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The Brickery Food Market

The Brickery is an artisan food market that occupies a former brick foundry building which has been respectfully restored to preserve its industrial identity. With six merchants, including three food vendors (grill, farm-to-table, and fusion seafood), a bakery and coffee shop, a juice bar, and a craft cocktail bar, this food market is a gourmand’s dream.  After grabbing a bite to eat, shop for gourmet treats, check out a food photography exhibit in the gallery or listen to an up-and-coming DJ in the entertainment venue.  You’ll swear you’ve died and gone to foodie heaven!

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I could be in the deepest of the weeds. Like Jumanji style weeded. I could have 5 tables and all these bitches possess different levels of neediness. Table 3 needs ranch. Got an allergy at 14, so I need a manager to make sure this bitch don’t fucking die. Table 5 needs me to go catch a lobster. Table 33 need a refill of mango tea, extra sweet with extra ice which only makes them need refills sooner because they drink like beached whales. Table 8 put their water in front of the damn baby so of course it got knocked over immediately and I just happened to be standing there so now I have to clean it.

 All this shit could be happening to me at the same time, but if you say the magic words, “I see that you’re busy, but when you get a minute, can you…” 

Do you realize what you have just done? Do you? You have literally just skyrocketed to the top of my to do list.

 Fuck that tea. Fuck that ranch. Fuck that baby. 

 You need napkins, table 45? You getting that shit now. As of this moment, you will get the absolute best service from me. For the duration of your meal, your needs will always come first. You will get a real smile from me. Why? Because you understand that you aren’t my only table in the whole restaurant. You have insured that i’m doing a great job even though in my head, everyone is silently complaining about my service. You understand and for that, I got you, fam.


I am ashamed to admit that the rudeness of some customers still gets to me after all this time. I work in a sweet little ice cream parlour on the English sea side, we are quite popular and get very busy at peak times, boxing day is very busy for us and as a result we end up having a wait on bar drinks/coffees/food. I was stuck on the till serving and we were up to about a 20 minute wait, the restaurant was full and we were all working to our 100% and had been for a few hours. No complaints from anyone, plenty of smiles and pleasant customers. Then this self entitled late 50s woman is next at my till.

“Good aftern- ( before i finished greeting the sullen faced cow she interputs me)

"Tea. White, and now please.”

“Sorry are you sitting in or taking away?” ( as i was asking her this she ROLLED HER EYES AT ME, as if i was stupid for not being able to read her menopausal mind)

“Table 15 and can i have that single pot of tea.”

So at this point i already realised what she was up to. By saying single pot of tea she was emphasising how quickly a pot of tea can be made, thus why would it take 20 minutes to get it to her. Bear in mind she has been in the que for about 5 minutes and will have heard me explaining our waiting times to other customers in front.

“Yeah no problem, just to let you know we do have a bit of a wait on our hot drinks at the moment, about 15/20 minutes but the girls will get it out to you as soon as they can”

her face dropped. As if she had never heard anything so insulting in her life. Clearly this middle class bitch has never had to wait for anything in her life, and shame on me for eveb suggesting she wait for her £1.45 pot of tea.

“Are you being rediculas? For a pot of tea? Cant you just make it now??”

“Sorry but it will get made in the order that the item is ordered, unless it wouldnt be fair to the gentlemen infront of you who i also told would have a wait on his drinks.”

“Well thats just a stupid way to run a business, i cant see you being open very long if that is how you run things, how rediculas”

All these words were spat out at my in between huffs and puffs and exaggerated eye rolls. But she payed, and the twat waiting like everyone else and you know what? She survived. Didnt die of thirst, and the world is still going round.

It doesn’t sound like much, but it was hard to be so pleasant and kind and i know i handled it well.

When you act that way people will take thepiss out of you, you become their joke to tell family and friends for weeks after and they all laugh at how rediculas you are. Dont be that person.


I was almost finished with the Brickery Food Market but I kept having this feeling that something was missing.  I finally realized that it needed more retail displays/food stalls to look like an actual food market.  Then I decided that even though it’s a restaurant, there should also be an option to use it as a retail lot (and why not a cafe and bar while I’m at it… I swear, why do I do this to myself?).  So I’m back to play testing one final time.  Long story short, I promise to put this lot in the gallery in the next few days.

The Sims 4: New Game Patch (November 15th, 2016)

The Sims Team has released a brand new Update for The Sims 4!

Remove all MODS and Custom Content before updating your game!!!

Update: 11/15/2016 – PC Version / Mac Version

Hello Simmers.  Happy November!  Did you know that today is National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day?  No? Well we did.  In honor of this momentous holiday we have “cleaned out” some issues:

General Issues:

  • Improved general performance when having a large number of files in the Tray folder.
  • Fixed an issue causing some save games to return immediately to the map screen when attempting to enter a lot.
  • Your paintings, photos and terrain paints will now persist when transferring from the Gallery.
  • Addressed an issue that was affecting some players’ saves where restaurants / retail lots could not be open/closed by pressing the open/closed button.
  • No more homey lot trait buff quickly cycling when performing related activities.
  • Stats for an adopted Sim appear in their Simology Panel.
  • All you kleptomaniacs out there:
  • Dance, dance to your heart’s content! But, when the music stops on the radio, so will your Sim.
  • Call Jasmine. It’s ok. She will no longer knock endlessly.
  • If you’re running Windows XP you can now use the Gallery again, but seriously, you should really consider upgrading.
  • Food can be dragged into all worlds now. Dragged food… sounds yummy.
  • If you don’t get caught, the stuff will now appear in your inventory.
  • If you do get caught, do the right thing.

