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Rushes out of his place. "Shooot! So late!" Flys to the French resturant where he was gonna meet her at.

Zizzi stood outside as she looked around. She had her purse by her side as she waited for him to show up. She had decided to wearing something nice as she looked around for him.


chapter 2

Heimer. The home of the industry and the seaports. Home of whales and horses, rooftiles and outdoor resturants. The corner-bookstores and decorated windows. White rowhouses with balconies, and a trainstation leading to the farmers land. Left for the dust by inhabitants, who had either fled or died. The working city stood still.

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Michigan has Tim hortons! One of the few good things about Michigan

If I ever visit Michigan at least I’ll know where to eat!

My mother used to eat dinner at the resturant my dad, her boyfriend, cooked at so she could see him pass by the kitchen door every now and then.

My dad used to request hours that coincided with my mother’s work schedule so they could spend their lunches together.

The point is, be with someone who would do anything to spend 10 minutes with you.


guys I need everyones help real quick. so basically my grandparents have owned a resturant in our mall for over 30 years and ow they are trying to force them out of the mall and change locations but they would have to pay for it all and the mall is trying to replace this amazing resturant for an arcade even though the mall already has an arcade that nobody even uses because nobody goes into arcades anymore!! please it would mean so much if you could all just take a minute to sign this for me or even reblog it and spread it for me