guys ok i just wanna throw this out there and show my friends how much i appreciate some of them so if u guys are reading this hi. 

Jackson- ok duder you just like understand me and whenever im upset you always make me feel better bc you’re such a rational person and it makes me really happy that we got close because you’re totally rad and i really couldn’t ever see us not being friends 

Brianna- you’ve had my back since forever and i just love and appreciate you a lot and you understand my intense feels towards everything and we throw down really hard together and i don’t tell you ily enough but i really really hope we never stop being friends because i don’t wanna not have my best friend. 

Caitlin- you always make me feel better and you are just the nicest most genuine person ever and you always always talk to me when im down and make me feel 285732 times better and i really really love you for that and you’ve never ever let me down ever 

Erika- you are so sweet and happy all the time and being around you just puts me in a really A+ mood and i really enjoy the time i do get to spend with you because it makes me feel all cool that i get to spend time with you and yeah just ily a lot you are so gorgeous and yes 

Sarah (FROM ALGEBRA)- hi sarah i know we don’t really talk a lot but i consider you one of my closest school friends and thats rad because i don’t have a lot of those and it makes me feel cool that i found someone who’s willing to put up with my music gibberish and you always give me food and you’re just such a nice genuine person and i appreciate you a lot i just thought i should let you know ok 

so this was totally ghey BUT FUCK YOU I LOVE MY FRIENDS A LOT OK BYE.