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Washington D.C. in 48 hours

From rooftop views of the White House to the best Indian food in the city, Garrett M. Graff, former editor of Washingtonian magazine, reveals how to spend 48 hours in the capital.

Day One

08:00 – Like a local

It’s hard to miss the power and grandeur of Washington, the centre of the city remains a political powerhouse and it permeates nearly every corner, but there’s also much more to the city than simply politics.

After landing at Washington Dulles International Airport and you’ve settled in, start your morning like the locals with coffee and breakfast at the Tryst Coffeehouse in funky Adams Morgan, before heading up to the National Zoo (Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute, to give it its full name). It’s seen a dramatic renovation in recent years that has turned its 163 acres into a shining gem filled with great exhibits from elephants and pandas to American buffalo. Entry is free and it’s open 364 days a year.

Noon – Power lunch

Recharge with a casual pub-style lunch at Duke’s Grocery on 17th Street NW (have the Proper Burger) or indulge in the city’s best Indian food at the fine dining Rasika in Penn Quarter, where you might very well find yourself dining next to a Cabinet member. Don’t miss the palaak chaat – crispy flash-fried spinach – that’s one of the city’s most-requested dishes.

14:00 – Read all about it

Spend the afternoon at the Newseum, the towering interactive museum of news, where you can revisit the world’s most notable events, and lose yourself for hours watching old footage and breaking news coverage. The Washington D.C. Explorer pass offers a package admission to the Newseum and other top D.C. sights like the International Spy Museum.

17:00 – No reservations

Getting into many of Washington’s hottest restaurants has grown harder in recent years, with some of the most popular adopting no reservations policies that can lead to long lines. At Bad Saint, a 24-seat Filipino restaurant – named as the second best new restaurant in the USA by Bon Appetit magazine in 2016 – lines can begin as early as 17:30.

Not up for waiting? Plan ahead with a reservation at Tail Up Goat, a Michelin-starred restaurant featuring creative Mediterranean and Caribbean food by chef Jon Sybert – expand your drinking horizons at the bar by following the lead of sommelier Bill Jensen.

Day Two

08:00 – Morning rush

Breakfast at the Old Ebbitt Grill, one of the city’s oldest restaurants, usually packed with lobbyists and power players first thing in the morning before the tourist crowd sets in during the day. 

09:00 – Famous figures

Across the Potomac River, Arlington National Cemetery is best known for its stark and formal Changing of the Guard ceremonies at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, honouring America’s war dead, but the 600-acre cemetery is home also to the graves of many famous figures like John F. Kennedy – marked with an eternal flame ­­– boxer Joe Lewis, and Pierre L’Enfant, the architect who designed Washington. Save your feet and jump on the Hop-On, Hop-Off trolley.

Noon – Fit for a First Lady 

Lunch on the Georgetown waterfront at Fiola Mare, the glimmering Italian seafood restaurant of chef Fabio Trabocchi – a favourite of Michelle Obama.

13:30 – Remember them

Spend the afternoon wandering ‘America’s Front Lawn’ on the National Mall, starting at the Lincoln Memorial and the Vietnam Wall, then up to the sunken World War II memorial, where you can see the emotional visits of buses filled with veterans, and gaze up at the Washington Monument. [NB the monument is closed until spring 2019 but can still be looked at].

14:30 – A history lesson

Nearby, take in Washington’s hottest new attraction, the giant National Museum of African-American History and Culture, honouring the artistic contributions of African-Americans while also wrestling with the nation’s still-unfolding racial legacy of slavery and civil rights. Plan ahead – or wake up early – to score timed-entry tickets, but it’s well worth the effort.

17:00 – Treats and eats

Spend the evening wandering the environs of 14th Street NW, which has been the centre of Washington’s revitalization over the last decade. Window-shop at the boutique Salt and Sundry, Detroit-made watches and leather goods at the city’s flagship Shinola store, or vintage and antiques at Miss Pixie’s, a long-time 14th Street fixture. 

Once you’re hungry, the area has something for every palate: for the city’s swankiest French bistro, try Le Diplomate, where the breadbasket alone is worth the visit. 

Prefer Latin American? Try Tico for its hibiscus margaritas, tacos, and a delicious shredded cabbage salad. Or, on nearby 17th Street NW, get in line for mouth-burning, authentic Thai food at Little Serow [NB Little Serow is shut for summer 2017, reopening 7 September] from one of Washington’s top chefs, Johnny Monis (if it’s a weeknight, be in line by 17:00 or 17:30 for dinner, if it’s a weekend, try even earlier). Once your name’s on the list, have a drink around the corner at Hank’s Oyster Bar while you wait. 

Where to stay 

W Washington D.C. – head up to the cocktail bar for presidential views down on the neighbouring White House.

Washington Hilton is home to many of the city’s black tie galas, including the star-studded spring White House Correspondents’ Association dinner.

Hilton Garden Inn is a new hotel in the city’s West End, you’ll be just around the corner from where former President Barack Obama has set up his new office.

