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SPELL:  Remembering & Recalling Dreams

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During the Basic Spellwriting class that Salt hosted tonight on the server, the WAMILY members gathered and constructed a spell together.  This was an amazing team effort and the collaboration produced a simple, yet effective spell.  This is what they came up with!


To dream deeply and vividly, and to recall it when you wake.


During the New Moon; and/or on a Saturday (a day of relaxation.)  Bonus points if you can score a New Moon on a Saturday!  

Each New Moon is a brand new beginning.  It offers the opportunity to make a change, to re-orient yourself, or to conjure a new aspect of yourself and your life into being.  The energy of the new moon is great for initiating a new project or the start of an adventure.  And with it being hidden in darkness, there are parallels drawn between the darker sides of the moon as well as our minds.


  • Soft Pajamas: for comfort.
  • Fluffy Pillow: to rest our head, where dreams happen.
  • Cup of tea: to warm and relax our bodies.
  • Amethyst: to remove stress, to boost intelligence and promote personality growth, to protect from harmful outside influences, to strengthen memory.


1.  On the night of a New Moon (or a Saturday, or both), climb into bed wearing soft pajamas and tea in hand.  Sip your tea and focus your energy on a night of restful sleep.  Think back on the past vivid dreams you have had and the details of them.  You can also set an amethyst by your bedside, under a pillow, or near a window.

2.  When your tea is finished and you are sleepy, read the following incantation, focusing on the mysterious, majestic power of the New Moon.  Visualize its shadows as a cloak that will conceal you.  The New Moon will inspire the start of your adventure in the dreamscape.

3.  Recite the following spell:

I ask the New Moon to allow peaceful and calm rest. 
To the depths of my subconscious, give me access. 
Let the absence of the Moon be my shield and guide, 
and when I wake, let the dreams ever-flow to my mind.

4.  Turn off the lights, rest your head on your pillow, and allow for your dreams to blossom!  In the morning, you should wake and be able to recall the details of the dream.  (We suggest writing them down!)

Thanks to everyone who participated in creating this spell!  You all are amazing and we cannot wait to see what else our WAMILY creates together!

I drew the Seekers bc they make me happy, when they emote their wings go flap flap!!!! ;A;

honestly one day i wanna share a bed with my gf and we’ll be lying down resting our heads on the pillows and facing each other and i’ll say some fuckshit at 3AM and we’ll both be laughing because everything is funny at 3AM and it’ll be so great and i love my gf that i don’t have

Help Me Get The Girl Part 8 (Grayson Mini-Series)

Description: Grayson seeks out your help to get your friend to fall for him.  In exchange for your help, Grayson promises to take care of your freshman brother when it comes to being bullied.  What you two didn’t know is that even though helping each other would ideally be beneficial, there would be a series of events that would make you two question whether this was a good deal or a disaster in the making.

Word Count: 2,828

Warnings: Language.  Light graphic content in relation to being physically hurt.

A/N:   Here is part 8 and I’m super excited to share it with you.  This chapter ties into the root of the plot of the story and it’s description.  There is drama but it’s not in the way you’d think!  It’s a moment that I want the reader to feel and realize that these things do happen and are too often brushed under the rug.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy it!

Please let me know what you thought of this part!

Your POV:

           It had been two weeks since the ball.  Two weeks since my fight with Grayson.  Two weeks of Ethan trying to distract me.  Two weeks of Grayson and Grace cuddling up to each other.  Grayson and I were good at faking it in front of Grace and Ethan, though Grace was the only one to fall for it.  Ethan had never pushed me to explain what happened to him, but he knew that the issue was between me and Gray.  

           Today was a day for just me and Ethan.  We were heading to the used car dealership because my car had taken a nose dive again, so my family told me to go scope out a car I’d like. My car had been in the family for nearly 20 years and because I would be heading off to college in a year and a half, my parents decided that I could get a more up to date car.

E pulled into the lot, parking right outside the front doors.  “Why would you park here?” I whined, throwing my head back against the headrest.

           He turned to me, “What’s wrong with parking here?” he pulled the keys out of the ignition.  

           “Because now the salesmen are going to bombard us to buy a car and we’re just looking today!  Have you ever been to a dealership?” I put my hand on the door handle, looking at Ethan with determination, “We’ve got to move quick before they see us.  This is a serious mission, Ethan Grant Dolan, do you understand me?”

           “Sure?” he looked at me like I had lost my mind.

           “Ready…” my eyes searched around for salesmen, “set…” my grip tightened on the handle, “GO!” I ripped open the car door, slammed it behind me, and speed walked my way towards the closest row of cars to hide until the coast was clear.

           I hid behind a 2008 Jeep Wrangler, an older version of my dream car.  When I popped my head out from behind it I saw Ethan walking in my direction slowly, shoving his keys into his pocket.  Taking his sweet time, he started to round the row of cars only to have me grab his arm and pull him down with me.  

           My hand struck him upside the head, “Did I not just explain the whole plan to you?”

           His hand rubbed his head before ruffling up his hair so that it was perfectly placed, “There isn’t a salesman in sight.  You’re paranoid you need to calm down.” His expression shifted from teasing to seductive, “I can’t help you with that you know.” He jokingly puckered his lips, leaning closer to me.

           I palmed his face, pushing him away from my personal bubble.  It was then that I felt his tongue press up against my skin licking a thick line from the base of my hand to the tip of my middle finger. Quickly, I retracted my hand, screeching out profanities while I rubbed my hands on my pants.

           “Why the fuck would you do that?” I scolded him, wiping the rest of his slobber on the sleeve of his shirt.  “You’re so gross.”

           He shrugged, “You love me.”

           I rolled my eyes, “You’re the one licking my hand; I’d say it’s you that loves me!” I retorted, standing up, still alert and on the lookout for workers.

           When my yes drifted back to Ethan who was now standing up, he held our gaze. I wasn’t uncomfortable, I was just unsure of what was going through his head.  After seeming to analyze every facial feature I had, his eyes cast downward towards his shoes.

           I went to ask him what was wrong but he cut me off by suggesting we start looking around.  He thought that he was putting on a good act, but being his best friend I knew that he was faking it all.  His laugh wasn’t genuine, he hardly made eye-contact with me, and he kept a good amount of distance between the two of us when usually he is very touchy.

           Somehow we managed to make it through without encountering anyone trying to interest us in their most expensive car.  I didn’t find anything I liked because I was too distracted by Ethan’s out of character behavior.  We drove back in silence, my head resting against the window watching as the houses went by and the wind died down.  The tree branches were no longer swaying, the seeds of the dandelions were no longer floating in air, and Ethan’s car was no longer filled with never ending laughter.

           Ethan pulled up to my house, not pulling into the driveway as he usually does. When he put the car in park but did not turn it off I realized that he was trying to end our day together. Making no movement to get out I leaned forward towards him, taking his hand in mine.  He leaned even closer to me so that our heads rested against each other, the tips of his hair tickling my skin.

           “What’s going on, E.  Please, tell me.” I whispered, my eyes closed.  Deep down I knew he wouldn’t answer me because it was something he thought I wouldn’t understand.  But I wish he knew that I would try my best to understand.  I’d do anything for him.

           He shook his head, “Nothing.”

           “Don’t one word answer me, E.  I know something’s wrong.  You were fine earlier and then you decided to close me off.  Don’t close me off.” I brought my hands to his cheek, feeling his smooth skin shift to stubble.  “Come inside. You don’t have to tell me what’s going on, but come inside.”

           He nodded his head against mine, leaning away, unbuckling his seatbelt and turning off the car.  We both got out of the car and walked into my house.  He slung his arm over my shoulder as we both plopped down onto the couch in my living room.

