restaurat woes

My last post is inspired by this story...

Tonight; I was working with another host.  We had a full restaurant, but our bar tables were closed because we had an event going on earlier.  After the event ended, we just kept that section closed since it was a little later anyway.

A party of 10 comes in, no reservation, no notice, nada.

Host: If you want to stay together it is going to be around a 30 minute wait.

Lady: Why can’t we just sit up there *points to bar tables*

Host: We don’t have any servers back there right now.  Do you want me to add you to the wait?

Lady: No, I’ll just wait till the rest of the party gets here and let you know.

Rest of the party comes in.  We can see them pointing to the bar tables, and talking to each other.  One of the women who just got there comes up to me this time.

Lady 2: So, why can’t we sit up there again? Can’t you just send a server over there?

Me: Unfortunately since it is a larger party, and we’re busy down here, I can’t.  Your service would be slower, and so would the service of their other tables.

Lady 2: Well, what if we just ordered from the bar and brought it over to that table.

I looked at the other host.  We’re technically allowed to do this, but it always ends bad.  We let them, and then weren’t surprised with what happened next.

Guy from party comes up: Can we have menus?

(We didn’t supply them since they sat themselves, and the bar has menus.) I go to take up their menus, while one of them came down to talk to the other host.

As I was handing out menus, only one of them genuinely said thanks, and Lady #2 from earlier gave me a bitchy, “Oh you guys actually want to sell food?” (Bitch)

Meanwhile a different woman was bitching to the other host about why they couldn’t get a server and asked to talk to a manager.  The host told her straight up, “We told you that if you sat there, you wouldn’t have a server. You all agreed to order from the bar.  The servers are busy, which is why you would have had to wait otherwise.”

She called a manager anyway.

He made one of the servers with a full section take them.

We were all pissed.

What’s the point of having rules if people get their way as long as they bitch enough?  That’s encouraging the worst people to act even worse.