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Bakugou/Izuku/Todoroki/Inasa come across a sad lonely little kid and spend the day as their big brother!

“What the hell is that noise?!” Bakugou growled as he whipped his head around trying to find the source of the sniffling. His eyes landed on a child trying to wipe tears from their eyes and when they made eye contact with the irritated looking teen they jumped and a few more tears slipped down their face. Bakugou rolled his eyes and walked towards the child. They shrank into themselves as he walked closer and thought about running away before the blonde one stuck his hand out and looked away. “Come on, I don’t know what you’re crying about, but it sure is annoying as hell.”

The child gingerly took his hand and had to almost run as they were pulled along behind the teenager. “Wh-Where are we going?!” the asked as they were dragged through the streets. “Anywhere that’ll get you to stop crying ya brat.” he called over his shoulder and you pouted slightly, “I’m not a brat.” He rolled his eyes and continued to pull you. “My mom said not to go with strangers.” you said as he stopped at a stop light. “Well tell your mom to kiss my a-…..I’m Bakugou, happy? We’re no longer strangers.” he huffed and walked as the signal changed.

“Well Bakugou, where are you taking me?” you asked and swayed back and forth on your feet. “I don’t fu-.. I don’t know. Where do kids go these days?” You furrowed your eyebrows and looked up at him, “Why do you always restatr your sentences?” “Because you lil shi-… Because I can’t say some of the words I normally use in front of a child.” he scowled and kept walking. “Ooooooh you use alphabet words!” you giggled and he looked back at you, “What the  hell are alphabet words?!” “You just said one!” you covered your mouth and looked at him with wide eyes. He looked down at you confused and slightly annoyed, “You must mean curse words.” he shrugged and kept walking until the two of you reached a park.

You smiled and ran to the park, running up the stairs and motioned for him to follow. He rolled his eyes and followed you with his hands shoved in his pockets and grumbling. “What are curse words?” you asked as you hung upside down from one of the monkey bars. He reached out and grabbed you so you wouldn’t fall before explaining, “Your alphabet words are my curse words.” he huffed and put you back on the ground. “And you use them all the time!?” you looked up at him shocked. He rolled his eyes and smirked down at you, “Hell yeah I do.” You covered your little ears and looked up at him as he laughed. “You’re a bad big brother, you shouldn’t use alphabet words!” you punched him with your little hand and he continued to laugh at your feeble attempts to stop him. “Wait a minute…” he stopped laughing and looked down at you, “Did you just say big brother?” You nodded quickly and he sighed, “I ain’t no big brother okay?” he squatted down to your level and you rolled your eyes, “You’re a big brother to me. And aint isn’t a word.” you crossed your arms and it was his turn to roll his eyes, “I’ll say aint as much as I want to! Aint aint aint, but I repeat. I AINT no big brother.” “If you AREN’T no big brother, doesn’t that make you a big brother?” you stuck your tongue out at him and smiled triumphantly. “Oh whatever.” he huffed out a breath and jumped when you both heard a loud call of your name.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! They just seem to find people when I’m not looking and bother them. (Y/n) stop bothering him and come here.” your mother called from under the play structure and you frowned, “But he talked to me first!” “I don’t care who spoke to who first, you gave me a heart attack when you weren’t across the street at the other playground!” your mother crossed her arms and Bakugou spoke up, “I was the one who took your kid, don’t yell at them ya old ha-” he interrupted himself and looked away for a second and growled, looking back at your mother, “They were crying so I tried to fix it. Is that such a crime?” Your mother frowned even more and you tried to tell Bakugou to quiet down. “I should call the cops on you for kidnapping my child-” “Mom no!” you said and the two bickering stopped. “He’s my big brother and I don’t want him to go to jail! I went with him because I was crying and he helped me. He’s a hero, not a villain! So please stop yelling at him.” you huffed at the end and she eyed Bakugou, “And I suppose YOUR attitude rubbed off on my (Y/n).” Bakugou smirked at you and then down at your mom, “Yeah. I guess it did.”

