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The weidest is actually Harry not retweeting anything about it. He was on twitter just now and likes columbia's tweet about the billboards but didnt use the opportunity to retweet anything about SNL...

Maybe he’s either under the same restriction as Louis or acting in solidarity?  IDK.

What I’ve noticed about the signs/Roasting u


-stop yelling and telling people to shut up when you yourself can’t close your mouth

-is getting angry and threatening everyone just to make yourself feel stronger

- you are not as busy as you make yourself to be


- stop acting like a boring grandma

- we get it, you like to eat, stop making everything about food

- stop arguing with people and admit when you are wrong


-you’re not over your ex

- other people need to talk too, boo

- don’t act like you’re emotionless cause you cry to bed


- stop playing the victim

- learn to defend yourself and stop asking other people to do these favours for you

- start to have a reason for everytime you fuck up something or decide to do the opposite of what you were asked to. that’s not how you rebel


- stop starting every sentence with “I”

- your narcissistic tendencies are only a part of your humour and image, you’re not that confident

- can you even pass a mirror without looking at yourself for 10 minutes?


- stop making other people feel bad for being messy 

- you’re not a boss, don’t tell us what to do

-is there a day when you don’t clean something


- stop acting like you like everyone, it can hurt people

- you’re not a casanova, you’re just desperate

- next time your friend asks you how does she look in that dress, tell her the truth


- saying you’re a scorpio isn’t an excuse for being an ass

- you’re not that mysterious

- remembering what someone did to you in 3rd grade isn’t what memory is about


- no, boo, you’re born in the right generation

- stop ignoring people after asking them questions

- you might have many friends but you’’re only close with urself

Capricorn (big boss wassup)

- stop acting restricted even if you are not feeling like it

- do you even know what smile is

- your job is not the only part of your life that needs attention


- you’re not God, but for an alien you’re good

-stop making remarks that people don’t need to hear

-don’t be an ass to people you like/like you


- start acting like an adult please

-there is something called reality, thought you might wanna know

-you can’t be in love with 5 people each week

I am feeling sad and angry today, so I painted one of my favorite symbols of America.

At the time the Statue of Liberty was placed, immigration to the US was still limited to “free white persons of good character.”

The Statue of Liberty was dedicated just two years after the Chinese Exclusion Act, which prohibited all Chinese immigration.

The Statue of Liberty became a national monument in 1924, the same year Arabs and Asians were banned from immigration(Africans were restricted).

The Immigration Act of 1924 established a preference for specific immigrant groups that would “preserve the ideal of America homogeneity.”

And this is why the Statue of Liberty means a lot to me. She has been physically present through a history of racist immigration laws. But her message of hope, and solidarity, and welcome still remain aspirational. She is not what America *is*, she is what America could be.

And that is why I, as an immigrant(from a majority Muslim country, no less), get teary every goddamn time I think of the Statue of Liberty.

Reality is BS (Belief System)

I thinks its so interesting how our chart shows how we perceive reality.

  • Depending on the house Uranus is in, we will feel really caged in and will be especially rebellious.
  • Wherever Pluto is placed, we will feel threatened and will therefore try to gain control through manipulation.
  • Wherever Jupiter is placed, we will feel divinely supported and be very confident and optimistic.
  • Wherever Saturn is placed, we will feel restricted and act with fear.

All this might not have anything to do with our actual reality but by thinking it does we create that reality for ourselves in the first place. Confidence makes us lucky, fear restricts us, paranoia makes us controlling…. We create our own realities through our attitudes and beliefs.

How Clarke & Bellamy utilize power toward the group is separate from how they utilize power between each other

I find it so interesting that there’s the power dynamic of them vs the group, and there’s a separate power dynamic between each other. When talking about politics and character agency, I think fandom sometimes conflates the two separate relationships.

Think of it this way:  Clarke & Bellamy vs the group is one power relationship. Clarke vs Bellamy is a second, separate power relationship.  Those two relationships (or dynamics, if you will) do overlap and interweave in the course of the series, but they are still separate.


