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Top Ten Disney Songs - I’ll Make A Man Out of You (Mulan, 1998)

We must be swift as the coursing river
With all the force of a great typhoon
With all the strength of a raging fire
Mysterious as the dark side of the moon

Restart your Wacom driver with one click!

Hey guys, so… I realized I had a pretty handy little script lying around to stop and start your Wacom drivers fast. I’m gonna explain how I did it so you can make one too.

Sadly this will only work for Windows

Open Notepad

copy paste the following in the file;

net stop WTabletServicePro
net start WTabletServicePro

You can use net stop to start or stop whatever service you want. Be sure to click on the properties of the service to get the right name though, the displayed name and the actual name of the service aren’t always the same. 

Next you are going to save the file on a location where you wont easily throw it away. I saved mine directly in the C:/ directory. Make sure that you save it as a .bat and not a .txt. the name can be whatever you want.

If you saved it right the file should look something like this (or if you have a detail view it will tell you that it’s a .bat file);

Next you’re going to make sure that whenever you click this program it will be executed with admin rights. You can´t do this directly on the .bat file, so you´ll need to make a shortcut. rightclick on the .bat file and select “Create Shortcut”. I’d avice you to put the shortcut on your desktop or another directory you can easily access.

right-click the shortcut and go to Properties -> Advanced and check the box next to “Run as Administrator”. This will ensure that your .bat file will always run in administrator mode. 

If you don’t run the .bat file in administrator mode it will not work.

Now if your driver crashes all you have to do is close your art program, double click the shortcut you made (it will show you a prompt asking for permission to run the .bat as admin, click “yes”) and the program will stop and start the wacom driver for you. A command box will appear and you’ll know the commands ran succesfully if the command box dissappears again.You can then restart your program (if you are a bit handy with the windows command line you can even start the artprogram of your choice in the same script).

I hope this was helpful for you and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

edit: Forgot something important!

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#EBNweek | Day 6 → Even’s Smile/Laugh Appreciation Day

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hello! i was wondering how the persona (3,4,5) protags would react to discovering their crush or s/o to awakening their persona?

i did more them joining the group than awakening to their persona, but i hope you like it! (minor spoilers are in akira’s, so if you haven’t reached december i would advise you don’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled)


  • Minato found out you had the potential one night when the group had gone to Tartarus. He had left you at the dormitory as normal, and assumed you would turn into a coffin like everyone else. He had told you he would be back and left you in his room, leaving with everyone to head to the school.
  • What he didn’t realize, though, was that you didn’t turn into a coffin that night. You waited for a while for him to come back, but once the Dark Hour happened, you freaked out and left the room. Realizing nobody was in the dorm, you left and somehow ended up at the school; which was now Tartarus.
  • Thankfully, Fuuka was at the entrance, so she called everyone back from their training that day immediately. Although it didn’t show on his face, when he saw you there he was absolutely terrified. He didn’t want to put you, his S/O, into danger. He knew Mitsuru would see if you had a Persona, and he didn’t want that to happen.
  • He held your hand as the group went back to the dormitory. There, Mitsuru explained what they were, and what was happening. After a long conversation, she asked if you would join if you could summon a Persona, and you agreed, ignoring your boyfriend’s complaints. He wasn’t expressive often, but you weren’t going to not agree to that.
  • The next night, you went to Tartarus. You were given an Evoker and summoned your Persona (after a bit of panicking). Although Minato was initially protesting you joining S.E.E.S., he let you officially join. You did have to live at the dormitory, though, so it made him happy that you were at least living with them.
  • From then on, he had you join the frontline in every exploration. You were a powerful addition to the team, and he made sure to protect you in every battle. After all, losing you would be a fate worse than his own death.


  • Souji hated himself for not realizing it was you on the Midnight Channel. He should’ve known, but he hadn’t soon enough. You were already in the TV. He was a little surprised at what your Shadow was, though.
  • The Investigation Team went in as quickly as possible to rescue you. Souji was unusually strict during the exploration, but nobody complained. They knew why, and they knew he would do anything to get you back safely.
  • Your Shadow self was a tough boss, and Souji immediately fell to your side after he landed the finishing blow. He coaxed you to stand and you accepted your Shadow as part of yourself, before falling down again in exhaustion. They explained to you what you needed to know, and got you out of the TV.
  • After you recovered, Souji called the team up and they met with you. After a bit of discussion and a bit of arguing with your boyfriend, you joined the team. Teddie even made you your own pair of glasses, and gag glasses to amuse Yukiko, customized to the colors of your Persona.
  • Once the meeting was over, he had you come back to the Dojima’s with him. Nanako was at a friend’s house and Dojima was working late, so it was just you two. He made you dinner and you talked more about the TV world and Personas, making sure you understood everything.
  • After telling your family you were staying over, you cuddled with Souji and planned to sleep. Right before you were asleep, though, he told you how glad he was that you were okay, and that he promised to keep you safe from now on. You promised to protect him in return. After all, you were the most important people in the world to each other, and you would not let the other get hurt ever again.


