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Best Of Restaurant Week Snark

So Chicago, as I’m sure many big American cities do, has a “restaurant week” in the dark of winter, when the restaurant business is normally slow anyway. At this point it lasts two weeks, because here in the midwest we are Extra about our food. At Restaurant Week, participating restaurants offer fixed menus at fixed prices which sometimes are a great deal and sometimes…are not.

Anthony Todd at Chicagoist decided to do a break down of the best and worst deals for Restaurant Week(s) and I looked through his spreadsheet to see if any of my local joints were participating (so that I could avoid them during the crowded times). After a while I just started reading to enjoy his salt. Below are some highlights of his Restaurant Week commentary: 

  • I’m not going to dignify this one by doing math.
  • I wouldn’t recommend the upsell option, unless you’re a big ceviche fan. 
  • There’s a veggie burger on the $44 dinner menu that i’m fairly sure would be a terrible deal. 
  • I recently gave this restaurant a bad review, but because the normal menu is so incredibly overpriced, the menu is a bargain and the view is amazing.
  • Unless their pie is worth $8 to you, you can lose money on this deal.  I don’t think it is. 
  • If the dessert wasn’t gelato, this might make sense. 
  • Unless you think a beer or cocktail is worth $17, this is an absolutely awful deal. 
  • If you go to Rainforest Cafe for your big Restaurant Week meal, I can’t help you.

Chinatown in Chi-Town by Rolour Garcia
Via Flickr:
I shot this hand-held while crossing the street after dinner at a restaurant in Chicago’s Chinatown district. The sauteed oyster with ginger and green onions was a winner :-) .

Chicago Gothic

-Three roads meet at an intersection, it seems. But if you stand in the exact center, suddenly, you can see many more, infinitely more. All of them are at right angles. All of them are slightly different. Google Maps has no idea which is Milwaukee.
-There is no ketchup on hot dogs. Everyone knows this, but no one can remember where they heard it from. Is it a law, a truth, or a warning? You are not brave enough to find out.
-You have come to call the food served to you at Chicago restaurants pizza, but it is unlike any pizza you have ever tasted before. Legends say it is the ur-pizza, the chaos from which pizza formed, but you know well that it is older than the legends.
-If you search long enough, you will find a neighborhood for every country on the world. Search harder, and you will find one for every city, every place, even every person. The one who finds their own neighborhood will never leave again.
-The street art is modern. Too modern. Sometimes you may find a street with a sculpture that hasn’t been built yet. When you walk down this street, don’t look in any of the windows.
-The Loop was not built to make public transit easier. It is a trap, a prison, for something greater. If you listen carefully as your train turns a corner, you may hear its call.