I think Bellarke fandom [and to an extent, fandom as a whole] has this need for either Bellamy or Clarke to be in charge of the group (i.e. be right and be ‘good’ and be the better character). Now this comes with a whole side basket of issues I won’t go into, but the end result is that there is a tendency for all Bellarke actions to framed around the question “Who is the better leader?” … with the assumption being that whoever is proven “better” in canon therefore wins. (wins what? i don’t know. fandom i guess.)  In some ways that’s fair way of looking at it, because the show certainly goes for that C vs. B rivalry and pulls it every which way… but fandom wants it to be clear cut and simple.  Either A) Clarke and Bellamy are perfectly equal in all ways, or B) Bellamy is secretly the better leader, or C) Clarke is the better leader.

And like…. A has a decent chance of coming true, if you look at the series as a long and complex journey with lots of rises and falls for both characters. B has zero chance of coming true in canon, because The 100 is ultimately more of a girl-power show than not, and Clarke is technically first billed in the cast, so C is more likely than B, but still not as likely as A. Regardless, even A is a much too simplified a perspective. Power is never going to be perfectly even at all times. The show celebrates the idea that power is fluid, messy, destructive, and hard to hold onto. It damages the user.  Sometimes Clarke is right, sometimes Bellamy, and given time it evens out to a mostly stable equilibrium.  Overall Clarke and Bellamy both have turns as the leader of the group, both screw up, and both try to make up for it. Sometimes they repeat the process and have to make up for things a second time.

All of that is similar to, but STILL SEPARATE FROM their power plays toward each other within their friendship.

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For a better understanding of Fifth Harmony’s recent events: (Part 1)

(also read Part 2) (Léelo en Español aquí) (Você pode ler o texto em português aqui)

This comes from all of my learning while investigating the subject online as I have always been interested in the subject to understand how this work for all my favorite artists. This is only an opinion and is not intended to claim the exact truth, which only people living this situation know. My sources are Wikipedia, forums and videos. These are only my conclusions.

·      Before reading please take into account that these are all really young people and try to imagine them as that. Think about how old they are now and when they were in X-factor and signed the contract for the program.

Ally  -   23 – (19 in X-factor)
Camilla - 19 – (15)

Dinah -  19 -(15)

Lauren -  20 – (16)

Normani - 20 –(16)

 Now think about the age of the executives that have Fifth Harmony under their power and the number of years they have been working in the industry and doing this to other artists.

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1933. Prince Wilhelm of Prussia inspecting members of the Stahlhelm.

Founded in 1918, the Stahlhelm (Officially “Stahlhelm, Bund der Frontsoldaten” - Steel Helmet, League of Frontline Soldiers) was a rallying point for revanchist and nationalist Germans, usually former soldiers of the Reichsheer, who felt betrayed by the Armistice in November 1918 and rejected the subsequent Treaty of Versailles.

In 1930, with over 500,000 members, it was the largest paramilitary operating in Germany; it was active in the so-called Schwarze Reichswehr, a secret army that was established by several high ranking German officers to evade the Versailles restrictions. It also acted as paramilitary wing for the Deutschnationale Volkspartei, a Nationalist, Right-Wing, Monarchist Party. It nonetheless remained extremely autonomous throughout its existance.

It was merged with the SA in 1934, following the policies of Gleichschaltung.

In the NDP convention, this motion passed today:

It reads:


Vancouver East

BE IT RESOLVED THAT Canada’s NDP will approach the issue of problematic substance use as a health issue rather than a matter of public safety.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT Canada’s NDP will oppose abstinence based programs as the only drug treatment option available to Canadians.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT Canada’s NDP will continue to express its support for harm reduction initiatives like supervised injection facilities; prescription opiate maintenance programs; and access to harm reduction supplies in our communities, health care facilities and prisons.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT Canada’s NDP will support/pressure the Canadian government to repeal Bill C-2 the Respect for Communities Act which restricts access to supervised injection services like Insite.

If you raise your kid without traditional gender roles and get your daughter hot wheels and your son barbies, good on you.

