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I am not a well-rested morning.
I am a sleepless night, when your neck hurts and your mind is restless.
I am all wrong turns and sudden stops, mile after mile of rough edge.
I am not the softness of a sunrise or the sound of breaking waves; I am hot sand at noon, cotton sheets against sunburned skin.
I am not the thrill of a beckoning glance.
I am a roll of the eyes and an impatient sigh.
Always a little too much but never quite enough; I’m not as easy as they wanted me to be.
—  molliefox, Everything Else
Durarara x HTR: Shizuo First Encounter

This scene is the first time Banba and Lin see Shizuo. Note: This crossover’s events are during volume 4 of Durarara.

“The abandoned factory in Ikebukuro,” While looking at the attached map, Lin said. “It’s a little ways from here.”

Banba and them are in the entertainment district next to the station right now. Their targeted location is rather far, but they do not have the money for a taxi. The two headed towards the abandoned factory on foot.

After walking for a bit, they saw a silhouette.

They hear voices disputing. What is it? Rin and Banba’s eyes widen and look at each other. While hiding in the shadows of the building, they peek around to see what is going on.

In the middle of the street, there are two men. One has dread-locks. The other has blond hair. He is wearing sun glasses so they cannot see his face well, but he seems to be a young man. He is wearing bartender clothes.

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Can you explain the Wild Hunt to me? I'm really curious about it. I keep seeing different people talk about it in different ways and I'm a bit confused.

you’re in luck–i actually spend a solid chunk of time earlier today explaining the wild hunt in my group chat. i’m going to paste that explanation here for you!

the wild hunt is a common folkloric archetype across most of europe which has also been brought over to the americas (mainly the united states). various different hunts have presence all across the celtic world, in germanic folklore, northern european folklore, spain, france, and many other places. the key feature of what makes a wild hunt a wild hunt is that they ride through the skies and on the wind and are usually in or accompanied by a storm. generally i have found that there are three main traits that characterize individual hunts: who the leader is, who the members are, and what its purpose is.

some classifications I’ve identified, with some examples–not every possible one, just something to give you an idea of what the descriptors mean:

the leader might be:

  • a deity (manannán mac lir, woden, gwyn ap nudd)
  • a folkloric hero (fionn mac cumhaill, king arthur, herne the hunter)
  • a legendary ruler or a real ruler who was mythologized (herla, theoderic the great)
  • the devil
  • a saint

or there may be no leader, and the hunt be composed of a mob. if there is a leader, they are nearly always male, but not entirely always.

the members of the hunt might be:

  • faeries
  • the restless dead
  • sinners specifically
  • demons and/or devils
  • the company of its leader (fionn’s fianna, king arthur’s knights)
  • a company of legendary heroes, saints, or folkloric figures

the purpose of the hunt might be:

  • rounding up the souls of the past year’s dead
  • warning of the dead to come in the next year
  • actually just hunting otherworldly game
  • hunting humans to steal away to the otherworld
  • collecting the souls of sinners and the damned
  • punishing its members by forcing them to ride eternally with no rest
  • literally just roaming around killing people

for the most part the wild hunt isn’t a mythological group, it’s folkloric–that is, not legends or myths or written literature, but the oral folk traditions and tales of the common people. this is what the american version of the wild hunt is–if you’ve ever heard the song ghost riders in the sky, it’s a piece of cowboy folklore that is fairly obviously derived from the wild hunt.

that’s the historical and folkloric information; the rest of this post is heavily upg-based, and entirely about my own experiences.

i deal with the irish hunts, which are largely faeries and/or the restless dead, and led by deities or mythological/otherworldly heroes. my personal perspective of the way the hunt works is that there are “local chapters” all around the world wherever faeries are found, and that the leader of each different hunt is a sort of “ultimate authority” over all hunts of that variety, and he chooses a new one to ride with each year.

i see most of the hunts as being a sort of unit of each local court–there are some fey who belong to the hunt and form the core of it, and then there are others who ride with it for a shorter period of time (a year, or seven years, or the like) who get the chance to join the hunt in recognition of some service or great deed.

my hunts are manannán’s, which is faeries and/or the restless dead collecting up the souls of the past year’s dead and warning of death to come, and sometimes taking people to the otherworld; nuada airgetlám’s, which is the tuatha dé danann and the aos sí hunting otherworldly game, and sometimes taking people to the otherworld; and the sluagh, a leaderless mob of faeries and/or the restless dead who just roam around the skies indiscriminately killing, maiming, and generally causing mayhem. manannán’s and nuada’s hunts are connected with the courts, while the sluagh I’ve always sort of thought of as being outside the courts–they’re exiles and solitaries and otherwise too antisocial to belong to a troop.

i hope that was helpful to you, and if you have any further questions feel free to ask!


