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Rapunzel was Raised to Not Show Physical Affection

We’ve all seen that Gothel makes Rapunzel come to her for hugs, but today I realized it goes deeper than that. Gothel doesn’t want Rapunzel showing physical affection unless she has been given specific permission. Opening her arms is that unspoken permission.

For example, towards the beginning, when she’s reminding Gothel that it’s her birthday tomorrow, she grabs her arm in exuberance. Gothel is put out and then pries Rapunzel’s hands off her arm, all the while pretending she doesn’t remember (or care) that her birthday - something Rapunzel is extremely excited about - is fast approaching.

She also uses Rapunzel’s need for physical affection, deliberately taunting and “teaching” her with it by pretending to offer it, then taking it away immediately.

The first bazzilionty times I saw this movie, I always assumed Rapunzel was relieved to see Gothel towards the end of Mother Knows Best just because she was scared.

But now I realize it’s not only because she’s scared, but because Gothel is now giving Rapunzel permission to seek the creature comfort of physical contact that she so desperately needs after the gamut of fear she’s run.

Eugene, on the other hand, starts showing physical affection as soon as he starts feeling any affection for Rapunzel at all. He uses it as a comfort. Yet Rapunzel keeps her hands to herself.

It continues when he gives her the little flag, touching the small of her back in an affectionate way. But her hands (and attention) are full at this moment.

In fact, the first time she realizes she’s touching him, and he’s touching her, and there’s affection and enjoyment buzzing between them, she’s the first to pull away.

She’s alarmed at first, then apologetic and sheepish. Sorry I was touching you, Eugene. And he politely takes a step back, tuned in to her discomfort and giving her a little more space.

But that is why the moment on the boat is so important, and why Rapunzel has the reaction she does.

In taking Rapunzel’s hand, out of the blue (as far as she can tell), it’s sending her a clear message that he feels the same about her that she does about him, and that physical affection is both alright and wanted. That he will seek out her attention in a way Gothel never has. And from this moment on, she touches him often, holding hands for the rest of the song, brushing his hair from his face as he lay dying, and never letting go of his head, even after he’d died in her arms. Not to mention kissing him when he lives again, holding hands on the balcony while they wait for her parents and end-of-movie smooching.

The Most Intoxicating Thing Here

An AU where Rapunzel was never kidnapped and Flynn crashed a masquerade ball at the palace to get his fill of the riches that nobility wear to these things.

     “Who are you?” he asked as he spun her around on the dance floor. Flynn had never known nobility to be so… real. Especially not the young ladies, who, in his experience resembled ducks. One thing the average person didn’t know about ducks was that they mated with a male who built their nest on the best real estate, but then couple with males with better genes: marry for money, but find a handsome fellow to father her children. Noble girls kept their eye on the money but their lust on whatever roguish fellow crept into their room at night to steal their valuables.

     Rapunzel laughed brightly, enjoying the dance immensely. “You’ve already made it quite clear that you know who I am. And I’m pretty sure the hair gives it away, anyway.”

     “No, I mean, who are you, Princess Rapunzel? What makes you so… warm and real and bright?” Because she shone. It wasn’t the lighting or the rich fabrics that hugged her torso and flared around her legs at every spin, or the pearls that adorned her mask and hair and clothes. It was her. She was intoxicating.

     “The real question, sir, is who are you?” she pressed. “I don’t even have a name to remember you by.”

     “Eugene Fitzherbert,” he said at once. “Earl of Erroia.” Well, it was half true. A quarter true. Perhaps if the Duchess of Errioa had been his mother, instead of a hapless servant maid who was promptly let go upon discovery of her pregnancy, he would be Earl right about now.

     “Eugene,” she repeated. “Well, Eugene, it’s been a pleasure.”

Final (Tangled Before Ever After)

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So! Finished.

Overall, it had very good parts and *really* eh no parts. A lot of it is funny. Rapunzel’s introspective scenes have heart. Some of it feels like Tangled (mainly Rapunzel’s characterization – except for the bear hug – and the desire to explore) while a lot doesn’t (mainly the characters around her). I already went into the latter half posts ago but I’ll paraphrase:

1) Eugene isn’t terribly out of character but the show loses sense of him in some areas, specifically not understanding why Rapunzel wants more than the living situation she has when it’s somewhat physically similar to the one he found her in. The movie cemented this understanding at the campfire and so does his actual experience with having her desire for freedom, exploration, and agency as an orphan, but the show omits it and goes for an oblivious Eugene who is not in tune with that side of her at all, which is the same thing as him not being in tune with himself. It doesn’t add up. While it makes sense for him to glorify the new lifestyle, it doesn’t make sense for him to be *this* disconnected from Rap’s unhappiness at the same time, which stems from her being stunted and sheltered all over again in plain sight for the whole six months he has been living with her:

