Overwatch Heroes in WoW

So I did that sketch of Mercy earlier, and she’s clearly fit to be a priest… Holy Priest to be specific.

But I was wondering about the others:

Mei - Frost Mage (too easy)
McCree - Outlaw Rogue (that talent spec name is made for him)
Hanzo - Marksmanship Hunter
Widowmaker - Assassination Rogue (because I am trying to avoid duplicates)
Zenyatta - Mistweaver Monk (he’s a monk for crying out loud)
Reinhardt  - Protection Warrior (Shockwave is like his Earthshatter)
Reaper - Death Knight (Frost probably…)
Junkrat - Destruction Warlock or Fire Mage (anything that sets things on fire)
Lucio - Restoration Druid (they can’t stampeding roar anymore, but this seems the best fit since Typhoon is like his right click and Efflorescence is like his healing song)
Torbjorn - Beast-mastery Hunter (Molten Core makes me think of Bestial Wrath)
Symmetra - Discipline Priest (for shields)

Now this is where I start having problems. Either I am having trouble finding a class and spec that fits. Or I do not know enough about the class to make a knowledgeable suggestion.

Roadhog - Blood Death Knight (for Death Grip)
Soldier 76 - Retribution Paladin?
Pharah - Arms Warrior?
Genji - Subtlety Rogue (I would have said Assassination Rogue, but Widowmaker)
Tracer - Feral Druid? (because of displacer beast, or a mage because of Blink)
Winston - Guardian Druid?
Zarya - Protection Paladin? (running out of tanks, and Brewmaster Monk doesn’t seem to fit)
Ana - Restoration Shaman? (because Holy Paladin doesn’t fit)
Bastion - Fury Warrior???