“Gamera is really neat,
Gamera is filled with meat,
We’re been eating Gamera!”

Another experiment with a less cartoony style, quite happy with the result. Maybe one day I’ll draw more than just a head in this style BUT TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY.

i think it’s great that rich people get to choose which party to vote for based on things like long-term economic policy and immigration and green issues etc, but working class people have to vote for labour because that’s the only way they’ll survive the next five years. and by great i mean not great at all.

Okay so straight-up the weirdest thing that happened to me in middle school was this:

In history class, our teacher would read from the memoirs of a guy who traveled America on his motorcycle, making observations on what was going on in the world, including mundane things like the change of the shape of the Coca Cola bottle in 1916. His name was Harmon and he liked to drink coke paired with chocolate bars.

This wasn’t the weird part. It made sense, enough, that someone would have decided that we kids needed to get a more individual sense of history.

However, then we were told that this Harmon guy was actually still alive.

Cool, we thought. He’d be over a hundred, but whatever. That can happen.

And then we were told that we would be having a “Harmon Days” event in which Harmon would visit our school and give a talk and blah blah you know I don’t even remember it that clearly? There were supposed to be other events and activities and we would all get coke and chocolate.

Also. We were supposed to dress up in our best costumes of the era of his memoirs

SHOUTOUT TO MY MOM who made me a skirt and matching jacket w/puffed sleeves for this event I had a great costume and I even used it again before I totally grew out of it. But she put in so much effort for something that REALLY DIDN’T DESERVE IT.

Because during Harmon’s talk, he revealed that he was…not real.

So picture this: you have a bunch of middle school kids sort of dressed up like they were from the 19-teens, and this really, really old dude takes the podium to talk to them. And his talk is going along, blah blah blah, and then he PEELS OFF HIS FACE. And it doesn’t come off all at once, so he keeps PICKING AT the extremely professional old-man latex makeup he was wearing.

And I think, I think, because I cannot recall exactly through the haze of betrayal, that he kept talking about how he was the creator of the FICTIONAL Harmon (who we had all grown attached to while thinking of him as a REAL person) and you know what? I don’t recall anything else. I just remembered being PISSED OFF because I had been digging getting a personal view of history but now how could I trust than anything we had heard was really how it had been? I had already faced the deceptions of the American Diaries series or whatever. WHY had we been given a FAKE in history class??? Why? And why had it been such an ELABORATE fake?????

I remembered most of the other kids being disgusted, but most of the adults were really pleased? One of them actually referred to the whole thing as “giving them [aka us] Santa Claus again” WRONG. You gave us a guy who was moderately interesting because he was real and had really seen history. As a fiction, it was unutterably dull. Santa Claus is magic and brings presents and has a whole huge cultural persona. Who the fuck was Harmon? No one.

Was this a local author? Did this happen in any other middle schools? Why couldn’t we have read a real memoir? WHO AUTHORIZED THIS? 

There was more historical accuracy in the making of my simplicity-pattern costume than Harmon’s entire existence. 

And the thing is, lots of other weird things happened to me in middle school, but they all have context–maybe not the best context, but it’s there. Except for Harmon. Fucking Harmon. It’s like every teacher was replaced with a space alien that thought this would be a great idea for a month or two, and then switched back to being their mostly good selves.

So, anyway, that’s my experience with Harmon Days, which was a load of bullshit, except for the costume my mom made, go mom, you are the real MVP.

It’s a day of birthdays apparently and since I was at a 1 year old’s birthday party today, I just had to write a little domestic!ereri for the beautiful emiza ‘s birthday.

Hope you had one hell of a day Tess xD

“Is he asleep yet?”

Eren looked up from the bundle he’s cradling against his chest to where his husband was standing in the doorway, nodding carefully as to not disturb the sleeping baby.

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I wanted to tell you all something:

You are amazing! You are fantastic!

You are a superstar. You’ll go into that exam hall and take on those questions like how a Londoner faces the rain.

You will ace that test, and on results day you will emerge victorious, with a sheet of paper peppered with A*s. You will make your family and your country proud.

We believe in you students.

We believe in you.

Good luck. 

Reblog so that everyone taking exams can see the support they’re getting!

Tories Out Now

Because the NHS is a vital and desperately needed service

Because people could literally die without access to free and available healthcare.

Because people need a place to live and homelessness is about to rise massively

Because child poverty is an actual, real problem and an extra 30% of actual, real children will be living in poverty in the UK while the conservatives are in power.

Because 61% of the UK population knew that this political party was a disaster.

Because my mum woke me crying at 5am on election results day because we realised it was GOING TO GET WORSE

Because censorship is happening, they are trying to silence you and this is real


my name is avery. i’m 15 and a very sad clump of stardust. i watch too much youtube and seclude myself from society. come talk to me, if you want

Late-night snacking: Is it your brain’s fault?

After gobbling the fourth Oreo in a row while bathed in refrigerator light, have you ever thought, “That wasn’t enough,” and then proceeded to search for something more?

Researchers at BYU have shed new light on why you, your friends, neighbors and most everyone you know tend to snack at night: some areas of the brain don’t get the same “food high” in the evening.

In a newly published study, exercise sciences professors and a neuroscientist at BYU used MRI to measure how people’s brains respond to high- and low-calorie food images at different times of the day. The results showed that images of food, especially high-calorie food, can generate spikes in brain activity, but those neural responses are lower in the evening.

“You might over-consume at night because food is not as rewarding, at least visually at that time of day,” said lead author Travis Masterson. “It may not be as satisfying to eat at night so you eat more to try to get satisfied.”

The study, which appears in academic journal Brain Imaging and Behavior, also reports that participants were subjectively more preoccupied with food at night even though their hunger and “fullness” levels were similar to other times of the day.

Masterson, who carried out the research for his master’s thesis under faculty advisor James LeCheminant, said the intent was to better understand if time of day influences neural responses to pictures of food.

The researchers teamed up with BYU neuroscientist Brock Kirwan to use functional MRI to monitor the brain activity of study subjects while they viewed images of food. The participants viewed 360 images during two separate sessions held one week apart—one during morning hours and one during evening hours.

Subjects looked at images of both low-calorie foods (vegetables, fruits, fish, grains) and high-calorie foods (candy, baked goods, ice cream, fast food). As expected, the researchers found greater neural responses to images of high-calorie foods. However, they were surprised to see lower reward-related brain reactivity to the food images in the evening.

“We thought the responses would be greater at night because we tend to over-consume later in the day,” said study co-author Lance Davidson, a professor of exercise sciences. “But just to know that the brain responds differently at different times of day could have implications for eating.”

Nevertheless, researchers noted that the study is preliminary and additional work is needed to verify and better understand the findings. The next research steps would be to determine the extent that these neural responses translate into eating behavior and the implications for weight management.  

Masterson, who is heading to Penn State University to work on his Ph.D. in the fall, said the study has helped him pay better attention to how food makes him feel both in the morning and the evening. And as for his late-night eating habits?

“I tell myself, this isn’t probably as satisfying as it should be,” he said. “It helps me avoid snacking too much at night.”

The non-intelligent box said…
171 today. I was 170 last week. 83 pounds released in 9 months. I took Friday and Saturday off from exercising, and got my monthly visitor yesterday for Mother’s Day! Today I am happy and grateful regardless of my relationship to gravity. Xoxo