Beautiful Things - Michael + Lisa Gungor (WorshipTogether) [ 2009 ]

From the album “Beautiful Things” by Gungor

333 / 365

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Before and after photos of the restoration of a J.Higham cornet. This cornet is from the turn of the century, and came in through the post packed in a wine box. It was beaten up and had several leaks, broken finger hook, missing finger button, no water key, and generally in a pretty bad state.

Now it plays beautifully, with filled splits, sleeved tubes, lapped valves, polished slides, new springs, felts, water key with matching screw, and a brand new finger button made from a flute key. This took a lot of work, but the customer was so pleased they called me as soon as they got it, and with a shake in their voice, thanked me from the bottom of their heart. That made it all worth while.