           “I lied you know,” I told him, “I’m going to make you tell me what’s wrong because you’re my best friend and we tell each other everything.” I reminded him, leaning into his hold.

           Letting out a loud sigh he began to explain, “When we were there and we were bantering I realized that we have a year and a half until we leave for college. We’ll all go our separate ways and then what?  What will happen to our friendship?  Sure, I’ll always have Gray because he’s my brother, you—I don’t know what we’ll become.”

           I lifted my head to make sure that he was looking at me when I answered, “Ethan, I would never leave you behind.” I said with all seriousness in my tone.  “We’ve still got time to figure it all out!  Don’t stress yourself out over it.  Just know that you will always be my best friend and nothing will ever get in the way of that.  And who knows?  We might end up going to the same college!” I tried to lighten the mood a bit.  

           “Maybe…” he leaned his head against mine.  “Just promise me one thing.”

           “What’s that?” I responded immediately.

           “No matter what happens or where we end up—please make sure that you are happy.”

           I snuggled in closer, my left arm draped across his stomach, “As long as you do the same.  Ethan is there something you aren’t telling me?”

           Instead of responding he just pulled me as close as possible, his face buried into my hair.  So I let him fall asleep like that, knowing that he would tell me in time.


           Monday came and the school day seemed longer than ever before.  Lunch consisted of Ethan and I talking while Grayson and Grace made googly eyes at each other.  I tried my best to ignore the two of them but not even Ethan’s jokes could pull my jealous eyes away from them.  Ethan had managed to accept that it was going to be a while before we all went to college and had finally calmed down.

           Now here I was, attempting to walk down the freshman hall to find my brother.  Usually he would meet me at the front with his friends, but today he was nowhere to be found. Moving past groups of gossiping girls, slamming lockers, and teachers scolding trouble makers, I managed to find where his locker was located.

           The problem was—there was no Theo.

           Behind me the hallway was quieting as everyone headed home.  I rounded the corner to find Hank, one of Theo’s best friends bursting out of the boy’s bathroom like a mad man.  He looked the opposite direction then at me.

           “Y/N!” he started to run over to me, “Y/N, it’s Theo!”

           I jogged and met him half way, “What?  Where is he?”

           His friend’s hands were shaking, his fingertips coated in red.  “He’s- those guys- he didn’t do anything they just showed up!  Theo tried to fight back!  He did! I tried my best to help him, but I wasn’t strong enough!  We weren’t strong enough!”

           “WHERE IS HE, HANK?” I screamed in his face, my hands latching onto his shoulders and shaking him.

           “He’s in the bathroom!  I’ll go get the nurse!” tears streamed down his cheeks as he sprinted past me to get help.

           My feet quickly carried me to the boy’s bathroom and I threw the door open in search of my brother!  Out from under the final stall in the restroom I saw his foot sticking out. Slipping into the stall to make sure I didn’t hit him with the door I immediately gasped at the site.  There sat my baby brother leaned up against the wall, unmoving.

           There was a large gash above his left eyebrow, blood running down the side of his head.  I could see the purples and deep blues of bruises start to appear on his skin not only on his face, but on his arms.  Bending down to his level I started to say his name, my hands gently patting his cheeks to get some sort of response.

           “Theo, Theo wake up bud c’mon.” I said, pushing his hair out of his face.  “Theo…” I tried to fight back the tears but lost the battle.  “Theo, please!”

           I moved to his side, sitting down so that I could pull him closer to me.  With his body now positioned in-between my legs I cradled his head, trying my best to rock him awake.  Receiving no response my hand reached into my pocket as I continued to say his name over and over, begging him to wake up.

           Finally, I retrieved my cellphone and dialed 911.  It only took one ring for them to answer, “911 what’s your emergency?”

           I fumbled with my phone, my hands shaking so hard I could hardly keep hold of it, “My- my brother- my brother’s hurt and he’s not waking up!  Someone hurt him!” I cried into the phone.

           “Is he still breathing?” the operator calmly asked me.

           “Yes, but it’s very… I don’t know weak?  It’s weak!  Oh my God his breathing is so weak!  Please help me!” I rambled into the phone, shaking my brother a little harder.

           “Okay, ma’am, where are you?”  I could hear the clicks of them typing on the computer in the background.  It was like my senses had been heightened.

           “Arbor Heights High School in the boy’s restroom.  Please help him!”

           “Help is on its way.  How is his pulse?” she asked, her voice remaining gently and cautious.

           I used my free hand to push against his neck.  I could feel a faint thumping pattern against the pads of my fingers, “It’s there.  He has a pulse; I can feel it a little.”

           “That’s good, dear, help is coming I promise.  Would you like me to stay on the phone with you?” she asked me, sympathy laced in her tone.

           “I have to call my friend!  I need my friend.  I need him.” Without any explanation I hung up and dialed Ethan’s number.  He didn’t answer so I continued to call him until he finally did, “Ethan…” I wept into the phone.

           “Y/n, what’s wrong?” his concerned voice sounded through the phone.

           I pulled Theo as close to me as possible, prepared to protect him from any harm, “Are you at school still?”

           “Yeah I just finished retaking a quiz.  Y/n where are you?” I could hear him shut his locker in the background.  

           I gulped, “I’m in the freshman boy’s bathroom.  Ethan, please come here, Theo’s hurt.  He’s hurt so bad and there’s blood and I’m so scared.”

           “I’m coming.  Did you get the nurse?  Do you need me to call for help?” his questions came in rapid fire.

           I shook my head to myself as the nurse came in, “The nurse is here.  I called 911.  Please, just get here!”

           That’s when everything went silent and started to move in slow motion.  The nurse pulling Theo off of me and laying him down on the floor trying her best to help him, Ethan running in and picking me up off the floor to lead me out of the stall, and Hank standing in the corner of the room with his head in his hands.

           Each step we took got slower and the corners of my vision began to blur.  My body felt like someone filled it with sand, weighing me down in Ethan’s arms.  I saw EMTs rush past us as Ethan drug me out of the restroom.  Running up to us was Grayson, worry flooding his eyes as came to an immediate halt one he saw my current state.  It was hard for me to look at him because I realized how much I had relied on him to protect Theo.

           This was all my fault.

           A couple seconds later the EMTs came through the door with Theo on a stretcher, a breathing mask enveloping his mouth.  They moved quickly down the hall and I was right on their heels.  Both Grayson and Ethan followed me to the ambulance watching me as I hopped in the back.  

           “We’ll meet you at the hospital!” Ethan shouted right as they slammed the doors shut.


           I was sat in the waiting room, my knees pulled up to my chest, practically curled into a ball on the chair.  The sliding doors to enter the hospital opened to reveal the twins, both looking equally as shaken up as the other.  Grayson came over and sat to my right as Ethan sat to my left.

           “Have they said anything?” Ethan asked, his voice coming out in a whisper.

           “I’m still waiting.” I mumbled into my knees.

           “This is my fault.  I should have been there.” Grayson tried to take fault, sounding like he was on the verge of tears.

           I shook my head disagreeing, “No, Grayson, it’s my fault.  It was me who should have been there.” I started to cry all over again, this time much louder than before.

           We sat in silence until the doctor came out to explain what was going on. He informed us that it didn’t take long for them to stabilize him.  They said that he had a concussion, stitches to close the cut above his eyes and 3 bruised ribs.  I felt relieved, but with that relief came an undying fury.  I knew exactly who was behind all of this and I was damn well going to make sure that the next time he would be seeing me was in court.

