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Request: Could you do another version of “Not In My House” where there’s a bit more angst? I really like how you wrote that, and the idea of it, and think it’d be super cool to see where you took an angsty form of it.

A/N: I had a lot of fun with this thanks for the request noonie.

Not In My House

“You’re not going and that’s FINAL!” Mark yelled obviously completely done with this argument. He never lost his cool so him yelling was rare. “I hate you.” You spat out with menace in your tone, you stomped towards your room and slammed the door. Quickly wiping any angry tears that slid down your cheeks you texted your friend telling them the plan for the night. You were still going to that party even if you had to sneak out. You ignored Mark’s meager attempts at trying to talk to you and get you out of the room. He sighed obviously exasperated at the attempt and left you alone after a few hours.

When you heard Mark’s friends come through the door it didn’t stop you. You had already made up your mind, and once you got the text from your friend you were ready. Dressed for the night you snuck out through the window ignoring any chat they had downstairs, obviously asking about you. You quickly ran to your friend’s car and speed off. With no care in the world.

It had been a few hours and as Mark and his friends realized how late it had gotten, Amy decided to check on you. She quietly walked up the stairs and knocked a soft knock on your empty bedroom door. “Hey (N/N), it’s Amy you wanna come join us?” She asked and awaited a response. Receiving none, she knocked again a little louder. When that didn’t work she decided to crack open the door which was unlocked. As she peered into the dark room to see a lumpy form in the covers, she assumed you were asleep and shut the door. “She’s asleep,” Amy stated as she sat back down next to Mark. With a nod, he turned his attention back to the movie on the screen. Another hour passed before Mark got a call from an unknown number. He answered after it had called insistently many times. With an exasperated sigh, he answered “Hello” “Hello is this Mark Fischbach?” A woman on the phone asked. “Yes this is him,” he said with a confused look as the crew looked at him mirroring the same expression. “This is a nurse from Thomason Emergency.” She said “we’re calling in regards to your sister (Y/N) since you are her legal guardian. She’s been in an accident and is badly injured.” The woman continued and Mark’s stomach dropped a look of horror dawning on his face. “What, what kind of accident, how bad?” He rambled. “A three-way collision from a drunk driver, she is in surgery but you are needed here.” The woman’s voice spoke, “Oh god, I thought she was home.” He mumbled as he wiped his face. And avoided looking at any of the crew’s panicked stares. “I know this is very scary to hear sir, but it’s very important that you are here right away.” The voice sympathized, he nodded meekly as he answered a quick “I’m on my way. Thank you.” And hung up quickly getting up to grab his things. “I have to go,” Mark mumbled and began leaving the room. The friends shared a look and got up quickly from their seats. “What happened?” Tyler said trying to get Mark to calm down for a few seconds to explain. “It’s (Y/N).” He said as he searched for his wallet and keys. “What do you mean? (Y/N) is upstairs.” Ethan jumped in. “No, she snuck out,” Mark said with a panicked look. “She got into an accident and she’s hurt bad.” Mark stated as he had finally found his keys. “I have to leave,” Mark said as he made his way to the door. “Wait let us come with,” Amy said and grabbed his hand. A pleading look on her face. Mark who wasn’t thinking straight wiggled out of her hold. “Meet me at Thompson emergency.” He said and ran off leaving them with a worried stare as they too piled into the car and drove behind him.

Mark had sat for what felt like hours in that small and cramped chair, waiting for any slight news. He felt the fear bottling up in his chest and he bounced his leg up and down quickly, not being able to sit still. Amy sat next to him with a hand intertwined with his. She shared a look of worry, they all did. Mark’s worry had reached high levels and his guilt stepped in too. He recalled the last thing you had told him after the fight and he began to think you actually meant it. He hadn’t realized that tears were falling down his face till Amy began rubbing circles with her thumb on his hand. No one had talked for a long time, and as Mark continuously paced around the room it felt like hours had gone by. When the doctor finally came in and explained the results and situation. Mark’s heart lifted a bit. As the doctor explained that the surgery went well and there was no internal bleeding mainly head trauma and that you’d be out for a while because of heavy sedation, Mark felt himself sigh and let Tyler and Amy handle the questions. The doctor stated only one person was allowed to stay with you and Mark of course quickly nodded. He stepped in as and his heart dropped. The wires and many bandages wrapped around any cuts and deep gashes filled his heart with dread. “Oh God (N/N).” He sighed out and quickly sat next to you, taking your hand into his. New tears flowed down his cheeks and he sniffled. “I’m sorry (N/N), I’m so sorry.” He rambled. He kissed your head and sat there by your side for the whole night. He tried sleeping in that small non-reclining chair, but his mind couldn’t stop racing.

