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_George Harrison; London/Londres; New King’s Road; Arethusa Restaurant;  Apple Tailoring Opening Party/Festa de Inauguração da Alfaiataria da Apple; May 22th 1968/22 de maio de 1968.

_George Harrison, drinks and food/George Harrison, bebidas e comida.

Date Havoc (Monsters Inc)

Lockwood: *on a date with Lucy* You know, just the other day someone asked who was the most beautiful person in the whole wide world. You know what I said?

Lucy: What did you say?

Lockwood: I said… *sees George out window* George?

Lucy: George?!

Lockwood: No! No that’s not what I was going to say! I mean–

Lucy: Lockwood you’re not making any sense–

Lockwood: *babbling* I mean sure he’s intelligent, he’s–


10 Day Business Trip to Europe

I was voluntold to speak at my industry’s conference in Frankfurt this week and took the opportunity to spend time with my Crawley, UK employees as well as various clients and prospects in London and Paris.  While in Paris I had dinner with a high school classmate at Georges restaurant on top of the Pompidou.  

I rode the Eurostar from London to Paris for first time and a few days later took the train from Paris to Frankfurt.  The Paris train station had a pedal-powered mobile phone recharging station.  Both train trips were very enjoyable (and relatively inexpensive).  While in Germany I also had a one day trip to Berlin but didn’t have time to catch up with a Tumblr friend as I had hoped.

Traveling in Europe is generally very easy, even for someone who only speaks English (like me).  It was awkward being overseas during the election though - most everyone I met thinks the US has lost it’s mind (and I’m inclined to agree).

The last two pictures illustrate my primary, petty complaints about European hotels.  First, the thermostats are entirely decorative and don’t actually influence the temperature of the hotel room.  Regardless of what setting you choose, your room is going to be 74 degrees with no air movement.  I’m equally perplexed by the half-wall of European showers.  This arrangement ALWAYS results in a puddle on the floor.  I absolutely cannot fathom any benefit of this arrangement. 

Sadly, my training schedule suffered as European hotels are less likely to have a gym and it’s even more rare to find one that’s open late enough to accommodate a post client dinner treadmill run.

I can’t recall the last time I was out of town on business for this long - I’m glad to be home and hope I don’t have to repeat it anytime soon.

How George Acts Around You, His Crush...

•Him calling you out of the blue

•"What are you doing?“

•"It’s 3:00 in the morning, George. I’m obviously sleeping!”

•Him apologizing a million times and you telling him that your not a morning person at all

•Him always wanting to be near you

•Him taking you out to fancy restaurants

•"George, you didn’t have to bring me here. I’m fine with wherever you want to go"

•"I only want to give you the best" he smiles

•Him taking you to meet his family

•"It’s so nice to finally meet you Mr. And Mrs. Weasley, George has told me lots about you"

•"It’s nice to meet you as well. George has also told us lots about you!“

•"Mum! Dad!”

•You meeting his twin brother, Fred

•And George being amazed that you can tell the difference between them

•Him sleeping over at your house because you want to watch with him by your side

•You cuddling up against him making him tense up but eventually relax

•Making corny names for each other

•"Pumpkin pie can you make me breakfast!“

•"I’m on it sugar cookie!”

•Random hugs from him but you enjoying it extremely

•You kissing him on the cheek or on the forehead making his cheeks turn a shade of bright red

•You teasing him to see if he really does like you because you like him too

•"This guy asked me out on a date today"

•"What? Who? When? Why? What did you say?“

•"I told him no. I have my eye out for someone special in my life”

•"Who’s this special someone?“

•"You’ll find out soon”

•Him wearing a horrible disguise just to talk to you about himself

•"What do you think of George Weasley?“ He takes a sip of his tea

•"Honestly, I think George Weasley is the hottest guy I have ever met” you smile as he chokes on the tea

•"Um… I think my boss is calling me. See you soon.“ He mumbles before leaving the tea shop.

•As soon as he’s out of sight you start to laugh hysterically by yourself making a few people look at you weird

•You asking him about his disguise during movie night

•"George why were you wearing that ridiculous wig this morning?” You start to howl in laughter as his eyes widen in embarrassment

•"You knew it was me?“

•"Of course I did!”

•Him finally mustering up the courage to ask you out

•"That sounds lovely George. I can’t wait!“

•You jumping up in excitement and happiness as he leaves your house

•You two being the best of friends but soon turning into something even more

Trump Refinanced $7 Million Loan for Jean Georges Space in July
A limited liability corporation owned by then-presidential candidate Donald Trump refinanced a $7 million loan in July, secured by a space occupied by Manhattan’s storied Jean Georges restaurant and the … Read more

The Dome at Christmas by Graeme Pow
Via Flickr:
Edinburgh’s famous bar, restaurant and nightclub along George Street in the heart of Edinburgh’s New Town. The building was designed by David Rhind in a Graeco-Roman style with Corinthian Portico and was originally the headquarters of the Commercial Bank of Scotland in 1847.

A white man popped Zimmerman in the face at a restaurant.

George Zimmerman told police he was punched in the face Sunday night at a restaurant in Sanford, Florida, while explaining to fellow diners that he shot Trayvon Martin in self-defense, according to a police report released by the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.

While witnesses claim in the police report that Zimmerman bragged that he shot Martin, Zimmerman said in the report that he was not bragging, but trying to explain he shot Martin self-defense.


Zimmerman is still alive though, so I’m really not that excited.  He should be punched dead in the face with brass knuckles every time he leaves his house tbh.

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