           My parents arrived a few minutes later their panic state calming mildly when I told them what was going on.  Immediately my father, a district attorney, was on the phone with law enforcement getting everything figured out.  The doctors let us in to see Theo who was tired and weak.  He only managed to say my name before falling back to sleep.

           When I walked back out into the waiting room, Grayson was sitting with his chin resting against his hand.  Upon seeing me approaching he stood up, his body awkwardly waiting for me to come closer.

           “Ethan had to go help Cameron, her car broke down so he took his car to get her.” He hesitantly told me.

           “Why did you stay?” I asked.

           “I stayed because I care about you.  We drove separate so I was willing to wait as long as I needed to.”

           I gave him a single nod before throwing myself into his arms looking for comfort.  It felt as it did when we danced together.  I felt protected, cared for, and like it was only the two of us.  He wrapped his arms around me, squeezing me to his body with warmth radiating off of him.

           “Take me somewhere.” I demanded.  “Take me anywhere but here.” I spoke my words into his chest.

           “I’ll do whatever you ask of me.” He kissed my head and held me close.  “Anything.”


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Crazy in Your Arms

Crazy in Your Arms by evansrogerskitten

Dean Winchester x Reader

Reader’s heart is broken and she turns to the one man in her life that she knows she can depend on.

Warnings: Infidelity related angst, fluff, feels, language, alcohol, making out. WC: 2071 On AO3

A/N: I needed some Dean fluff ♥ “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley was my song with the fucker who broke my heart (symbolic, right?) So thank you @becs-bunker for the chance to give this song a new meaning for your 21st challenge! Also Gone with the Wind is my fav movie so it was fun to incorporate 2 quotes for @bulletcrossbowpie’s SPN Movies Challenge. And the quote “I constantly want to kiss you” is for @kas-not-cas 2.5K Follower Writing Challenge. Not my gif, thanks to that peep. 

I remember when

I remember, I remember when I lost my mind

There was something so pleasant about that place

Even your emotions have an echo in so much space

And when you’re out there, without care

Yeah I was out of touch

But it wasn’t because I didn’t know enough

I just knew too much

My body shook uncontrollably as I sat up in the driver’s seat of my black Mustang. I thought I was going to throw up as nausea built in my stomach, and a piercing shock radiated from my broken heart. Reality was sinking in with every mile that I drove as the image of my boyfriend fucking his ex-girlfriend repeated over and over in my mind like the recurring scarring memory of a horrible car crash.

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“I didn’t like the look of Rory’s drummer myself. He looked the nasty one, with his little grey streak of hair. But the nastier one turned out to be Ringo, the nicest of them all. Playing without Ringo is like driving a car on three wheels.” 

“Rory Storm + the Hurricanes came out here the other week, and they are crumby. He does a bit of dancing around but it still doesn’t make up for his phoney group. The only person who is any good in the group is the drummer.” (1960)

GEORGE: I like Ringo’s song [Octopus’s Garden].

WIGG: Yes, great song.

GEORGE: Because – I mean, most people say, “Oh well, it’s Ringo,” or you know, “Haha,” or something. But it’s great that Ringo should do it. You know, why shouldn’t he do it? And it’s just like a country and western tune anyway, and it’s a happy tune, and it’s all that. And I like what he’s saying about “rest our head on the sea bed” and all that. “We could be warm beneath the storm…” (1969)

“Ringo’s got the best back beat I’ve ever heard and he can play great 24-hours a day." (1974)

"George presented [Ringo] recently with a special leather bound volume which on the cover said, ‘Ringo Starr: greatest drummer on earth.’” (1985)

“It’s always hard for a drummer. It’s hard for Ringo to just knock out an album. It’s difficult enough for me and Paul. It’s not easy having been enormously famous, and, you know, having to try to…I don’t mind, personally. I don’t mind being obscure. I remember years ago Ringo saying to me he’d love to have a Number 1. And I said, what for? You are the Number 1. It doesn’t matter about the record." (1988)

- George Harrison on Ringo Starr

Between the lines

This one’s a little fluffier. I hope you like it! A series of missing scenes set during 3B. Based on/around Captain Swan.

Can also be found on AO3

Moment 4: She’ll come to you

During 3x16 - Tink gives Hook some advice and Emma seeks him out.

Murmurs began to fill the silence around them as people started to retreat from the graveside. Emma remained firmly where she stood, Henry at her side as they both stared at the casket below.

Killian couldn’t bear to see her in pain. His own memories of having to bury loved ones spurred him towards wanting to help her; to take away the loss one feels when saying goodbye. He wanted for her to not have to know that emptiness. She’d been through too much already and he was worried for her.

He wanted to comfort her.

“Are you alright, Emma?” he asked gently, stepping forward to be closer to her side.

“I’m fine.”

Her automatic response told him she was neither fine, nor aware of who she’d actually spoken to; too lost in her thoughts to be aware of anyone around her.

“We’re heading over to Granny’s for the wake. You should come.” Snow’s voice addressed him.

The princess was beside him, placing her hand on his forearm; David standing supportive behind her. Her voice lowered, making sure only he could hear. “Give them some time alone.”

Snow wasn’t hostile; Killian knew what she meant. They needed time to grieve in private.

As a family.

“Of course.”

He nodded to them both before stepping back and turning, following the direction of the crowd making it’s way back towards town. He couldn’t help turning to look back, seeing Emma still in her frozen state, Henry by her side, and her parents hovering back a little, waiting for her to come back to them.

“Are you okay?”

He turned sharply, startled by the voice concerned for his wellbeing. Tink appeared, watching him with worry on her face.

“Aye, love. I’m getting there.” he managed to smile, walking with the tiny woman towards town.

“She’ll be fine, you know. She just needs some time right now.”

“I’m well aware of that, thank you.” He didn’t mean to snap at the fairy but the need for people to interfere and tell him what to do was becoming tiresome.

“I know you still love her.” she continued, ignoring his irritation.

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anonymous asked:


“You know, I’m not that small,” Graves groused. “Five foot ten is a perfectly respectable height. An average height, even.”
Theseus smiled at him from beside him at the bar.
“That rather sounds like something a small bloke would say.”
Graves glared at him, fully unaware that tipsy as he was with drink, it looked more a pout than a glare.
“Why is your brother so fascinated with my height, Thes?”
Theseus shrugged and simply said, “It makes you the perfect height for hugging. Not so short that we need to bend. Not so tall that we can’t rest our head atop of yours. It’s a rare height, actually. Newt’s always been enamored by people of your stature. That fact that you’re you is just icing on the cake.”
Graves blinked.
“What does that even mean?!”
“It means you’re cute when you’re angry, Percy. Small folks like you always are,” Theseus said with a drunk flushed grin.
“I’m average!” Graves exclaimed, then after a moment, “And I’m not cute!”
“That rather sounds like something a small, cute bloke would say.”
“I hate you.”

Originally posted by hezachan98

*Protective Frank* Newt x reader

Anonymous asked:

Omg aaahhh I’m running out of time umm can you do one where one day Fred the thunderbird gets really protective of the reader and won’t let newt near her and newt gets like super sad and angry and finally he snaps and runs in the case and like full on pics up the reader and runs out and then fluff or passion where they reunite and kiss and aaahhhhhb

It happened out of nowhere. Neither one of you could explain it. It was an ordinary day; nothing special. You were down in the case with Newt helping him tend to his creatures like you always did. You were feeding the mooncalves as Newt took care of his beloved thunderbird, Frank. When you finished up with the mooncalves, you carefully put the food bucket away and made your way over to him. 

Sneaking up from behind, you wrapped your arms around his waist and rested our head against his back. You could feel the wizard chuckle as you came in contact.

“Hello, love.”