Get to Work Issues, we addressed

  • The Police Chief is squeaky clean and is beyond reproach.  He can no longer be a suspect in a crime.

City Living Issues, we addressed

  • We have fixed the issue of babies getting stuck in apartments; stuck babies will be unstuck, and babies will hereby no longer get stuck again.  We hope… for everyone’s sake.
  • Festival, anyone?
  • The Trophy of 73, which you can only get after winning 73 basketball competitions (there is really and truly no other way to get it), is no longer locked in Build Buy Mode.
  • Keep at it, you might catch the elusive Pufferfish in San Myshuno.
  • Politics buff now has words.  The best words.
  • If your child Sim is nice, and plays well with others, the neighbor child Sim might come over to visit.
  • Have no fear, you can ignore a neighbor’s complaint without affecting your relationship with your roomie. And, that’s not all… your Sim will listen to complaints and the interaction will not drop from the queue.
  • Going to a festival, but worried about gaining weight?  No worries, Sims will no longer continuously order and eat food at the food stalls.  If you’ve already packed on those pounds… exercise, exercise, exercise.
  • More than one Sim in a household can now get festival whims when traveling to a festival, even if it has already begun.
  • Ladies, outdoor bathrooms are now open.
  • And now, all trait images will appear for a ghost who died by Pufferfish when you add the ghost to your household.

Be good to each other folks!


Ok, but

Why are you getting mad at me over tax? Do you think I, the barista behind the counter, is to blame for this? Do you even think this store or this company is to blame for taxes?? I’m right there with ya sir taxes can be a real bitch. Right now though I would just like you to pay your total and go fight the man somewhere else please 😊😊

Top 10 Wishlist for the Sims 4

In light of the milestones of toddlers, teeth, vampires, bowling alleys, and maybe pets, I suppose my TS4 wishlist needs an update.

1. CARS!
2. Schools, University at least
3. Terraforming
4. *Create-a-World
5. More playable jobs
6. More Outdoor Retreat locations
7. *Pre-teen life stage, you can do it!
8. Neighborhood graveyards
9. Boathouses, we’ve got penthouses, why not boathouses?
10. Ability to make a community lots multiple types of businesses. For example, a nightclub that is also a restaurant and/or retail shop. At this point, you can only pick one: nightclub, restaurant, or retail shop.  I want all three as one.

*The ability to make neighborhoods or at least get new maps that are empty and completely editable for the player. This can also be a great pack/expansion to include themed maps like Farmland, Wild West, Ultra Modern, Oriental, etc.

*If they do make the pre-teen life stage, it would be awesome if they revisited the teens to actually make them differ from young adults (like simply their height. I know: MODS, but still).

Not even a retail story, but seriously... this shit.

So, there’s this business that opened a few months ago in my town that combines the “dinner and a movie” experience. It’s a movie theater that has tables and serves pub style food and beverages. The pub theater advises customers arrive at least half an hour early since, you know, it takes time to cook the food… and not just cook for your table but for the forty other people there to view that particular movie… and the people in the other four theater rooms that are also ordering food at the same time. Boyfriend and I got there kind of late (as in right as the trailers began rolling), but no big deal. Movie’s an hour and a half long; worst case scenario, we’ll get twenty minutes into the film and then get food.

Anyway, we’re there to see Inside Out, and aside from the handful of young couples there to see it there’s four or five families. Animated film - kids expected for that 5:30pm showing. Kids aren’t the problem in this situation.

I’m busy watching the beginning of the movie when my boyfriend leans over and says, “Wow… what a biiiiiitch. Did you hear that?” I’m thinking he was reacting to something a character said, so I’m a little confused. “No,” I say, “I missed it. What happened?”

“That woman in front of us, whose family just got their food. She was just bitching to the waitress about how her kids’ food came during the movie…“

“What was she expecting? It’s a theater…that serves food… when did she expect the food would arrive? The whole selling point of this place is to eat food while you’re watching a movie.”

Yeah… the woman complained about the food coming during the movie (because apparently she didn’t want her kids to eat during the movie?), and she demanded that she not be charged for the meals… 

We had the same waitress. We gave her a substantial tip for having to deal with that bullshit.


Created By Danuta720

Shopping - Entertainment

Created for: The Sims 4
Feel free to commercial town, which also includes part of the entertainment.
On the property are:
- Newsstand
- Bridal boutique
- hall weddings
- Restaurant
- Coffee shop
- Grocery store
and: Kitchen, 3 bathroom’s, living room, bedroom.