After way too much research, I have determined that probably Allen wore cotton gloves, which were the cheapest type of common glove at the time. They were warm and fairly smooth in texture, and probably at least reasonably soft, though not notably so. I’d bet they were on the thick side too.

It’s possible that he changed gloves around sometimes - for instance, I can see him switching out for leather gloves when he had adequate reason, or Crown Clown’s own ‘glove’ being of a unique and strange material and texture.

This probably was not worth the effort, but there you go.

~ Dragon of Steel ~

{{ At first, an attempt at a Teo as an Overwatch hero thanks to @shen-gaoren and @ask-a-rathalos’ ideas. Became a luminous cyborg releasing explosive powder out of his hands with a super classy outfit }} 

King Weekes Net Results!

So since I can’t really post the results tomorrow, I decided to do it today instead. Here are the results! I pretty much picked everyone! Reminder that the tag you need to track is #kingweekesnet and that if you have any questions you can ask me! You can do net intros if you’re comfortable (if you’re not up to tagging certain things, please let people know in the intro, that way they know not to follow you)

Things to tag:
spiders, pregnancy, childbirth, f slur,  reylo, kylo ren, asking for money, pills, existential, jumpscares, 21p hate, food, sarcasm, misinfo, eating disorders, suicide, abuse, irl eye horror, irl gore, clowns, gore, emetophobia, hands, body image, nsfw, pda, elections 2016, child abuse, blood, cutting

David (they/he): @dallvn

Jillian (she/her): @jinglebelljoseph
Ryan (he/him): @brobecking
Sydney (she/her): @almost-my-fantasy
Lars (he/they): @violent—things
Ash (she/her): @cinnamontoastfrank
Cassie (she/her): @prollycryingaboutryanross
Sasha (she/her): @dallonweekest
Marithé (she/her): @aliengway
Ade/Alex (he/they): @dvllonweekes
Lucy (she/her): @if-crazy-equals-genius
Abby (they/them): @save-american-psycho
Sam (they/she): @wintergunn
Nicole (she/her): @isleofsleeplessbirds
Hanna (they/she): @happy-halseydays
Vireo (any pronouns): @sqookyryro
Tyler (he/him): @pisstyler
Isobel (she/they): @spaceweekes
Tori (she/her): @the-bro-hecks
Mak (she/her): @trucestyler
Jordan (she/her): @xmasjambz
Max (they/them): @northerndownpure
Lene (she/her): @lamamaria
Asma (she/her): @westcoastrohman
Caoimhe (they/she): @prettyiinpunk
Alanna (she/her): @nothingbut1975
Ayana (she/her): @snowflakedallon
Jeff (they/he): @brallencer
Tori (she/they): @sunshine-ross
Catherine (she/her): @northern-dallon
Ari (they/them): @noneujerk
Andy: @at-least-8-characters
Tara (she/her): @aclockworkqueen
Sarah (she/her): @sarahthefabulouskilljoy
Beezy (she/her): @ryanrossisms

alright i know i ended this earlier than i intended to, but whatever here we go.

(side note- if you didn’t get in, don’t worry i still love you)

damian or frank he/him @current-shitboy
val she/her @ryden-downpour/ @my-chemical-frerard
gerard he/him @fantasticbstard 
jo they/them @frnksdeathspell
max or tate he/him @mcr-exe
lupe she/her @disenchantedfrnk
ash she/her @cinnamontoastfrank / @itsramen 
lily she/her @throamfucker69
frankie he/they @godsshoeshine 
ryan he/they @fnckingpills 
mikey he/they @penceyfag 
li they/he @bubblegum-gerard 
nyck they/them @urban-gothic
pierce they/them or he/him @chokejpg
lars he/they @deathedit 

now that you’re in, track the tag sadfrankfuckersnet, follow everyone in the list, make an intro post, and tag the following triggers -

self harm, rape, irl gore, animal abuse, animal death, needles, clowns, horror, spiders, gaslighting, abusive family members, pedophilia, flashing, gore, blood, rape, twenty one pilots and transphobia.


Do you like the new theme, yes thank you it was a pain >v>

Anyway, the contest results are ROIGHT THER

Due to the little amount of entries, I decided to reward EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED with the MMDLuv Miku model! 

But - as I said - the true winner is only one~

The person whose entry has MMDLuv right now is elliep-official! Big congrats to you! <3

Other people who participated and will be getting the Miku model as well:

Thank you all soo much for amazing entries! Please contact me for the Miku model on my Twitter (Admin one or private one, I don’t really mind ovo/)

- Admin RE!


do i know how to do this? no

me, ur admin (bow down) @stupidbf   lars, he/they

@t1ghter cole, he/they

@spencegurt spence, he/him

@goreway sonicfucker, he/him

@finngurt finn, he/him

@peteachu mikey, he/they

@divineroses alex, he/they

@mandymillk0vich talia, they/them

@demolition-lvrs sammy, she/her

@1ndulgence charlotte. she/her

@frnkieroandthepatients mel, she/her

things 2 tag !

abuse, mcr, gerard way, drugs, alcohol/drunkenness, smoking, pda, unsanitary, food, eating disorders, irl gore

what 2 do now

ill make a kik chat tomorrow but 4 now ? post an intro in the net tag & party

(may b reopened/more people added l8r its 2am leave me alone)

anonymous asked:

X-files au where either Tsuna works in the X-Files department in the FBI or he's Mulder's nephew. Have fun~

New game where someone sends prompts like the above and ya’ll have to submit to this blog fully written out AUs, fics, or art for said prompt, because then it doesn’t just sit in the inbox and I wonder what to do with it because I’m just;;;;


In the event that this does become a thing, I would appreciate it if anyone that does send a prompt submits it through the Submissions Page, rather than through the ask box, which is for asking questions. Please stop submitting things through the ask box.

uhm, just so u kno 8^) ultron’s patronus is a dragon

Plant Personality Quiz - Oropher

tagged by: @stxllato (thank you!)


You Are: A protector. With an amazing blend of optimism, nurturing and goodwill, you lend your strength and energy to those in need. Your seemingly infinite goodwill and boundless supportive energy make you the one people turn to when times are tough. Your greatest strength is, of course, also one of your weaknesses, especially if you neglect to take care of yourself. At times like these, it’s a good idea to take a step back and focus some of that protective energy on yourself.


You Are: Spirited. A feisty and fiery companion, quick with an opinion, a laugh or an idea. Warm, friendly and inviting, you never allow an awkward moment to pass. In fact, even cold and distant people warm up to you more quickly than others. Negative experiences or too much indulgence, however, can send you into a bit of a tailspin, and when hurt you may become quite cold and distant. Ginger people do best when their natural warmth and affection is flowing freely, giving them easy access to their love of life.

Slippery Elm: 

You Are: Let’s just say you’re a vocal person. Sure, that might mean you’re chatty. But it also means you’re the one humming in the hallway, singing in the shower, speaking your mind, standing up and shouting if need be to get yourself heard. You’ve got a voice and you know how to use it. Inclined to speak up for the voiceless, defend the defenseless or simply bring joy to the joyless, you may have a tendency to overuse your voice.

Quiz Link

Tagging: @driftinglightofthewoods @thehiddenhero @atariince @prxnceling @turambar-masterofdoom @urwen-lalaith @giftfromthevalar @thesonofgirion and anyone else tbh!