Plan your Washington trip now

Words by Garrett M. Graff, former editor of Washingtonian magazine 

Photo by tpsdave on Pixabay


The Jade Wolf restaurant, which is featured on the series Shadowhunters as the New York werewolf pack’s headquarters, will be opening its to-go service during New York Comic Con. Continuing to act as a cover for mundane eyes, this restaurant will be serving fortune cookies to the public from its take-out cart. Fans who are lucky enough to receive a “prize” fortune will receive New York Comic Con exclusive giveaway consisting of a Jade Wolf t-shirt or an exclusive Marvel artist-designed poster. (image source)

The Doctor’s Crush | Spencer Reid

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Warning(s): None

Requested by anonymous: Hey! :) I saw in your writing list that you write for Criminal Minds so I was wondering if you could one with my bae Reid? Maybe something where they work together and he’s got a major crush on her ‘cause she’s all nice and sweet and always listens to him instead of stopping him like the others do? I leave it up to you. Thank you so much, you’re great!

A/N: Oh my God, first Reid fic ever and I loved it so much. Spencer is the most precious little cinnamon roll and I adore him! Let’s all agree he’s pure perfection, okay? I actually spotted a few more requests for him in my inbox. Can’t wait to work with them! 😍 Lots of love and kisses to all of you.

(Sorry I couldn’t resist the temptation, look at that adorable face! Ugh! 💘)

And here he was yet again, waiting for her outside her apartment building. God, could time go by any slower? He hadn’t seen her in like what; three days?

That’s far too long, much longer than he was used to. Two years it had been since she joined the team and he got to know her. And after knowing her, there was no going back.

He could remember the first days of their working together. They hadn’t really exchanged many words, mostly because duty called on them before they got a chance to. But one day she passed by his office and she smiled at him, just a smile, and he came crashing to the ground. Seeing her made his day a million times better, he couldn’t explain what it was but when he was around her he felt like he could breathe.

Then, naturally, came the conversations. Awkward was quite an understatement when it came to describing Spencer while engaging in any kind of social discourse, he could barely have a decent, human conversation with the others.

He would either stutter or endlessly ramble about one thing after the other. Never mind, he still did that. But she was so nice and sweet and she hadn’t once seemed annoyed and disappointed by his odd nature.

And one day -a moment forever engraved on his mind-, she just walked up to him bringing him coffee, or sugar with a hint of coffee as she’d call it, and listened to him ramble about their latest case. Yeah, that was when he knew his heart belonged to (Y/N Y/L/N) the sweetest and kindest person on earth.

Of course, he dared not to make a move on her. What was he thinking, falling in love with her? He was nowhere on her radar. She deserved so much better than he could ever offer.

He had no plans to tell her how he felt, why would he, there was no reason for her to reciprocate them. Besides, he would hate himself if their relationship was ruined. They had grown to be best friends, spending almost every day together.

And now he was waiting outside her door, anxiously anticipating the moment that he would get to see his lovely (y/n) again and cherish her gorgeous smile as while he keeps on going on about a million random things that cross his mind. That’s why he always looked forward to their rides with the bus together. There, he could finally get her all to himself.

The building door opened and he saw a young woman walking out the door with (y/n) joining her outside. They seemed to exchange a couple words before hugging once and then the girl walked away with a tiny smile on her face. (Y/N) spotted Spencer immediately and hurried down the steps to meet him.

“Who was that?” Spencer asked curiously.

“I don’t know. She was having a horrible day though,” she whispered with a small frown disturbing her features. Like talking to a stranger and hugging them is the most normal thing to do. All he could do was smirk at her adorable quirks.

“So you just took the time to listen to a stranger having a bad day and she got a hug from you?” he emphasized on the hug part. The concept of being so affectionate with a complete stranger sent shivers down his spine.

How odd. Before meeting her, he used to have a hard time to even shake hands with anyone but now there was nothing he wouldn’t do to earn a hug from her.

“Why not? I’ve seen her before, I think. She must live here too. Want a cookie?” she turned and flashed him a dazzling smile.

"Sure. Did you know that chocolate chip cookies were invented by the American chef Ruth Graves Wakefield in 1938? She invented the recipe during the period when she owned the Toll House Inn - which at the time as a popular restaurant that featured home cooking…”

au where the zimmermanns were just this really beautiful family that was featured as restaurant goers on diners drive ins and dives and bitty goes through great lengths to track down their son. he posts a shitty pic of jack like “!!!! help me find this cute boy so i can date him !!!!!!!” and it gets reposted everywhere until jack finally logs onto twitter one day and dms bitty like “You found me.”

Don’t Look Back (ACOTAR AU) - Part 11

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18Part 19

“You really didn’t need to put on a dress,” Rhys said, as he shifted gears. Rhys was already regretting everything, which was a recurring theme when involving his family and Feyre Archeron. From a young age, his father had always been a looming presence over his shoulder, pushing and prodding, to be shaped into a mould of the son of a rich business man which his father expected him to follow. He remembered telling his dad a couple of months ago he wanted to take English Lit at Uni, the aftermath involved a couple of months of being ignored and talked down upon – all because Damien Spera believed that if Rhys wasn’t doing either business, economics or law, then there is no hope for a future. Yes, his father was that guy. It wasn’t a favourable position that Rhys wanted to keep. He wanted his dad’s favour back, and hopefully a nice fake girlfriend would help regain it.

He had texted the Spera family group chat while Feyre was getting ready (excluding said Father) to let them know.

Rhys: Feyre is being my fake girlfriend thanks to Lena and her meddling.

Lena: ur welcome x

Mum: please don’t fight tonight u two xxx

Cass: well little brother she was kind of telling the truth. It wasn’t rlly meddling

Az: apart from telling father that Feyre was his gf.

