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Defenders continues to sneak in clever nods to the 4 character colors.

Look at this damn dragon. Made up primarily of Green, Yellow, and Red. Who is currently inside the restaurant? Danny, Luke, and Matt. There are little touches of blue and a lot of blue on the border. Who is sort of in the group but still undecided? Jessica.

Keep it up, set design crew. Keep it the hell up. I love spotting this shit.

the start of something she never expected | luke/maryse | rated G

Having Maryse at the Institute has become a more pleasant thing lately, even something Izzy looks forward to. She sees the change in her mother, not just towards Izzy and Alec, but also towards Downworlders. Alec hadn’t given Izzy details, but he did say their mother came to the loft and apologized to Magnus, sincerely and thoughtfully; had even suggested the three of them get dinner sometime.

Maryse and Robert had separated, and since divorce wasn’t very common practice amongst Shadowhunters, that was as official as they could get. Maryse still lives in the Lightwood house in Idris, and Robert had moved out, busying himself with Clave work or that other woman, Izzy doesn’t really know, doesn’t care to know.

It’s about a month after the official separation that Maryse is in New York, and Izzy hasn’t seen too much of her, missions and new recruits keeping her busy. So one evening she makes her way over to her mother’s room, pushing the already slightly open door. She finds her mother sitting on the bed, putting on an elegant pair of black heels, a deep green dress brushing against her ankles. Her hair is curled and almost completely loose, making her look infinitely less strict and stoic than Izzy has always seen her as.

“Don’t you look nice,” Izzy says, stepping into the room, her mother’s eyes lifting to her. “Hot date?”

She says it jokingly, but Maryse honest to the Angel blushes.

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  • tony: With regards to making it legal, you saw what happened when we tried.
  • steve: was that legal?
  • tony: Yes, at first. I even took on a tie

So there are fans watching The Defenders who hadn’t seen Iron Fist, and are confused by Danny Rand.

“Does he suck this much in his own show?” they ask, perplexed.

My dears, he is actually worse in his own show, and the Defenders is a vast improvement.

I still recommend watching Iron Fist though, if only to see why it’s so bad.

chameleonspace  asked:

hello! got a idea/suggestion for fanfic but i'm dreadful at writing (unlike you)! alternate universe malec and magnus reveals/shows/tells alec he's a warlock?!✨✨✨ don't worry if you don't want to xx

thank you :x i didnt know whether u meant any au or the season 1 au, so i improvised i hope you like it!

The rain glowed neon in the city light, pouring from the grey clouds that overtook the sky. The sound of it meeting the ground drowned out all other noise, creating isolation out of soothing chaos. Magnus couldn’t help but think of how fitting it was. That today of all days would see nature announce its sorrow.

It had been months now since that fateful party. Since Magnus had regained his magic and his heart. Since he met the boy in blue. He could still remember Alec asking him to stay, how the confidence had made Magnus hesitate until he noticed the careful urgency radiating off Alec. Therefore, body still brimming with new-found life, he had agreed, and felt his heart skip at the smile that lit up Alec’s face.

After that it had been meetings between clients, late night texts, laughter shared across food, fingers intertwined, and lips pressed to cheeks. Being with Alec was exhilarating, the energy between them palpable. Every date felt like they were caught in their own personal gravity, pulled closer and closer together with each smile.

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Vampire in a werewolf territory

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Words: 1125
A/N The diner mentioned in this imagine is a diner from the books. xx

“Please Y/N! You know Simon, he is so lovely to be around. Just be like you’re hanging out.” Clary looked pleading at you. She was going to Idris, and she was scared that something would happen to Simon while she was gone. “Clary, Simon can take care of himself… Okay, yeah I’ll watch him.” You let out a sigh, while Clary started to jump up and down. 

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Sugar Cookies

You looked up from your position on one side of your kitchen counter where you were kneading dough to check how Luke was doing with the frosting.

He noticed you staring at him and promptly began whining, “It’s sticky!”

You couldn’t help but laugh at his childish tone. “Yes, Luke. I know because you’ve said so a thousand times since you started.”