Smiling, you released yourself and let Newt turn around, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you in. Frank let out a small whine; upset that he was no longer receiving the full attention of Newt. 

“Oh, wait your turn!” You chuckled at the beast. 

Newt kissed your forehead before saying, “Shall we head up for some supper?”

Nodding in reply, you began to walk towards the hut and out of the case when Frank let out a long whine.

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Preferences: Baby Edition (Teen Wolf)

Stiles Stilinski - Picking out names

“Nope”, crossing out the last name off the long, extensive list. Huffing, you were only a few weeks along. Knowing that a mini version of Stiles would be welcomed into the world in roughly 8 months, still sent your head in a spin. You and Stiles had lengthy discussions about starting a family, but there were no permanent plans sent in stone. That changed on the night of your 3 year anniversary of being married to your high school best friend.

Hearing the roar of the Jeep, Stiles was back home after visiting his dad. Peering through the window, watching as he made his way to the door. He was still the same old person, and that made you smile.

“How are my two favourite people?”. Stiles planted a kiss on your cheek, then leaned down to say hi to the growing baby inside of you. Secretly Stiles was hoping for a boy, one that he could teach all of his detective skills too. However, you did catch him the other night scrolling through baby girl names.

Taking a seat on the couch. “Fine, although I never knew how hard it was to come up with a baby name”. Handing over the list to Stiles who skimmed through, occasionally chuckling or pulling a face. Sitting beside you, beer in hand. “We have months to decide, what’s the rush?”.

“You say that now, Stilinski. But those months will turn into weeks and then days, we need to be prepared. I’m not leaving our child nameless”. Snatching the notepad from his hands, you wrote a few more down, then scribbled them off.

Stiles saw the frustration in your face, set the beer bottle on the glass coffee table along with the notepad. “Y/N, our baby will not be nameless”

You kept silent, staring at the list of names that had been forcefully scribbled out and a fresh set of tears welled up in your eyes. Stiles hand took the pad and flipped over to a new blank page. Setting it on your lap, you looked down. “What’s this?”.

“Two new suggestions”.

Grabbing Stiles face, quietly muttering “I love you”. Glancing once more at the names, they were perfect. And you wondered why they never crossed your mind.

Allison Claudia Stilinski

Noah Scott Stilinski

Theo Raeken - Talking to your stomach

You couldn’t sleep, not because of any factor other then your baby boy would not stop kicking. He was restless, which made you restless, causing the need to get sleep almost impossible. You tried everything. From singing a lullaby, to drinking warm tea, but nothing would settle your baby long enough for you to close your eyes.

Tossing for the millionth time, you sighed. Knowing that any chance of rest was gone. The bedroom door creaked open. Theo tiptoed in, thinking that you were in a deep slumber. His face lit up in surprise when he turned to see you propped on the pillows.

“I thought you’d be asleep by now”. He asked, removing the clothes he’d been in all day. Leaving him in nothing but grey boxers.

Huffing, Theo joined you in bed. “I would be, if it wasn’t for your son kicking my stomach every 5 minutes”.

Theo smiled, bent down and kissed your swollen belly. 

“He just won’t listen to me, takes after his dad in that aspect”. You teased.

“Here let me try”. Theo shifted his weight and leaned on his arm, lifting your shirt, he put a hand on your stomach. “Hey, little man. I hear that your not letting your beautiful mum sleep. And well, we need mummy to get her sleep, otherwise she gets real cranky in the morning”. You lightly hit Theo on the shoulder, causing him to laugh. “It would mean a lot to me if you’d calm down and let your mum rest. We’re excited to meet you, little man. But until then, go easy on your mum”.

One last kick from your son, then things calmed down. Theo beamed with pride and rubbed soft circles on your skin.

“Of course our son only listens to his dad. I’m beginning to think he likes you more than me”. A hint of sadness made it’s way in your voice, Theo recognized it and pulled you into his chest, as much as your belly would allow.

“Babe, our little man will love you unconditionally”. Theo laid his eyes on you, smiling due to the fact you fell asleep in his arms. Hand still on your stomach a kiss on the forehead, he uttered one last thing before turning out the light. “Just like his dad”.

Isaac Lahey - Finding out your pregnant

Holding your breath, this was the longest two minutes of your life. Re-reading the instructions, one line for negative, two for positive. Sounded straight forward enough. Re-arranging the items in the cabinet just to waste time, you were also in the middle of cleaning the counter when the timer beeped.

You didn’t rush over, not yet. Having a staring competition with the long white stick, it held the power to change your future as well as Isaac’s….Isaac, if this did turn out to be positive, how were you going to share the news with him?. A more scary thought entered your head, what will his reaction be?. Before diving deeper in worry, you first had to know of the results.

Stepping forward, clutching the stick in your hand, you flipped the pregnancy test over - two straight lines, positive. Without thinking you threw the test in the bin. Everything was surreal, millions of thoughts racing around like a speeding car.

“Pregnant“. Placing both hands on your abdomen. “I’m pregnant”. Catching yourself smiling, the love you already had was crazy. Next step, to share the news with your long time boyfriend.

The sun had just begun to set. Isaac had gone to run errands, he didn’t say what for, all he said was that it shouldn’t take long. The clock became your best friend for the next few hours, constantly checking, wishing that the two hands would tick faster so that Isaac could get home sooner.

Finally the ruffle of keys snapped your head towards the door. Nerves sneaking in when the door handle twisted. “Baby, I’m home”.

Not wanting to draw attention just yet, you counted to 3 and then made your way into the hallway. Isaac picked you up, spinning around, a giggle escaping.

“What do you say to a cliche takeout and a movie?”. He asked, setting you down. Before you could reply a wave of nausea hit you. Running up the stairs, Isaac following right behind. Shutting the bathroom door, you didn’t have time to assess Issac’s reaction. After getting cleaned up, sheepishly you stepped out.

“I’m sorry”.

Helping you take a seat on the bed, he told you not to worry about it. “Are you feeling sick?”.

“In a way”. Dragging the sentence out, not sure how to reveal the big news. “But it’s a good thing”.

Perplexed, Isaac struggled to speak. “How-how can it be a good thing?”.

You knew the only way was to show Isaac, walking into the bathroom and fishing out the test, you held it behind your back and told Isaac to close his eyes. He was reluctant too. “Please, babe”.

When you were convinced that he wouldn’t peak, you grabbed a hold of his hand, setting the test in his palm. “Open them”.

His eyes fluttered open, stunned was what his face revealed. “We-your”. Reaching for your hand, you stumbled into his arms. “You’ve just made me so happy!”. Kneeling down, he whispered. “I’m going to do my best to make you proud to call me dad”.

Scott McCall - First ultrasound

Melissa was explaining what to expect from the ultrasound, since she wasn’t qualified another nurse sat in a swivel chair preparing the necessary equipment. In ran Scott, bending over to catch a breath.

“Sorry, I’m late. The um-meeting ran over time”.

You and Melissa exchanged a glance.

“I sincerely hope you aren’t late to the actually birth”. He kissed the back of your hand. The nurse announced that everything was in order. Excitement was the forefront emotion. You and Scott were going to be able to see your little one for the first time.

She squeezed a small amount of gel onto your stomach, ignoring the coldness, you watched the small screen beside the hospital bed. 

“There is your baby”.

Scott’s eyes glazed with tears, he blinked. “I can’t believe-Y/N that’s our child”. Resting your head on his shoulder, both of you continued to stare at the monitor.

The nurse clicked a few buttons and came back minutes later with the ultrasound photo. She printed two. One for the proud parents to be and the other for Scott’s mum. Wiping off the excess gel, Scott helped you to your feet.

