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We had some close call, but the results are clear.

The month that you choose is June and the week that got most of the votes is

June 12th - June 18th

The week itself will be 7 days long and here are the prompts:

Day 1 - Favorite canon Hiccstrid shipper
Day 2 - The moment you started shipping them
Day 3 - Favorite Hiccstrid kiss
Day 4 - Favorite cast reaction to Hiccstrid
Day 5 - Favorite Hiccstrid moment
Day 6 - Free day
Day 7 - Future Hiccstrid

Remember, you can make GIFs, moodboards or fanart, write drabbles or maybe even videos if that’s closer to you. Don’t forget that the purpose if this week to have fun and spread positivity!

If you want, I could do a post where I explain the prompts. Or you could just simply ask about it, we’ll answer your questions!

Mark the week and have fun!

The results are in and first off I just want to say thank you to everyone that entered and for helping me reach 9.5 k, it truly is amazing! All the nice tags and comments on my posts as well as kind asks is the reason why I’m still on here, making edits. It was really though to choose between so many wonderful blogs but I at least got the chance to follow some of you and check out some nice edits! 

W I N N E R S : 

Tina Goldstein Award: best url : ♛ @cho-chang
Donna Troy Award: best domain : ♛ @fleurrdelacour
Percival Graves Award: best layout :♛ @njmphadora
Zatanna Zatara Award: best undiscovered blogger : ♛ @queensweasley
Scott Summers Award: best comic blog :♛ @jacontodd ♛ @jaisontodd 
Feur Delacour Award best fandom blog :♛ @ri-ddikulus
Emma Frost Award: best original content :♛ @jamespottver, ♛ @hyppogriff
Queenie Goldstein Award: coolest nicest blogger : ♛ @hermionegrangcr
Dick Grayson Award: best overall : ♛ @bagginses
Newt Scamander Award: personal favorites :♛ @blakelivey@stephbrwn

P R I Z E S : 

+follow: if not already!
a place on my updates tab: for one month!
3 edits/posters/moodboards/etc : whatever you want really, upon request! 
1 playlist: or fanmix of your choosing, upon request!
5 promos: upon request! 
my eternal friendship: best prize here lbr


Thank you to everyone who entered and thank you for following me! Don’t worry if you didn’t win I have my 10k followers tumblr awards coming up. Here is the winner and the runner ups:)









Reminder of prizes under the cut:

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