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Welcome to Cucco’s Kitchen!  I will be making various anime and video game style drinks, dishes, deserts and more!
By watching these videos I make money to donate to Alz and you guys can learn to cook and make great and fun dishes!

Today we tackle the Tough Meat Stuffed Pumpkin, a perfect recipe for the fall.  "This hollow, meat-filled fortified pumpkin is a local specialty or Kakariko Village.“ It is a curative item that restores Link’s health with some Heart Containers and grants a "Tough” effect which temporarily increases defense, though the duration and level varies depending on how it is cooked. Link can prepare it by cooking with any meat and a Fortified Pumpkin. Link can also add other “Tough” ingredients such as Ironshell Crab, Armored Carp, and Armored Porgy to increase the duration, Defense Up level, or number of Heart Containers restored.

I hope you will enjoy

1 Pumpkin
1lb Lean Ground Beef
1 Yellow, Green, Orange Pepper diced
½ tsp Ground Cumin
1 tsp Salt
1tbs Pepper
2 tbsp Sofrito or Tomato Paste
3 Large Garlic Cloves Minced
1 cup Tomato Sauce
¼ cup Cooking White Wine
¼ cup of Pimiento-Stuffed Green Olives
1 tbsp Capers
1tbsp Sherry Vinegar
½ Large Yellow Onion

Heat the oil in a 10-inch skillet over medium heat.  Add the onions, peppers, garlic and cook till soft.  2 min.  Add cumin, salt and pepper, and cook till onions are translucent. 6 min.  Add in the sofrito or tomato paste and cook.  Raise heat to high and brown the meat.  Break it up with all the veggies and then once brown add the tomato sauce, wine, olives and capers.  Reduce the heat to low and simmer covered for 15-20 min.  Add in sherry vinegar every 5 min to adjust it to your taste.

Cut top of pumpkin off and gut it, once clean and hollow stuff it with the meat and bake for 30 min.  After serve and enjoy!


This has probably been done a million times already but idgaf.

Alrighty so I was going through some screenshots from season 4 and I wanted a second opinion on one of Lance’s facial expressions from the group hug scene.

So I showed this picture to my friend, who has not watched Voltron. She’s only watched a few episodes of the first season but that’s it. It’s safe to say that her opinion is totally unbiased because she does not know the context of this image. This is the conversation we had:

Her answer really solidified the hunch I had about his expression, which is that he is feeling some kind of negative emotion, probably sadness. Now, throughout the series I’ve noticed that those little lines under his eyes are usually only shown when he is experiencing negative emotions. My evidence is these images:

This one is from season 3 when he couldn’t get Blue to open up to him. He was obviously sad and distressed and was trying desperately to get her to open up.

These two are from season 4, and both of Lance’s expressions are due to Keith being late or absent altogether. You can clearly see the distress on his face in both.

This one pretty much speaks for itself, but this is from season 3 when they went to the alternate reality and boarded the Altean ship and Lance finds a dead Altean.

I’m sure there are countless more screenshots of him with the lines under his eyes, but I don’t want to make this post too long. So to sum this up, I’m trying to say that Lance is upset that Keith left, more so than he shows in the season. At first I was upset with the lack of reaction from Lance at Keith leaving but then I took a step back and looked at the bigger picture. Heck, even the writers THEMSELVES said they like to leave little nods/hints to other things in the facial expressions. If this isn’t evidence for Klance, then it’s at LEAST proof that Lance actually cares pretty deeply for Keith, whether he outwardly shows it or not.

Sorry this post is all over the place and probably unoriginal but I had to make it. Godspeed, y'all.

Historians have a word for Germans who joined the Nazi party not because they hated Jews,
but because of a hope for restored patriotism,
or a sense of economic anxiety,
or a hope to preserve their religious values,
or dislike of their opponents,
or raw political opportunism,
or convenience,
or ignorance,
or greed.
That word is ‘Nazi.’

Sarah Pearl Besbris Paule

Also remember, white US military went to defeat Hitler, only to return home and actively participate in Jim Crow oppression. 

White Supremacy in America is that strong! White Supremacy is that vital to US society.
There is an underground network preparing to hide immigrants
Faith leaders in California don't have hope President Donald Trump won't enter churches or places of worship where immigrants may seek sanctuary. So they are building safe houses and preparing rooms to hide immigrants who fear ICE will deport them.
By Kyung Lah, Alberto Moya and Mallory Simon, CNN

A hammer pounds away in the living room of a middle class home. A sanding machine smoothes the grain of the wood floor in the dining room.

But this home Pastor Ada Valiente is showing off in Los Angeles, with its refurbished floors, is no ordinary home.

“It would be three families we host here,” Valiente says.

By “host,” she means provide refuge to people who may be sought by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known as ICE. The families staying here would be undocumented immigrants, fearing an ICE raid and possible deportation.

The purchase of this home is part of a network formed by Los Angeles religious leaders across faiths in the wake of Donald Trump’s election. The intent is to shelter hundreds, possibly thousands of undocumented people in safe houses across Southern California.

The goal is to offer another sanctuary beyond religious buildings or schools, ones that require federal authorities to obtain warrants before entering the homes.

