Steven Quartz Universe has one major flaw that I hope the show addresses sooner rather than later. If he likes you, he’ll do anything for you. If he doesn’t like you, too bad for you.

In Beach City Drift it was revealed that Steven hated Kevin because Kevin was a jerk to Stevonnie. His hatred and anger was so great that he was willing to fuse with Connie just to get revenge.

And then we have Restaurant Wars. He basically forces Ronaldo into pretending to date Kiki, ignoring all of Ronaldo’s protests, including Ronaldo’s confession that he has a girlfriend. And when Ronaldo’s girlfriend does appear, and the misunderstanding causes them to break up, Steven shows no regret whatsoever. He doesn’t even look the least bit sad or regretful. I think it’s because Steven doesn’t really like Ronaldo all that much. Ronaldo has been loud and pushy, and tried to dissect the watermelon Steven, and tried to throw Lars into a house. Steven likes his watermelons, and Lars is his bff. So Steven has negative feelings towards Ronaldo, which show in him not really caring too much about Ronaldo’s happiness.

And now we have Alone at Sea. I was very disappointed in Steven during this episode. Lapis was trying to confess that she wasn’t perfect, that she had done bad things, but Steven refused to believe or even listen to her. And as soon as Jasper appeared, Steven outright called her a bad person. The possibility that Jasper might have suffered through her ordeal meant absolutely nothing to him. Jasper was big, loud, pushy, and that apparently meant that she was evil. Steven was not willing to admit that his friend might have done something wrong.

I really, really, really want somebody to let Steven know some of the less than savory things that the Crystal Gems did during the War. Something more than Greg’s “no such thing as a good war, kiddo.” Because right now he has a very black and white view of things, of good vs evil, and as long as he’s unwilling to admit that his friends aren’t entirely good, he’ll also remain unwilling to admit that his “enemies” aren’t a hundred percent evil. He’ll continue to dehumanize them, which is not a good thing.

Today, I am salty and bitter.

I used to think the theory about Steven automatically liking people if they were smoll and cute was at best an exaggeration. Him loving Centipeedle and Peridot as soon as they became small was surely just a coincidence.

But after what happened to big, loud Ronaldo and big, loud Jasper, I no longer think it’s so much of an exaggeration. At all.


But i mean like. Why does steven not even flinch when jasper said tHat hes pointing his shield the wrong way. Like he refuses to believe lapis did wrong. Lapis looks away b she knows shes wrong. Shes owning up to it. EVEN THO lapis told him. That she loved to hold her down. She loved to take her anger out on her.
I dont ship Japis but i do like seeing them interact and be malachite.
(Ps i think jasper has Stockholm syndrome)
^ when u fall in love with the person that captures u

people are saying they’re ‘disappointed in steven’ because of how he acted towards… um, jasper and… ronaldo…? like… k… but he’s literally a fourteen year old kid???

and like, jasper has very clearly not only threatened him, but also his friends and family outright? jasper is still an enemy and hasn’t had the chance to get better (yet)?? jasper was portrayed as the aggressor in alone at sea and lapis was steven’s friend????

and ronaldo, really? i went back and watched the ep just to be sure, and once ronaldo says he has a girlfriend, steven only suggests ‘just until the war is over?’ and then jenny is the one who follows up the next protest with 'shut up, ronaldo!’ and, just sayin, but ronaldo is what, 17-20? and he can’t, maybe, stick to the fact that he has a girlfriend in that not exactly dire situation? or insist they find a different way?

ya’ll are sayin shit just like how you said pearl was abusive after the sardonyx debacle or that stupid shit about greg’s busted leg. ya’ll’re takin this all way too serious and you need to chill.

notenoughgatorade  asked:

for the first sentence - 'the sounds he was making were causing Jack to blush madly' :>

(I forgot to do this one, oops!)

The sounds he was making were causing Jack to blush madly. He looked around the restaurant, nervous that the other diners would start looking in their direction. But Bitty was oblivious, humming and sighing around each morsel of the caramel pie, occasionally rolling his eyes into the back of his head. Once he leaned forward and murmured, “Oh, Jack,” running his foot up Jack’s leg shockingly beneath the tablecloth.

In the end, he swallowed the last bite and slumped in his seat, sated. “Goodness,” he murmured, “are you serious that you can introduce me to the pastry chef?”

On Tipping in Italy

Italians aren’t big tippers; as in most European countries, it isn’t customary to tip, and certainly not in the way Americans do. Most people do not tip taxi drivers, porters, hotel staff, car park attendants, cloakroom staff, shoeshine boys, and cinema ushers, although you can give a small tip if you wish or, in the case of taxi drivers, round up the fare to the next euro or say ‘keep the change’ (tenga il resto)

If someone expects (or hopes for) a tip, a little basket may be provided. Attendants at public toilets usually have set fees. It’s isn’t customary to tip a gas station attendant for cleaning your windscreen or checking the oil. On the other hand, hairdressers or the girl who washes your hair usually receives a tip of €3-€5. It isn’t necessary to tip a porter, who charges a fixed price per piece of luggage. An apartment building concierge or porter often receives a substantial tip at Christmas, e.g. €25-€50, depending on how helpful they’ve been and how often you’ve used their services. They may also receive tips for special jobs. Postmen aren’t tipped. Large tips are considered ostentatious and in bad taste (except by the recipient, who will be your friend for life. hah).

Hotel, restaurant and café bills usually include a 15% cover & service charge (coperta coperto & servizio) and plus IVA (10-20% in top-class restaurants), usually shown on the bill as all inclusive (tutto compreso). When it isn’t indicated on the menu, people assume that service is included, although IVA isn’t always. Even when service isn’t included, Italians rarely leave large tips (mancia) - it’s customary to leave a few small coins when having a drink standing at a bar. Rounding up to the next full number usually is the best policy. When paying by credit card, leave the tip in cash. Tips aren’t usually left in establishments where you pay at a cash register rather than at the table, or in family-run restaurants where you’re a regular customer. The main exception to the tipping rule is in expensive or fashionable establishments, where ‘tips’ may be given to secure a table (or guarantee a table in the future). If you’re unsure whether you should tip, ask a local.