It was another few hours that lead up to the early afternoon when you woke up. A strangled groan being the first thing that left your lips as Mark quickly reacted with a panicked and relieved look. “Hey bug, hey you’re okay” he reassured and smiled a little. “Ma-Mark?” You asked with a confused look. He looked so awful with dark bags under his eyes and greasy disheveled hair. “What happened?” You asked and looked around noticing the tubes in your left arm. And the bandages wrapped around your arm. The dull ache from you head was still there and the bright light hurt your eyes. “You were in a car accident (N/N),” Mark said with a look of sadness in his eyes. “I almost lost you…” he mumbled and brought you into a crushing hug. “I’m sorry.” You breathed out. “It’s fine I forgive you, I’m just so glad you’re okay.” He sighed out and his hand cradled your head as he kissed your forehead. When it was finally visiting hours the crew piled in excited to hear that you were okay and on the road to recovery. They came bearing so many gifts from a bear to balloons and candy. Amy hugged you quickly “you nearly gave me a heart attack (N/N).” She said and kissed your head. The guys gave you another round of strong hugs or more like holds. And Kathryn came and smiled at you. “I’m so happy you’re okay. You had us all scared to death.” She said and hugged you. “I’m so sorry guys” you mumbled tearing up a bit. They ignored the mistakes and grief, focused on the now. The present, that you were going to be alright. Mark stayed at the hospital and didn’t leave for a good while till you forced him to shower. He fussed over you profusely insistent that you wouldn’t leave his sight ever again (not that you were planning on sneaking out ever again). And the team visited every day staying as long as they could. Mistakes were made but you were learning from them. And Mark and the entire group would be there for you.

Out Of Nothing At All - Seventeen

It took Spencer twenty minutes before he was able to speak again.

He’d made his way out the city and back onto the freeway, his knuckles white from how tightly he was clenching the steering wheel. Every time you went to speak to him, he just shook his head, sensing that you wanted to talk but that he couldn’t. He was too wound up.

You couldn’t believe that he’d actually told your Mother off. The only person to ever attempt that and come out in one piece was your Grandfather. Reid had stuck up for you….. Despite all of the horrible things you’d done or said to him in the past. He’d had your back.

The anger on his face as he’d stormed out the house had been indescribable, even when interrogating suspects or taking down unsubs, you rarely saw him lose his cool. There was something about it that had been so….. Attractive.

You shook that feeling off, glancing at him as he bought the car to a stop. Traffic… Again.

He sighed loudly, clearly frustrated and then you both jumped as a bright flash lit the dark sky followed by one of the loudest cracks of thunder you’d heard. Seconds later, the heavens opened, rain pounding down on the roof of the car.

“Fucking fantastic,“ Reid muttered.

“I know right. It’s 8pm. If traffic’s as bad as it was coming here, we’re not gonna get home until the early hours. The roads must still be blocked from the accident earlier.”

“And I despise driving in the rain.”

“I know you do.” You reached out and squeezed his arm.



“Thank you…. For sticking up for me.”

He turned to you looking surprised, as if they’re ever been any doubt that he wouldn’t have.

“Y/N of course I’d stick up for you. Your Mother was totally out of line. I honestly didn’t believe she was as vile as you made her out to be but now I think you were perhaps being too nice about her. She has no right saying the things she does.”

“Well still, thank you. It means a lot that you would.”

“Of course.”

In the next hour and a half you moved about five miles at most. The combination of the rain and the accident that had delayed you before, making the roads terrible.

Spencer started to signal to turn off when he saw an exit coming up.

“I remember seeing a motel earlier. I think we might have to just call it a night. We’re not going to get home until a ridiculous time otherwise and I’m exhausted.”

“I could drive for a bit?” you offered.

“If the motel doesn’t have any vacancies then you might have to. But if we can get some rooms, then I think it might be better to just stay here and drive home tomorrow when the roads are clear.”

“Okay… Whatever works.”

He drove for another few miles or so, wipers going ten to the dozen until you spotted a Motel with a vacancy sign. He pulled into the parking lot as close to the reception as he could.

“Stay in the car….. I’ll go see if they’ve got two rooms free.”

“Two? Spence we can just share. It’s fine.” Spence?….. Since when did you become JJ?

He clocked it too, his eyes flickering slightly.

“Sorry…… I know you don’t like anyone else calling you that.”

“No it’s fine…. And it’s not that I don’t like I don’t mind other people calling me that, it’s just JJ is generally the only person who does. It just sounded strange coming from you that’s all, but in a good way. And, if you’re sure, I’ll go for the one room. Be back in a second.”

He hurried out of the car, dashing across to the Reception returning ten minutes later with a key card in hand. He got back in the car, restarting the engine and driving the few yards across to another space just outside a door.

“We actually got the last room anyway, so we’d have had to share.”

“That’s okay Spence….. ”

He grinned at you and gave you the key. “You go in, I’ll grab the bags outta the back okay?”

Sliding out of the seat you walked to the door as quickly as you could, getting pelted with the heavy rain quickly soaking through your coat. Unlocking and pushing the door open you hurried inside, surveying the room.  Standard motel room decor, basic but neat and the smell of bleach at least told you it was clean.

Spencer came hurrying in moments later, dropping your bags on the floor and slamming the door shut, pushing his now dripping hair out of his face.

“Spencer….. ”


“Im hungry.” You’d not managed to eat much at your Mother’s.

He sighed before admitting, “Me too…. There’s a vending machine in reception. Do you have change?”

You chucked him your purse watching him hurry back out into the torrential rain, using the time alone to quickly peel off your dress and climb into your comfortable pajamas.

