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List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore. ❤

So I will do this one with Alphie ! I will do my best, as writing in english is always a bit complicated for me !

- When she was young, his mother was a famous ballerina in Austria, she’s the one who motivated him to be a dancer. Fortunately for me, Alphie’s career is over, so it’s not a problem if I can’t really dance in game. :o

-  He sometime seems a bit disconnected from his surrounding. He is often thinking about something else when he is speaking with someone. He don’t really enjoy small talk. 

- He is really excited by his sister’s pregnancy, and can’t wait to meet his niece. I think you already seen Marianne a bit in my posts with Alphie.

- During his freetime, Alphonse like to search old furniture in flea markets and antique store, to restore them himself. In game, the only thing I can give him is a woodworking station :’(

- He is currently single. He had a long relationship with another dancer, some years ago, but it ended after his lover moved out to another country. He met some other persons since, but nothing serious.

And I don’t know who I can tag ! So Jools as always (even if you have done something similar or the same thing for the Durbins lately ?), and… BSmith has already tagged everyone :’( So I’m going to tag some french people : Fuyaya, Delise, Sucrée, Will, Zx_Ta, Sandy and anybody else that want to do it :o

Taylor Nation said they wouldn't restore 1989 in stores until Christmas because there will be new material

What if by “new material” they are referring not to TS6 but to a new version of 1989 album? Or to a dvd of 1989 world tour? Or to especial material just for Christmas? Or to a dvd of the red tour? Or to an acoustic album with all the songs from the previous albuns? There’s so many possibilities…