Her father is suffocating her almost the way Gothel was, clearly she’s not fitting in (he has first hand experience there) and clearly his core adventurer spirit remembers “a little adventure and rebellion all being a part of growing up.“ We also remember that he traveled the world because he wanted to see through Flynnigan’s “he could go anywhere he wanted to go; he could do anything he wanted to do" eyes, something Rap is being denied. In my head, I picture him wanting to talk to her father no matter how scary he is, because Rapunzel is suffering from a watered down version of Gothel’s parenting.

Additionally, his ability to read her and other people like an open book was terrifyingly uncanny in Tangled, which also makes oblivious Eugene unconvincing for me. His reading skills are shown once but not in the department that really matters (Rapunzel’s heart). They pretty much omitted the whole point of their connection in favor of plot drivers. It’s an interesting relationship blockade but it’s not Eupunzel relationship canon.

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There’s a touch of flanderization in the comical relief department, at least mostly in the beginning. His immaturity is almost laid on thicker than I recall? The weird lack of togetherness (aside from his disconnection, I thought he should’ve mentioned how “the story of how he died” was really the beginning of his and Rapunzel’s new lives together instead of bellowing, “heaven,” and the songs don’t give me a sense of taking on the journey together) makes him come off self-centered despite the show’s attempts to drop fluff to please some fans in the ship’s fanbase. The worst part is Cassandra goes out of her way to tell Eugene he’s being self-centered, as if to remind us that Eugene’s current perspective of Rapunzel’s feelings is more of a plot driver than a take on an in-character post-canon portrayal. So yes, he is sorta out of character in a glaring way. Nailing his punchlines and vulnerabilities isn’t a home run for me.

And why is he so comfortable with proposing to Rapunzel if the king and some of the guests are sending “we don’t fully accept you yet, sonny” airs? 🤔 If canon Eugene sensed even the slightest ambivalence from her father or the world at large, I don’t think he’d be confident with doing that.

I also think it’s weird that he’s 26 and so romantically adolescent here (pushing an 18 year old girl who hasn’t even lived her life or grown up yet to marry him and settle down with him, literally chained to that castle before she sees the world with her own eyes). I know Tangled implied that he was the jumper in the marriage field, but I don’t think he wouldn’t have let her have a chance to live and grow first. If he was a Disney Princess this rushed attitude would get a lot of criticism and less, “aw, that’s cute.” I honestly thought canon Eugene would act like more of an adult about it in spite of his own feelings by recognizing how much growing Rapunzel needs to do because she’s 8 years younger than him + was sheltered for 18 years, rational stuff that’s in your face.

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Eugene can have all of the feelings he has in TBEA while not being oblivious to Rapunzel’s (because they also mirror his childhood feelings) simultaneously. Like this: “This is what I want, but I totally get what she needs without her saying a word….yet that doesn’t change the fact that I feel this limbo inside because I want something different right now.”

2) Rapunzel’s King Triton daddy doesn’t match the man I saw tiny yet telling glimpses of in the movie or the short film; it’s easier to headcanon her mother as the matriarch. Again, withholding physical affection, pressuring her, suppressing her personality because she’s a princess without even doing it in a loving way (he makes her feel incompetent), letting his guests belittle her for being ignorant when she’s been locked up her entire life, and exuding this outright restrained exterior doesn’t make him seem like that sensitive, teary-eyed, bear-hugging king who had his daughter hidden from him for 18 years.

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He’s somewhat cold towards her and it’s uncomfortable. It’s a little silly that the reason why the king wouldn’t let her interact with villagers was because she was royalty, not because she had been kidnapped. That reason didn’t really become a reason until the end.

The end of Tangled takes place after Rapunzel was returned as far as I am aware. The king lets her touch and mingle with everyone without chaperones or that strict “you are royalty” rule, so this REALLY doesn’t fit.

I was never keen on Rapunzel getting her hair back briefly, but these eh’s are way too iffy for me to look past, especially because these flaws are what a gooood chunk of the plot revolves around to actually make a storyline. I’d be pretty surprised if a Tangled fan (especially a Eugunzel fan) called this flawless or something Tangled’s team would’ve written line for line/scene for scene. The general plot about Rapunzel wanting more seems like something the Tangled crew would write, but not most of the execution or a lot of the characterizations (or the hair coming back, for that matter). This definitely feels like isolated TV canon to the point where I can kind of see why this series didn’t land an actual movie for the theaters.