Shoving your hair up into a loose bun, you used a make up wipe to clean your face before searching for your phone and charger.

Six missed calls…huh? You didn’t recognise the number, but as you plugged it in to the socket it started to vibrate again.

You swiped to answer it, sitting cross legged on the bed.


“Y/N? It’s Lia.”

Your sister? What was she doing calling you. It said a lot about your relationship that you didn’t even have her number stored in your phone.

“I guess you want to have your say too then Amelia. I guess we didn’t really give you much chance earlier.”

Reid came back through the door, laden down with chips, pretzels and cans of soda. Realising you were on the phone, he quietly assembled his wares on the bed.

“Actually no…… Y/N. I wanted to….. I wanted to say I’m sorry. For how Mom reacted.”

“Pardon?” You clicked your phone to speaker, motioning for Spencer to listen.

“I’m sorry….. Look. This is hard Y/N. I know we’ve not always been close and I know that’s probably more my fault than yours…”

No shit.

“But, you don’t deserve Mom going off on you the way she does. And….. What happened to Will wasn’t your fault. What your friend said earlier made total sense. So…. I’m sorry okay. For everything. And….. Congratulations.”

You didn’t know what to say. Your sister never apologised to anyone for anything. Yet hear she was, on the other end of the phone, sounding choked up whilst she was apologising to you.

“Are you still there?”

“Erm… Yeah, sorry. I’m just taken a back I guess.” Even Spencer was looking surprised.

“I get it. It’s totally out of character and all,“ Lia gave a small giggle. “I do mean it though, and I thought I should tell you. Y/N…… I’d like to be in your life again in someway. Maybe we could try to get to know each other again?”


“Erm…. Oh fuck Lia. Erm sure, okay. Maybe when this baby is born you and George could visit or something?”

“Yes…. I’d like that. I know George would too. I’ll let you go now, but congratulations again okay. To you and Spencer. I liked him by the way, it’s not often someone can wipe that smirk off Mother’s face.”

You ended the call, totally gobsmacked.

“So that was weird.” You turned to Reid, grabbing a bag of pretzels and a coke and tucking in.

“Very….. But, she’s making an effort. Are you going to stay in touch?” Reid was shovelling chips into his mouth.

“We’ll see. I’ll leave it to her to make contact again, but we’ll see.”

You ate, and then cleaned up your empty wrappers, Reid going off into the bathroom to get changed.

There was only the one double bed in the room so you settled down next to each other, you clicking the TV on to an channel marathoning old episodes of E.R.

You snuggled down to watch feeling sleepy, but not quite tired enough yet. Plus…. You were cold.

“Spencer…. Is it totally weird if I steal body heat.”

“How can you steal my body heat exactly?” His confused look made you giggle.

“Cuddling? Ugh forget it… It’s definitely weird. I blame the baby. I think she wants to be close to her daddy.”


“It’s strange isn’t it…. Mommy and Daddy.”

“Very….. But anyway, yes. Steal my body heat. I wouldn’t want to deprive the little peanut.”

Result… He lifted his arm and you snuggled close, resting your head on his chest soon feeling warmer and strangely content.

After two episodes, you could feel your eyes drooping and Spencer’s breathing had evened out. You clicked the TV off, Spencer’s eyes opening again as he felt your weight lift off him.

“Night Y/N.”

“Night Spence, thanks again for today.”

You leant in, intending to give him a quick kiss on the cheek as a gesture of gratitude.

But he turned, and your lips brushed the corner of his mouth instead.

You both recoiled slightly, but left your faces close to each other in the darkened room, the atmosphere suddenly as electric as the earlier storm had been. 

You weren’t sure which one of you moved first but your lips were suddenly against each other’s again, moving slowly and gently. His were soft and tasted of mint from where he’d brushed his teeth earlier.

He tilted his head, sucking your bottom lip between his, the motion so reminiscent of that night, that damn night. You’d forgotten what a good kisser he was. It was only when he moved his hand to your cheek that you pulled back, eyes wide as you realised what you were doing.


Just no.

That could not happen.



Both of you apologised hurriedly.

“Can we just…. ”

“Forget that happened and go to sleep. Yes please,”  you rushed out, noticing that his breathing was ragged.

“Yes, that. Sorry… Good night Y/N. Sorry… Shit. Sorry.”

“Forget about it Spence. Please. Good night,” you whispered, you both quickly turning so that your backs were to each other on the bed.

What the fuck was that all about?



No. Just…. No.


Nope, Y/N.

Your internal argument went on for a good while longer before you finally fell asleep.

FanFic: Rucas- Not Your Father

Father’s Day was one of the worst days of the year as far as Lucas was concerned. No matter how old he got, it always brought forth memories of his dad.  Even though Lucas was a father himself (4x over!) he still felt like the scared young boy that he had been.

Riley desperately wished she and the kids could change his feelings about the day but after a failed attempt or two to replace his old memories with new ones, they stopped trying.

This year, Uncle Zay and Aunt Vanessa were picking the kids up to spend the day with them and their 3 offspring. Usually, Farkle and Smackle would take the kids for the day. Their 4 kids were best friends with the Friar 4 but Smackle surprised Farkle and the kids with a trip to NY. Their kids wanted to see where their parents grew up.

