I just miss Keta a lot.

-Rant incoming-
I’m feeling a bit discouraged. I know it’s not good to compare yourself to others, but while my work situation just keeps getting worse (less hours, less responsibilities), a friend of mine whose been at the company for much less time than me just got a huge promotion. Outside of my job, another friend who is 6 years younger than me already achieved her life goal and is living my dream life right now while I struggle with a job I don’t like where I don’t feel valued or useful. And add to that all those amazingly talented artists who are 15 years younger than me while I still can’t draw hands. Oh and my Youtube business is stalling and just isn’t picking up no matter what I do.

I guess I’m discouraged because some people got to where I want to be much quicker and much easier than me. I’m not saying they don’t deserve it, because they do, they worked hard. But I work hard too and yet I don’t have half of what they have. But imma still get there. I’m not giving up, Imma get there. I’m just discouraged because it’s taking me so long. I know I create nice things that people like too, but it never seems to be enough to move ahead.

When you don’t win the award for best animation, despite bringing stunning, new techniques to the grounds of anime though a playful, consistent artstyle.