they had to get rid of them, I said we’d take them in. Though you might have to share,” Hartley grinned as Sophie joined him, sitting on the couch and lifting Oliver into her lap to stroke him.

“I think I can live with sharing,” Cisco agreed tickling Lucifer’s belly.

“We even decorated their food bowls,” Sophie grinned, Cisco looked over and saw the names.

“You remembered the names of my favourite comic book cats?”

“Of course I did.”

“Hartley Rathaway, I just love you.”

“Good because I love you too.”

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland sentence meme.
  • “It is so hard to resurrect good help these days.”
  • “Real love, true love cannot be destroyed.”
  • “Put that down! You shouldn’t play with toys that don’t belong to you.”
  • “Great, now we have matching blood stains on the carpet.”
  • “Sometimes the maddest stories are the truest ones.”
  • “I don’t want to carry you around for the next five hours.”
  • “You’re telling me I should be alone once more?”
  • “Dispensing of pleasantries so early on in our relationship? How tragic.”
  • “I find it hard to imagine anyone wanting to move on from you.”
  • “Okay, look, I made a horrible mistake.”
  • “You know, when you really love someone you don’t need proof. You can feel it.”
  • “Why must you always be so bloody stubborn?”
  • “The real fun is about to begin.”
  • “We’ll be pinched for sure.”
  • “Do you really want me here?”
  • “For the first time in my life nothings wrong.”
  • “You should believe in me.”
  • “Darling, the harsh reality is sometimes love is not enough.”
  • “Now you don’t have to be afraid anymore.”