Holding up a folder, the lovely nurse asked if either of you would like to know the sex of the baby. Scott and you discussed to keep it a surprise, however, curiosity was getting the better of you. “Take your time, I’ll leave the folder in case you want to sneak a peak”.

Leaving just you and Scott in the room, Melissa had to go back to her rounds. Inches away from your fingertips, all it took was one quick peak.

“Y/N”. Scott side-eyed you. “We both agreed that we’d wait”.

Sighing. “Yeah, you’re right”.

Exiting the room, you noticed that your coat was left on the chair. Telling Scott you’d meet him at the car, you hurried back. Grabbing the coat, the folder once again caught your eye. “I shouldn’t”. Scolding yourself. Hovering a hand over, “But it couldn’t hurt to accidentally take a look”.

Flipping the folder open, your eyes scanned to the bottom. Gasping, you had a feeling but-.

“I knew you’d peak”. Scott’s voice came from the doorway.

Red cheeks at the fact you’d been caught, Scott grinned, not at all angry or disappointed. Instead he wrapped two arms around your growing belly. “So, what are we having?”.

Leaning back into his embrace. “A girl”.

Derek Hale - Building the crib

It was a regular afternoon. The pack had visited wanting to know any updates on the newest Hale addition. Not having much to tell them, they only stayed for a few hours. Relaxing on the comfy sofa, things were starting to come along. Derek had to give up the loft once he discovered you being pregnant. It just wasn’t practical, nor safe, to live in such a open space.

Hearing a few loud thumps coming from down the hall, you ventured over to see the cause. Derek was hunched over a pile of wooden timber, nuts and bolts, trying to read the instruction manual for the crib. His brow furrowed. “How on earth, this doesn’t make any sense”.

“Who would of thought a crib would defeat the all mighty Derek Hale”. 

“Glad to know your humor’s still intact”. Playfully teasing, just like you did to him.

Taking a seat on the new rocking chair Derek brought a dew days ago, you asked if he needed any help, to which he simply shook his head. For the next half hour you watched as Derek struggled to assemble the crib, every so often he’d pull apart the pieces and start again.

“Derek, hun, let me help”. Getting tired of seeing him get worked up.

Mumbling. “No, I’ve got this”.

A small feeling told you that his odd behaviour came from something else, not just the fact he couldn’t get the crib together. Slowly making your way over, you brushed away the materials and joined Derek on the carpet.

“Talk to me”.

Brushing the beard that was forming, you realized early on in the relationship that stroking Derek’s face helped ease him. “What if-I don’t know how to be a dad, Y/N. I don’t want to screw up our child”.

Shifting to face him, his eyes were lowered until you titled his chin upwards. “Derek, you will be the greatest dad. Our baby will look up to you, love you and be proud to have Hale as their last name”. Tenderly kissing his soft lips. “It’s natural to be afraid, but we’ll figure out how to be parents together. We’re a team and our team is growing. We’ve got your back, Derek Hale”.

Touching your belly, Derek’s lay on top.

“Want to help me build the crib?”. He waved the manual, causing you to laugh.


Gummy bears

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Warnings ⚠️drug use, smut. God, love thigh riding fics.

Gummy bears 2

Today was the first time you ever partook in an edible. You had smoked weed before once or twice but this was a new experience. You had received gummy bears from a friend who said it would help with your anxiety. You had been saving them for a day when you were really stressed out. Today happen to be the day where everything was adding up and you needed to get away from it all. You started off with just a few thrown into your mouth. Then after twenty minutes of nothing, you decided to toss in a few more. Just when you thought they were duds they hit you. Now you lay upside down on the couch watching an anime with the French subtitles on. Did you speak French? No. But you thought you could start to learn a new language by just reading the words. You found out you were wrong but your body was too tired to change it. This was the life you were going to live now. French subtitles were going to be the new norm. Dan had been gone for a couple of hours doing some running around before he found you in this position. When he saw you he first thought this was a weird existential crisis. Then he saw the bag of bears on the dinner table and put it all together.

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Thank You, Dear Friends

Soft hearts of compassion
demand no name of
suffering -
depression/bipolar/grief -
these labels make
nothing more or
less - for we all suffer
differently but equally;
and with this grace
of understanding,
we who felt poor
become rested
and our heads
remain raised for
you who
held our hands or
waited by the phone
to see us through
our darker times.

All Night: Tom Holland x Black Reader

 Lemonade Oneshot:

Pray You Catch Me

Hold Up

Don’t Hurt Yourself


*6 Inch

Love Drought

Sandcastles Part 2


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1 year later

You were finally able to fully forgive him. After giving birth to your beautiful baby boy you two hit a small rough patch. You were stuck at home with the baby while he was out working. You were anxious that he would repeat the past but he never did. 

You reluctant to go back to therapy but with a different therapist, you two finally solved all the issues. You finally got down to the root of his infidelity and you felt that a huge burden had been lifted off of you. It was never you, it had never been you. 

Found the truth beneath your lies

Your love for him was strong and no matter what you would always love and forgive him. 

True love never has to hide
I’ll trade your broken wings for mine
Trade your broken wings for mine
I’ve seen your scars and kissed your crime
Seen your scars and kissed your crime

“I’m off to set.” He walked over to you and grabbed your son out of your arms. “My little guy is getting so big.” He said kissing him in the cheek. You smiled at the site, “He is.”

“I’ll be back in about 3 weeks. I’ll call you when I get off of the plane.” He said turning to give you a kiss. Tom wanted to make sure you were fully aware of his whereabouts and he wanted you to completely trust him. He was very famous and in popular demand, more than you liked. He had no problem attracting women and you hated it but you relaxed and remembered, Forward.

“You don’t have to call me.” You said. “What?” He asked. “I-I trust you Tom.”

It took some time, actually a long time before you could fully trust him again but it felt good. 

So many people that I know, they’re just tryna touch ya
Kiss up and rub up and feel up
Kiss up and rub up and feel up on you
Give you some time to prove that I can trust you again
I’m gonna kiss up and rub up and feel up
Kiss up and rub up and feel up on you

His eyes lit up and softly kissed your lips, “I swear I’ll still-” You interrupted him and smiled, “I said I trust you.” He nodded while you grabbed your baby back. “You need to go. We don’t want you missing your flight. Isn’t that right?” You asked your giggling child. Tom didn’t want to leave, he wanted to stay with you and Y/S/N. “Go!” You joked, pushing him out of the door, “Go shot an award winning film!”

He stopped at the door and kissed you again, “I love you.”, “I love you too.”

Tom came back after after wrapping his film. He came in the house, dropping his bags at the door and immediately ran to you. “SH!” You giggled begging him to put you down. “He’s sleeping!” You pointed to your son peacefully sleeping in his rocker. 

He smiled and looked back at you, “What are you doing tomorrow night?” 

“What?”, “What are you doing?”, “Nothing, I guess.” You shrugged. “Well tomorrow we’re going out, just you and me. I already found someone to watch Y/S/N.” You smiled, “Okay.”

“Where are you taking me?” You asked, tugging at your blindfold. “Be patient darling.” He squeezed your hand as he finally pulled up to your destination. He helped you out of the car and you heard the sound of the ocean. You took in the salty air and figured, the beach. 

He stopped and placed his hands on your shoulders, “You ready?”, “Yes.” He pulled off the blindfold and you gasped, “It’s beautiful.”

After settling down, he sat close to you and grabbed your hand. “Y/N,” You looked up and smiled, “Yes?”

