[I don’t know why you’ve chosen to be merciful so suddenly…]

[I am glad. I really am so glad. I may not understand, but I cannot even begin to thank you enough. However… I suppose….]

[I am still afraid. Afraid that you might choose to take them again. He has told me he won’t leave again, but I can’t help but stand on edge, even with the warmth of him right next to me.]

[Gods, please do not steal them away from me again.]

anonymous asked:

How's the sex now that your man is back?

[Ahh… much more— frequent? I mean. I didn’t really… do much at all while he was gone, you know.]

[But it’s sort of like having a renewed sense of… exploration? Because I don’t think either of us want to feel regret for not doing or saying anything ever again. So at least I try to be much more adventurous. Right Anni~?]

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Tell us about your girlfriend, Kalilah!

[[ My, my! Word spreads so quickly, doesn’t it? You must mean my Darshana, hmm? ]]

[[ Well, where shall I even begin? Darshana, though perhaps she doesn’t know it, is the most gorgeous woman in the world. She is kind, but strong, and she makes me feel warm and content. She gives me hope, and makes me want to hold her close and protect her from this filthy world. Oh- and I may have forgotten to mention- she has the most superior set of breasts that I have ever had the pleasure of laying hands- er, eyes on. ]]