He held up the spoon he was using and aimed it at you, “Hey, now. No teasing.”

Before you could respond, Roxy was on her feet and walking over to Luke where she sat down patiently and looked from his face to the spoon of delicious gooeyness.

He looked down at her and raised an eyebrow in amusement, “Nope. This isn’t for you, girl. You know that. Yes, I said what I said. Go on.” He nodded his head to where her doggy bed was in the living room.

She threw him a look surprisingly unimpressed for a dog as she got up and made her way over.

“You done, princess?” You questioned him as you flashed him a mocking smile.

He deadpanned at you, “I love it when you call me that, Y/N. Really gets my gears going.”

You grinned at him and winked, “Oh, baby, I know.”

He shook his head at you and walked over to the sink to wash the spoon and any other abandoned utensils he saw.

You gave up on kneading the dough any more and went to put the bowl with icing in the fridge, taking some with your finger.

Luke laughed, “I saw that!”

You turned around and whispered, “You saw nothing. Now I’m going to go ahead and preheat the oven before cutting some shapes out of the dough. You want to take Roxy for a walk?”

He dried up his hands before responding, “Sure, baby. I’ll be back in half an hour probably.” He stopped by on his way out of the kitchen to put his hands on your hips and pull you to him, leaning down to kiss you on the top of your head.

You leaned your head back to smile up at him before capturing his lips in a kiss, pulling back after a moment. “Byeeeee,” you said in a sing-song tone.

He kissed you once more quickly before leaving with Roxy to a nearby park.

You set to work quickly as you heard the door close. You got out a heart shaped cookie cutter and began cutting dough out at a speed surprising even to you before you set them on a cookie sheet. After placing the cookies to bake, you got a tube of red icing out of your kitchen pantry.

You and Luke had been together for nearly 8 months and your feelings for him were growing every single day, making you fall deeper and deeper in love with him. Neither of you had said those three little words, but you finally felt you were ready. So you decided to bake some cookies and ice them to spell out the words ‘I love you!” because if he didn’t feel the same just yet, you at least had cookies to eat your emotions away with.

Just as you were pondering the potential scenarios that could happen, the oven dinged, letting you know that your cookies were done. You went ahead and got them out so you could let them cool for long enough before frosting and icing them.

Oh, god, you thought. Were you overdoing it with the frosting and icing? Maybe this whole thing was a bad idea…

You specifically picked this way to tell Luke because you wanted the familiarity of baking to calm you, but your anxiety still found a way to rear its ugly head.

As you started going deeper down the negative hole in your head, your phone rang, signaling a call from Luke.

“Hey, babe,” you answered.

“Baby! Listen, Roxy started playing with another dog at the park so I might take a little longer than usual. Should I pick up some food on the way home? Ooh, what about that one Chinese restaurant you love?”

You smiled at the little fact that he remembered your favorite take out restaurant, “Sure, Luke.”

“Great!” You could practically hear the smile on his face. “See you soon, Y/N.”

You hung up and went to check how cool the sugar cookies were. When you were pleased with their temperature, you began icing them with the homemade frosting Luke had made. It wasn’t half bad, either, which was incredibly surprising. That man is just good at everything, you thought proudly.

You finished frosting and icing all the cookies with letters and hearts and smiley faces and took a deep breath, preparing yourself.

You had no idea why you were so nervous, as your relationship with Luke would be the same after you told him you loved him, no matter if he returned the sentiment or not.

Before you could think anymore, you heard the front door unlocking. You quickly arranged the cookies so they spelled out the words correctly and nicely and left them on the plate in the kitchen, where you knew Luke would find them when he set down the food.

You rushed to greet him and Roxy at the door, “Hey, baby!”

Luke moved a step back in surprise at your loud tone, “Um? Hey, Y/N. Why are you yelling?”

He looked at you questioningly while you knelt down to pet Roxy. You grinned at him and told him you were just excited to see her. He nodded at you and headed to the kitchen to place the bag of food down on the counter. You stood up and stayed silent, anxious to see his reaction but also relieved that you finally got your feelings out there. You were so glad to tell him how you felt, even if you used cookies to deliver the message, that you were now just happy for him to know.