Cass: yeah obvs apart from that

Rhys: why am I doing this. I should tell her just to stay home

Mor: but u aren’t because you actually want Feyre as ur gf even if it is fake. And u want to get in ur fathers good books again…….sooooooooo

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the b&b “canon” and influences in the new beauty and the beast movie (an illustrated essay)

Of all the franchises I’ve ever loved, Beauty and the Beast has got to be the messiest. Since the groundbreaking 1991 film, not one thing has made sense. 

I mean, the story does not make a lick of sense even within the original film, so as a franchise, it’s gotten pretty wild. 

The original Disney version of Beauty and the Beast (or ‘OG B&B,’ as I will be calling it for the rest of the essay) has spawned an uncountable amount of spin-offs, midquels, musicals, and books since its release. 

i tried to draw a chart but it kind of got away from me. 

One would think that the inspiration for the material in B&B 2017 had to come exclusively from OG B&B. The franchise is too much of a dumpster fire to control. 

For example, the Name Situation: 

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Jaime x Brienne: You’ve Got Mail AU

Brienne of Tarth always loved books, the smell, the leather bindings, the feel of the paper between her fingers as she turns the page. Her personal favorites have always been the knightly tales she used to read as a young girl, sitting on her father’s lap, in his little bookshop, getting lost in their own little world where knights came to life to slay gruesome dragons to win the hearts of the maid they loved with a fierceness that let them overcome any obstacle.

Said bookstore is now hers after Brienne inherited it following her father’s demise, which left the young woman totally devastated, and yet with the devotion to keep her father’s business and legacy running, to bring to life the magic she was granted to enjoy while reading with her father when still a child.

However, that legacy is in great danger with the rise of a monster matching that of the tales she read as a girl – a brand-new, high-tech, chic Lannister Libraries, a chain store set on nothing but commerce and profit, which is about to open up not very far from her book shop.

Brienne of Tarth would not be her father’s daughter if she just gave in, though. She is ready to fight for her father’s legacy to live on.

A welcome change in her ongoing battle against the great evils of the business is Brienne’s e-pal, whom she has known for a couple of years now. She never met the man she has corresponds with daily, but for some reason, she feels like she can speak to him about things she otherwise does not dare to let anyone know. Even though they have the agreement not to give away personal information: Brienne doesn’t know his profession, his age, the color of his eyes, or his actual name. The only identificatory aspect she knows about him is that his nickname is “GoldenHand33,” the same way he only knows her under the pseud “OathKeeper1.”

And yet, Brienne feels as though she knows that man anyway, his thoughts, his mind, his dreams that, according to him, won’t ever come about because they do not correspond with what his father’s legacy would demand, and, to her surprise, she has a lot more in common with this rather snarky, witty man than Brienne first thought when they started chatting more or less by accident.

Over time, those e-mail exchanges grew to be her lifeline, the one thing to hold on to when times are rough. GoldenHand33 was one of the few people Brienne ever opened up to when it came to her father’s death beside her friends in “real life,” and now grows to be ever the more important to her now that her father’s legacy is threatened.

A small fair is supposed to flush money into cash register, or so Brienne’s hope, because her greatest fear of the business being crushed by the Lannister Library grows with every day passing. Between reading sessions with children, featuring, obviously, lots of knightly tales, games, and balloons, Brienne finds herself running into a man taking his nephews and niece to the small book fair. Though judging by the looks, and the oldest nephew’s misgiving behavior, that is normally not their usual social sphere. The blond man with almost painfully good looks proves to be quite a witty and charming character, seemingly wanting to teach the children some valuable lessons about life against the odds of how they could probably buy that place with their own pocket money.

And if Brienne is not mistaken, the man actually flirts with her. Though she deems that to be rather ridiculous, considering her ugly looks by comparison. However, all of Brienne’s thoughts regarding their newest customer turn bitter once she finds out that the man is Jaime Lannister, son of Tywin Lannister, CEO of the Lannister Library bookstore chain threatening her small business! Brienne is furious – and disappointed.

Hurt and frustrated, she turns to her online friend again, who, gladly, offers some much-needed solace and encouragement. Though, to her surprise, GoldenHand33 suddenly starts to suggest meeting in real life, something that the two ruled out from the beginning. And it would be a lie to say that Brienne didn’t consider it since. After all, she found herself comparing the few men she dated over the past years to her e-pal, and whether they manage to make her laugh as much as he manages even with nothing but written speech and emoticons. And sadly so, most men already failed that simple test.

After some more time, and a particular party where she had to suffer through meeting with Jaime Lannister again, Brienne agrees to a date with one click on the SEND-button. And she must admit, the closer the date comes, the more excited she gets, even though Brienne is about twice as nervous and afraid of it. After all, she knows that she is no beauty, not what is conventionally perceived as charming or attractive, and she doesn’t want to lose her online companion.

They are supposed to meet up in a small restaurant, with their distinctive features being her early version of The Dance of Dragons, which they discussed about a lot online, since both have a fable for medieval history, whereas GoldenHand33 is supposed to arrive with, who could have guessed? a golden hand.

However, the man keeps her waiting.

What she doesn’t know is that the man is just outside the door, but too hesitant to walk in, instead, pacing outside, pondering about what to do.