But don’t get mad or feel like you failed because your daughter would rather talk about ponies and dress like a princess and your son likes trucks and wants to be a knight.

Expose your kid to different things and don’t restrict them but don’t act like your kid is a lost cause their interests fall under traditional gender roles.

I’ve seen too many articles written by parents who are made their daughter wanted hello kitty underwear and their son wanted avengers.

Let kids be kids and don’t force them to do things they have no interest in. You’re not going to destroy gender roles by making your kids miserable.

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What does your ideal reproductive policy look like?

Hi thatssoveg. What a great question!

We tend to think of reproductive health policy through six values. These six values are based on what we’ve heard from Planned Parenthood’s 2.7 million patients, and what we’re pushing to guarantee for all of us. These values not only guide nationwide legislation, but also legislation at the state level.

1. We all have the right to plan when and if to have a child. Expanding access to birth control is crucial, which has been incredibly successful in Oregon, where women are able to obtain up to 12 months of birth control refills.

2. Doctors help decide our medical care — not politics or religious restrictions. The EACH Woman Act, which was introduced by Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA), Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), and Congresswoman Diana DeGette (D-CO), is just one piece of legislation that would insure that politicians would not be a barrier in women who wish to obtain an abortion. 

3. Our rights shouldn’t depend on who we are, where we work, or where we live. Rights to basic and quality reproductive health care is something that should be universal throughout the United States.

4. We all deserve access to sex education. We all deserve access to sex education programs that give us the reliable, accurate information we need to make responsible decisions and stay healthy. Currently, both the House and Senate wish to slash funding for comprehensive sex education and triple or quadruple funding for abstinence-only sex education.

5. We will not stand for coercion, harassment or intimidation. State laws that acknowledge and fund programs to prevent violence and harassment toward women seeking reproductive health care are integral to any efforts to address violence against women.

6. Victims of sexual violence deserve care without delay, judgement or intimidation. If anyone experiences sexual violence, they should have access to compassionate health care without delay, judgment, or government interference. 

If you want to read more about our values, click here.

If you want to check out other organization’s values relating to reproductive justice, check out our friends at Sister Song.


So, I wrote a gift thing for youguysimserious and machawicket who I blame thank for making me obsessed introducing me to Arrow. I just wanted to say a quick thanks for being so nice and for all the wonderful story recommendations. I have an almost endless amount of reading for summer. Any way, this is a little Summer Travel AU. I used to work at the House of the Mouse and you’d be so surprised what people will do… x Jen

Things that’ll get you banned from Disney World

“Those ears look good on you.”

Felicity smiled and cut her eyes in Oliver’s direction. Her tongue swirled around the almost finished, melting ice cream cone as she surveyed him.

“Should’ve got yourself a pair.”

“Nah,” he leaned back against the bench where they were seated, pulling lightly at ends of her newly shorn hair. “I wouldn’t look quite as cute as you do in them.”

“But you would look cute.”

“Of course.”

Felicity laughed and licked a line of chocolate ice cream dripping down her thumb. Every day of their little road trip adventure, she was discovering a new side to Oliver. Sure, there was still so much to deal with, a lot of angry conversations in their future, she had no doubt.

But this? She hadn’t expected this fun and playful side, or the side of him that was willing to just sit down and relax.

“Now, that’s something I think you’d look great in.”

Felicity’s eyes followed his gaze toward where a pretty brown skinned girl stood, dressed as Princess Jasmine, a very dapper Aladdin at her side.

“There’s so much wrong with you, I don’t even know where to start.”

Oliver’s grin broadened. “I wonder if they sell that here.”

“You know you can’t actually dress up as a character here.”

“What? We’ve seen at least a dozen kids dressed up.”

Felicity rolled her eyes, her teeth crunching into the chocolate waffle cone. She chewed for a moment, humming along to the light music wafting through the air.

“Yeah, kids Oliver,” she said, licking a bit of chocolate from her thumb. “Not adults. Dressing up as an adult will get you kicked out of the park. Maybe even banned for life, depending on the costume.”