“I love you.” He said sincerely while kissing your hand. “I know.”, “No, I know you know but I want to tell you that after everything that I have put you through that you are amazing and I am-”

You pressed your lips against his, sparks that you thought would never come back ignited and rushed in. He pulled back and he swore his eyes were going to pop out of his head. You two hadn’t had any sort of physical contact, especially after the baby-maybe you two exchanged small kisses here and there. 

Our love was stronger than your pride
Beyond your darkness, I’m your light
If you get deep, you touch my mind
If you get deep, you touch my mind
Baptize your tears and dry your eyes
Baptize your tears and dry your eyes

“I love you too.” He smiled and kissed you again. “Are you hungry?” He ran back to the car for the picnic basket. “So I made your favorites.” 

You finally loved Tom again and you were glad that feeling was back. You two were giggly and touchy. You sat in between his legs and rested our head on his chest, while he wrapped his arms around your torso. The conversation was amazing and when he kissed you he sent shivers up your spine. 

“I have something for you.” He said. You got up and watched him pull something out of his pocket, he stood you up “What are you doing?”

He smiled and got on one knee, “This isn’t a proposal but it’s just me spilling my heart out.” He pulled out a huge ring. “Y/N, I have put your though so much shit and I want to thank you for never give up on me. I know I’m not perfect but I will not disappoint you again.” He wiped a tear from his eye, “I love you. I love. I love you. Will you please take this ring?”

They say true love’s the greatest weapon
To win the war caused by pain, pain
But every diamond has imperfections
But my love’s too pure to watch it chip away
Oh nothing real can be threatened
True love breathes salvation back into me
With every tear came redemption
And my torturer became my remedy

You were trying to hold back tears, “Yes.” He slipped the new wedding ring on your finger and hugged you. “I will be the best father and husband to both you and Y/S/N!” He brushed the hair out of your face and kissed you passionately. 

One thing lead to another and you two laid naked, bodies intertwined. “Is this illegal?” You asked. “What?” He asked softly rubbing your bare back. “Having sex on the beach.”

He shrugged and kissed your shoulder, “There’s a possibility of public indecency.”

Lucky Tom made sure to rent out an area of the quietest part of the beach. “I love you.” You said rubbing his his cheek. “I love you.” He smiled and kissed you again. 

You saw his honesty and his sincerity, while you were certainly still going to be watchful, you trusted him and glad things were back to how they were. The rest of the night was spent with you to passionately making love and laughing. You had your husband back- a better version and you were not going to let him go. 

All night long
Sweet love all night long
Sweet love all night long
Sweet love all night long
All I wanna, ain’t no other
We together, I remember
Sweet love all night long

How I missed you, my love

My First Kiss at the Public Execution

PART 2 - PART 3 - PART 4 - PART 5 - PART 6 - PART 7 - PART 8 - PART 9 - PART 10 -  PART 11

a/n: NEW SHIT NEW SHIT. enjoy (it’s really dark) @beautifulramblingbrains @frecklefaceb ​ @jaijacked @anditcametopass

Warning this is about like death stuff, like no real smut or drugs/alcohol mentions, I mean like All Hurt, No Comfort

Eric X OFC // Divergent Trilogy // oneshot

word count: 4,010

So won’t you hold me closer
just one more minute
until the executions over?
just one more minute 

I had that dream again. The one where I’m at the farm walking through the tall grass of the back forty towards the old willow tree. I don’t know why but I’m absolutely positive that she’s there, hiding just behind the hanging branches of leaves. She has to be.

I can hear the cicadas buzzing as I begin to run with excitement. I’m so eager to see her face again I don’t care about the thin blades of grass that whip at my shins as I carve a path through the field.

But the tree remains forever on the horizon, impossibly far away. No matter how much I pump my legs I never get close. I never get the chance to see her again.

My eyes snapped open. The dream had felt so real, like I was actually there, home again. The springs of the bed groaned as I rolled over, pressing the heels of my palms against my eyelids.