Because that is Brienne of Tarth inside, the woman who was quite outspoken when she met him, not knowing that he is GoldenHand33, just like he had no clue that she is OathKeeper1, at a party where she directly attacked him and his father’s business, and that even though Jaime quite enjoyed her company while roaming through her little bookstore down the street. However, Jaime had absolutely no clue that the woman whom he has been flirting with online for the past years is the same woman who was charmingly kind to him in the store, only for all of that to turn to bile as she met him again, aware that he is the son of the man threatening her business.

Rarely has Jaime dreaded it as much as right at this moment that he was born a Lannister. Because that makes Brienne hate him the moment on he walks inside, he knows.

With a heavy heart, Jaime decides against the date, even though it breaks him about as much as it must break her, rushing back to his apartment to send her an apology via e-mail, hoping that she will forgive him until he found a solution.

However, matters only turn worse when Jaime gets news from his father that Brienne will be forced out of business, making them a monopoly in the capitol, which assures him ever the more that there is simply no way that Brienne will ever forgive him for working at the store chain that just annihilated her small business, for letting his father’s legacy – which he would rather not share in at all – destroy that of her beloved father.

Brienne, meanwhile, tries to come to terms with having to give up her father’s dream as she closes down his little bookshop, just like she has to deal with the sting she still feels about having been ditched by her e-pal. While she accepted his apology, it still hurt her, since it came right at the moment where she could have used the support. Needless to mention that GoldenHand33 rather kept his distance since, seemingly hesitant about chatting with her after the failed attempt of a date.

A nasty cold seems to be the icing on that cake of misery, and Brienne just wants to cave in at home, not knowing where to go from now on, what to do next, suddenly encountering the issue of having to find a new dream, and form her own legacy, as it appears.

But where to start? Brienne was so set on her father’s bookstore that it never occurred to her to do something else, to do something for herself.

Things take a sudden turn when the person knocking on her door is not one of her friends, but apparently the man she considers partly responsible for her world having been shattered, Jaime Fuckin’ Lannister.

Brienne’s irritation grows exponentially when the man whose father’s business just ended her father’s legacy tells her that he needs a friend, and that the person he chose of all people… on the entirety of the planet… is her.

“You are the one person I have ever met who insulted me to my face. And I think I need more of that in my life. Thus, the solution seems rather straightforward – I need a friend like you in my life.”

“And I don’t get a say in that?”

“I fear not.”

“The Seven must have sent you to test me.”

Yet, to her even greater surprise, Brienne finds herself befriending that man against all odds, soon enough laughing at his jokes and antics, having to discover that, yes, the man is human, and not some great monster from the tales, that he can be kind and what she would coin “knightly,” and that despite the fact that the man has one more blemish to add to the list of things that annoy Brienne out of her mind – the man even has a yacht. Because if there is one kind of people that she openly despises, then it is people with a yacht.

It is through Jaime that she starts to formulate her own wishes for her future, surprised to find someone supporting her and her ambitions, and having a keen understanding of the burden that comes with a father’s legacy. While Jaime’s is far different from that of her father, the two relate on a level they never thought they would. Nevertheless, she remains hesitant about starting over, feeling as tough that letting go of the bookstore, of that life, would somehow betray his legacy, him.

Whereas Jaime has to fight his own battles, as she can read between the lines of what he is saying, seemingly wanting to get out of the realm of Lannister Libraries as much as she wanted them gone while she still had her bookshop, seemingly having much smaller, much more personal agendas than that of the empire his father dreams of.

And in that, the two find themselves united in ways they didn’t believe possible.

But what of Brienne’s feelings for the man she spent so much time chatting with?

Can she trust Jaime Lannister the same way she dared to trust GoldenHand33?

Does GoldenHand33 deserve a second chance the same way she granted it to Jaime?

And what is she supposed to do with her life, now that she no longer has her father’s legacy to guide her? What is Jaime supposed to do about his father’s?

What tale is going to be hers? What is going to be Jaime’s? And what of GoldenHand33 and OathKeeper1 in this whole mess?  

Does the tale play out in real life, or will it stay hidden in electronic messages forever?

Michael Jackson's Prosecution

“Ten years ago tomorrow a jury in Santa Maria, California acquitted mega pop star Michael Jackson of child molestation and conspiracy. Santa Barbara District Attorney Tom Sneddon charged Michael with molesting Garvin Arvizo and then kidnapping Gavin’s family– his mother, brother, and sister. Attorney Thomas Mesereau mounted a brilliant defense and Michael, after four months, was acquitted.

But the damage was done. Michael had sat through weeks and weeks of crazy testimony and accusations. His entire life was laid open– his finances, his personal peccadilloes, relationships with every single person he ever knew, descriptions of his body parts. His mother and sometimes his father, or a sibling, sat in the row behind him. They heard it all. Everything was on the record for his child one day to read.

By the time the jury reached their verdict, Jackson was destroyed. There was no jubilant celebration. He was done. He took his kids and left California. Mesereau advised him, “Leave here now.” Why? He knew, as did I, and every reasonable person who’d watched this circus since Jackson’s arrest in November 2003, that Sneddon had it in for him. Sneddon was not going to stop until he somehow put Michael Jackson in jail. If Michael stayed at Neverland, in Santa Barbara County, he would always be a target.

Sneddon’s vendetta against Jackson reached back a decade, to when Michael agreed to a financial settlement with the family of another boy, Jordan Chandler. It was the worst decision that Michael ever made. It created an aura around him of a pedophile, one that he couldn’t shake. It made him a target for more extortion. It turned him into a real drug addict who couldn’t always make other, clear decisions. Eventually, it would kill him.

