Just made a custom 16″ Elena of Avalor doll to match my other 16″ Disney Princess dolls.  I used the new Jasmine head mold doll—resculpted her nose, restyled and colored her hair to be dark brown, repainted her face and made her Crown Princess gown with the ‘brocade’ satin and huge puffiness, as well as her jewelry and crown.

I made a custom box for her as well, so I can stack her with my other 16″ princesses! I’ll take a photo of them all together—once I decide if Moana is really going to join the princess line up or not, and needs to be added, too.

Anyway, back to Elena—I would have preferred to use the older Jasmine head mold—I think it might suit her better—but I also love that mold for Jasmine herself! And since I wanted them to be different and not just a repaint of the same sculpt, I opted for the new Jasmine head for Elena.

Not sure if I made the right choice, though….. ^^;;

What do you all think?

• Outfit of the Day •

Top: Dark Thorn Clothing
Underbust Skirt: Punk Rave from @beserkclothing
Bag: Restyle from Attitude Holland
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

More details on my Instagram (ReeRee Phillips).