Please make time today to sign the petition to end this foolish decision of a boxing match made from more ignorance & more supremacy. No proceeds are worth the moment that the killer of a 17 year old child will have opportunity to be praised for his ability to harm another person. Zimmerman has been acquitted with blood still on his hands, and doesn’t deserve even the association of Celebrity status. There will be no vengeance even if he is knocked out cold first round & I refuse to even support the possibility of seeing this fight. If Zimmerman’s boxing skills are so qualified to get the attention of @hollywoodbox11 why was it not those same hands used to defend him in a quarrel (that he has argued “threatened his life”) as opposed to the gun that he fired taking martins life. The message is clear & painful, but I won’t allow it to make me consider “why try?” My ancestors did not faint for me, & I will not faint for my descendants. Today would have been Trayvons 19th birthday. Let your signing of this petition and the seeds you plant on this day, be gift to him. #change #changedotorg #TrayvonMartin #justicefortrayvon #Justice4Trayvon #petition #SocialJustice #Respect #NAACP #NBUF #itsNEVERover #restpeacefullyking #RIPTrayvon #RIPTrayvonMartin #HowardUniversity

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