What was the upside of the Chandler settlement? To the lawyers and advisers, it kept Michael out of jail and court in 1994. Sneddon couldn’t prosecute Michael without the Chandlers. Sneddon was defeated before he could make his case. Jackson, Sneddon felt, danced away. Instead of leaving it alone, Jackson mocked Sneddon publicly in song, taunted him. And Sneddon vowed revenge.

There are just a couple of things you need to know about that trial. Gavin Arvizo’s mother, proved in court to be a scammer and a schemer, was crazy. Sneddon found in her a perfect collaborator. She said and did whatever he wanted. It didn’t matter that her so called “kidnappers” had a full record of their time with her including receipts for spa treatments, movie dates, fast food restaurant meals and shopping safaris. When those guys — Frank Cascio and Vinnie Amen– came to me in 2004 with a huge metal briefcase filled with records of what had gone on, the first thing I remember saying to them was, “Are you sure the Arvizos didn’t kidnap you?”

I was joking, but that’s really what had happened. Gavin Arvizo had cancer. His mother, Janet, used the cancer as leverage to worm her way into Michael’s life. Michael Jackson was naive about one thing since his “We are the World” hit project– that he could save the world, and “save the children who are destined to die,” as Marvin Gaye once sang. Michael, after selling 100 million records, and being dubbed the “King of Pop,” saw himself as a savior. Saving Gavin was just part of his duties.

And that’s what blew him up. He allowed Martin Bashir to come to his house and make a documentary that showed Michael embracing the Arvizos. It was appalling. The worst part of Bashir’ heavily slanted film, called “Living with Michael Jackson,” was a segment in which Gavin– who Michael had brought to Neverland for the filming to show that he was a savior– talked about sleeping in Michael’s bed. When the documentary ran on ABC at the end of January 2003, this moment set off alarms. I wrote at the time that it was possible Michael would wind up in jail. The internet blew up.

Sneddon immediately sent his people to the Arvizos’ apartment in Los Angeles. They left his card under their door. And when Michael realized what had happened, he kicked the freeloading Arvizo’s out of Neverland. They had to return to their real life– no more spa treatments and gifts. And that’s when Sneddon found a conspirator in Janet Arvizo. The only thing was, he didn’t do due diligence. He was so excited to have someone who could help him realize his goal of putting Michael Jackson in jail, he never investigated Janet Arvizo’s background.

My favorite moment sitting in that Santa Maria courthouse? When Tom Mesereau got Janet Arvizo to testify she thought Michael Jackson was going to steal her children by taking them away in a hot air balloon. The courtroom howled. Judge Melville banged his gavel. It was the culmination of a devastating testimony skillfully delived by Mesereau. Everyone knew at that moment the jury was not going to buy Sneddon’s prosecution. Everyone, that is, except Sneddon.

There were good prosecutors on Sneddon’s team. Ron Zonen was and is respected. So is Gordon Auchincloss. They had some great dramatic moments in court. But they never questioned Sneddon’s motives. They followed him right off the bridge into the ocean.

The prosecutors were so out of touch with what was happening that on the eve of the verdict, they threw themselves a congratulatory party. In a public restaurant. A woman I knew stumbled upon them and called me immediately.

This is what I wrote on June 10, 2005:
The prosecutors in Michael Jackson’s child molestation and conspiracy trial apparently feel they’ve already won their case.

On Wednesday night [June 8], the whole lot of them — DA Tom Sneddon, Ron Zonen, Gordon Auchincloss, their wives and families — all celebrated at the Hitching Post restaurant in Casmalia.

The Hitching Post, cousin of the Buellton restaurant featured in the movie “Sideways,” is considered the best restaurant in the greater Santa Maria area.

Sneddon was so happy that he actually embraced celebrity crime reporter Aphrodite Jones. She told me he was in a jubilant mood, and the most outgoing of all the people on hand.

Said one observer, “This group was happy. There was definitely a celebratory mood.”

The prosecutor’s team was first spotted making merry at the bar, and then retreated to a private dining room behind the bar that has no door.

“They could be heard laughing and carrying on,” said a source.

Also present at what could only be termed a party were several of the police investigators involved in the case, including Sgts. Steve Robel and Jeff Klapakis.

By contrast, little has been seen around town of defense attorney Tom Mesereau, who’s kept a low profile since the jury began deliberations a week ago.

It was two weeks since the defense had rested. It would be five more days before the jury would come back with their stunning verdict that rebuked Sneddon’s entire case. But there they were, so full of hubris, certain that they’d prevailed.

In a way they had. Tom Sneddon essentially killed Michael Jackson. If Sneddon had really been objective and had investigated the Arvizo’s properly, the case would not have come to trial. But he turned it into a circus from day 1–staging a surprise raid of Neverland, conspiring with tabloid reporter Diane Dimond (whose entire career is built on her obsession with being Jackson’s snarling enemy)– to make it a big media splash. Nothing was done by the book. It was all done to ruin Michael Jackson and it worked.

The Arvizos– we’ve never heard from them again, not a peep (except for Diane Dimond’s report about his 2013 wedding where — unbelievably– at least one Michael Jackson was played by the deejay). Jordan Chandler? His father, after turning his son into a recluse and destroying Jackson’s reputation, committed suicide five months after Michael’s death at the hands of Dr. Conrad Murray. In 1996, a journalist named Mary Fisher wrote a seminal piece in GQ proving Evan Chandler and his ex-wife’s new husband had brainwashed Jordy into thinking he’d been molested. They got $20 million for their hard work. Thirteen years later Michael Jackson was dead.

