Bakery, sweets and pastries in Spanish 🍰

This list is only 1% of all the desserts around the world. Some of them may be called or written differently in your country! Add more to the list as you like and tag the ones you’ve tasted 🥞

**There are also some key words which may help understanding.

  • Arroz con leche. Rice pudding
  • Baclava. Baklava
  • Barquillo. Wafer
  • Berlinesa. Berliner
  • Bizcocho. Sponge cake, lady finger
  • Bollo. Bread roll, hard roll, sweet bun, cupcake 
  • Bollo de leche, bollo suizo. Brioche
  • Bollo de piña. Pineapple bun
  • Brazo de gitano. Swiss roll
  • Bretzel, pretzel. Pretzel
  • Canelé. Canelé
  • Carquiñol, biscote. Biscotti, cantuccini
  • Churro. Churro
  • Coca. “Coca” or cake*
  • Conejito. Similar to Berliner
  • Crepe. Crêpe
  • Cruasán. Croissant
  • Cuerno de crema, canutillo, caracola. Cream horn
  • Dulce de leche, cajeta. Soft toffee, caramel, condensed milk candy
  • Empanada. “Empanada” which is a stuffed pastry
  • Ensaimada. Coiled puffed pastry
  • Estrúdel. Strudel
  • Genovesa. Genoise
  • Gofre, wafle, waffle. Waffle
  • Guirlache. Almond brittle
  • Hojaldre. Puff pastry
  • Islas flotantes. Floating island
  • Lengua de gato, bizcocho de soletilla. Ladyfingers
  • Macarrón. Macaron
  • Manjar blanco. Similar to blancmange
  • Mantecada. Flat muffin
  • Masa quebrada. Shortcrust pastry
  • Mazamorra. Mazamorra
  • Mazapán. Marzipan
  • Miguelitos. Soft puff pastry with a creamy custard-like filling
  • Milhojas. Mille-feuille, vanilla slice, custard slice, Napoleon
  • Nata. Cream
  • Nata montada. Whipped cream
  • Natilla. Custard
  • Neula. Straw-shaped wafer
  • Palmera. Palmier, palm leaf
  • Pan. Bread 
  • Pan dulce. Sweet bread
  • Panela. Panela
  • Panqueque, tortita. Pancake
  • Pastafrola. Pastafrola
  • Pastel. Cake or pie
  • Pastel de Arequipe. A type of turnover
  • Pastel de Belém o pastel de nata. Portuguese egg tart pastry
  • Pastel de cereza. Cherry pie
  • Pastel de Luna. Mooncake
  • Pastel de pecanas. Pecan pie
  • Pedos de monja. Small egg and flour biscuits
  • Picarón. Picaron
  • Pionono. “Pionono”, rolled sweet pastry
  • Polvorón. “Polvorón”, crumbly shortbread
  • Praliné. Praline
  • Profiterol. Profiterole
  • Quesito. Cheese-filled pastry twist
  • Rollo de canela, espiral de canela. Cinnamon roll
  • Rosquillas de Santa Clara. Anise and meringue donut
  • Tarta. Pie or cake
  • Tarta de manzana, pastel de manzana. Apple pie
  • Tarte Tatin. Tarte Tatin
  • Torpil, pastel torpedo. Torpedo dessert
  • Torta. Cake or pie
  • Tortel. Whipped cream-filled pastry
  • Turrón. Turron, nougat candy

La Catrina Restaurante Mexicano by w-sims (No CC!)

With all of the Halloween downloads available this time of year, I thought it would be nice to focus on another upcoming celebration, El Día de Muertos. I decided to make a Mexican restaurant that’s ready to welcome families and friends and serve them some delicious food on this special day. It features an altar/ofrenda and serves a selection of Mexican food, including el pan de muerto. Best of all… it’s completely CC free and on the Gallery now!

Lot Traits: Haunted, Chef’s Kitchen, Convivial.