“How do you know this?”

She swung her eyes in his direction and titled her head.

“Right. Dumb question. So, what else can get you banned from Disney World?”

“Why? Are you trying?”

He shrugged and moved closer to her on the bench, his hand trailing up the back of her neck to the tips of her now shoulder length hair. He’d pouted for a moment after she cut it, missing its length. She’d yelled at him about his annoyance, claiming it wasn’t his to begin with and she was he own person. She could dye her hair blue if she wanted and he’d deal with it.

He nodded at her and apologized before slipping his hand gently through her locks. After about an hour or so, he found he didn’t mind the length, he actually enjoyed the easier access to her neck.

(He had fun showing her how much.)

“I haven’t actively tried to get banned from any place for years. I think it’d be poor form to start now. I’m just curious is all. And you have the answers.”

“Mhmm. I always do, though.”

He nodded and tugged again at her hair, her Minnie Mouse ears sliding back a little. “So what could get us banned from the happiest place on earth?”

“The happiest place? Really? I mean, don’t get me wrong, this is fun and all. And I’ve enjoyed the rides. And this ice cream was amazing, but the people in full anthropomorphic animal costumes are a little creepy, and I feel like I’m going to melt as soon as we get up from underneath this fan, so—”


“Right banned,” she dipped her finger into the tip of the waffle cone where a little ice cream remained. She brought it to her lips, sighing happily as the cool, chocolate-y flavor coated her tongue.

She smirked as she looked over at Oliver, shifting uncomfortably beside her. “Well, dressing up like characters as an adult we’ve covered. You can’t shoot a video on a roller coaster.”

“Why would you want to?”

Felicity shrugged. “To remember what it was like and share the experience with others?”

“Okay,” he drawled letting his fingers roam back up her neck to the hollow behind her right ear.

She leaned into his hand for a moment before sitting up straight. “Swearing at a guest or cast member will also get you kicked out. Wielding a weapon. Line jumping. Smoking outside of designated areas, selling things, and wearing offensive clothing. Oh, and, uh lascivious behavior in public.”

Oliver raised an eyebrow. “Lascivious behavior?”

“Yeah. Not just sex, although that will definitely get you banned.” She popped the last bit of waffle cone into her mouth, and Oliver found himself exceedingly grateful, given the current topic of conversation.

“Inappropriate sexual conversations. Sexual acts in restricted areas. That sort of thing.”

“Mhmm,” Oliver let his fingers glide over the strap of her tank top. The skin on her shoulders grew pink and freckled as the hours passed. “Need some more sunscreen?”

“Did you miss everything I just said?”

He shook his head no and stared for a moment. “How would me putting sunscreen on you be lascivious?”

She leaned over, kissing the side of his mouth quickly. She froze when his tongue licked the place her mouth just touched.

“Yeah, that’s why, Oliver.”

He laughed and leaned into her, kissing her much more thoroughly this time. He pulled back, a broad smile covering his face. “You taste like chocolate,” he whispered against her mouth.

“We need to go now. I’m so not adding ‘getting banned from Disney World’ to my list of things we’ve done this summer.”

Grinning, Oliver stood and took her hand in his, pulling her up from the bench. He let go of her hand and wrapped it around her body, sliding it into the back pocket of her shorts.

“Oliver…” she spoke, her voice holding mild censure. He brought her in close, and kissed her forehead.

“Alright, alright,” he gave her ass a final squeeze before moving his hand to a more acceptable place on her hip. “You’re no fun.”

“I think you know that’s absolutely not true. And, if you behave until we get to the car, I’ll remind you of that fact.”

Oliver’s stride picked up considerably, Felicity laughing as he pulled her along with him.

“Can we get banned for having sex in the parking lot?”