The jury in the trial thought that once they’d acquitted Michael, the solid gold gates to Neverland would swing open and Jackson would thank each of them individually. They were so wrong. The gates snapped shut. Jackson was never seen again in the town of Los Olivos. Two weeks later he and his children were gone, kicking off four years of homelessness that would end in death. Neverland fell silent. Unlike with the prosecutors, there was no celebration of this bitter victory.”

TL;DR : The entire prosecution was just to destroy Michael Jackson’s image. The prosecution played a major role in his death. Please think before you make ignorant comments about the case.

Written by Roger Friedman
Love is...Unconditional

Banner by the brilliant, amazing and perfectly talented @akai-echo

Parts 1 and 2 are available on AO3/ffnet

Epilogue will post on Valentine’s Day. 

A million thanks to my lovely friend, @eala-musings for betaing this, the incomparable @akai-echo for the prereading, making the gorgeous set of banners and for talking me through some plot points. And finally, to the wonderful @thegirlfromoverthepond , my other partner in crime with @loveinpanem for inspiring this fic. Thank you all!

Part 3 - Release

“I’m fine, I promise,” I said, holding the cellphone in the crook between my neck and shoulder as I spoke to Prim and packed at the same time.

“I know, I know, but I just worry. I’ve never gone a month without seeing you. When are you coming home?”

“Soon, Little Duck,” I said, using my most soothing voice. Peeta quietly took my bag from my hands and checked the room one last time before we shut the door behind us.

“Okay. I just need to know you’re okay and I’ll quit worrying.” Her voice was plaintive, sounding like it did when we were children.

I sighed and watched Peeta pull on his shoes and tie them, knots double-laced, as always. “This trip has been one of the most important ones I’ve ever taken.” He looked up at me, one eyebrow raised as if in skepticism. I held his gaze defiantly as I continued. “I wish it would never end.”

His face softened, becoming thoughtful, then sad, before he let his eyes drop down to his shoes where his fingers still rested on the laces. I wished my sister goodnight and retreated to the restroom to brush my hair and keep myself from falling all over Peeta once again.

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The Birthday Brag

Summary: While Rumple and Belle prepare for Gideon’s first birthday party, Rumple surprises Belle with a special gift. He also brags about Gideon just a little. Based on set spoilers for OUAT episode 7x04. 

A/N: Cotton candy fluff from Rumple’s POV. The Gold Family!Verse alters the course of canon after 3A–Nealfire never dies, and he’s raising Henry with Emma and Regina (SwanFireQueen yaasss!) Pushing through writer’s block so if this sucks, please be kind. Thanks to @magnoliatattoo, who makes everything I write better. <3 @still-searching47, I finished it. 

ON AO3 | Gold Family!Verse

Rumplestiltskin tapped Belle on the shoulder and beckoned her closer with a playful smile.

She turned away from the bunches of white, gold, and blue balloons she was arranging into clusters for Gideon’s birthday party on the front deck of Granny’s Diner and smiled at him. “What?”

“I’d like a private moment with my wife,” he drawled, grabbing her hand and yanking her into his arms. He pulled her behind a an elephant ear plant, its broad leaves shielding them from the street and the prying eyes of people passing by. Belle tilted her head in the way he loved and blinked, the look that told him her brain was at work, trying to figure him out. He lifted her hand to his lips and kissed her knuckles.

“You have me alone,” she teased huskily, sliding her arms around his neck.

Several untethered balloons slipped loose from their ribbons and floated up into the cloudless afternoon sky, the breeze carrying them high above Storybrooke and over the forest canopy. From where he sat strapped in his high chair, one-year-old Gideon stabbed a chubby finger toward the flying balloons and squealed in delight.

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Deleting your blog is too simple you should probably just die cause you don't deserve to support joji

The Arby’s brand purpose is to “inspire smiles through delicious experiences.” Arby’s delivers on its purpose by celebrating the art of Meatcraft™ with a variety of high-quality proteins and innovative, crave-able sides, such as Curly Fries and Jamocha shakes. Arby’s Fast Crafted™ restaurant services feature a unique blend of quick-serve speed combined with the quality and made-for-you care of fast casual. Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc. is the franchisor of the Arby’s Brand and is headquartered in Atlanta, Ga.

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I have some friends in the military and I was wondering if u could do a military au? Please and thank you! Btw I love your au's so much

High School Teacher AU!

Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, but I really don’t know much about the military. I don’t want to do anything inaccurate or offensive, so please accept this, instead. Once again, I’m super sorry that I can’t do it and this took forever!


