Difficulty: 8/10

Material: Shannon Cuddle 3 Minky

Colors: Mango, Brown, Chocolate, Caramel

Photos do no justice to how handsome this guy looks! :D

This was definitely one of those more unique more unique ponies that I’ve had a chance to work on. :) As simple as the design seems, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the details that were included in this cutie. The forelock is actually 5 separate parts and pieces since I couldn’t just throw in all the detail in a more 3D looking mane. The mane was an odd challenge, at least when it came to trying to achieve the whoosh-ee part of it. My biggest fear was making it too big and heavy, I actually had to restuff the legs 3 times. :/

The hooves were another long task all together! I originally sewed the detailing on the hooves by machine… until I realized that the design on the reference made the brown part come up a little higher. I hand-appliqued the patterning on the legs, they are almost literally like socks on this guy! xD On the bright side, I did have a chance to redo the hooves and get a little more detail in (check the WIP posed a little before this :)).

Overall, I’m pleased with how this guy came out! He’s so handsome and adorable! ^u ^