10 days ago I was at the lowest point for my physical health in a very long time, my mood was really down since it isolated me from my friends, and I was struggling to manage all my projects and school work as a result.

Just 10 days later I’m very thankful to be able to say that my health has been able to bounce back mostly. By some miracle I actually stayed on top of my projects and was able to produce work I was proud of, and on top of all that all my best friends are coming to visit me soon for one of our fav weekends of the year.
It was really rough in the moment, but things turned around much better than I expected.

Allura with short, poofy hair that just go swoosh!  is honestly the best idea I’ve had whole week


                 G l i tc h . E  XE 


steven universe (marble madness & open book) » his dark materials trilogy (plus that one movie)


milk and honey by rupi kaur

You requested them. We made them. Safety Pin Tattoos here


Victuuriweek 2017 ❙ Day 2: Travelling

Yuuri: Long Distance/Reunion


‘Morning, sleeping beauty.’

If Vax had a smartphone it would filled with questionable pictures of his hubby. 


All’s fair in friendship and espionage.