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Subject: Psychology

  • Once, when one of his classes was acting up, he literally brought a kid up to the front and hypnotized him into thinking he was an old man. When he brought the kid back, he glared at the class and said, “Now you know what I can do if you guys act up again.”
  • He acts like he isn’t talented in his field, but he’s secretly really arrogant about it
  • Substitutes often have to replace him because he does a lot of stuff for the government
  • Whenever someone asks why he chose to become a high school teacher instead of something that pays more, he smiles softly and answers with, “Because if it weren’t for my psychology teacher, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I want to hopefully inspire one of my own students to strive for greatness.”
  • He usually wears contacts, but every now and then if he had a bad night before, he’ll just trudge into the room with his square-frame classes and a cup of black coffee
  • A couple of students find it kinda hot
  • He can totally ROCK turtleneck sweaters
  • He has an Instagram account, and one student stumbled across it during lunch. He was really confused when he suddenly gained twenty new followers that day
  • He secretly loves coffee shop aesthetics but let’s be honest, he’s basically a walking coffee shop aesthetic
  • He once wore a beanie to school, and in the middle of second period, he suddenly screeched, “WAIT HATS ARE AGAINST DRESS CODE” and threw it across the room
  • Everyone jokes about how he’d be terrible at law
  • And by everyone, I mean only the teachers
  • “You know, I think you’re gonna change the world someday. That’s why I entered this field of work.”


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Subject: Culinary

  • He’s everyone’s favorite teacher because of how eccentric and nice he is
  • He’s normally very understanding if someone struggles with a certain dish, but if it gets stupid, he will take no crap
  • One time the school had to evacuate due to a fire, and a rumor spread that it was from someone catching fire to rice in the culinary room. No one’s sure if it’s true, but everyone’s terrified for the poor student who might have made such a tragic mistake
  • A lot of girls make jokes about his good looks, but mainly just to hide the fact that they have crushes on him
  • Once, while he was demonstrating how to cook a dish, someone called out, “Whoa, you can totally show that off on the cover of Vogue!” and he flipped his hair and replied with, “Oh, I know, I’m absolutely gorgeous.” The room then burst into laughter
  • On Twin Day, he went to school wearing matching turtleneck sweaters and beige jackets with Namjoon
  • He doesn’t need contacts or glasses, but he wore fake matching glasses with Namjoon
  • Namjoon always visits his room during lunch so that they can complain about their problem students and boast about their better students that may or may not include you
  • Once a month, the class will hold a monthly vote for what he’ll make. Then over the weekend, he’ll make the food of choice and give it to the class. He does this for all six periods, and it’s great
  • He used to be the head chef at a popular high-class restaurant, and he writes books and does interviews to make the extra money
  • They once did a documentary about the history of the restaurant, and he was featured in it. You can find it on Netflix
  • “Ah, you seem to be having a lot of trouble with this part. How about you stop by after class, and we can work on it together?”


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Subject: World History

  • He just can’t seem to get over Commodus and the fall of Rome
  • “HOW CAN YOU BE SO STUPID?! WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST ACCEPT BEING THE HEIR TO THE THRONE?!” “Mr. please you’re screaming at a PowerPoint presentation”
  • He funds the basketball team, since Jungkook can’t
  • He used to play basketball when he was in high school, but the teacher who funded it quit, so he couldn’t continue. He doesn’t want someone to go through the same disappointment he did
  • He’s constantly wearing long sleeves, and someone spread a rumor that it’s because he cuts himself
  • That’s not the case, but it still spread pretty quickly and nearly got him fired
  • “Guys, I’m not emo. I went through that in high school, and it’s absolutely terrifying to me now.”
  • On Halloween, he actually did his hair so that it covered one eye and wore crappy eyeliner and told everyone he was an emo
  • He nearly got fired then, too
  • He ends up sleeping during class a lot of the time
  • He does NOT take any late homework. You don’t turn it in the day it’s due? Too bad, it’s a zero
  • He dressed up in a really sarcastic Christmas sweater the day before winter break that said ‘Deck the halls while I go nap’
  • The reindeer on it were reading magazines, and Santa had crossed arms
  • “I’d suggest for you to stop by after class, but I have to take my mandatory fifteen-minute nap then, and I don’t want you to miss the bus. See? I’m a considerate person.”


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Subject: Creative Writing

  • His head is up in the clouds the majority of the time
  • He is OBSESSED with symbology
  • He’s one of those teachers who go into the symbology of something, and you can just tell that that isn’t what the author meant
  • BUT
  • The thing is, he actually makes a good point most of the time, and the experience is truly eye-opening when you slowly realize it
  • He loves poetry, but is terrible at writing it
  • “I am a very dangerous animal. At the tip of a branch that shakes with existence, you bloom and fade without a name.” “Wait what does this have to you with you being an animal” “oH I DIDN’T THINK ABOUT THAT”
  • A lot of students find him boring, but if you truly understand literature and find it interesting, his class will seem really exciting
  • Everyone’s favorite time of the year is when they get slightly into mythology, and everyone’s put into groups. They then have to write a play about Greek and/or Roman mythological gods and goddesses and perform it
  • His favorite play so far was when Athena was arguing with the other gods about who was the most influential, and Minerva suddenly showed up and slapped everyone
  • He truly loves all works his students create, and believes that everyone has potential
  • “Wow, you really seem to understand the deep meaning of this piece. I’m impressed… I think you can even teach me a couple things.”


