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Military Blood

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Anonymous asked:

Hey love your stuff! Do you think you could do a bucky x reader where she’s a soldier and is related to the howling commandos by some relative?

Characters: Bucky x reader, Steve Rogers, Dum Dum Dugan (mentioned)

Summary: Bucky is dragged to an army base to help Steve recruit a soldier for Hill who wants to train someone in intelligence. While watching a fresh batch of army recruits, Bucky can’t help but feel uncomfortable back in an army base, and it doesn’t help that their new recruit is a beautiful woman, but a ghost from Bucky’s past.

Warnings: Swearing, making out???, flirty Bucky

Words: 3627

A/N: I love this idea! Thanks to the anon who requested it, hope you enjoy this xo

Walking along the military base felt wrong to Bucky after so many years. It hadn’t been his idea to come, he’d dragged along at Steve’s request, practically begging him to help out with the newest assignment. Bucky had ever so reluctantly agreed to join as a favour, but was now marching the grounds of an army base feeling like a puzzle piece that didn’t quite belong.

“Remind me again why we’re here?” Bucky asked, tugging down his left sleeve even further to conceal his metal limb from view.

“Pretty simple,” Steve said, “Fury wants us to recruit a soldier.”

“Why?” Bucky asked, what possible use would the Avengers have for a soldier?

“So Hill can move someone up through intelligence.”

“So we’re here to recruit a spy?”

“I guess.”

Bucky hummed in acknowledgement, but was of course distracted by the fact that he felt like he was walking through a distant dream. Everything about the camp was so familiar, but felt just out of reach. He listened to drill sergeants yelling commands, heard huffs of effort from the mouths of those doing push ups, and felt the ground shake with the stomping of boots on the dirt paths.

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randompattonattack  asked:

97. anxiety and Roman

“Luck?” “Nope. Skill.” “If it was skill then do it again.”

Oops I made this one way too long but oh well :/ Thanks Bells and Lisa for letting me ramble to them bout this @princeyandanxiety @just-a-random-word


Virgil sighed, glaring at Roman who stood a few metres away, adjusting his headphones then scowling down at his phone screen. The royal boy was being a self-absorbed pain in the neck again. They were both in the ‘lounge’ of the mind, a room between their own rooms, a room where they could just hang out and do nothing without being affected in any way. Anxiety didn’t feel like going back to his dark, gloomy room right now, but now that Prince was here as well he was starting to reconsider.

Roman had his back to Virgil, and had conjured up a straw dummy, who he was attacking with his sword. The hay fell out of the dummy every time the gleaming blade split the seams of its material, but it was immediately swept out of existence by Prince. The sword clacked against the wood holding up the dummy, the material teared with ripping sounds that grated on Virgil’s ears, and Roman was letting out victorious exclamations every time he managed to break the dummy a bit more. His entire presence was annoying, the darkly dressed trait just wanted him to leave already. But he knew from experience that Princey wouldn’t just leave if Anxiety asked, demanded, or bargained with him. He was stubborn like that, and it was frustrating, but Virgil still hadn’t found a way to make the royal boy go away. So he resorted to being petty.

“Oi, go away idiot,” he grumbled, briefly catching Roman’s attention.

“Uh, yeah, no,” Prince said flippantly, and resumed attacking the dummy. Anxiety sighed in annoyance, and when Roman’s back was turned he looked around an object small enough to throw but big enough to be annoying. Virgil’s eyes lit up and he reached into his pocket, pulling out a small can of mints and taking one out. He aimed and threw it at Prince’s head, smirking. 

The sword was a blur.

Anxiety registered Roman’s eyes flickering towards him, the arm reaching out through the air lightning fast and the whistle as the blade cut through the air. Both Virgil and Prince’s eyes widened in shock as they realised what had happened.

Roman blinked at Anxiety, then frowned down at the two perfect halves of the mint lying on the floor. “Did you… did you just throw a mint at me?” He questioned. 

“Did you just cut it in half?” Virgil shot back incredulously. Prince slowly nodded.

“I did.” His expression began to turn to one of pride, which Anxiety couldn’t stand.

“Ok, luck?” He asked, raising an eyebrow at the dramatic trait.

“Nope. Skill.” Roman preened.

“Uh huh, right. If it was skill then do it again.” Virgil challenged. Prince held his sword up. 

