restoration hardware


1.Rivet Shelving

2.Rivet Shelving Stackable

3.Rivet Shelving on Casters

4.DC-6 Plane Model & Dutch Fokker Plane Model

5.Metal Side Table on Casters

6.Industrial Side Table Stackable

7.Industrial Side Table on Casters

8.Barcelona Stool

9.Barcelona Chair

10.Barcelona Chaise & Pillow.4th style on the Chaise has a different multiplier for the pillow, for a more realistic look.The pillow also snaps in place.

11.Barcelona Table

12. Wall Mounted Faux Horse Head

13.Marquee Letters. Exclamation mark, ampersand, A-Z.2nd style has different mask.

If it looks high poly, it probably is.I went for aesthetics over tri count.So if you are concerned, use sparsely.

Marquee Letters

Mediafire : Mega 

D.I.Y Shelving and Decor

Mediafire : Mega

Barcelona Collecction

Mediafire : Mega

Collection Files included.

This set is all over the place, some D.I.Y stuff, eclectic stuff and designer stuff all in one set.I was working on some eames stuff that I didn’t finish in time to upload today with this set.But, hopefully I will have it finished next week.

One City Block: A Brief Boston Menswear Then and Now

Boston—once home of the bean and the cod—has seldom been as successful as it is today, yet so completely provincial.  

Effectively vanished is what Tom Wolfe called the “Boston Cracked Shoe Look.” Even Boston’s Old Money Male is oft found bound in cheap developing-world fleece and generic mall clothes rather than something natty or handsome.  As for our New Money Male, the less said, the better.

It was not always so.

Nearly forgotten?  We can start with the Andover Shop’s Boston outpost on Clarendon Street, which closed in 2006.  

Empty for years, it was then briefly replaced by (of all things) Indochino in 2013, and now a service station where frugal women on the go get hot wind blown through their hair.

Here is Louis, Boston, at its penultimate location where it perched majestically at the second block of the Back Bay until 2010.  

Now? The replacement is the “flagship” of Restoration Hardware, the Pier 1 Imports of strivers at the lowest rung of the plutocrat ladder. 

Louis itself? It recently shuttered its doors permanently after failing to make a turn to the Boho work in the ersatz Seaport neighborhood…erected in the last decade to help ensure the comfort of future generations of Chicago Pritzkers.

Finally, here we see Boston’s Brooks Brothers in 1956, still in the days of its splendor.  

The brothers Brooks died an attenuated death years ago, but their name is still exploited to hawk cheaply made ready-to-wear and—frankly—odd things that apparently strike the fancy of the Italian hobbyist/owner of the Brooks name.  

How is the steak house coming along, Claudio?  You know, the one that you are putting in Manhattan where J. Press used to be when it existed for real?

If you cannot spy it out, that is a “50% Off” sale sign in the photograph above…perhaps a subconscious attempt at honesty about their quality by today’s Brooks Brothers.

These are but three examples along the length of one city block.  Many more are memories even dimmer.

Am I a bit grumpy?  Maybe.

Fresh Salads for Life Everyones favorite LA coffee shop, Alfred, has just opened up a new cafe in this alley way. It’s literally 2 blocks away from the og Alfred and theres’s nowhere to park. It’s also much smaller than that one. I’m not really selling you on this, but check this ace up my sleeve. They have a SWEET neon sign that you can stand in front of and pop selfies. Bam, sold, I know. Plus you can tell people to meet you in the alley which makes you sound as creepy as you really are off of the internet. There are a few stools and some seating out there, but more importantly is this Restoration Hardware gallery across the street. It’s a 40,000 sq foot RESTORATION HARDWARE my dudes. Cruise in with your macchiato, judgmental architect face, and architect coat (bc all real architects wear dope coats). Then fully inhabit the second floor “bedroom” on the low. Free rent forever via adverse possession. There’s a rooftop garden where you can harvest vegetables and eat fresh salads the rest of your life.  Alfred Coffee {In The Alley}  Tip: There’s really nowhere to park.  Tip: Get one of those chocolate cones they make and put coffee in.  Tip: They have nitro iced coffee. It’s really strong and you may blast off above the ozone layer. Pricing: macchiato $4; espresso $3. When to come here: Walking around, any time you want to go to Restoration Hardware, instead of Urth. Where: 8509 Melrose Ave Los Angeles Times: 6am-6pm everyday PHN:424 288 4126
Sundays by stellaasteria featuring garden white furniture ❤ liked on Polyvore

RVCA kohl dress / Mango cardigan / Beach footwear / Sophie Hulme real leather backpack / Jennifer Zeuner 18k jewelry / Rag bone leather brim hat / Thierry Lasry black cateye sunglasses / Jo Malone peony perfume / Restoration Hardware garden white furniture
The Time Apple Bailed Out Restoration Hardware

Dinah Eng spoke with Stephen Gordon, the founder of Restoration Hardware, about a mistake he once made:

Perhaps one of the biggest occurred in New York City, where we opened a successful store in the Flatiron district. We thought we’d do the same in SoHo but didn’t realize that SoHo was all about new, offbeat, and irreverent. We were in the old SoHo post office and did millions in sales, but in New York, you need mega-millions to afford the real estate. Fortunately, I was able to survive the mistake by selling the lease to Steve Jobs when he was just starting Apple stores and made quite a profit.

Nice course correction on both sides.