“That’s what we need to do as a community to keep families together,” Valiente says.

At another Los Angeles neighborhood miles away, a Jewish man shows off a sparsely decorated spare bedroom in his home. White sheets on the bed and the clean, adjacent full bathroom bear all the markers of an impending visit. The man, who asked not to be identified, pictures an undocumented woman and her children who may find refuge in his home someday.

The man says he’s never been in trouble before and has difficulty picturing that moment. But he’s well educated and understands the Fourth Amendment, which gives people the right to be secure in their homes, against unreasonable searches and seizures. He’s pictured the moment if ICE were to knock on his door.

“I definitely won’t let them in. That’s our legal right,” he says. “If they have a warrant, then they can come in. I can imagine that could be scary, but I feel the consequences of being passive in this moment is a little scary.”

You Look Like You Need a Drink (M)

Originally posted by hidden--demons

Summary: After a bad week with the worst luck imaginable, you happen upon a local dive bar run by an attractive young bartender who livens up your evening.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 7,221

Warning: Bartender!Yoongi, tattooed!Yoongi, sexual harassment, sexual themes, power play, manners kink, alcohol use, profanity

A/N: I wrote this last year for my dear friend’s birthday and swore this fic would never see the light of day. I have since “remastered” it, so to speak, so I’m sharing it here. SURPRISE!

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Caught by your linen eyes, let them fool

This is for the lovely and incomparable @inbetweenwars, who, when they heard that I’ve been too sick to work and couldn’t manage to buy @essiecorking‘s fanbook, ‘an invincible love’, offered to buy me it as a gift. I’ve truly never met another person willing to do something so selfless for somebody they’ve never met, and only to cheer me up and bring happiness that they won’t benefit from, so due to the fact that they will not take payment of any kind, here is a small kagehina fic dedicated to them <333 I feel it’s not enough to convey my endless gratitude and how touched I am by your actions, but nevertheless.

This is the promised third year kagehina, as they discuss the future and finally realise their dumb feelings for one another. I call it ‘fluff without plot’, which translates as FWP, which also sounds like a noise Hinata would make.

2K, teen & up audiences <33

Title from a beautiful song, Colourway by Novo Amor

“How do you think we’ll see each other?” Hinata asks, after he’s taken out the ice lolly from his mouth with a loud, sloppily satisfying slurp.

Kageyama turns his head on the grass, his own lollipop freezing in mid-air as he frowns over at Hinata. “What do you mean?” He asks. “We’re seeing each other right now, dumbass.”

Hinata tsks in the back of his throat, something he’s taught himself to do in order to appear more authoritative to the first years. “No, bakageyama.” He sighs, long-suffering, as if he’s dealing with another one of the new recruits that Hinata has to teach how to catch a ball. “How do you think we’ll see one another when we’re older?”

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Yes, lions were found in North America in prehistoric times. They had an almost global range - everything but South America, Southeast Asia and Australia, and the coldest parts. There were even lions in Great Britain.

In far more recent times, in actual recorded Roman and Greek history, they lived from Greece throughout the Middle East all the way to India. As did cheetahs.

The European bison, like its American cousin a century ago, is all but extinct in the wild, only a few thousand animals are left, mostly kept in reserves. They once ranged from western Iberia to Lake Baikal in Russia.

Asian elephants lived all the way to Turkey, while today only a few fragmented pockets from India to Borneo are left.

This is but a fragment of all these examples I could give you, I simply took the animals that have the biggest cultural impact on us.


The crown is crushing him, she thought. He wants so much to be a good king, to be brave and honorable and clever, but the weight is too much for a boy to bear.

So let me tell you about this guy I know, he is so perfect in every way humanly possible. Not only in physical form but his heart is so beautiful, so delicate, so pure and so big.

He makes the simplest of things seem interesting, the most plain things appear beautiful. He makes me smile and laugh so hard my own stomach can’t contain it.

He makes me feel so special not because he makes me feel wanted but he makes me feel needed. He makes me feel like as if i’m an irreplaceable woman. He has restored hope and kindness into my heart.

He is the type of guy you meet and hope for your dear life you won’t ever lose him. He is the sunrise in the morning, the breath of fresh air and the calm after the storm.

He is the prince every girl dreams about, he is magnetic I just can’t help but find myself attached to him. He is like an addiction I can’t seem to get enough of and only crave more of him.

He is not only my lover, he is my bestfriend, my soulmate, my future, the one I want to buy a house with, raise a family with, build an empire with.

He is love, he is hope
Without him, i simply,
Would not cope.

I love him.

—  Tenari Ioapo // Happy Valentine’s Day my love.

When an evil witch came to burrow she left a path of destruction behind her. The once beautiful town now lays overgrown and left to ruin. The caring and kind villagers cursed to live out the rest of their days as animals. The only hope of restoring the town lays in the hands of two young witches. 




The Last Jedi: In her final performance, Carrie Fisher restores hope for Leia Organa

Part 5 of EW’s ‘Star Wars’ cover story

Live fearlessly, live boldly, and even after you’re gone that strength and inspiration burns on.