“Alright, hit me!” He smirked, and Anxiety pelted another mint at him. Roman swung his sword… and completely missed. The mint sailed past him, and he pouted. 

“Wow, what remarkable skills you have, Princey.” Virgil said drily, returning his attention to his phone. 

“But I cut the first mint clean out of the air! I do have skills! You obviously rigged it somehow.” Roman sniffed, and hacked at the dummy with extra vigour. An idea, or rather theory, trickled into Anxiety’s head. He once again looked around for the closest object, and found Prince’s hairbrush lying on the arm of the couch. He grabbed it and aimed, letting it fly through the air. 

A split second before the brush hit Roman, Virgil saw the royal boy tense up, and then he was spinning again and the metal of the word was flashing. A crack resounded through the room, and a second later Prince wailed in horror.

“No! You villain, how could you?!” He screamed, dropping to his knees. The darker trait sat up straighter in alarm at the yell. He watched Roman cradle the two pieces of the hairbrush in his hands, and rolled his eyes, slouching down again. Prince held the two pieces together and fixed them in a second, glowering at Anxiety the whole time. “I cannot believe you just made me slice my brush in half, Mr Emo to the Extremo! I-” 

“Emo to the extremo? Really?” Anxiety rolled his eyes again, cutting Prince off, who huffed. “Anyway, nice reflexes Princey, looks like its all instinct.” Roman squinted at him suspiciously, but shrugged it off and returned to the dummy, forgetting about his hairbrush now that it was fixed.

But now Anxiety was having fun, and he had one more thing he needed to test. He waited a few minutes, until Prince was completely absorbed in destroying his enemy, before grabbing on of the pillows next to him and clutching it tightly


“Hey, Roman!” He called. Prince turned around and looked over at him. “Catch!” Virgil told him, flinging the pillow through the air as hard as he could. Roman’s eyes widened and he lifted his sword, but the pillow hit him in the face hard and he went down. Virgil’s eyes widened.

“Oh my god,” he said in surprise, staring down at where the royal boy lay on the floor. Anxiety stood up and walked forward until he was standing over Prince, a smirk forming. “Wow, you suck,” he chirped. Roman groaned and held his face, eyes shut. “I just floored you with a pillow, Roman,” He taunted. Prince groaned again, resolutely not looking at the figure looming above him, fingers prodding gently as his face like he was looking for bruises. Virgil snickered. “Yup, just as I thought. No skill whatsoever.” 

He left the room smiling.


hgvfcdsdf this turned out rly bad im sorry omg


I feel like an idiot

Ok, so I saw an opening for a gentleman’s club hiring servers right? No experience needed, which is a good thing since I only had office jobs. The post said just to drop into the club and apply there- no mention of a resume or anything; the only positions that require a resume are those higher up. I’ve been applying for jobs, but nothing has come through yet so I’m like, fuck it, let me apply.

So my ass goes down there, titties lifted up since I’m flat chested and wearing heels to insinuate how tall I already am. I go in there and waited at the front desk because I didn’t know where to go- I didn’t just want to barge in there and look like an idiot. So this dancer saw me after she finished her set (amazing by the way) and waved me in, smile and all. She lets me come up to her and I explain why I’m there and she gladly points me to the bar to talk to the lady in charge (this dancer was so sweet- I should’ve tipped her goddammit)

So I go up to the lady and tell her why I’m there and she’s like “Ok, cool, do you have a resume or did you e-mail it to us?” I’m looking at her like “wtf are you talking about.” I explain that the post said to just apply here- that the other positions required a resume, not the servers position. 

And she looks mad confused, like she didn’t even realize that the club made a post online. She tells me to e-mail her the resume, asks for my name, and tells me she’ll keep an eye out for it. I’m like, ok dope, not what I was hoping for, but a girl is unemployed and needs a job bad.

So I e-mail it on the way back to my place and I get a reply saying to feel free to COME TO THE CLUB AND APPLY IN PERSON LIKE THE ORIGINAL HELP WANTED POST SAID!! Like, what?! I’m mad confused because that’s what I did the first time!

I’m a little peeved…but I’m still going to go because this place is one of the better clubs in the area and I need a job bad.I’m just mad confused and my feet hurt and I wasted an outfit for nothing.

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