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I’ve been going to the gym these past two weeks and been focusing mainly on lifting…and honestly it’s so nice. When I go by myself I really tend to stick to cardio because that’s my comfort zone but it’s so nice to not be doing hours of cardio everyday. I think the most cardio I’ve done is 20 minutes? I really hope I get to see some good results!

life and death

Hades and Persephone

Harry knew there were two certainties in life; death and loneliness.

Death, because well, he did rule the Underworld. There was no escaping death and he made damn sure of it. Even the greatest, most immortal heroes such as Achilles and Heracles ended up in Hell and Harry would have it no other way, greeting them from upon his throne with a sickeningly sweet smirk.

Loneliness, because Harry had never known anything else. He ruled over Hell with empty spaces between his side as no man nor woman, mortal or immortal, wanted anything to do with death before their rightful time. Harry pretended it didn’t faze him but at night, he dreamed up a love so heavy that it shook Hell down to the ground. And that’s exactly what happened the day he saw her.

She was known as Persephone in one country and Proserpina in another but to anyone else, she was (Y/N). (Y/N) was the goddess of spring, life and rebirth being one of the two things she loved most on this planet. She also undeniably loved her mother Demeter, whom she was joined at the hip with.

(Y/N) spent her days in fields and meadows, playing with the virgin nymphs and creating life within nature. It was one day that changed her life forever, for good or for worse that she still can’t decide.

He came through the dirt, ripping up the Earth in two with his four-horse chariot. The nymphs around (Y/N) screamed, all fleeing at the mere sight of the God of the Dead. No one heard (Y/N)’s pleas and cries as Harry swooped in and wrapped his arm around her waist, dragging her onto the chariot and driving them back down into the Underworld.

(Y/N) sat on the bed, arms hugged around herself. She kept her head bowed as Harry stood at the doorway, watching her with the combination of love and lust in his eyes. This is how she had been since he took her. He didn’t regret abducting her, not one bit. From the moment he saw her, he knew she would be the lucky maiden who got to spend eternity at his side.

“Why do you cry?” His voice rasped, the deepness of it making (Y/N)’s hair stand up on edge. Her pastel dress stood out against the sheets of black satin, making her illuminate like the moon in the starless night sky. He stepped closer to her, his footsteps resulting in her head lifting up to his. He kneeled before her and took her hands, wet from her tears, into his.

“I won’t hurt you, my love. I want you. Your mind, your body, your soul. Give it all to me and you will be happy.”

(Y/N) sniffed, examining her small hands wrapped in his colossal ones. Rings adorned his fingers and she watched the gems glint in the light as he stroked his fingers on her hand. She looked up to his face, the longing in his jade eyes. He was undoubtedly beautiful, with pink heart shaped lips and freckles scattered along jaw and neck. His hair spiraled into curls that touched the tips of his shoulders and all (Y/N) wanted to do was weave her hands through it.

A fresh wave of tears hit her and she lifted her hand to cup around his jaw, in which he leaned into her touch.

“I know it’s easy for you to be alone,” She started in a whisper. “But it’s not going to be easy for me.”

Harry’s heart accelerated in his chest. “You don’t understand, my love. I don’t want loneliness anymore than you do. I took you because I want you to rule beside me. I want your hand'n I want you to be my Queen.”

“You don’t understand. My place is not down here in death. It is in life.” She sighed and stood, walking to the window and overlooking his dark kingdom. If she focused hard enough, she could hear all the screams of the souls beneath her, causing goosebumps to rise.

Harry shook his head and came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist as he had done days before.

“Here, you are life. You are radiant and heavenly and I long for it.”

The goddess of spring felt her cheeks redden at his words and suddenly, the warmth she felt from their embrace was warmer than any sunlight she could feel on Earth.

“I’ll stay.” She whispered.

Harry knew there was one certainty in life: death. In the realm of the Dead, Harry had managed to slip from loneliness’s ice grip and into the embrace of life herself.

Savvy Saturday - Stunt Combat

Today I got to watch people pretend to punch and kick each other for three hours. It was delightful. I took lots of notes.

I hadn’t planned on doing research for my writing today when I went to campus; I had planned on cleaning my office, working on a paper, and categorizing citations on my computer. But when I saw that a Hollywood stuntwoman and alumna of the university (Jessie Graff, credits include Live Free or Die Hard and X-Men: First Class) was going to be giving a “master class” this afternoon in the theater department – “Free and open to the public!” – I figured that the citations could wait. Even though I’m not writing anything right now either involving martial arts or the stunt profession, learning about both of them in the context of a workshop class was a fantastic opportunity.

External image

Jessie Graff

In my experience with martial arts and rapier, the instruction is aimed at giving individuals a deep knowledge of the sport. History, proper mindset, technique, solid footwork and grounding, all is important before you start getting to the parts that “look good” to an audience. A three-hour theater workshop in stunt fighting, however, is completely different. There, it’s all about what your actions look like. In other words, perfect for a novelist. The class also moved quickly: the instructor took the class through basic punches, rolls, and kicks, as well as how to “properly” respond to them.