Izuku jumped as he heard crying come from a few feet away. “A-Are you okay?” he walked over to the child and they looked up at him through their tears. You nodded a little and he sat down next to you, “Well you don’t sound okay.” You let out another small sob and hugged him, taking him by complete surprise, “Th-The other-er k-kids don’t w-wanna pl-play with m-m-me bec-cause of my qu-quirk.” you got out between sobs and Izuku returned your tight little embrace, “Now why would anyone do that? Every quirk is great.” he smiled down at you and you stopped crying so hard. “B-Because my quirk f-freezes every one.” Izuku furrowed his eyebrows and tilted his head, “How do you do that?” he questioned and you looked down.

“People don’t like when I use it…” you whispered and he pet your head, “Come on, if I asked it’s not your fault.” he smiled and you wiped your eyes, “O-Okay. Could y-you stand up.” You climbed off his lap and he smiled and nodded, “Of cou-” and just like that, Izuku’s muscles froze in the middle of him getting up, halfway pushing himself off the ground and almost standing. He was stuck. Your eyes were trained on him and then you blinked and he fell back to the ground. “Wow…” you said and you looked at the ground, “You probably think I’m scary now… I’m sorry.” you started to cry again and he grabbed you into another hug, “No! That was amazing! No way do I think you’re scary, that’s a really cool quirk! You could even be a hero when you grow up!” he smiled and you looked up at him with wide eyes, “A-A hero! Like All Might?” you looked up at him with shining eyes and he looked back down at you, just as excited.

“You’re a fan of All Might!” he beamed down at you and you nodded quickly, showing him your shirt with All Might’s smiling face on it, “He’s so cool! He is all like Bang! Pow! Smash!” you punched at t he air and Izuku laughed. “He really likes to smash!” you said and grinned widely. “Yeah, he really does.” Izuku watched you go on and on about All Might, “I wonder if this is what I looked like when I was a kid.” Izuku thought and smiled and you sat down again, “Man. All Might is so cool.” “I know right, he is number one hero, the Symbol of Peace, my teacher-” “All Might is your teacher!!!” you jumped up and looked at Izuku in amazement. “Oh yeah! He’s so cool, sometimes it seems like he doesn’t know what he’s doing, but he always seems to tie his words into heroics somehow. Training with him is awesome.” “I want to go to UA one day. I want to be a hero, just like All Might.” you smiled and leaned on Izuku, “You’ll make it, I know you will.” Izuku ruffled your hair and you laughed.

“(Y/n)? (Y/n) where did you go?!” your father called for you and you stood up and waved, “Over here Dad!” “Wait…. Dad?” Izuku looked at you and then at Blood King. “Yeah! Dad!” you smiled and ran over as he swept you up in his big arms, “(Y/n) I was worried sick! Where did you go?” “I was talking to that boy over there! He likes All Might just like me!” you smiled and Blood King turned his head, “Izuku, from class 1-A.” Blood King looked at him surprised and Izuku rocketed off the ground and bowed. “B-Blood King! I-I didn’t kn-know you had k-kids.” Izuku looked up at you and you smiled and waved, “It is not widely known, and I only have this one rascal.” He ruffled your hair and you laughed again. “O-Oh, w-well I’m sorry to have worried you sir!” Izuku never stood from his bow and only moved his head to look up at you in Blood King’s arms. “I would hope you don’t tell anyone about my (Y/n)….. But if you ever want to… You could babysit them for me when my hero duties run late.” Blood King looked down at him and Izuku nodded quickly, “O-Of course! If you need me to I will always look after (Y/n)!” “Good, now run along and get your homework done.” Blood King waved and you smiled and waved enthusiastically, “Bye bye! See you soon!” Izuku waved back and let out a sigh of relief, “Man…. Blood King has a kid?”

Todoroki turned his head when he heard the small sniffles and immediately found a small crying child. He went to just walk by but quickly decided that if he were the one crying he would want someone to talk to. “Small child. What is wrong.” he asked and the child looked up and furrowed their eyebrows in confusion. “Y-You have funny hair.” they said and Todoroki furrowed his own eyebrows, “That is what’s wrong with me, what is wrong with you?” The child giggled a little and Todoroki was even more confused. “You were crying a second ago and now you’re laughing, something really is wrong.” he went to walk away but the child grabbed his hand and he looked back at them with a bored expression, “Do you need something?”

