restless rabbit

Title: Run, Rabbit, Run
Summary: A lone rabbit, Rhys, finds himself extremely bored of his life in the warren. So when Yvette suggests to him to go to the forest, with her completely promising to keep Vasquez from finding out he ran off, Rhys takes the offer.

Now if only he didn’t run into a wolf and become his new prey.
Ship: Rhack
Note: This is a WIP rn. I’m only posting this because I just felt it’d be nice to because it can kinda stand alone as it is right now? The full part will be on AO3 when it’s done [sometime eventually].
Warnings: Blood and violence.

Quick edit: I’d like to credit my friend, vulpining, for headcanoning with me about bunwolf and for giving me the idea for this scenario. Much thanks love. <3

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