8th Year, Draco is tentative friends with the trio, they study together.Draco and Harry are shagging in secret (everyone knows Draco is with someone, no one suspects Harry).

Harry snagged some cauldron cakes and passed one to Draco.

“Fattening me up, Potter?” Draco asked, even as he bit into it. “I am capable of feeding myself.”

Harry snorted. “Wouldn’t know it from your skinny arse.”

“Look at my arse often, do you?” Draco smirked.

“It’s a fine arse,” Harry said, winking at him.

“Watch yourself!” Draco snapped playfully. “This arse is taken.”

“Quite often, I imagine,” Harry couldn’t help but reply.

Across the table, Hermione inhaled sharply, and Ron choked on his mouthful.