restyle it

Outfit of the Day 30/12/16

Dress: Killstar
Necklace: Restyle and WitchCraft Worldwide
Rings: Killstar and Regal Rose
Bags: Corvus Mellori Clothing
Boots: Killstar

episode ideas i thought of at 3 am
  • the cg go away for some reason again, so connie, peri, and lapis group up, but in the process accidentally unbubble bismuth. bismuth adores connie, but she doesnt remember lapis, let alone understand why shes afraid of her
  • bd sends the famethyst to earth to check on the cluster and the ruby squad, obviously they just play around with amethyst and steven, wholesome filler
  • greg finally gets a date on not-tinder but hes really nervous and convinces garnet to come with him as a double date. she doesnt even unfuse she just sits across from them
  • mystery girl comes to the temple for a date with pearl....but she's redyed her hair purple and restyled it, losing her similarity to rose. pearl loses interest and gets chewed out by garnet for being shallow,and
  • mg ends up going to dinner with amethyst instead
  • white diamond gets sick of the others shit and sends white court gems to face the cg
  • mr smiley. just. hes back
  • garnet has a real good talk with sadie about love and toxic people. she uses pearl as an example