After Carrie Fisher’s unexpected death in December, The Last Jedi will mark her final performance as Leia Organa — the Star Wars character who went from orphan to princess, to spy, to senator, and finally general of the Resistance.

She remains a light that will never go out in the galaxy.

“Her character to some degree or another has been defined by loss through this whole saga, starting with the loss of her home planet. She’s just taken hit after hit, and she’s borne it, and she focuses on moving forward and the task at hand,” says writer-director Rian Johnson.


No matter what grief or trauma Leia faced, she never wavered in her commitment to fighting for freedom in the galaxy, and her battle continues in The Last Jedi. Leia remains in charge of the scattershot Resistance movement, cut off from the Republic, whose leadership and capitol was annihilated in The Force Awakens.

Anyone who expected the Resistance to fill that void and maintain order would be mistaken. “No, no, no. Not at all,” Johnson says. “They’re a small band that’s now cut off, on its own, and hunted when the Republic is shattered. When the First Order did that hit, the Resistance is isolated, and they’re very, very vulnerable. That’s where we pick them up.”

While the galaxy teeters on takeover by the First Order, Leia is also dealing with personal grief, mourning the death of Han Solo – murdered at the hands of their son, Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren. The young man once known as Ben Solo has now fully fallen to the Dark Side, just as Darth Vader, Leia’s father, did a generation before.

“She’s suffered quite a bit,” Johnson adds. “While I was figuring out what her deal was going to be in this film, it’s one of the things I talked about with Carrie before I started writing: where the character would go.”


That’s what Fisher often called herself. “She’s become me, and I’ve become her. Because it’s been a while,” Fisher told EW in 2015 before the release of The Force Awakens.

As she did in her own novels and memoirs, like Postcards from the Edge and Wishful Drinking, Fisher’s wry and brash performance as Leia allowed the character to face her hardships with a blaster-proof sense of humor and whatever the galactic version of chutzpah would be.

Although she won’t complete the saga (Lucasfilm says Episode IX is being rewritten out of respect for her passing), Leia’s impact will continue to reverberate. 

Despite hardship, Leia always finds the hope in any given situation. This time, her story is entwined with Poe Dameron, the hotshot X-wing pilot played by Oscar Isaac. Their relationship is not just general and warrior.

They’re family. And in Star Wars, the notion of family goes far beyond blood relations.

“Poe is in some ways a surrogate son for Leia,” Isaac tells EW. “But also I think she sees in him the potential for a truly great leader of the Resistance and beyond.”

In The Last Jedi, a torch is being passed. It’s about the peril of meeting your heroes, facing down disappointment, and rising to fight nonetheless. Just as Luke Skywalker – reluctantly – may be passing on his knowledge of the Force to Rey, Leia is guiding Poe, encouraging him to look beyond the crosshairs in his cockpit. There are other ways to fight, other ways to lead.

“Poe’s arc is one of evolving from a heroic soldier to a seasoned leader, to see beyond the single-mindedness of winning the battle to the larger picture of the future of the galaxy,” Isaac says. “I think Leia knows she won’t be around forever and she, with tough love, wants to push Poe to be more than the badass pilot, to temper his heroic impulses with wisdom and clarity.” 


There are also rivalries and alliances within the movement. Johnson isn’t ready to reveal what Laura Dern’s Vice Admiral Holdo’s role is in the story, but as a fellow commander in the Resistance she is likely to have a history with Leia Organa. The nature of it will be for the movie to reveal.

“The secrecy does have a purpose in that part of the fun with Laura’s character, with Admiral Holdo, is figuring out what her relationship is to everybody as you go along through the movie,” Johnson says.

In a behind-the-scenes video for The Last Jedi, there was at least one shot of the two women facing each other. It doesn’t look hostile, but under the right circumstances even friendships can turn dark.

“I don’t want to tip the hat too much, but I will say that the heat is immediately turned up on the Resistance,” Johnson says. “Everybody is put in a pressure cooker right away, and relationships crack and strain under that pressure. That was really interesting to me, the notion of putting this small army under a lot of external pressure and showing some of the results within the Resistance itself.”


The storyline wasn’t changed after Fisher’s death, but Johnson says he hopes it will still be satisfying to the legion of Leia fans who see the character as a source of true-life inspiration in our world.

“There’s no way that we could’ve known this would’ve been the last Star Wars movie she would be in, so it’s not like we made the film thinking that we were bringing closure to the character,” Johnson says. “But watching the film, there’s going to be a very emotional reaction to what she does in this movie.”

While Leia’s influence as a leader endures within the narrative of the Star Wars saga, Fisher also made a personal impact on the actors who will be carrying the franchise forward without her.

Everyone who worked on the film has a Carrie story, but the sweetest and most heartbreaking one belongs to Isaac:

“One of my favorite things that would happen from time to time on set would be when Carrie would sing old songs,” he says. “Whenever that would happen I would offer her my hand and we would waltz around the set – on a starship, in a Rebel base, on an alien planet, and she would sing and we would dance. So surreal and beautiful to think about now. For all of her delicious, wicked humor and fiery energy she also had such sweet grace. I miss her dearly.” (x)