The TBEA plot could work just fine with Frederic being a flipping hugger. A dad who is very affectionately attentive towards a daughter he hasn’t seen for 18 years while still being dramatically overprotective (if not for the ending of Tangled that showed how free Rapunzel was to interact with everyone, which I’m still led to believe was present tense footage with present-to-future narration from Eugene. Fred could still lock her in after the hair comes back, though). Eugene can still want to get married, romanticize his new security blanket, and feel impatient inside because Rapunzel isn’t on that level with him without the OOCness of being-out-of-touch with her need for agency and surprising Daddy Dearest with a proposal without any forethought at all.

For @butterflydrming in case she wanted to know what I thought afterwards. 😉 I can understand why you’d leave TV canon alone. 😅

In ancient Rome, bay trees were believed to be immune from the strikes of lightning. The Roman emperor Tiberius always crowned himself with bay leaves during a thunderstorm.

Bay trees, seemingly withered and dead, can revive in vitality even after a protracted time, which led bay to be used at funerals as an emblem of resurrection. If your bay leaves withered upon your tree, it was an omen portending a death in the family.

The crackle of a bay leaf when thrown into a fire is a sign of good fortune. Bay leaves that burn silently mean bad luck. Bay leaves placed under your pillow will bring pleasant dreams.

We create and are resurrected with our dreams. Our most beautiful dream is the blue sky; our most beautiful dream is the sea; our most beautiful dream is the bright starry night…

Il nostro sogno più bello è il cielo azzurro, il nostro sogno più bello è il mare,
il nostro sogno più bello è la notte chiara di stelle…
-Hermann Hesse

Me waiting for a Clarkson’s Novella in order of getting any unresolved questions answered is basically this:


Haikyuu!! rare pair weekend - Day 1 ~ EnnoYama

new / begin again / “Hearts rebuilt from hope resurrect dreams killed by hate.“ ~ Aberjhani

“You be the moon, I’ll be the earth
And when we burst
Start over, Oh darling
Begin again
Begin again
Begin again”


Here are all the un-hung pieces I have. In most cases, I need to get frames (I refuse to stick thumbtacks through them or put anything tacky on the back, even if it’s supposed to clean up easily.) A lot of it is small and won’t take up much room, even framed. But boy howdy, is there a lot of it!

  1. The lithographs @forever-tangledup just sent me for my birthday! The last one is the inside cover of the envelope, and I’m seriously considering cutting it and framing it, too.
  2. A selection of cards, both greeting and little things you can.could pick up seasonally at Walt Disney World.
  3. Post cards I got from Wonderground at Downtown Disney. I intend to get a single frame for all of them.
  4. All Tangled Ever After stuff. The wedding poster is the certificate of authenticity for my 17″ LE Rapunzel wedding doll. the other two are the front and inside of a “wedding invitation” style announcement the Disney Store had when TEA was about to come out on video. (Those two I want to frame together, but they are also the least urgent of my collection.)
  5. A movie poster a piece of film strip I got as a birthday present last year. I want to build a light/shadow box to keep it in, that I can illuminate from the back when the mood strikes me.
  6. The top on is a door prize concept art print I got when I saw Tangled and TEA at the El Capitan as part of the Countdown to Zootopia promotion this year. The bottom one is a 3D lithograph I got at Disneyland. I technically have a frame for it, but it’s a tight fit, and I don’t want to force it and risk scrunching the thick foam matting.
  7. A print of a Victoria Ying piece I got at Wondergound.
  8. Various fanarts I’ve received as gifts, purchased for myself, and even commissioned.
  9. This is the frame these silhouettes will go in, but I need to get good scrapbooking paper as backing.
  10. I will also be getting a pin board to properly display these and my other fantasy and trading pins.


A promotional piece painted by Linda Hee for Disneyland’s 60th anniversary. This is only a print.


“Your dream stinks. I was talking to her.”

You know, I’m kinda with Flynn here… At the end of his verse, the thugs cheered and tossed him in the air. No one seemed to think his dream stank while he was singing about it.

Watch his expression drop, around the third and fourth pictures. He puts up the front and frowns, but I wonder how many times he’d been told that his dreams weren’t worthwhile as a child.

(Plus, dat eyebrow game.)