Download from the Gallery (ID: thewsimmer) or search #thewsimmer

Things to say as a waiter/waitress in Spanish 🍳

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Requested by anon ✨Listen while studying

Note: anon asked for expressions to use in Spain, so this list focuses on that country. Some other countries may use different expressions.
Most of these can be used at fancy restaurants✨

First of all let’s talk about vosotros / ustedes:) The recommendation is to use usted/ustedes if you are a waiter/waitress, it shows respect. It’s pretty much mandatory for elder people, no matter the type of restaurant. The only time I’d say to drop formalities is when you feel like the group of people in a table are younger than you, so that it feels more familiar. But overall, usted/ustedes is your option✨

✨at the entrance✨

  • Una mesa para [1,2,3…] Table for 1,2,3…
  • ¿Para cuántos? For how many?
  • ¿Para cuántas personas? For how many people?
  • ¿Cuántos serán [esta noche / hoy]? How many will you be tonight / today?
  • ¿Para dos? For two?
  • ¿Tiene/tienen reserva? Do you have a reservation?
  • Tendrá/tendrán que esperar 10 minutos. You will have to wait for 10 minutes
  • ¿Me da su nombre por favor? Can I have your name?
  • Su mesa está lista. Your table is ready
  • Por aquí, por favor. This way, please.

✨at the table✨

  • Bienvenido(s) a La Rosa Escarlata. Mi nombre es __. Welcome to La Rosa Escarlata. My name is __
  • Yo seré su camarero/a esta noche (use ‘velada’ for fancy). I’ll be your waiter/waitress tonight
  • ¿Cómo estamos/están esta noche? How are we tonight?
  • Déjenme decirles la especialidad de hoy. Let me tell you today’s specials. 
  • ¿Puedo traerles algo para beber? Can I get you something to drink?
  • Aquí les dejo el menú / la carta. Here I will leave the menu
  • ¿Necesitan más tiempo para decidirse? Do you need a little time to decide?
  • ¿Y para usted, señor/caballero? And for you, sir?
  • ¿Qué le puedo traer a usted? What can I get for you?
  • Volveré con sus bebidas. I will be back with your drinks
  • ¿Están listos para pedir? Are you ready to order?
  • Vaya, lo siento, se nos ha acabado la mayonesa. Oh, I’m sorry, we are out of mayo.
  • Dejen que recoja sus platos. Let me collect your dishes
  • ¿Puedo ofrecerles la carta de postres? Can I interest you in our dessert menu? 
  • Les traeré la cuenta. I will bring the check/bill. 

✨Extra: be familiar ✨

  • ¿Qué tal, familia? How are you (to a family)
  • ¿Todo bien, caballero? Is everything good mister?
  • Por su puesto, señorita. Of course, miss. 

✨at the kitchen ✨

I don’t know how to translate the next haha I’ll try to explain. Not everyone uses these expressions, but they’re also not that uncommon, especially in big restaurants that are not franchises, etc. 

  • Marcha, vale! For when you go to the kitchen to “shout” the orders
  • “4 de patatas, 2 de huevos” After saying “marcha vale” you go and shout the actual order “4 of potatoes, 2 of eggs”. 
  • Marchan los segundos de la 4 Ordering the kitchen to start doing the mains of table 4
  • Pase el primero de la 1 Ordering the kitchen to pass you the starter of table 1 or telling the kitchen you are grabbing the starter of table 1
  • ¡Oído cocina! / ¡Marchando! Something you may hear by the chefs when they’ve heard you and start working on it.

For anon: depending on the region of the restaurant you’re gonna work at, remember to study the typical dishes of that region. Barcelona’s most popular sandwiches may not be the same as Madrid’s. And learn about types of coffee!:)  

Tip: learn all food vocabulary and also notice that menú and carta are not the same. Menú is the specialty/discount of the day and carta is the full menu.

my vocab listsfoodplaces ✨ request here

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¿Que venís a trolearme el negocio? pues pa troll yo 😙

Unos veganos de Toronto decidieron ir a protestar frente a un restaurante que ofrecía carne animal en su carta. La reacción del cocinero fue ponerse a despiezar un animal frente al escaparate del local.

At a Spanish Restaurant

- La carta, por favor.
- (Hand me) The menu, please.
- ¿Cuál es el menú del día? 
- ¿What is the menu of the day?
- ¿Tiene carta de vinos?
- ¿Do you have a wine menu?
- ¿Dónde está el servicio?
- ¿Where is the restroom?
- ¿Este plato lleva picante?
- ¿Is this dish spicy?
- Sólo agua, gracias.
- Just water, thanks.
- La cuenta, por favor.
- The bill, please.