Peggy did mention working at Bletchley Park and being a “codebreaker” in the Agent Carter episode The Iron Ceiling. Of course the only bit of pre-SSR canon Agent Carter gave us went against the teensy tiny bit of canon we already had from Marvel (which didn’t mention Bletchley). Additionally, personnel at Bletchley signed the Official Secrets Act, putting restrictions on what they could say about their work there, even after the end of the war. So Peggy being all “Hey, guys, that time I was a codebreaker at Bletchley during the war,” made me make this face: 

But I suppose it’s canon now, and it’s a cool canon nonetheless. My concern is that it might preclude Peggy serving much time in France, like her comics counterpart. (To hell with Cartson vs. Peggysous vs. Cartinelli, let’s all debate whether or not MCU Peggy loaned her badassery to the French Resistance.)

Abbott won’t, so States will

ACT, NSW and Victoria all came out today with climate action plans (somewhat) in defiance of Abbott‘s federal policy restrictions on them:

- ACT pledges 100% renewables by 2025 + fossil fuel divestment

- NSW Liberal Govt are making it (a bit) harder for coal mines to get approved.

- Victoria Labor Govt are aiming fro 20% renewables by 2020. 

“Adorn yourself with faith, intellect & nobility.”

 Some of the hardest qualities I have had difficulty acquiring are the abilities of being impartial and fair. As a Muslim I am aware that God is all Watching and Hearing everything, yet the weakness within me restricts my ability to act in a way which would be pleasing to Him, rather I fall prey to my desires caught up in emotion allowing the whispers of satan to fool me into thinking that some how my actions are justifiable. 

Whether it is speaking to someone in a belittling manner or causing pain to someone, it is never justified to wrong some one or oppress them because you felt that way or your prides been hurt…. look at the bigger picture…. we believe in a Higher Being, we believe there is a Creator who Sees and Knows all, so why take the matter in your hands, leave it to God, He knows whose wronged you, He knows the instigator of false speech, He knows the spreader of malice and the financial oppressor who has taken or with held your money without right. 

Focus on yourself, on your being, on your relationship with God, your relations with family and close friends. Focus on bettering your character and adorn yourself with faith, intellect, nobility and piety. Indeed success is only granted to those with insight and sincere faith.  

Unexpected (The Vision)

“What happened to J.A.R.V.I.S?” She asked. “He’s gone.” Tony said. “Gone? How?” Y/N asked. “The reason I sent you on the wild goose chase with Sam was because I did something wrong.” Tony said.

“What happened?” Y/N asked as she put her hand on her old brother’s shoulder. “I thought I was doing the right thing. I was trying to build a suit of armor around the world and it back fired in my face.” He said.

“Ultron.” Y/N said. “How do you know about that?” Tony asked. “I snoop around too, you know.” She said. “Well, yeah. Anyway, he made some Android and almost fully implanted his conscious into it so, when we got our hands on it, I used J.A.R.V.I.S as a replacement.” Tony explained.

“I’m sorry.” She said. “It’s fine.” He sighed. “Well, now that there’s a new Avengers team, they called and asked if it helped design some new tech.” Y/N told him.

“Why didn’t they ask me?” Tony said. “Steve said that you’re building Pepper a house on a farm.” She told me. “Wow, Cap doesn’t understand sarcasm.” Tony smiled.

“And I honestly thought you two were dating.” She admitted. “Who? Me and Cap?” He asked. “Yeah, after what Romanoff told me.” She said. “Well, when do you have to go?” He asked. “Right now.” She looked at her wrist watch.

“Be careful with Sam’s New wing pack, I just designed it, but I thinking that it would help if there was something that he use besides shooting guns.” Tony said.

“I think I have a few ideas. I’ll talk to you later.” Y/N kissed his cheek. “And call me ten minutes before the meeting with the senators so I can prepare for the video chat.” She said. “Don’t worry.” Tony said.

“Seriously, don’t say anything stupid. They already want to keep us on a leash, we can’t have them do that with the rest of the team.” She said. “I won’t, promise.” Tony said. “Now go. The jet will leave you.” He joked.

“Isn’t the point of owning my own private jet is so I could tell it when to go?” She said to make fun of him. “Shut up and go.” Tony laughed.