“To learn how to properly react to being hit in the side of the face,” Graff said, “place your hand on your chin, push your head to one side, and let it go limp.” Note how your head swivels, but it doesn’t lean to one side. Further, it doesn’t just turn and stay there as if you’re purposefully looking over your shoulder. Instead, it “bounces” slightly, rebounding/jiggling in reaction to the sharp movement. (Try it and you’ll see what I mean.) Graff said that she likes to think of the reaction in a “1-2-3” pattern – side, forward, side, all happening very quickly. If you’ve been “hit” especially hard, blow air into your mouth, inflating your cheeks and exhaling quickly.

Camera angles are also a much larger part of stunt fighting than I had ever thought about before. Good stunt doubles and actors will see where the camera is pointed, draw a line from the camera to the actor’s face, and know from that both what height to hit at and when the actor should respond to the hit. For instance, the instructor said that she once had to throw her punches at triceps height for an actor she was supposed to be hitting in the face, because the camera was shooting up from the level of their feet. A bit strange, she said, to be aiming punches at his arm and having his head respond to her “blows.”

Being ten feet away from a skilled stuntwoman, watching her demonstrate attacks and blocks over and over again, was a fantastic experience for me as a writer. While I don’t need to be able to do the things that fighters can, I do need to be able to write them in a way that others can picture them. In a way, then, writing is like being a stunt person. You don’t need to be able to actually throw a punch, you just need to be able to fake it well enough that the people who are enjoying the entertainment you produce think it’s real.

With that in mind, here are some mechanics I learned today about how various types of attacks and blocks work. These aren’t going to give you enough detail to become the next superhero, but they should help you write about one.

How to stand like a fighter:

-          Always shift, and stay on the balls of your feet. Don’t let your heels touch the ground.

-          Your feet should be shoulder width apart, with your off-foot (left, if you’re right handed) forward and your primary foot at between a ninety degree and forty-five degree angle.

-          Keep your elbows in and your hands up in closed fists, with your thumbs on the outside of your fists.

-          Keep a straight line going from your arms up the back of your hands: if you want to practice, you can rubber-band a chopstick to the back of your hand and your wrist. If you let this get sloppy, you can break your hand if you hit wrong.

-          Stay low: imagine that you have a bar placed over the top of your head, and if you stand up, you’ll smack into it.

How to block a punch

-          The block comes from your hip, shoulder, and arm. If someone punches toward you, twist your hip and shoulder so that you’re almost showing your back to the attacker. This should result in your back heel lifting off the floor.

-          At the same time, lift your elbow up against your ear, so that your hand is behind your shoulder. This is almost a “combing your hair” type of motion.

-          Keep your arm tight against your head; this presents a flat surface (that isn’t your head) to the attacker.

-          During all of this, keep looking at the person you’re fighting so you don’t miss anything that happens.

How to throw a punch

-          The motion of your hip initiates the movement, whether you’re throwing a jab, cross, or hook.

-          Keep your muscles taut all the time.

-          If you’re jabbing, turn your body to the right as you punch with your left. It’s opposite for a cross.

-          Keep your arms straight, but slightly bent: don’t hyper-extend your arms or you’ll hurt yourself.

-          For a hook punch: turn your hips, extend your arm, then come in from the side. All of this should be on one horizontal plane: no punching upward or downward.

How to duck a hook punch:

-          Keep your eyes on your opponent

-          Bend your entire upper body forward in a u-shaped motion toward the direction of the punch, by twisting your hips. (So if the person is swinging with his right, you duck from your right to your left and come up again.)

-          This presents the small of your back as the target, rather than your head.

-          Keep your fists by your face to block.

How to roll into a fighting stance:

-          Imagine a line that goes from your right pinky down your arm, then across your back in a diagonal line to your left hip and down your left ankle. This is how you land in a roll to be able to come up fighting.

-          Once your back is on the ground, tuck your left foot behind your right knee, in the shape of a four. This allows you to push up on your right leg and be in fighting position.

-          Once you know what you’re doing, you can do things like grab a sword on the ground as you go into a roll, then come up out of it holding the sword and ready to fight.

Two other ways of using rolls:

  1. Dive roll. In this roll, Person 1 flips Person 2 over Person 1’s shoulder. Person 2 goes into a roll and comes up fighting. To do this: Person 1 is standing in front of Person 2, facing the same direction. Person 1 holds the wrist of Person 2 with his left hand across his body, and reaches behind him to grab Person 2’s shoulder with his right hand. Using his hips, Person 1 throws Person 2 forward and into a roll.
  2. Back roll. In this roll, Person 1 is facing Person 2. Person 1 grabs Person 2’s shirt and falls backward on purpose, with his left leg straight and his right leg bent to his chest. As Person 1 falls, he places his right foot on Person 2’s lower abdomen and pushes, sending Person 2 flying over Person 1’s head and onto the ground. Person 2 lands in a roll.

In addition to learning this information, I had a blast watching the theater students get into the acting portion of the workshop. From the right angle, you could almost believe that these students were actually knocking each other silly. And then one or the other of them would laugh and the spell would be broken. All in all, it was a remarkable afternoon: both enjoyable for its own sake, and hopefully profitable for later writing. A perfect way to celebrate being done with the semester.