You walked over to the kitchen as Luke still hadn’t come out, yet.

“Luke? Did you see the—?”

Luke rushed to meet you, “Is that for me? Do you mean it? Really?”

You smiled at the happiness shining in his eyes and said, “Yes, you dork. I do.”

He placed his hands on either side of your face and leaned down, “Will you say it?”

You put your hands over Luke’s and started peppering his face with kisses, all in between the words you kept repeating, “I love you. I love you. I. Love. You.”

You pulled back to hear Luke laughing slightly, completely overjoyed. “I love you, too, Y/N! Oh, my god. I love you. So much.”

You beamed at him, hoping that simple gesture would be enough to convey to him how happy you were feeling. You led him over to the plate, “Have you tried one yet?”

He shook his head and reached for a cookie with a heart on it, biting into it easily. “Sweet,” he said. “But not as sweet as you.”

You rolled your eyes at the comment, “Baby…let’s not, huh?”

“Give me some sugar, honey,” he said, making another joke on the sugar cookies and the honey that was used in the frosting.

You stared at him for a moment before walking closer and kissing him, “You’re lucky I love you.” You were so giddy that you could say that freely now.

He smiled down at you, more serious now, “I know. I’m incredibly lucky.“

Written On This Skin Part 12 - Luke Soulmate Au

Part 1

Part 11

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“I’m so sorry,” His soulmate whispers in his ear.

“For what baby girl,” Luke whispers back.

“For saying I didn’t want you. I want you. Damn do I want you,” Y/N whispers in his ear, biting it playfully.  Luke smiles, holding his baby close. He tucks her under his chin.

“I want you too,” Luke says, “But I think we need to talk,”

“Yeah, okay,” Y/N agrees. The two of them commandeer the back room of the bus, closing the sliding door. The other’s had little argument, because after all that had happened today, they all knew that the pair of them needed alone time.

They sit in the back of the bus, on the circular couch, across from each other. Luke’s legs are so long that they tangle in Y/N’s. She discreetly leans her own legs against Luke’s. They sit there for a few moments, looking at each other. Luke looks up at her through his eyelashes, flashing his baby-blues, and says, “Baby, won’t you come over here?” He asks, his hands wringing.

Y/N swiftly moves to sit next to him and Luke cheekily does a yawn-and-stretch, wrapping his arm around Y/N. He pulls her into his chest, and she leans her head onto his chest.

“What are we going to do?” Luke asks, nervous for her reply.

“I-I can’t, I want to have a job, Luke,” Luke opens his mouth to say something, but Y/N quickly catches on and playfully covers it. Luke scrunches his eyebrows a little and looks down to her. “I’m going to freelance coding” Y/N tells Luke. She glances up at him through her eyelashes, ready for his argument.

“Okay, that sounds good baby,” Luke says. Y/N lets out a sigh that she didn’t know she was holding.

They sit there for a few beats, breathing in each other. They are both memorizing each other, unknowingly to the other. They both sit there, listening to the other’s breaths. They both sit there, hearing the other’s heartbeat. They both sit there trying to remember that the other is alive. That they are together. That they wouldn’t let go of each other.

Y/N lets out a heavy breath, bringing Luke’s attention to her. She starts to wiggle out of his hold, and announces that she has to pee, making Luke give a little chuckle. She opens the sliding door and moves out of the room.

Luke still doesn’t know much about his Soulmate, but he knows that he will have his whole life to learn about her. He does know the way her hair shines in the sun though. He knows that nobody’s eyes can sparkle like her’s. He knows he will never go looking at another girl again. Why would he when he has Y/N?

A bubbling Michael burst through the door, “Its me the love of you life!” He proclaims.

“Please, I can wear heels bigger than your dick,” Luke says, quickly responding without thinking. Michael lets out a big, stomach rumbling laugh.

“Please,” Micheal begs, his laughter continuing on. Luke gives a fake chuckle, before Emily pushes pas Mikey.

“What’s so funny,” Emily asks.

