Sorachi meets the readers, question corner 197

<Question from lately Gintama is really cool-san from Kouchi>

Speaking about Shinsengumi and Minawarigumi uniforms. Why Saito and Nobume ones are different from the others? Did they made a restyling?


Just as there are tall or short team leades, they decided to wear this long coath following their style. And that because they want to look cool.


Photographic proof that Twyla’s hair came out almost exactly how I wanted it. It’s swirly! Only took like 9 different attempts with different techniques. Though her bangs are a still a little wonky but that’s how they were out of box. For anyone curious as to how: I adapted disneyboy21’s beach waves by rolling the bottom of her hair onto a straw until it rolled about 1 and ½ times (or at least so it touched back to itself) covered the ends so they would curl and did 2-4 rolls of the beach wave technique. Boil wash before and a boil dip after. Stand to dry for 3 days (i was paranoid about the ends still being wet) undid the curlers and marveled at how well it actually turned out. Photos.

@brandilou88 Thought I’d share with you beauties how I restyle my hair during the week to prolong wash day. Threw in some flexirods overnight with a spritz of water and my @mielleorganics avocado hair milk for some heatless wand curls. Then I decided to play around with a few extra styles. #hair2mesmerize #naturalhair #healthyhair

My cats are so sweet

When I try to do something, they walk between my legs to make it more challenging for me. 

They also like to decorate my place by leaving their tiny paw prints on my floor, after they pushed their water over. 

They even make sure I get some sunlight, by making tiny holes in my drapes with their claws. 

They’re even restyling my couch for me.

Such sweet and considerate little monsters they are :)


Your wardrobe just got more algebraic with Adventure Time apparel restyled for fun and adventure!

Photography by Greg De Stefano Photography
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