AN: So this is kinda really old and I didn’t truly double check it, but this will have to do since I haven’t written/drawn anything in forever. Also the sasusaku ff tag is dying and we need to save it. 

So have this pregnancy ff! Hope you all like it!

Sakura looked at the little pink plus sign and froze. Positive. The test’s results came in positive.

This wasn’t what was supposed to happen. When Sasuke asked her to take the test she only accepted out of spite to prove her husband wrong. Sakura is the most refined medical ninja of her time; if anyone should be in tune with her body it would be Sakura.

Sakura continued to look at the little pink plus sign, hoping somehow that it would change. Sakura loved children, but it simply wasn’t the time to have one. Sasuke and Sakura were traveling across deserts, forests, and seas searching for traces of an unknown threat. Having a baby in the midst of all that craziness would only create more havoc for the couple.  

“Damn.” Sakura cursed. Her future was hurdling straight towards her at a million miles per minute. How should she tell Sasuke? Should they return to Konoha?

“No….” Sakura thought “If I return to have the baby I wouldn’t be able to leave the village after the birth…Sasuke would have to wander alone.”

Sakura continued to panic until Sasuke eventually entered the bathroom of the shanty-like hotel they were currently staying in. Sasuke knew something was amiss the moment Saskura didn’t come out right away to tell him the results. Sasuke didn’t actually think Sakura was pregnant. He just wanted her to take the test to clarify her unusual mood swings and sporadic sickness was something curable.

“What is it?” Sasuke questioned as he watched his wife hide the test behind her back.

“It-uh-it hasn’t stated the results yet.”

Sasuke lifted an eyebrow, clearly seeing through Sakura’s poor lie. His wife is an array of many things; many amazing things, but an actress is not one of them.

“The box said ten minutes and you have been in here for almost thirty, what are the results?”

Sasuke felt an eerie shiver travel down his spine when he asked the second time. The only reason Sakura would be hiding this way would be if the test results were positive. Sasuke felt light headed and dizzy. A baby…they were going to have a baby, not a dog or cat, but a real human baby.

Sakura gave her husband one of her infamous small smiles and handed him the test. He was right, she was pregnant, and they are going to become parents very soon. The small little pink plus sign was evidence enough of their upcoming child.

Sasuke felt like a gallon of cold water splashed him in the face. This baby wasn’t planned nor is it particularly good timing…. it is certainly a surprise.

“I’m so sorry Sasuke-kun…we should have been more careful.” Sakura confessed, hoping her husband wasn’t angry.

And he wasn’t. Sasuke Uchiha wasn’t angry. Sasuke Uchiha was scared.

This test just changed their lives in a way neither of them were ready for. Sasuke wasn’t ready to be a father; he still struggled with being a husband. It wasn’t that he didn’t want these things; it was that he wasn’t ready for these things.  

Sasuke’s father was stern and partially disconnected, and Sasuke doesn’t want to be that way, but he has a feeling that would be all he is capable of as a parent. Sasuke has always struggled with emotions and people…having his own… little person would be horrifying.

“Sasuke say something you are making me nervous.” Sasuke looked up at his wife and took a deep breath. Sakura looked just as nervous as he.

When they both got married somehow this aspect of married life never crossed their minds. Stupid. They were both simply stupid for forgetting sex leads to conception or that marriage leads to a baby.

“This is wonderful.” Sasuke said without even thinking. It was wonderful, he was right, but the two were shocked, scared, and quite frankly young.

“Naruto and Hinata are pregnant too…if they can do it, we can do it.”

Sakura was right, if the dobe could handle pregnancy and a child then so could he. Sasuke just felt foolish, it was only around two weeks ago he made fun of Naruto for impregnating his wife so early on into their marriage.

“He was stupid for impregnating Hinata so early.”

“And you were stupid for impregnating me so early.”

Sasuke hugged Sakura trying to smooth away all of their anxieties. Things will be ok, hectic and terrifying of course, but ok.  

“What will we do about the mission? Should we return to Konoha?” Sakura questioned, somewhat hoping they could continue traveling. She knows the moment they go home with the news of pregnancy her parents will flip.

“No. I think we should have the baby along the way, then eventually return to the village when we are ready.” Sasuke stated as if he knew all the answers to this new problem. Sakura took a moment to thank Kami for her avoiding a classic Haruno death match.

Sakura pressed her head against his chest to hear his now erratic heartbeat. She held onto her husband for what seemed hours, taking in their first hug as a partial family.

There is a tiny baby the size of perhaps a pea in her stomach, waiting and growing for the world, and suddenly things seemed to be ok. Sure, the baby would be work, but they are both acquainted with a little hard work.

Sakura all her life has dreamed of having children. Did she envision herself having a child at the age of twenty? No, but Sasuke and her were never traditional. This baby will be a miracle, the miracle of the new Uchiha clan.

Thank you! Hope you liked it! 

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Alright so I'm really fucking little like 5'2" with noodle arms but I just started working out again and I know I'll get bigger eventually but are there any little tips about gaining muscle that will keep me motivated until I start to see results?