The child shuffled their feet a little bit and then looked up at him, “C-Can you please play with me?” Todoroki hummed a little in response and the child looked at him hopefully. “That is a strange request.” “Please! N-No one likes to play with me…” Todoroki felt bad, he knew what feeling alone felt like, he didn’t want anyone else to feel that way. “Fine. What do we play.” he turned to face the child completely and you beamed brightly up at him. You crossed your little arms and made a “Hmmmmmm..” sound as you thought. “How about tag!” you said and he sighed, “Does that mean I have to run?” “Tag you’re it!” and off you went, booking it across the playground. “I’ll take that as a yes.” he sighed and jogged after you.

“My god, you’re fast.” Todoroki huffed and puffed after twenty minutes of running around after you. You smiled brightly and waved from the top of the play structure, “I know! My quirk makes me fast!” you giggled and wiggled a little in excitement. “What IS your quirk?” Todoroki asked as he climbed up the play structure after you. “It’s sonic speed!” you laughed and Todoroki let out a chuckle, “Is that what you call it?” You nodded quickly and laughed, “Just like the show!” “Yes, I suppose it is.” Todoroki let out a huff as he got to the top of the play structure and reached out to tag you. “Haha too slow!” you smiled and were all the way at the bottom again. “Hm… That is one pesky quirk you have.” he said and you nodded, “I am the best at tag!” You beamed and then your little smile faltered, “Th-That’s why no one likes to play with me. No one can catch me…” you sighed and didn’t notice the ice slowly creeping towards you. “Caught you.” you heard Todoroki’s bored voice call at you from the top of the play structure and you looked up at him with furrowed eye brows, “Huh? No way! You haven’t caught me yet.” He let out a chuckle, “Look at your feet Sonic Speed.” You looked down and your eyes widened, his ice had a hold of your feet. You looked up at him with his almost smug smile and you smirked back, “No way, you have to TAG me!” “Alright, I’ll be right down.” Todoroki started climbing down the playground and you tried to free your feet from his ice.

“(Y/n)! What happened! Why are you covered in ice?!” your mother was an absolute wreck on the ground asking you all sorts of questions, “Don’t worry mom, it’s a game!” you called back to her and waved happily. “Don’t worry? Don’t Worry?! (Y/n) you are trapped by ICE right now! What did you do? Who did you make mad?” “Mam, it’s okay. We are simply playing a game of tag.” Todoroki called and surprised your mom. “P-Police! A delinquent has trapped my child!” she called and you and Todoroki looked at each other, “N-No mom! He isn’t hurting me! We are just playing tag!” you called to her and Todoroki walked over to you and unfroze your feet, “Go talk to your mother before she gets me arrested.” he said and you nodded and ran to your mother, “Mom! Mom look! I’m fine!” you beamed brightly at her and she looked at you and wrapped her arms around you, “Oh my god (Y/n)! Don’t do that! You scared me!” “Sorry Mam, I was playing with your child and things got a little unruly.” Todoroki came over and reached his hand out for her to shake, “I am Todoroki Shouto. You’re child is quite fast. I apologize for scaring you.” Your mother looked at him and then back at you, “I-It’s okay. Y-You two can keep playing, I.. I just didn’t know (Y/n) had friends…” your mother smiled and hugged you, then shook his hand. “Thank you.” she said and then ushered you to go play on the swings. “I really mean it, (Y/n) doesn’t have any friends and they seem to not want to worry me but I know they are sad.” your mother looked after you with a sad smile. Todoroki watched as you put your stomach on the swing and ran forward, causing you to swing forward and backwards like a super hero flying. “They’ll be okay.” he smiled and your mother looked to him, “Please, um.. If It isn’t too much to ask… Could you please maybe watch after (Y/n) sometime? I-I don’t know when, but they are actually smiling and I haven’t seen that in a while.” “I would enjoy seeing (Y/n) again. No one deserves to be alone.” he said and crept up behind you and pushed you higher on the swing, “Especially a sweet child like (Y/n).”