Home is Where You Park It

Posted by eBay curator A Restless Transplant, this collection is an exploration of “Van Life” by photographer Foster Huntington. “In July 2011, I left my job in New York City, bought a VW Vanagon and hit the road” writes Foster. “For the last two years, I’ve put 80,000 miles on my camper traveling around North America. Along the way, I’ve met fellow travelers exploring in campers of every shape and size.

Each of their stories and vehicles inspired him to start documenting these "enablers of lifestyle” (seen above). Visit Foster’s road inspiration through the eyes of eBay.

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ok this may be lame and insignificant but i'm so !!! rn bc jack from the band all time low just posted snap vids of him jamming in the car to no control and wdbhg and not only does it make me happy bc two favorite bands but it can bring 1d new fans who would've turned their nose initially bc boyband and they're pop punk ! sorry i'm just v happy :~)

this is so great!!!!

no control


same, jack, same

Wander the Night

This is the NaLu week prompt Wander, but I wrote this specifically for thathilomgirl! Happy Birthday Michelle!!! (pretty sure it is late because of the gap in our time zones) but I wish you an awesome day, you lovely person!

This is a tale untold like most fairy tales. It cannot be found in any book or scroll. It can only be told…from the heart and the light of the stars.

This is the story of a dragon, most fierce and proud, ruler of his territory and all that dwell in it. Fighting was his passion, his drive, his heart. The thrill of battle gave him fuel and fire in his belly and he made sure his strength was known and defeated all that dared challenge him. Scales of red and eyes of shining coal, the Fire Dragon Prince was a beast of great care for his subjects and even greater care for his nakama.

He wandered his lands like a restless traveler, collecting memories and hoarding souvenirs like precious gold. Memories made with friends were of the greatest value.

Then, one day on his journey, he encountered a person most rare in skill and beauty. Hair made of threaded gold and eyes of the darkest shade of a brown diaspore, a gem he longed to collect in his youth.

The Star Painter.

Fallen from her studio as a fallen star herself, the Star Painter worried over how the stars would be placed in the sky without her brush and palette. How would the world turn, the night be filled with light, if she cannot reach her blank canvas?

In tears, the Star Painter pleaded for help, unable to offer anything of value in return. Her trade was to light the darkness and guide the weary travelers with the stars in the sky. She was not made of wealth or fine trades.

The Fire Dragon Prince did not care, he graciously offered his back, using great wings to carry her back to the dark canvas and bringing brush to work. The night was filled with stars, big and small, and the Star Painter was proud to say it was her finest work.

Despite not being able to offer much in the physical world, the Star Painter gave the dragon a great gift in return for his kindness.

The constellation Draco, designed in his glory, a legacy of his life in the sky for eternity.

Though the great beast was proud, he desired only one thing and asked humbly as such for he had already received a great honor.

A name for the Star Painter, so that he may call upon her and see her once more.

Amused, the Star Painter offered her answer only if he provide his own, so that she may also see him once again.

The Fire Dragon Prince was called Natsu:

The Star Painter, Lucy.

Over time, the pair became best of friends, communicating through the night sky like pen pals. Natsu spoke to the stars as if they were her and Lucy answered through the stars. She did manifest to him on certain days where the eclipses drowned out the light or comets shyly passed by, laughing and sharing things she had seen in her time away.

So many stories were shared between them, Dragon and Celestial. The bond grew deeper still, like a well to the purest and richest of gifts the world hid away.

It is said to be love, the One Magic long forgotten. Do not let anything tell otherwise.

Love was, and is the strongest force.

That was proven on a dark day where suddenly…the stars were absent. The night was dark and devoid of the artwork he so cherished almost as much as the artist herself. Concerned, the Fire Dragon Prince took to the sky, soaring up to the studio where he knew she resided.

He found it in disarray and destruction, his beloved painter buried under broken art supplies and torn paintings…

…unable to reach her blank canvas.

The night still had dangers, even with the light. The danger never truly had power unless the stars were gone. Thus, no Star Painter.

Natsu uttered the familiar name with hurt anger, demanding she tell him who dared harm her and promising to set the ground ablaze until punishment is made due.

Once more, Lucy only smiled and weakly asked that he help her once more, to put stars back in the sky for good.

Once again, Natsu agreed.

That night, the stars made it back into the sky, fueled by dragon fire, making the artwork everlasting in brilliance. The stars, burned into the canvas like brands, never more to be taken from the world.

Nevermore would the Star Painter have to paint the night.

Ignoring her distress at the loss of her trade, the dragon brought her down to his lands to have her wounds tended to. He also made certain that she was cared for and not alone in her studio.

A Fire Dragon Prince…and a painter with expertise in the night scenery…that soon became his queen. The stars twinkled in delight, forever inhabiting the sky as everyone knows it. A single constellation protecting them as the real thing did to his people.

A Dragon, etched in history, as Draco; wandering the sky like the dragon it was designed after and protecting as it did so.