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Rainy Day with Gray
  • I awoke to steady rhythm of two things: the droplets of the rain landing on the roof, and the beating of the heart in the chest I slept on. And, sadly, the sound of my iPhone’s alarm. I groaned, rolling onto my side, away from Grayson’s embrace. I tapped my phone repeatedly until the much-dreaded sound finally came to a halt. I yawned, my hand covering my mouth as I sat up in bed. I rubbed my eyes, my vision finally clearing up. The room was still grey, and quiet. I peered out the window to see a steady downfall of peaceful rain. I gazed through the glass, mesmerized by the patterns of the droplets, and the slow rumbling of the thunder. It was not fair to have to go to school on a day meant for sleeping, cuddling, listening to music, watching movies, and staying in bed.
  • After a moment, I groaned lightly, slipping my legs off the queen-sized bed, and onto the soft, white, rug. Before attempting to make my way to the bathroom to begin getting ready, I heard a groan, and adjustment of the white covers. Grayson rolled on his left side, towards me, and moved his bare, muscular arms around where I was lying before. He tried finding me, barely conscious, when he finally realized I was no longer there. I held my giggle in, and instead stretched out to place my hand on his hopeless one. His fingers twitched a bit, noticing my presence. He tightened his grip, intertwining his fingers with mine. His face was buried in the white pillow, hidden from my sight. He slowly, and lazily, lifted his head up a few inches, his eyes opened a crack.
  • His sharp jawline was revealed making me feel the urge to trace it with my finger, though I resisted. His dark eyebrows furrowed in confusion, as he put on one of his classic smirks. His dimples appeared, making me melt. He rubbed his eyes, before fluttering his eyelids open once again.
  • “Why are you up?” he mumbled. His voice was low, and groggy, though sexy all at the same time. He stared up at me, no matter how hard it was for him to keep his eyes open, even for just a second. I grinned, threading my fingers through my shoulder-length, wavy, brunette hair.
  • “School, remember?” I reminded him. He shook his head, moving towards me. He wrapped his toned arms around my waist. I was covered with one of Grayson’s sweatshirts, which went down to my upper-thigh. Besides that, I wore only a lacy black bralette underneath, panties, hidden by the sweatshirt, and grey knit socks, that went up over my ankles.
  • He pulled me back into bed, and into his warm, safe, embrace. I laughed, though, gave up on the whole fighting back part. It was impossible to reject one of Grayson’s cuddles. His arms stayed around my waist, and the side of his face rested in the crook of my neck. He pulled the covers back over us, and sighed.
  • “Now, isn’t this better than school?” he whispered in my ear. I shook my head, yes, causing him to hold me a little tighter. My eyelids began to get a bit heavy once again as I listened to Grayson’s steady breath, along with the steady beat of the rain.
  • “Gray…” I began, my eyelids slowly shutting. I fought it, but lost completely.
  • “Shh…” he whispered from behind my ear. I finally shook myself out of it. I couldn’t miss a whole day of high school. That would cause twice the amount of stress the next day.
  • “Gray, you can stay here all day. My parents won’t be home until late tomorrow night. But, I can’t skip,” I explained, slipping out of his embrace, and onto the floor. I stood, staring down at the beautiful human. He held himself up on his elbow, gazing at me. He sighed, shaking his head in disagreement.
  • “I can’t let you do that,” he protested. I raised my eyebrow, crossing my arms.
  • “Yeah, and why’s that?” I questioned, with a smirk. His eyes scanned me, head to toe.
  • “It’s practically a law that you can’t let a girlfriend, as beautiful and perfect as you are, go to a school full of guys— without her boyfriend.” I rolled my eyes playfully.
  • “It is, huh?” I laughed. He grinned at the sound. He nodded confidently.
  • “Well then.” His eyes lit up, in hope, his teeth showing in his grin. “Guess you’ll just have to come with me, then, huh?” I tricked.
  • He moaned, a smirk still on his face, as he fell out of bed, and approached me. His bare upper body revealed his muscles, which moved with every step. He wore baggy, grey, Nike sweatpants, which rested on his hips. He wrapped his tan, muscular, arms around my back, as I wrapped mine lazily around his neck. We both closed our eyes, and rested our heads on each other’s shoulders, still waking up. He sighed.
  • “I guess so,” he whispered, in my ear. “But I’m not going to school today to learn anything, just so you know,” he stated in his groggy voice. I laughed softly.
  • “Oh, I know, Gray,” I joked, before I slipped out of his grip, and began getting ready for the long day ahead of me.
  • * * *
  • We stepped out in the rain, dressed in our lazy day outfits. Grayson kept on his sweatpants, and threw on a loose white teeshirt, and his black Nike sneakers. Gray insisted on having me wear his sweatshirt, instead of a tighter, a bit more revealing top I wanted to wear. I wore the sweatshirt, along with super skinny, jeans, with a few rips at the knees, and thighs. I rolled the hem up a few inches, and threw on my converse. After applying a bit of makeup, and letting my wavy brunette hair down, I called it a look. Though Gray wasn’t too happy with the super tight pants, with my “ass for all to see”, he had to deal. I wouldn’t be wearing a potato sack for all to see.
  • We jumped into Gray’s silver Jeep, and turned up the music. He played a few of his favorites songs, along with mine. He tried singing along terribly, mostly just to make me laugh, and get me awake. He intertwined his fingers with mine, between our two seats, and relaxed back into his seat at my touch.
  • To my surprise, he pulled into the Starbucks drive through, and ordered my favorite coffee for me, along with his. He knew all the extra details to my order, and ordered the size I always asked for. We shared a grin as he passed me the warm coffee. He sure does know what I love most.
  • “Thank you, Gray,” I smiled at him as I cupped the drink in my hands. He paused, staring into my grateful eyes. It was a small gesture, buying the coffee, but to me, it’s the small things in life that count.
  • “Anything for you, Ellie,” he replied, wrapping his hand gently around my neck, and pulling in to peck my cheek. His lips lingered there for a moment, causing my heart to flutter.
  • I began to sip the hot drink, as I gazed out the window, at the grey fog, and rain droplets. This was by far my favorite kind of weather. Grayson played a soft, calm, acoustic, as we pulled into our high school’s crowded parking lot. He shut off the car, and hurried around to my side, to open the door for me. No matter if we’ve been dating for six months already, he never stopped acting like it was our first date. I thanked him with a tired grin, and threw my backpack over my shoulder. He did the same, as we began walking beside each other towards the school doors. I yawned covering my mouth with my hand. Due to that, a small tear crept out of my eye. I hated when my eyes teared up like this. I couldn’t even bare to walk, I was so exhausted.
  • “We can still turn around, now, and go back home,” Grayson smirked, as he wiped my tired tear away with his thumb, cupping my cheek for a moment. I shook my head, trying my hardest to refuse.
  • “I wish, Gray, I really do,” I said softly, before yawning once more. He chuckled, not pushing it.
  • “Hi”s, and “hello”s were said on our way through the busy parking lot. Gray narrowed his eyes at all the guys who gave me an impressed look, or at whoever who whistled obnoxiously. I reached and held his hand to assure him that it was okay. He looked at our hands, before deciding it wasn’t good enough. He snuggled me in his arm, around my neck. I leaned into his shoulder, my eyes barely awake. He led the way, through more of the students.
  • You would think guys would get the memo that I’m taken by now, after six months of publicly being with Gray— but no. Grayson wasn’t all about that part, either. He wanted everyone to know that I was his. That’s one of the reasons he likes me wearing one of his sweatshirts.
  • He squeezed me a bit tighter in his arms, protectively, for a moment, before hesitantly letting me out of his arms.
  • “Come to Ms. Baker’s room during study hall.” I furrowed my eyebrows.
  • “Why?” I questioned. He grinned.
  • “Because that’s where I’ll be.” I giggled. “And, she let’s us take a nap, but that’s just a bonus,” he smirked. I nodded.
  • “Yes… the sleeping part doesn’t even matter to me,” I said sarcastically. He chuckled, before the bell rung, allowing us to go to our lockers before class starts. He cupped my cheeks with his hands, and kissed my forehead softly, my eyes closed softly. His lips lingered there for a moment, just the way I liked it.
  • “See you then, beautiful.” He paused, before staring down at my lips. He knew I didn’t like showing off our relationship to everyone— I hated when couples did that when I was single— but at this moment, he didn’t care. He took a moment before crashing his soft lips against mine, causing butterflies to have a party in my stomach. I smiled against his lips, along with him. “I love you,” he whispered, inches away from my lips. I stared up into his eyes.
  • “I love you, too,” I grinned, before stepping away, and down the hallway, towards my locker. I glanced back to catch him staring at me with a big, stupid grin on his face.
  • * * *
  • Science was the most miserable hour of the day. Mr. Reynolds rambled on the entire class, all about the college application process (for whatever reason, in Science class), and all about the process of dissecting frogs. An odd combination. My head was in my hand, and I could barely keep my eyes open. I would often spend the class jotting down notes excessively. Today, my blank notebook page sat in front of me, along with a untouched pen.
  • As much as I do adore the rain, it does have it’s effects on me, which is making me want to sleep the entire day. No matter how much sleep I received last night, I felt as if I haven’t slept in days.
  • “Ellie,” I heard from beside me. I barely opened my eyes, to see Luke grinning beside me. He was a blonde, tan kid, on the lacrosse team, with Grayson. I would= say he was a friend of mine— but not close. More like a classmate. He revealed his pearly white teeth, as he stared at me. I shook my head out of my daze, and sat up, lazily.