“Baby, come back, i wanna cuddle,” Ashton whines, following his soulmate to the back room. He grabs her hand and drags her to the couch across from Luke and pulls Emily to sit on Ashton’s lap facing him. For once in his life, Luke isn’t jealous of the pair. He has his own little sunshine.

“What’s going on?” Y/N asks, pushing past Michael, who is still standing in the doorway. Y/N moves to sit next to Luke again, but Luke wasn’t having it. He’s only been able to touch her for the past few hours, so he will be damned if she only sat next to him. Luke pulls his baby girl onto his lap, his chin resting on her shoulder. “Nice butt Emily” Y/N comments playfully, facing the pair, and Emily throws her hands to protect her already covered behind. Ashton’s hands quickly cover her’s and soon he is the one holding Emily’s bum. Y/N watches as Ashton pulls Emily in for a kiss and Luke squeaks, covering Y/N’s eyes.

“Do you wanna watch a movie?” Michael says from the doorway. They all hear a distant yes from the front of the bus. Jackie walks past Michael and motions for him to follow her. Calum and Alex show up in the doorway holding hands.

“I heard we were watching a movie?” Calum asks dragging Alex to the couch. Everybody moved to make room, but every one was still squished.

“What movie?” Emily asks, attempting to turn around so she can see the tv, but Ashton tightened his grip on her, not wanting her to move.

“Deadpool, duh,” Michael says, getting up and popping the DVD into the player. He sits back down, causing a groan from Jackie and Calum, whom he was sitting in-between.

Was this what family is like? Y/N has to wonder as the movie begins. Putting up with each other’s bullshit? Is this what family was like, watching the tv together. YN had always found family with her friend Alyssa, but she had never had people other than Alyssa care when she had a panic attack. Emily and Michael really helped Y/N. They understood what she is going through. Talking to Emily is like talking to a long-lost friend. They just clicked so well, just like Y/N and Alyssa did. It’s amazing. The group dynamic is just so nurturing for creativity, and they genuinely care. Even though Y/N is the latest addition, they all were so worried about her.

It’s a few days later. Y/N and Luke is just getting to know each other. Trying to figure out their patterns, and to try and remember their habits. They are both trying to memorize the other. They are back in New York City after Toronto, and Y/N is excited because she asked Alyssa to drive down to meet her. She drags Luke through the city which she visited every few weeks as a kid. Y/N’s parents were obsessed with the city, but didn’t want their children to grow up in it.

“Hey!” Alyssa shouts, wrapping Y/N into a hug. Luke is standing behind Y/N in aviator and a hat. He looks around a little worried that fans would pop out and drag him away. Luke loves his fans, but right now his whole mind is focused on Y/N and meeting Alyssa formally.

The two girls walk into the restaurant chatting, and Luke follows. Y/N had told Luke that Alyssa is like her sister, and that she didn’t care if they were soulmates, Alyssa’s opinion could break them up. Luke wasn’t that worried though, wasn’t Alyssa a fan?

Sure, Y/N told Luke that Alyssa could break them up, but it wasn’t exactly true. Nothing could break up soulmates, and Alyssa would be stupid to try and break them up. She told Luke that to get him nervous. She wanted Luke to really try to like Alyssa, Y/N is worried that Luke would only look at her like a fan, not a friend.

“So Luke…” Alyssa starts, drawing out her words. Y/N is quick to hide her face, knowing what question is coming next.

“Have you and Y/N done the dirty yet?” Alyssa asks, and Luke chokes a little on his coffee.

“Um, no? I’m not a rabbit,” Luke says, trying to add some humor to the conversation. When he gets no reaction he goes on, “But if Y/N wanted to, I would. I don’t want to pressure her,” Luke says.

“Okay, so have you gone on any dates?” Alyssa asks, and Y/N quickly picks up her head.

“Give it to me,” Y/N demands.

“Give what to you?” Alyssa says playing innocent.

“The tape recorder,” Y/N says. Luke looks between the two of them with wide eyes. His soulmate is badass. How did she know that Alyssa has a tape recorder, Luke wonders.

“What tape recorder?” Alyssa asks.

