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Philly’s “pay what you can” restaurant offers new solution to food insecurity

  • 22% of all Philadelphians are food insecure. 
  • Enter EAT (Everyone At the Table) Café, a nonprofit, pay-what-you-wish cafe that opened in West Philadelphia in late October.
  • On the menu: three courses, including soup or salad, a hearty entree with a side and dessert, as well as a hot or cold beverage. 
  • Guests can pay the suggested price of the check, less, more (as a donation) or nothing at all. Read more

people who don’t understand what it’s like to deal with chronic pain: come out for a bit!! you might feel better

me: oh yes that’s exactly what I want to do, be in public with miserable pain and pretend to be enjoying myself, wow I sure do feel better already!! Fuck this nonsense about not over exerting myself and going into situations that could possibly trigger my pain so it doesn’t worsen,, you are so right


“If we are to catch the next train, we must tear ourselves away. Captain Hastings is going to treat me to dinner at the most excellent restaurant he has discovered which serves the Indian food. It is to this food that Captain Hastings attributes the improvements of his grey cells.”



One of the beautiful Fall scenes to be found in the Ozarks during the “Flaming Fall Revue.” In the Fall it’s your invitation to “Take to the Hills"…For it’s Autumn in the Ozarks. Enjoy your second visit during the favored season of the year. Excellent motels, restaurants, gift shops and other tourist accommodations are open the year around for your pleasure and enjoyment.

so i was at a restaurant the other day with my mom and grandparents, and my grandfather was going on about how “boys will never like you if you dont shave” and “body hair is a real turn off for them”. After about 2 minutes of trying to explain myself i say “WELL WHAT IF IM GAY?!”. my mom gasped and the whole table went silent.
It was a great restaurant. The soup was excellent.