restored houses

The Starks are the heart of the story

It’s been said before, yes, but a huge part that gives away or rather helps the audience feel what they should be feeling is the music.

Listen to the music when Jon gets proclaimed King in the North in 6x10:

One thing Ramin Djwadi(the composer) is known for doing for Game of Thrones is taking notes from two or more pieces from a house theme and combining them to make a new piece. For example, the piece that plays in the background as Jaime leaves Cersei, ‘No One Walks Away From Me’, has elements of ‘Rains of Castamere’ and ‘Light of the Seven’. It makes sense since Rains is House Lannister’s theme song, and LotS was the theme that plays when Cersei pulls off blowing up the sept in 6x10.

In ‘Winter Has Come’(the music that plays when Jon is proclaimed KiTN) however, it has elements of House Stark’s theme - from ‘The North Remembers’ to other House Stark themes that use the same piece, just played in different octaves/variations - so from that it’s already clear WHC is a Stark theme. But more importantly, towards the end, it has elements of Game of Throne’s main theme.

Did you catch it? At the very end, is the theme song of GoT. The iconic opening song. Which house theme has it finally and so clearly been tied to? House Stark.

Yes, in season 1, the season finale ends with the theme song after D*enerys births her dragons but now that we’re in season 7 and there’s been a shift in her persona and arc, it’s difficult to find any trace of the main theme playing in her Targaryen pieces. She’s beginning to embrace more and more of her Targaryen roots in costume too, and the music reflects that. Go ahead and listen to her music - it sounds fitting for a conquerer. She no longer has moments that allow for the main theme to sneak in and help reflect what we should take in.

The story started with the Starks and it will wrap up with them, trust in that.

I support the Targaryen Restoration. I don’t think GRRM wrote all that detailed history about Targaryens (he didn’t do that for any other house) and chose the last remaining full-blooded Targ as a main character to let that house just die. I believe the house will continue with a Jonerys baby, not with Jon fathering his first child with someone else. I don’t believe Daenerys is going to take the Stark or Snow surname if she marries Jon. Lastly, I believe the last season will have House Targaryen (Daenerys, Jon and their child or children) at the heart of it and one of the series end goals will be their restoration.


The crown is crushing him, she thought. He wants so much to be a good king, to be brave and honorable and clever, but the weight is too much for a boy to bear.


Ok so they are so obviously in love already and they have been repressing their love up to this point…

But their faces and eye contact in this scene are just screaming “Let’s fuck” but like lovingly.

We sail together.

I always thought EDM culture was supposed to be about this.
Please, check out the video.
I firmly believe this is something we all in EDM community should be striving for.


Theirs is the song of ice and fire 

“Daenerys Stormborn is the one that was promised” Kinvara

“I pray for a glimpse of Azor Ahai, and R'hllor shows me only Snow.” Melisandre

all these debates as to whether Northern Independence is a core part of the Starks’ arc are so ridiculous to me when we literally have quotes like ‘The North Remembers’ and ‘The Wolves Will Come Again’.

those aren’t just cute sayings. those words literally embody the concept that once the Starks regain control of the North no one will take it from them again. they’ve been at the mercy of Southron rulers and their games for centuries. Torrhen Stark only bent the knee to save his people from the devastation of Aegon and his dragons. 

if there’s any great house restoration arc that’s happening in the series it belongs to the Starks tbqh.