When changing your eating habits or attempting to lose weight - check in with yourself every once in a while and ask, “Is what I’m doing sustainable?” The answer will tell you if you’re on a temporary diet with temporary results (and possibly long term consequences) or if you’re making permanent healthy lifestyle changes. 

6th Gaon Chart Music Awards Results
  • Album of the Year (Album - Quarterly)
    • First Quarter - GOT7
    • Second Quarter - EXO
    • Third Quarter - EXO
    • Fourth Quarter - BTS
  • Artist of the Year (Song – Monthly)
    • January - GFRIEND
    • February - MAMAMOO
    • March - Jang Bum Joon
    • April - TWICE
    • May - Urban Zakapa
    • June - SISTAR
    • July - Wonder Girls
    • August: - BLACKPINK
    • September - Lim Chang Jung
    • October - TWICE
    • November - BLACKPINK
    • December - BIGBANG

  • Rookie of the Year – Album: NCT 127
  • Rookie of the Year – Song: BLACKPINK
  • Style of the Year – Choreography: Son Seung Deuk (BTS)
  • Style of the Year – Stylist: Choi Hui Seon (TWICE)
  • Discovery of the Year – R&B: Dean
  • Discovery of the Year – Hip hop: BewhY
  • Discovery of the Year – Indie: Bolbbalgan Sachoongi
  • Discovery of the Year – Ballad: Han Dong Geun
  • V LIVE Global Popularity: BTS
  • Song of the Year – International Pop: Maroon 5
  • International Rising Star of the Year: Charlie Puth
  • Popular Singer of the year: MC the Max
  • Long-Run Song of the Year: MC the Max
  • Producer of the Year: Bang Shi Hyuk
  • K-pop Contribution of the Year: SECHSKIES
  • Song Writer of the Year: Jo Yoon Kyung (EXO)
  • Composer of the Year: Black Eyed Pilseung
  • World Hallyu Star: SHINee
  • Hot Performance of the Year: INFINITE, SEVENTEEN
  • Artist of Fan Choice – Individual: Sehun (EXO)
  • Artist of Fan Choice – Group: EXO
  • Performer of the Year – Chorus: Kim Ryeong
  • Performer of the Year – Musical Instrument: Lee Seong Yeol, Choi Tae Wan
ML Ultimate Guess Who Challenge Results

AHey everyone! The results are in, and it looks like guessing an author by their writing style is much more difficult than I originally anticipated!! *hands @mr_hawkmoth $5.00*

We want to thank everyone again so much for participating in this event! We had a couple of road-bumps, and I know the Challenge stretched out longer than originally anticipated, but thanks to everyone’s enthusiasm, dedication and patience, we feel like this was still a really fun and positive event for the fandom!

And now, the moment you have been waiting for… the winners!


Most Recognized (pre-reveal, receiving the most comments+kudos)

It Was An Accident~ Their_Destinys_Writer 

(522 k/c)

Most Matched (The fic that the most people correctly matched the author to!) 

BladeyBug~ abadmeanman 

(9 out of 38 correctly matched)

…and finally, for  Most Creative Reveal, as determined by the READERS—

Those Freckles on Your Butt~ MellyMiraculous

(7 votes)


It Was An Accident~ Their_Destinys_Writer (500)
Mint Two-Lips – Sidereal Sandman (385) 
Her- Bullysquadess (380) 
I’m like dropping hints that I’m Ladybug- PhantomPierceOkamoto (358) 
Dropping Hints- Clairelutra (344) 
Just Asking for some Privacy- Breeeliss (332) 
A Familiar Pattern- AlyaBug (331) 
It Had to be Her- BaneismyDragon (306) 
We Each write a Letter- TheBoredBookworm (289) 
Those Freckles on your butt- Mellymiraculous (281)



The  10 runner-up READERS

  1. @balloondragons (3)
  2. @lulzifer (3)
  3. @alya-bug (3)
  4. @brittany-the-bookworm (3)
  5. @gabriel-fucking-agreste (3)
  6. @hchano (3)
  7. @hurricanerelic (3)
  8. @tildusia (3)
  9. @bullysquadess (4)
  10. @miraculouspaon (4)

…and our GRAND PRIZE WINNER, with a grand total of 5 correct guesses…


Congratulations to all the winners, and a huge shout-out to all the readers, authors and supporters of this challenge:

You all worked really hard on this event, poured your time, energy, creativity, passion and love for the fandom into this challenge, and we want you to know how much we appreciate you for all that you’ve done!

Special thanks to @mr-hawkmoth for the original idea for the event, and @baneismydragon for their efforts and experience coordinating, structuring, promoting and running the event! I ask that if you get the chance, to show your love for both of them, for their hard work, creativity and dedication to this event and the fandom!

We hope you all had fun! Please feel free to message me @squirrellygirlart to give feedback on the ML Ultimate Guess Who Challenge, and let us know how you think it could have been improved, what we did right, and any concerns you have!

Individual Response Reports will be released tomorrow to all those who voted, and the Summary Data will be posted up in the next few days so everyone can see what the results looked like! Everyone receiving prizes will be contacted within the next two-three weeks! :D


Do not listen to what the media has to say about your exam results.

If everyone did slightly better than last year then they will say “the tests are getting easier”. And we know that’s not true.

If everyone comes away with slightly worse scores than last year they will say “our education system is failing our children”. And that isn’t always true either.

Have pride knowing you’ve done your best. If you feel disappointed by the results then that’s fine too. But just know that I’m proud of you still.

Please do not read what the papers have to say. They churn out the same crap year on year. It is not a reflection of how hard you’ve worked or how much you’ve had to struggle and stress.

It’s entirely political on their part and has nothing to do with you.

We had some close call, but the results are clear.

The month that you choose is June and the week that got most of the votes is

June 12th - June 18th

The week itself will be 7 days long and here are the prompts:

Day 1 - Favorite canon Hiccstrid shipper
Day 2 - The moment you started shipping them
Day 3 - Favorite Hiccstrid kiss
Day 4 - Favorite cast reaction to Hiccstrid
Day 5 - Favorite Hiccstrid moment
Day 6 - Free day
Day 7 - Future Hiccstrid

Remember, you can make GIFs, moodboards or fanart, write drabbles or maybe even videos if that’s closer to you. Don’t forget that the purpose if this week to have fun and spread positivity!

If you want, I could do a post where I explain the prompts. Or you could just simply ask about it, we’ll answer your questions!

Mark the week and have fun!