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Subject: Math

  • “There are your AP Calculus students, and then there are your… *shudders* average algebra I students
  • He absolutely loves straight A students
  • He’s extremely left-brained, and has trouble grasping that being intelligent doesn’t necessarily mean flourishing in the common American school environment
  • He gets up very early in the morning, and often drinks coffee while teaching homeroom
  • A lot of students hate him because he’s fairly mean to those who procrastinate/don’t turn in their homework
  • However, he can be very sympathetic if you’re having trouble at home
  • He’ll even send you an email if things look suspicious
  • “Hi, this is Mr. Park. I have noticed that you didn’t turn in your homework for the past three days, and I didn’t want to discuss the topic with you immediately, since I know you get jumpy with your anxiety. If you need, just email me back, and I can go over the lesson with you.”
  • He has SO many signs hanging around the room about it being difficult to be a teacher
  • He is basically “sighs for three years straight” in human form
  • He’s better at formulas and sets of equations rather than graphing and geometry
  • He’s actually pretty bad at geometry, and another math teacher handles it in a different class
  • “If you can’t do your homework at home, you can always stop by my class before school to finish it. I know you’re a really smart student, and I don’t want anything to mess up your future because I know you have potential.”


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Subject: P.E.

  • “It isn’t THAT cold out” *puts on a jacket*
  • He’s CONSTANTLY wearing Adidas merchandise
  • “Wear sandals to my class and you die”
  • He actually lets girls wear spaghetti straps in his class, but if someone comes to check on their class and he finds out beforehand, he’ll quickly run around and go, “QUICK GUYS HIDE THE SHOULDERS FROM SOCIETY”
  • He runs and funds the boys’ track, football, cross country, baseball, and soccer teams
  • Everyone’s always surprised by how young he looks, and even more surprised by how young he actually is
  • Dodgeball is his favorite sport, and if his students ask him to join, he will completely OBLITERATE everyone
  • He only makes everyone do one lap around the gym at the beginning of class, but he then makes everyone do, like, thirty pushups and it’s terrible
  • He actually knows how to breakdance, but there aren’t enough people to start a dance team
  • He has, like, twenty pairs of sneakers, half of which he got while still in college
  • “’To the window, to the wall’ does not apply to dodgeball, so please refrain from throwing the ball everywhere you can. Yes, I’m talking about you, Y/N.”


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Subject: Biology

  • He tends to yell and debate a lot in his class, and honestly, everyone wonders how he wasn’t fired yet
  • He’s very strangely passionate about sex ed…???
  • “You know, when you have sex with your partner, you’re having sex with their parents, and their parents, anD THEIR PARENTS, AND THEIR PARENTS-“ “OK GEEZ WE GET IT MR. KIM”
  • A lot of people think he does drugs, when he doesn’t
  • He can actually be really funny a lot of the time
  • There’s a story that one time, he accidentally set the table on fire and he just stood there, staring at it in defeat
  • On Halloween, he dressed up as a knight and disguised a device with wheels and a tube coming out of it as a dragon. He then sat on it whenever going through the halls and pretended he was “returning to his home kingdom”
  • Everyone absolutely loved it
  • A lot of the female teachers have crushes on him
  • He isn’t always so eccentric. He just does it to keep his class entertained and engaged
  • He’s pretty cool and laidback in reality, and it’s really strange for students who drop by after class, because he’s too exhausted to keep up the act after school ends
  • “I have a little extra time on my schedule, so if you need, I can tutor you. I’ve never done it before, though, so I wouldn’t trust myself.”

the only difference between a restaurant featured on Guy Fieri’s show and a restaurant featured on Gordon Ramsay’s show is a dirty restaurant that makes money vs a dirty restaurant that doesn’t make money


Kevin Spacey, Sunset Stripper. Kevin is the feature story in Los Angeles Magazine | October 8, 1999 | Photographed by Norma Jean Roy

[ He tended to travel in a pack and hung out in Westwood, frequenting The Old Ships restaurant - which featured toasters on every table. “No matter how much you watched your toast, it would burn,” Spacey remembers. “It went from white to black, and then very often popped out of the toaster and flew across the room to somebody else’s table.” ]

ITALY Reads (in English)

1. Lonely Planet Italy. A country travel guide and includes a lot of good (tourist) information - 900 pages of hotels, restaurants, and attractions, both on and off the beaten path. 

2. A Concise History of Italy by Christopher Duggan. To really appreciate Italy and what you are seeing, it’s important to understand the history. 300 pages take you from modern times all the way back to the fall of the Roman Empire. It explains the evolution of Italy’s politics and culture along the way. 

3. A Room with A View by E. M. Forster. A famous historic novel centered around Firenze - Florence, Tuscany. 

4. Daisy Miller by Henry James. The author examines the contrasts between Italian and American culture through the actions and life of his heroine, trapped between the rigidity of social convention and Italy’s rich culture.

5. The Leopard by Giuseppe Di Lampedusa. The story of the Prince of Lampedusa. This may be one of the most important modern Italian novels; it allows you to look into the Italian psyche.

6. Italy for the Gourmet Traveler by Fred Plotkin. A good read if you’re interested in Italian cuisine - it breaks Italy down by region, elaborates on the history, food specialties, and climate. Features “best restaurants” in each area.

7. Italian Renaissance Art by Laurie Schneider Adams. Before diving into museums and cathedrals, this book works as a refresher course in art.

8. Frommer’s Italy. Comprehensive tourist guide over 1000 pages with categories such as “best romantic getaways” and some very detailed information about a number of cities, this is a good trip planner.

9. Let’s Go Italy: The Student Travel Guide. Written by American Harvard students with university students in mind, this small guide specializes in budget-friendly hotels, restaurants, and low-cost sightseeing with detailed maps for Italy on a budget.

10. Brunelleschi’s Dome by Ross King. Short and an easy read, it describes the physics, politics, and genius involved when it came to building the Dome in Florence.