“The one in your pocket,” Y/N says confidently. She knows that Alyssa has a fan account for 5sos and to get an exclusive interview on Luke and his soulmate would be pure gold. Alyssa throws a tape recorder onto the table, the film inside still running. “The other one too,” Y/N says with a sigh. Another tape recorder is thrown up onto the table. “And your phone,” Y/N says again and Alyssa’s iphone, which is opened up to the voice memo app is on the table. Y/N carefully stops all the recordings and takes the tapes out, and deletes the voice memo. “I thought I told you no taping?” Y/N whines to her best friend.

“Sorry bub, but this was such a good opportunity!” Alyssa says, jumping in her seat a little.

“Oh, Alyssa,” Y/N says, “I thought we said, Friend first, Fangirl second!” Y/N yells playfully. Alyssa and Y/N let out laughs, not knowing what they were laughing about themselves. Luke looks around nervously, not understanding the joke, if you could call it that.

They leave the Café after a few hours, heading back to the tourbus with Alyssa so she can see it and meet everybody else properly. They all walk excitedly to the bus. Alyssa and Luke got along really well, and Y/N is happy about that.

Y/N glance up and quickly recognizes a face, one that she hadn’t seen since College. Her eyes widen and she nudges Alyssa about it. She looks up too and recognizes the face. It was a name that she has written about on her skin before.



News about my writing

…and I haven’t abandoned my readers. It’s been a weird combination of real life stuff, writer’s block and a growing feeling of insecurity about the things I write.

But I’ve finally managed to pull myself together and be productive, so tomorrow I’m going to post Chapter 9 of Crossing Knives. All 5500 words of it.

Here are the links to all the chapters I’ve posted so far (in case I still have readers and they want to rememeber what all this was about). Chapter 9 is currently with my my lovely beta reader @hiddlesnlondon, who has the patience of a saint, and in less than 24 hours I’ll post it here and on Ao3.

Thank you all!

Crossing Knives 

Tom Hiddleston is the brilliant executive chef of Band of Brothers, a London restaurant with a Michelin star. He also has a reputation for being arrogant, cocky and difficult, and his constant tantrums are making the business suffer.

Hallie Harrison is a former home cook, known for her big and innovative flavours, who has just won Masterchef US. Her triumph has brought her some fame, a bit of money, and the publication of her own cookbook. After a short perfecting course at a prestigious culinary school, she feels ready to go back to her home country and play in the big leagues.

Luke Windsor is a restaurateur who is tired of constantly looking for new sous-chefs because his business partner (and, nevertheless, friend) Tom keeps making them quit. In a desperate move to save his restaurant, Luke offers Hallie a job as a sous-chef… and maybe also a chance to meet the man of her dreams in the least likely of places: the kitchen of Band of Brothers.

Flashback drabble: Dom Pérignon

Chapter 1: Amuse Bouche, California Style

Chapter 2: Gourmet Appetizers and Al Fresco Dining

Chapter 3: Hangover Breakfast

Chapter 4: Craft Ale and a Touch of Ginger

Chapter 5: Champagne Tarts, Sweet and Sour

Chapter 6: Earl Grey Tea and Swiss Meringue

Chapter 7: A First Date and an Italian Feast

Chapter 8: Posher than a White Truffle Sandwich

Chapter 9 (coming soon TOMORROW)

ALSO our usual lunch place wasn’t open so we wandered and stumbled across THE BEST pizza place.  It’s called The Flying Saucer Pizza Company and everything on the menu was sci-fi/comic themed.  Just look at this thing.

And of course the inside was decked out in memorabilia.  There was a life-size Locutus of Borg you could take pictures with and everything.

You’re A Famous Youtuber And You See Him For The First Time

Masterlist | Request 


Being invited to the KCAS is exciting enough but being nominated for an award is mind-blowingly awesome. At least, that’s what it feels like.

As you’re sitting nervously in your seat with sweaty palms and nervous breathing you suddenly realise. You’ve got it all.

To your right are your fellow youtubers but to your left are a string of four empty seats. Whoever’s gonna sit there better hurry up and get here, you think to yourself

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