Many consumers ignorantly believe that all tomato and sugar based condiments are created equally. However, there are a myriad of differences that can be found between ketchup and catsup. Ketchup was invented in the early 1940s by Hungarian tomato farmers as a way of preserving their tomato jam which was often used on their native staples of bratwurst or linguini. Catsup originated in Vietnam in the early 1910s as a type of tomato pudding served room temperature in a small dish often eaten with bread. Both products eventually made their way into US markets and much like Pepsi and Coke, have very devout followings.

Well, looks like the gang is back at yet another desolate eatery.

The background art is super detailed, though… and I quite like the sign’s excitement about fried clams.

The camera zooms in, and… wait, what’s the sign on the left say?

Hold on, lemme zoom in.

…”pastafazul?” Wait, is that a thing, or did the artists just get a little extra creative?

*7 seconds later*

well, I’ll be darned! Looks like it’s not usually all one word, but it’s a real dish.

That’s so cool. I almost love it as much as our good friend the “FRIED CLAMS!” sign, it’s–…


…sweet mercy save us

it was a trap all along

this is what the pastafazul does to you