“Well, he did a great job with the structure.” Y/N commented as Steve showed her around the camp. “Yeah, and it’s about fifteen acres.” Steve told her. “Damn, he went all out for you guys.” She said and he smiled.

“So, when I meet the new team?” She asked him. “Right now actually. We’re going to have a meeting in five minutes.” Steve said. “Lead the way, Captain.” Y/N bowed. “Alright, let’s go.” Steve laughed.

“Nat!” Y/N said happily as she saw the red head talking to Sam and a young woman. “Y/N, glad you’re here.” Natasha said and have her a hug. “Glad to be here.” She smiled at the woman. “My name is Y/N Stark.” She said.

“Wife of Mr. Stark?” The woman asked in a deep sovokian accent. “Oh God no!” Y/N laughed. “I’m his sister.” She said and the woman shook her hand. “Wanda Maximoff.” She smiled.

“Sam, great to see you again.” Y/N said. She and Sam did their little hand shake they made up while she and him were hunting down Bucky. “You here about the wing pack?” He asked. “And…other.” She said.

“You joining the team?” He asked. “Oh God no. Tong would never give me permission.” She said. “You’re 24.” He said. “And he’s still my legal guardian because…reasons.” She said and Sam nodded.

The four sat down and began a conversation, that was until Y/N heard a familiar voice. “J.A.R.V.I.S?” She said then turned her head. “No, Y/N, it’s-” Nat said but Y/N walked up to Cap and saw he was talking to a man with red skin and a green suit with a yellow cape.

“Y/N this is…we call him Vision.” Steve said. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Stark.” Vision said. “You sound like-”

“J.A.R.V.I.S, yes I am well aware.” He said and Y/N stared at him in awe. “This is so weird. As I kid, I feel asleep with J.A.R.V.I.S reading to me bedtime stories. Well, they were more Shakespeare than bedtime stories, but still.” Y/N finished.

She then felt her phone vibrate. “I’ve got to go. You guys have fun.” Y/N said as she answered the call. “Give me three minutes so I can get to my room and set up the computer.” Y/N said.

“Hurry.” Tony said. “I just got here, okay?” Y/N asked she found her room. “I know. I have the place surrounded with cameras.” Tony said. “I didn’t know J.A.R.V.I.S read to you.” Tony said.

“Yes you do. You programmed him to do it.” Y/N said and set up the laptop. “They’re here.” Tony whispered sharply. “Shut up and video call me.” Y/N said and hung up.
A pop-up the showed up. ‘KingTonyS would like to chat.’ She laughed and accepted. “Ms. Stark. So nice of you to join us.” Jen said.

“Sorry I couldn’t meet in person. I’m on a job in Wisconsin.” Y/N said. “We are well aware of your current location.” Alan said harshly.

“Lets get to the point. You assholes have my brother and I being supervised 24/7 and we now have restrictions to where we can go, who we can talk to and what we can search on our personal computers.

And now you want us to work for you, with an even tighter leash around our necks, and drag the other Avengers into this. Am I correct?” Y/N said and Tony’s eyes were almost out of his head.

“We are willing to make a new offer.” Jen said. “What offer?” Y/N asked. “We are willing to cut the supervision and the restrictions, if you brother and you join our new project.” Alan said.

“What kind of project?” She asked. “After the incessant with Ultron, we can’t have people with your powered skills creating havoc, so next month we will introduce the restriction act.” Alan said.

“What?” Tony asked. “It’s not as bad as it sounds. The registration act is just a form of safety that we clearly need. You will just be working for the government and will have a slight restriction.” Jen explained.

“And if we don’t agree?” Y/N asked. “Prison.” Jen said. “I want to speak with my brother, alone.” She requested and the two senators left.

“What do you think?” Y/N asked. “Well, I think I made a great decision making you my lawyer.” Tony commented. “Tony, seriously.” Y/N said.

“I think it’s a great idea. I made a disaster with Ultron and many people died. It was my fault and I do think we need this.” He said. “I do too, but…Will the rest of the team?” She asked.

