restaurant in chicago

newsies as things my friends have done
  • jack: climbed up to the catwalk in our theater and yelled down at us on the ground
  • katherine: wrote a 2 page essay comparing 2 other friends in mla format and concluded that they were both equally terrible
  • david: suggested we watch scooby doo as a joke but then got really invested in the plot
  • crutchie: earned himself the nickname "sunshine" because he made nice call out posts on instagram
  • race: hangs onto old memes and still rickrolls people almost daily
  • spot: started screaming in a public restaurant because the chicago cubs were winning and had to be escorted out
  • finch: blasted their music in their car/screamed the lyrics to try and get the attention of the friends driving next to us
  • albert: asked why people thought he was gay and then starting grinding with two other boys five minutes later
  • elmer: fell on his face during a rollerblading race
  • romeo: someone asked if he and his girlfriend had had sex and he started yelling "don't you care about anything else?!? like if we make each other /happy/?!?"
  • specs: screamed because he realized his glasses made him look like mr. crocker
  • henry: picked up a child's glove off the ground at a theme park and wore it
  • buttons: carries glitter with them everywhere
  • mush: wrapped himself up in bubble wrap and had people roll him down the hall because he claimed he was too fragile for school

rebelcaptain AU || The Lake House

↳ Requested by anon

In 2017, Dr. Cassian Andor puts his lake house in the small town of Yavin, Wisconsin, up for rent. He’s moving to Chicago to start work at Chicago General Hospital in its ER. As he leaves, he places a note in the mailbox for the next tenant, asking her to forward his mail. “Sometimes the mail around here can be unreliable,” he adds. “And some things might slip through the cracks. Please also note,” he adds, “the paint-embedded paw prints in the walkway were already there when I arrived.”

The letter gets to the next tenant. Except it gets to her in 2015, on the day before Valentine’s Day, and she’s already been living there for the past year. Unfolding the letter in the walkway to the house, architect Jyn Erso says aloud, “Paw prints?” and sees nothing when she searches at her feet. But as she scoffs, a dog runs by, leaving fresh paw prints exactly where Cassian said they would be.

“How did you know that?” she says to Cassian, but of course, he cannot hear her. Instead, she writes him a letter asking him how, forwarding it to the address he left. Jyn mails it and soon forgets about it. She goes to bed. She goes to work the next day. She tries not to think about her estranged father, Galen, who designed and built the lake house for her late mother, Lyra.

On a surprisingly warm Valentine’s Day in 2017, Cassian has lunch with his colleague, Dr. Kay, in Daley Plaza, where they witness a car accident. A woman dashing through traffic is struck by a bus, and Cassian rushes over, trying to save her. But she dies in his arms.

This death hits Cassian hard, and for whatever reason, he is compelled to write Jyn back.

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Heart Of A Girl

Character: Jason Crouse (The Good Wife)

Word Count: 4,660

Summary: Jason’s girlfriend has a rough night with her self-esteem, and he helps her feel better.

Warnings: Negative self-esteem, negative self-talk

Written For: Self Insert Week 2017

Note: This is complete and total self-indulgent fluff. And sorry again for the length. I think I’m incapable of writing a short one-shot.

Tagging: @hawtdiggitynegan, @fuckinjdm (Want to be added to my taglist? Send me an ask!)

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