Theo’s World Cuisine & Fine Dining Restaurant

Rated 4 stars by Sims Times*, Theo’s World Cuisine & Fine Dining Restaurant has taken the Newcrest food scene by storm! 

Known for their experimental dishes, Chef Theo has made sure that only the finest food and wine from around Sim Nation is served for maximum flavor. Are you a Vegetarian, Vampire or Alien? There’s something here for you too! The choices are endless.

The decor is colorful and elegant – both indoors and out. The music, by famous artists around the nation, gives it a great ambiance. And the wait staff is courteous and knowledgeable. It’s a great place for family or intimate dining. It all makes for a great environment to enjoy what they have to offer. 

Reserve your table today to experience the best cuisine around!

*(A review by Simgurl, on behalf of the Sims Times)


  • No CC
  • Lot size: 40 x 20
  • Cost: $97,659
  • Lot location in my game: Sandy Run, Newcrest
  • Lot type: Restaurant
  • Menu: Custom - Mostly experimental food. Also contains vegetarian and vampire food.
  • Dress code: Formal
  • Lot trait:  Chef’s Kitchen


  • I have all expansion, stuff and game packs
  • Enable the “bb.moveobjects” cheat before placing the lot.
  • FYI - I have only played/tested this lot as a customer, not as an owner.


This lot can be found in the Gallery under my Origin ID: erisema or via: #simgurl