“What do you mean?” Tony asked. “I don’t think that Steve will be fond of the idea of working for the government, especially if that would mean any harm towards Bucky.” She explained.

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. They won’t release the Act until next month and we’ll have enough time to get them to agree.” Tony said. “Alright. Well, I’m gonna go. Tell them something came up and I had to leave.” Y/N said.

“I’ll call you later.” Tony said. “Bye.” Y/N smiled and hung up. She closed her laptop and laid her head on the desk. “What am I gonna do?” She asked herself.

She then heard a knock. “Who is it?” She asked. “Vision.” He said. “Come in.” Y/N said as she stood up and straightened herself. “Hello.” He said. “Hey.” She said back.

“I have to ask. How?” Y/N said. “How what?” He asked. “How are you even real? I mean, I’ve seen and done amazing technology that’s sent us a century into the evaluation, but not you.” She said and observed him.

“It’s truly amazing.” Y/N said. “Thank you.” He smiled. “And you’re worthy of wielding the hammer.” She added. He nodded, “That’s amazing.” She said.

“So, why did you come here?” She asked him. “I was just coming to ask about the conversation between the senators.” He said. “How did you know?” She asked.

“I am an A.I.” He commented. “You really are a product of my brother’s.” She giggled and he smiled.

“Could you keep this between us? I can’t have people know about the Registration Act until they introduce it themselves.” Y/N said and he nodded.

“I’m also wondering, can…someday get the chance to, I want to say analysis but that sounds weird, how about…observe? I really want to know more about you.” She said.

“I am more than a computer.” He said looking into her eyes and feeling something in him that made him smile a little. “I would also want to know about Vision.” She smiled back at him.

V- The Hierophant

You either love him or you hate him. The Hierophant is someone who is a great educator/teacher. He is traditionalist and wise. He may be an actual spiritual authority (Ex. A high priest, a pope, or a pastor). To some The Hierophant can be a bit of “a stick in the mud” because he is someone who likes to follow orders, rules and regulations.

Keywords: Traditions, rules, authority, teaching, preaching, faith, beliefs, religion, conformity, school, blessing, marriage, ritual.

Reversed/Shadow: Breaking rules, breaking traditions, restrictions, rebellion, acting out.

Astrological association: Taurus- Instruction, security, appreciation.

Elemental association: Earth

Yes or No card: Yes.

Love: In a love reading, The Hierophant may indicate marriage or having conformity in a relationship. May be an individual in love with someone who likes traditions. If this card is reversed or in shadow, it may indicate marriage in a non traditional way, or someone trying to convert you into their beliefs. You may also be getting tired of the relationship due to lack of excitement and the same old routines.

Finance: In a financial reading, The Hierophant may indicate that you may want to seek financial help from a banker or someone who would know how to manage your finances better than you can. This card may also indicate having to earn money the traditional way. If this card is reversed or in shadow, it may indicate earning money the non traditional way (ex. Selling illegal stuff or gambling). It may also indicate not wanting to ask for financial help.

Health: In a health related reading, The Hierophant suggests turning to whatever faith you may have for guidance and healing. If this card is reversed or in shadow, you may want to create new habits and change your health regimen to see better results.

Disclaimer: Please don’t take health related questions to heart. Tarot isn’t always 100% accurate. If you’re really concerned about your health call or make an appointment with your doctor.

25673) I started this 7 years ago when my friend told us that she had body dysmorphia, out of spite and bitchiness I decided to act like i had something too, but to make this believable I had to restrict, but instead of acting this has become my life. I was so fucking stupid, what a horrible person I was, I guess this is karma.

This I believe is true. I’ve been told for years that “we’re only as sick as our secrets.” Secrets can keep us stuck and sick and in the cycle. Sharing this part of ourselves, be it acting on restricting, over exercise, binging, purging or self harm with someone else, opens up to support, compassion, understanding, or a different perspective that can help break the cycle. Sharing our secrets with someone, even if it’s simply a journal, that person or thing takes part of the burden from us. They walk with us and hold the struggle. Our secrets weigh us down sometimes and the truth can set us free.