  • “Yeah?” I whispered, hoping Mr. Reynolds wouldn’t hear us. I rubbed my eyes. He chuckled lowly.
  • “If you want, I can take you home, or back to my place, or something. You seem pretty out of it, today.” I took a moment to process what he’d said, when my eyes widened. Did he just ask to take me back to his place? Oh gosh, I wonder what Grayson would be thinking if he knew this was happening.
  • “Oh,” I stuttered. Thankfully, the bell rung loudly. I blinked, before throwing my notebook and pencil in my backpack, and throwing it over my shoulder, before stumbling on my feet. He smirked at my nervous fumble. “I’m okay, really, I should get going to study hall,” I stuttered out. He looked a bit disappointed, but kept the smirk on his face, as he continued to stare at my features. I nodded, before leaving the classroom as soon as possible. I glanced back, to see his eyes on me. As I entered the busy hallway, I silently wished I wouldn’t be seeing him for the rest of the day, and promised myself to avoid him.
  • * * *
  • I dragged myself across the building, to Ms. Baker’s classroom. I dizzily entered through the doorway, to see a crowded, but silent classroom. About twenty students were across the room, sitting in their desks. I scanned the room, my eyes weak, and slow. I spotted Ms. Baker, sitting in the front, on her computer. I walked over, and handed her the pass I’d received to come her for study hall. She nodded, taking it, with no eye contact. I could tell she was having a rough day, as well.
  • “Sit wherever, and do anything that won’t give me a headache,” she mumbled, her eyes still on her screen. I nodded, with barely enough energy to talk. I turned my head, to try to find Grayson. He sat in the middle row, looking playfully angry at the guy who had sat beside him. I held in my laugh, and instead crossed my arms playfully, and shrugged. I tore my eyes away from Gray’s, and looked for an empty seat. Thankfully, I’d found one. I walked over, and put my bag down, before realizing who sat directly beside it— Luke. He sketched in a thick notebook of his, before glancing up at me. He grinned automatically. He gestured to the empty seat. I politely smiled a bit, before taking a seat. I crossed my arms on my desk, and laid my head in them. Before I could close my eyes, I felt a vibration from my phone, gripped loosely in my hand. I brought the screen towards my eyes, and read the text, still in the same, tired, position.
  • Gray: he’s staring at you
  • Gray: i don’t like this
  • I lifted my head, before turning to see Luke gazing upon me. He grinned. “Sleepy?” he asked, oddly. I furrowed my eyebrows.
  • “Uh— yeah…” I answered, unsurely. I turned my head towards Gray. His eyes were fixated on Luke in a glare. His jaw was clenched, and his knee shook up and down in annoyance, and nerves. I looked back at my phone, hiding the screen from Luke as I typed.
  • Me: What do I do, then? He’s been doing this all day…
  • Grayson read the text, and met his wide, angered eyes with my tired ones, before gesturing for me to come to him, with his hand. I briefly glanced back at Luke, before slipping away, and going over towards Gray. I kneeled beside his desk, looking up at him as he began to speak.
  • “Can you just…” he began uneasily, and nervously, as he glanced up at Luke. “can you just stay here?” he asked softly. I blinked a few times, as I watched him stare at Luke uncomfortably.
  • “Where would I sit, then?” I whispered. Grayson looked back at Luke, and stood up out of his seat. He walked around the desk, inches from me.
  • “You sit here, okay?” he whispered. “Get your sleep in.” I looked up at his eyes, which continued to glare at Luke, who was clueless to what was going on. I grabbed his hand, and gave it a reassuring squeeze, causing Grayson to meet my eyes once again. I smiled softly, before letting go of his hand, and sliding into Grayson’s past seat. He grabbed his phone of the desk, and made his way over to my previous seat. I watched him closely as Luke’s mouth lipped words of which I couldn’t hear. Grayson replied, his eyes narrowed, and his jaw clenched. I tried watching for other signs, but it was too quiet, and this desk was just so oddly comfortable…
  • Grayson
  • “Uh, hey?” Luke said with confusion. “Where’d Ellie go?” he questioned, putting his pencil down. I crossed my arms, as I tilted my head.
  • “Away from you,” I replied sternly. Luke took a look around, before locating her with his eyes. He furrowed his brows as he looked back at me.
  • “So… by that, you mean in your seat?” I kept my eyes steady on his. After a moment, he began to get the memo. “Look, Grayson,” he began. “I think Ellie is a really cool girl, and I just have this project…”
  • “A project to get her away from me?” I interrupted abruptly. Luke rolled his eyes.
  • “No. A project in art.” He paused, sighing. “I have to draw something that catches my attention, often.” He looked down. “Something, beautiful,” he smiled. His expression then turned into an mischievous smirk. “Something— hot.” I narrowed my eyes, and leaned into him, grabbing his tee shirt collar.
  • “Look, Luke,” I began, as I spoke through my teeth. “Ellie does catch my attention and is beautiful, but, do you know why I can think that?” I asked him, my breathing quickening. Luke’s eyes widened. “Because I’m her god damn boyfriend,” I told him. “Draw a tree, or whatever your little heart desires, but for god’s sake, do not— under any circumstances draw Ellie, or there will be consequences,” I threatened. Luke paused, before relaxing back into his seat, confidently. He had that same stupid smirk on his face. I wanted to punch it right off. I visioned him smirking at Ellie like that, as she would squirm in her seat, or politely smile back. Why did she have to be so polite?
  • “Consequences, as in Ellie running to me after she sees the finished piece?” I clenched my jaw tightly. He leaned into me, his hot breath hitting me, along with his strong cologne. “What’s the most you’ve ever done for Ellie, huh? Getting her a coffee one morning? Getting her a cheap flower? Lying to her about how much you really love her?” He raised his brows. “We all know that she deserves more. Everyone knows.” My face got hot. “You may be on the lacrosse team, but so am I, big guy. We all know that she’s far more interested in other things besides sports.” He paused, grinning. “Like…” he began. “Her education, unlike you. Art, unlike you. Writing, unlike you. Having a future, unlike you…” I finally regained my confidence, as I matched his confident expression.
  • “You can say everything you like, Luke.” I laughed lowly. “But, how about we all remind ourselves one big thing.” His attention laid on me, as I grinned. “She chose me. She’s mine, and always will be mine. Never yours.” With that, I stood out of the seat, and grabbed Ellie’s belongings that she left behind. I walked over to my previous desk, where Ellie sat. I expected her to be listening to every word, but, instead, she slept peacefully in her own arms, on the desk surface. She crossed her arms, and lye her head on top of them, covered with my sweatshirt fabric. My eyes lit up, and my heart beat a bit happier just at the sight of her. I placed her belongings beside the desk, as I simply gazed upon her.
  • Her wavy brunette hair crashed down on the wooden surface, as her back rose and sank with her peaceful breathing. I couldn’t believe she was mine. I took a step towards her, as she sat on the edge of the seat. I slid in the same seat behind her, trying as best as I could not to wake her up. My knees sat outside of hers, barely grazing each other. I wrapped my arms around her, and rested my head on her upper back, near the crook of her neck.
  • I inhaled her wonderful scent deeply, as I softly fluttered my eyelids shut. I listened to her heartbeat— the sound I loved most in the whole, entire universe. I was happy. Genially, happily, happy. It was then where my whole body relaxed. My body, my brain, my soul. I fell into a restful, simple and sweet nap, with the one I love most.
  • * * *
  • I instantly awoke as the bell rung in the classroom, and in my ears. I inhaled deeply, sitting up over Ellie, who’s head still laid on the desk surface. I grabbed her materials, placing them nicely in her bag, before kneeling down to her face.
  • “Ellie,” I whispered, with a stupid grin on my face. Her eyebrows furrowed, before her eyelashes fluttered open. She looked quite confused at first, before lifting her head from the wooden desk surface. She stretched her arms, before running her fingers through her hair. “The bell rung a minute ago— we should get going.” She nodded lazily before lightly yawning. She slipped out of her seat slowly, before grabbing her bag out of my hands.
  • “That was one of the best naps of my life,” she sighed, as we made our way through the empty classroom and to the door. I chuckled lowly.
  • “It was only an hour long, babe,” I told her. She shrugged.
  • “Still the best. Even when you came and slept on top of me,” she smirked.
  • “You noticed?” I questioned, surprised. She giggled.
  • “How do you not notice when a tall, muscular guy puts his head on your back, and his arms around you?” she smiled. I looked a bit embarrassed. 
 “Yeah, sorry about that. I didn’t want to stay next to that Luke kid,” I shook my head, as anger and fear washed over my face once again. She nudged my shoulder playfully, getting me out of it.
  • “No, no. Don’t apologize. I couldn’t fall asleep until after you came over,” she smiled to herself. I grinned, as I wrapped my arm around her neck. She leaned into my arm, taking a deep breath. I breathed in her sweet scent— I nearly groaned, it smelled so good. When she reached her locker, she turned towards me, her back leaned against the lockers.
  • “So, my place after school, okay?” she smirked. I grinned, before furrowing my eyebrows.
  • “For sure, but why?” I questioned. She looked down at the floor, a stupid grin on her face.
  • “So we can watch movies in bed, listen to music, cuddle… you can play with my hair, and I can scratch your back, and we can eat food…” I smashed my lips against hers unexpectedly, before she was even able to close them. I breathed in deeply, as she fumbled a bit against the lockers. I stabled her, my strong hands on her waist.
  • “Gosh, I love you,” I whispered into her lips.