Lift with correct form.

Do it constantly.

Consume protein but no more than around 25g within a sitting.

Take creatine!

Something Unexpected [Part 3]

The request:  You’re Clint’s younger sister who is first introduced to the Avengers when they battle Ultron and they need to stay at the safe house. You are soon sucked into the world full of heroes and villains when Steve takes an interest in you. [Reader has powers]

Pairing: Steve / Reader (lol eventually)

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,619

[Part 1] [Part 2]

Originally posted by dcwomenkickingass

You sat in the Quinjet, heart hammering in your chest as you watched Steve outside. You shouldn’t be here. “Two minutes. Stay close.” Steve’s voice filtered in your ear as you watched as he disappeared inside the building.

“I don’t belong here,” You voiced but neither Clint or Natasha looked up from their spots causing you to believe no one was going to answer you.

“Yes you do,” your eyes snapped to Clint in shock and he gave you a smile. “You know you do.” Your lips parted in awe that he thought so highly of you but the moment was ruined when he rolled his eyes at you. “Oh stop.” he said and shoved your shoulder softly causing you to swat his hand away, a smile forming on your lips. “And you and I both know you could only hide your powers for so long…” He added and you couldn’t help but agree with him, but before you could say something Steve’s voice cut through your ear once more.

“Dr. Cho!” Steve exclaimed. Both you and Clint went alert once more and you realized Steve said Cho’s name not in happiness but worry.

“He’s uploading himself into the body.” Dr.Cho voice was heard through perfectly through Steve’s comm.

“Where?” Steve pressed and you couldn’t help but observe the building wondering where he was inside.

“The real power is inside the Cradle. The gem, its power is un-containable. You can’t just blow it up. You have to get the Cradle to Stark.” Cho sounded slightly breathless and you could only imagine what happened to her to make her that way.

“First, I have to find it.”  Steve said and there wasn’t hesitation to Cho when she replied.


“Did you guys copy that?” Steve’s question was now directed to you, and Clint answered for you all.

“We did.”

“I got a private jet taking off across town.” Natasha spoke up her hands tapping on a screen before her. “No manifest. That could be him.” But as you looked out of the Quinjet you spotted something. A semi truck came from a tunnel and was driving across the highway, Dr. Cho’s lab’s brand perfectly displayed on the side.

“There.” You pointed and Clint looked over. “It’s a truck from the lab.”

“Right above you, Cap. On the loop by the bridge.” Clint informed and Natasha looked up from her screen as Clint continued. “It’s them. You got three with the Cradle, one in the cab. I could take out the driver.”

“Negative. That truck crashes, the gem could level the city. We need to draw out Ultron.” You saw Steve appear onto an adjacent highway that went over the highway the semi truck was driving down on. You watched in slight amazement as Cap simply hopped over the edge like it was nothing and roll onto the semi. You let out a little gasp when he almost rolled all the way off only to grab the edge and hang on. You felt your finger twitch, ready to help if needed.

And the urge to help grew when a beam shot out from the back of the truck, swinging the doors open. You found yourself leaning forward in your seat as you thought Cap was going to fall. But when you were about to manipulate the air around you, he swung back, but another light beam hit and he was thrown into the air. Your hand shot out, and from inside the Quinjet, you could see the wind pick up to help Cap. But you could only do so much, and Cap landed on the broken door that was barely attached to the truck.

“Well, he’s definitely unhappy. I’m gonna try and keep him that way.” Cap’s voice filled your ear once more and you let out a little sigh. “Thanks Y/N,” he added but you were to worried to blush.

“You’re not a match for him, Cap.” You spoke and heard him let out a little huff of laughter.

“Thanks, Barton.” This time, you couldn’t stop the little smile from forming on your lips.

Steve stood up and Ultron shot him with something that had him flying and landing into the front shield window of the car that was driving behind the semi. But Cap was able to get back onto the truck.

“You know what’s in that cradle?” Ultron’s voice drifted through Steve’s comm and into everyone else’s. “The power to make real change. And that terrifies you.”

“I wouldn’t call it a comfort.” Steve sassed back and you couldn’t stop yourself from letting out a snort and rolling your eyes.

“Stop it.” Ultron’s voice was filled with agitation and your eyebrows rose. Steve was definitely doing his job, keeping Ultron unhappy.

You turned around from where you sat to see Natasha move around the Quinjet before opening the drop shoot and looking down.

“We got a window.” Clint said and looked back at Natasha for a split second before back to the road. “Four, three…Give him hell.” He nodded to you and you flipped the switch resulting the Quinjet to hover closer to the ground and giving Nat enough time to fly out onto a motorcycle.

“See,” you mused as you and Clint watched her weave through cars. “I can’t do that.” Clint snorted and you shook your head highly impressed.

“I’m always picking up after you boys.” Natasha teased and with grace she picked up Cap’s shield that laid in the middle of the road.

“There heading under the overpass. I’ve got no shot.” Clint informed and you continued to watch Natasha weave through the traffic.

“Which way?” She asked.