“Who’s crying?!” Inasa bellowed and the whole playground froze to look at him. “It’s probably (Y/n), no one plays with them because they’re a weirdo!” A mean kid teased you and Inasa walked over to him and crouched down to his level, “You take that back. I bet (Y/n) is a wonderful person.” he looked at the child that teased you intensely and he jumped and ran away. “(Y/n)!” Inasa stood up and called for the crying child. “Go away.” he heard a small voice say from under the slide. “What are you doing down here? It’s a great day to come and play!” Inasa grinned as he bent down to wiggle under the slide with you. “You’re too big for this.” you rested your head on your knees and Inasa huddled into himself to fit. “I don’t think I am.” he said as he hit his head on the bottom of the slide. “See, I only barely hit my head!” you laughed a little at his dumb humor and he smiled, “I think it’s a little cramped in this spaceship though, so what do you say we get out of here and go up in the castle. You looked at him and then huffed a little, “This isn’t a spaceship, it’s a hiding spot for spies. I’m a secret agent and we have to get past the mean guards to get to the top of the enemies hideout.” you said and Inasa looked at you in wonder. “What’s our mission Secret Agent (Y/n)?” he asked and you peaked your head out from beneath the slide and then pulled it back in quickly, “I already told you, make it to the top. But enemy gunfire is upon us!” you rolled out from under the slide and made finger guns, pointing at nothing and pretending to fire. “I could use some back up!” you yelled and Inasa smiled widely and rolled out from under the slide, “How did you make that look easy?!” he asked and hit himself on the slide again. “A true spy never reveals their secrets.” you said as Inasa joined in the heated finger gun war.

“Hurry! Up the stairs before they catch up to us!” you called to Inasa and he booked it after you as you ran up the stairs on the play structure. “Don’t worry! I got you!” he said and gave you a boost with his quirk. You laughed and smiled as his quirk helped you up the stairs faster. “Hurry Agent, the enemy is closing in on us!” you said to Inasa as he climbed the stairs behind you. “Not if I can help it!” he said and scooped you up in his arms and jumped to the top of the stairs, now at the top of the play structure. “Take that enemy scum!” he shouted from the top and people from around the base of the structure looked up at the two of you and rolled their eyes. You laughed and clung to his giant arm since he hadn’t put you down yet.

“HEY YOU! WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY KID!” a loud voice called from below and the two of you jumped a little. “WE WERE BEING SPIES!” Inasa called down to him just as loudly. “HI DAD!” you waved and he waved back “HI SWEETHEART HOW WAS YOUR TIME AT THE PARK!” “WOULD YOU STOP YELLING!” another adult yelled and rolled their eyes, “SORRY!” all three of you responded. Inasa sent you down the slide and went down after you to meet with your father on the ground. “Hello sir, your child looked lonely so I decided to play with them to day. I hope you don’t mind.” Inasa beamed and your father scooped you up in his arms and put you on his shoulder, “I don’t mind at all, just making sure my (Y/n) was safe. Glad they found someone to play with.” you father reached out his hand and Inasa shook it, “It was super fun so do not worry about it. I will see you later (Y/n)!” Inasa waved to you and you smiled brightly and waved back enthusiastically. “Does that mean you’ll be here tomorrow too!” you asked him and he smirked, “A true spy never tells others their whereabouts… But I’m not a true spy, you are! So yeah, I’ll be here tomorrow! Bye (Y/n)!” he waved again and you and your father waved back at him. “He’s funny, I like that guy.” your dad said as he turned his back and carried you home, “Yeah, but could you believe he thought we were in a spaceship going to a castle?! It is totally an enemy hideout!” you say and your dad scoffed, “Ugh, newby trainee spies are always the worst right?” “I know! Maybe he’ll be better tomorrow.” you giggled and you dad smiled, happy his kid finally had a friend, that friend may be a giant high school student, but at least they were a friend.