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Telling Chakotay you’re pregnant or him finding out some way? 

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“When do you think she’ll wake up?” Chakotay asked, his voice light as he watched you sleep. There wasn’t a mark on your skin; The Doctor made sure of that. It was hard to believe you had almost died.

The hologram came up to the other side of the biobed. “Technically now, but I’d like her to rest for now.” He explained, and Chakotay just nodded. As long as you were okay, he can wait for you to rest. The Doctor went through your scans and gave a small nod. “The baby is alright, as well. Safe and sound.”

Chakotay instantly snapped his head up, eyebrows furrowing forward. “Baby?” He echoed.

The Doctor looked to the First Officer, and instantly realized what was happening. He sighed and glanced down to your sleeping form. “I suppose Y/N hasn’t told you.”


doctor who | series 9

“Let’s find out. Let’s do it like we’ve done everything else… Together. “


The Shakespeare Code - Behind the Scenes (Part 4)
Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s set report from DWM #382

DWM quizzed David and Freema (separately, of course - no conferring!) to determine who knows the most about the Bard. They get one point for completing each famous Shakespeare quote, and one more for naming the play. 

Q: To be or not to be, that is the question…

DT: “’Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer / the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’ - Hamlet”  (2 pts)

FA: “’Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him well’? Um - it’s from Hamlet.” (1 pt)

Q: And thus the whirligig of time…

DT: “Oh bum. ‘And thus the whirligig of time draws on, um…’ That’s not right. It’s that kind of thing. [DWM: ‘And thus the whirligig of time brings in his revenges.’] “I was close, though! Is it from Macbeth? [DWM: Twelfth Night.] This is terrible.”  (0 pts)

FA: “Is that from A Midsummer Night’s Dream? I’m not even going to pretend that I know. My God, I’m awful. I bet David got them all right.” (0 pts)

Q: Friends, Romans, countrymen…

DT: “’…lend me your ears; / I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.’ Julius Caesar.”   (2 pts)

FA: “’Friends, Romans, countrymen, um, listen up!” Ha! It’s from… ooh, is it Julius Caesar? Yes? It is? Put that I said that with conviction.”  (1 pt)

Q: By the pricking of my thumbs…

DT: “’Something wicked this way comes.’ That’s Macbeth.” (2 pts)

FA: “It rhymes? Um - ‘By the pricking of my thumbs / I’ll end up smacking those big bums.’ Ha ha!”  (0 pts)

Final Score: David got 16 out of 20, Freema got 6 out of 20 

Thank you to everyone who shares set photos!!

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Death and Such Again

My friends and I got to talking about death in RPGs (which I already wrote about recently) and we sort of came up with a system for dramatic death. I’m not sure if it’s a good fit for D&D but it would probably work really well in a game with a heavy narrative focus.

Characters can not die under normal circumstances: you won’t die to a stray arrow from an orc, or falling down a cliff (we’ll assume something broke your fall). “Death” means that you’re simply wounded to the point where you can not act until you get a good bit of rest and see a doctor or something. If you get a TPK the group might wake up in the villain’s dungeon.

However, if something that the character feels strongly is on the line, the character can put their life on the line: Whatever they are trying to achieve will succeed, but they might die as a result. The gloves are now off.

Say the player feels really strongly about protecting the innocent: the local orphanage is on fire, because the big bad’s minions set it on fire. The player says “Okay, shit just got real, I’m saving all the orphans.” Now, no matter how low the player rolls on their Orphan-Saving Check, they will succeed in saving the orphans, but a failure means they will die.

As an added bonus, the player’s next character will start at the exact same level as their previous character and they’ll start with an extra point of inspiration to boot.

In the context of combat, the player’s character will keep fighting even after the point they’ve died by the rules, and once the combat is over they will collapse from their wounds.

This system should not be used if raising the dead is an option. Once a character has died a dramatic death they can only be brought back through completing a quest, which may or may not involve kicking down the doors of Hades and saving the dead character.


the wedding of river song // the husbands of river song

Revenge - Doctor Strange x Reader (Halloween)

Title: Revenge

Pairing: Doctor Strange x Reader

Characters: A hell of a lot if I’m honest… Avengers both old and new along with Bucky, Pepper, Darcy, Jane, Laura (Clint’s children were staying at their Nan’s), Wong, Sharon, Fury, Coulson and Maria. And of course the wonderful Doctor Strange and the beautiful, awesome Reader!

Request: Could you do a doctor strange x reader where Tony throws a Halloween party and the reader goes as dressed as a ‘sexy/cute’ girl Strange for a laugh and he loves it? You decide the type of ending… by @littlemisscaptainfandom (No worries it was late for Halloween, I saw it as super early for next year.)

Summary: When you’d decided to dress as a female Doctor Strange you’d never expected it to turn out quite like this… Nor had you expected the Doctor to rest quite in this way…

Word Count: 2130

Warnings: Jumping off of a roof for revenge does not always go as planned and is NOT SAFE so DO NOT JUMP OFF OF BUILDINGS!

When using portals please be careful not to be distracted by ridiculously hot men with amazing facial hair and magic.

The ending hints at smut but isn’t quite smut. A part two could be done for full smutty goodness to happen…

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I’d like to title these: Man, I hope TWRP Understands How Much I Love Them Through These Because it Took Me Goshdarn For-FREAKING-Ever to Finish These: A Series of Paintings and Suffering

WELP, it’s been about half a year since I started these boys, I’m so glad I finally finished them! Remind me to never do traditional ever again. I ended up going to digital for some final touches and lighting anyways lol.

today was wild.. i read the new hq chapter and fell in love with miya osamu, finished watching young justice and cried my eyes out, and read the first chapter of robot x laserbeam and fell in love with roboto.. 

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*looks at the doctors* Quick ! I need most of you to take care of Asahina, two of you stay behind and make sure the others are okay !

T-This is…*looks as the doctors put Asahina’s body on a stretcher before rushing back inside a building* S-She is so pale…

Makoto ! I’m going with Hina, you stay behind and take care of the rest ! *follows the doctors*

I’m sorry…If we were quicker then…

S-She isn’t dead ! Don’t lose hope ! *turns back to the helicopter* Now let’s take care of the others.


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You know what the most difficult thing was? Coping with what happens next, or with what doesn’t happen next. You took me to the furthest reaches of the galaxy, you showed me supernovas, intergalactic battles, and then you just dropped me back on Earth. How could anything compare to that?


The final scene of Doomsday vs. the same scene from The Runaway Bride

From the Runaway Bride commentary track with David Tennant and Julie Gardner:

Julie: There we have Donna entering your TARDIS

David: Interestingly, that sequence was the closing seconds of Doomsday

Julie: Yes

David: …which was the end of series two - but not those actual pictures. We re-shot it.  We have two directors of photography on Doctor Who, Ernie and Rory.  Ernie shot Doomsday in the way he likes to shoot the TARDIS and likes to light the TARDIS, which is lots of greens and lots of reds.  Rory prefers it to be a more kind of golden affair

Julie: Yeah - a bit more yellow-y

David: Yeah, so the version of that scene would fit with the scene we’re now in [the rest of the Doctor/Donna initial scene in the TARDIS] we had to re-shoot it and do a kind-of Rory version of the scene.

Julie: and did you make different choices as an actor the second time?

David: No, in fact we had the dvd player by the side of the set to try to re-create it as exactly as we possibly could, so that you wouldn’t necessarily notice that it was different - although I just told you, so that gives that away