“Hard right.” You said looking at a screen for a second. “Now.” You had enough time to look up and see her turn right and up the street.  Clint followed and you were amazed as she slid with the motorcycle underneath the semi and threw the shield up to Cap who caught it gracefully. He whacked Ultron with it and Ultron stumbled backwards.

“Again, I can’t do that.” You said before gasping when Ultron somehow was able to lift a piece of road up from the ground causing Natasha to almost crash into it. Natasha was able to stop just in time though, regrouping quickly and speeding up a staircase as Cap continued to fight Ultron on the roof of the semi.

Ultron blasted Cap again, and again, he went flying into the windshield of a car. As soon as that happened, Ultron lifted his hand and a piece of road lifted, resulting in the car flipping.

“Cap!” You gasped not able to take your eyes off the multiple cars flipping over him. He jumped onto one flipped car, giving him enough leverage to jump back onto the semi.

“Come on!” He yelled and they went back to fighting.

“Clint, can you draw out the guards?” Natasha’s voice distracted you from Cap’s fighting.

Clint shared a look with you and you shrugged. “Let’s find out.” He said and began to shoot at Ultron.

Ultron’s guards immediately shot up into the sky and Clint took off into the sky with you.

“Clint, one’s on the roof and the other is underneath.” You said looking up at the robot that was climbing on top. The robot rose his hand and shot right at you but the glass didn’t shatter.  But that didn’t stop you from yelling and visibly flinching. Before you could recover though, Clint turned the jet, causing you to grab underneath your seat as the Quinjet quickly spun in the air. The two robots both flying off it.

You looked over at Clint when he leveled the jet and gave him your best glare. “Don’t ever. Do that. Again.” He laughed.

“Okay, the robots aren’t pursuing anymore.” You said noticing the two robots heading back to where Natasha and Steve were.

“They’re heading back towards you.” Clint informed Nat and Steve. “So whatever you’re going to do, do it now.”

“I’m going in. Cap, can you keep him occupied?” Natasha spoke into the comm, you could hear the rumble of her motorcycle through the comm.

A panting was heard from Cap before he grumbled, “what do you think I’ve been doing?” And your lips curved into a smile. But that didn’t last long when you spotted something, your eyes widen and you swatted Clint’s arm.

“Is that our semi?”

“Okay, package is airborne. I have a clean shot.” Clint said and flipped another switch.

“Negative. I am still in the truck.” Your eyebrows rose and you shared a look with Clint when you heard what Natasha said.

“What the hell are you…” but you were cut off but Nat.

“Just be ready. I’m sending the package to you.” Again, you shared a look with Clint before he stared in front of him getting ready.

“How do you want me to take it?” He asked and you bit your lip in worry.

“Uh, you might wish you hadn’t asked that.” Before you could ask, Cap’s voice interrupted.

“I lost him! He’s headed your way!”

“Nat, we gotta go.” You said climbing from the passenger seat and moving to the back where the back door was open, ready to receive the package. You watched in alert as she jumped onto the cradle and went flying. You raised both hands to help give her a boost and the cradle roughly slid into the Quinjet. But you also saw Ultron fly in behind her. “Nat!” You screamed but it was too late.

Ultron grabbed her foot and without thinking you jumped right after her. “Y/N!” You heard your brother scream your name before everything went black.

[Part 4]

A/N: Dun, dun, dunnnnnnnnnn! Lol, I hope you like part three everybody! :) Feedback would be lovely.

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Sinbad, Muu, and Kouen's s/os trying to lift their swords but they aren't strong enough and either let it drop to the floor with a loud thunk or manage to lift it over their head and fall over backwards (they aren't hurt though, just startled lmao)

Sinbad: The king swore his heart almost stopped when the sword went over your head and you fell backwards. “[Y/n]!” He shouted, quickly running over to you.

“I’m good.” You say, giving him a grin. “I wasn’t expecting your sword to be that heavy though!”

“Maybe I should have Sharrkan give you some lessons.” Sinbad states, picking up his sword and sliding it back in place while helping his S/o off the ground.

“Really? You’ll let him teach me how to fight?” You wonder, tilting your head. The king froze in his place realizing where this was going.

Muu: He jumps at the loud sound of his weapon hitting the ground and does to make sure his S/o is okay. Muu finds your surprised face to be adorable as he takes his sword back. “Perhaps we should wait till you get stronger love.” The captain says.

You blink before nodding your head in agreement. “Okay but you have to be my teacher. I don’t like the others much. Plus your Fanalis will kick my ass in seconds.”  You mutter, groaning at the thought of Lo'lo training you in sword fighting.

His laughter filled the hall while pressing a kiss to your forehead. “Very well but I won’t go easy on you, my love.”

“I wasn’t expecting you too.”

Kouen: It was amusing to hear your yelp as the sword crashed on the ground. Kouen raised an eyebrow as you tried lifting it again but your action had the same result as before. “You won’t lift it [Y/n].” The prince states.

You glared at him and stuck your tongue out. “Stop putting me down!” With that, you went back to trying to lift his sword. With a sigh, Kouen walked over to his S/o, your back touched his chest.

“First, you’re holding it wrong.” He mutters, fixing your hand position. Even after showing you, his S/o still couldn’t lift it.