Helicopter parents of 20 something's- wow.

Yes, we want the best for our children. But with an unknown lifespan, my daily parenting goal is to make them more and more self-sufficient.

In Haiti there is a horrible system of slavery called Restavec where a child is sold as young as 4 to become the servant to another Haitian family. Now in no way do I believe this is anywhere near good, loving or just for that child or community.

However, when I consider that my son is about to turn 4 it certainly drops the scales from my eyes as to what he is capable of as opposed to my current expectations of him.

Son, if you can play with Legos, you can put place mats, napkins and forks on the table for dinner. And you can rub mommy’s feet. ;)

And for the love of God, I promise I will never accompany you to an interview or a job fair.

Thanks for the link, TJM.