  • Akira was just planning to have a short trip into their most recent Palace. He didn’t expect you to accidentally end up entering, too. You had just happened to be nearby when the world shifted around you, and a moment later you were standing on a cruiser with Japan sinking around it.
  • Thankfully, you had appeared on the deck with the rest of the Phantom Thieves. Akira yelled your name and ran over to you, pulling you into his arms and asking how you got in. Although you were extremely confused, you could tell it was him beneath the mask and the weird outfit he was wearing. The rest of the group came over and answered your questions, telling you who they were and where you had ended up.
  • After much discussion, Akira decided it would be best if you went ahead and entered the Palace with them as long as you stayed by Futaba during their battles. That plan went smoothly until they encountered their first major enemy in order to get the needed letters of introduction. President Ooe was too strong for them and everyone got knocked down, making Futaba scream in fear. The Shadow turned to you after making sure everyone wouldn’t be getting up soon.
  • Akira was terrified and kept trying to pull his body up, but it was to no avail. It mocked you, saying how powerless you were and taunting you to try and fight, knowing you couldn’t do anything. Of course you were enraged at that. You went to scream back and try to fight when your Persona began to speak to you.
  • Your eyes turned bright yellow and you grabbed your head in pain, listening to the voice calling you to destroy what was in your way. Accepting its call, you snapped back up with a mask on your face and ripped it off, summoning your Persona and destroying the Shadow in front of you in one fell swoop. The rest of the Thieves laid on the ground in awe until you turned to them and fell on the ground next to Akira, pulling him up into a hug.
  • You apologized profusely for not helping sooner, but he told you not to worry. Morgana healed everyone and they got the letter of recommendation while you and Akira held each other as if you would lose the other the moment one let go. You eventually stood and were accepted into the group, now a Phantom Thief, and your boyfriend promised to never let anything like that happen ever again. You were powerful, but he made sure to always be by your side during the rest of the infiltration. He swore to never let you be the last one standing. After all, you were his S/O, and he would never let you be in danger without him there to protect you.

No problem! Thank you all for sending these, and I hope you don’t mind that I meshed them together. Enjoy!

Note: I’ll be writing this in second person if that’s all right!


  • Akira would hold you really close and gently trace circles on your back.
  • He’d whisper all of the things he loves about you in between kissing your forehead.
  • In addition, he’ll express that he wants to remain by your side and help you find your confidence because he wants you to realize how incredible you truly are.
  • Akira will cuddle you in a blanket for the rest of the day, kissing the back of your head as he wraps his arms around you while you two watch TV and slowly drift to sleep.


  • It breaks Ryuji’s heart to see you cry, so he’ll hug you into his warmth and caress the back of your head with his hand.
  • He’ll frequently whisper “it’s okay, let it out” and “I’m here”.
  • Then he’ll retract a bit to look you in the eye as he wipes your tears with his thumbs, reiterating how special you are.
  • Once you’ve calmed down, he’ll shower you in numerous kisses to make you laugh and snuggle on with you.
  • Ryuji won’t leave your side for the rest of the day unless he’s going to get hot chocolate or snacks for you.


  • Ann would definitely hug you, and the softness of her hair is actually quite comforting.
  • She’s sorry that you feel this way, and she’ll tell you that you don’t need to love your flaws right away; recognizing and understanding them is the first step.
  • She’ll suggest doing some at-home activities such as baking to prevent you from dwelling, since it will do more harm than good, and sweets are known for making people happy; although, she might make you something else if you don’t like sweets.
  • Ann will cheer you up by simply talking you as she embraces you, reminiscing on all the wonderful memories you’ve made together.
  • She comments that the best memories involve the most wonderful people, like you.


  • Yusuke would hold your hands and kiss the backs of them as he listens to you.
  • On one hand, he’s glad you’re being open with your feelings, but on the hand, he doesn’t understand why you feel this way about yourself; you’re absolutely enchanting in his eyes, so what’s not to love?
  • He’ll trace your skin with his fingertips because he knows it soothes you, and he’ll tell you that even the most famous works of art have flaws, yet they’re still loved and considered magnificent to this day.
  • Yusuke’s so genuine with his consolations and compliments that it’s impossible to feel sad anymore, but if you still do, he’ll have you sit in his lap as he wraps his lithe arms around you, allowing you a first-hand view as he sketches his own rendition of your beauty.
  • It’s one of his most breathtaking illustrations.


  • Makoto will brush your hair out of your face and brush your cheeks with her fingertips.
  • She can certainly empathize with how you feel, and she tell you that it’s all right to feel sad or insecure every once in a while.
  • She’ll use the diamond analogy, saying that even diamonds go through a lot of pressure before they can truly shine.
  • Moreover, she’ll confirm that she’ll be there for you; even when the stress feels like it’s crushing you, she’ll be there cheering for you as you overcome it.
  • Makoto will make you a batch of warm, refreshing miso soup and spontaneously kiss you or tell you she loves you throughout the day.


  • Futaba easily sympathizes with you, and she’ll hug you as she tells you it’s okay.
  • Her hugs are so cathartic and inviting, so it helps you calm down a little.
  • She knows that she’s not the best with words, but she’ll try to encourage you anyway by listing all the best things about you.
  • She’ll definitely lend an ear if just need someone to talk to, and her attention doesn’t waver once.
  • Additionally she’ll either try to make you laugh by doing silly impressions of her friends, or she’ll watch your favorite show / movie with you as she rakes her fingers through your hair.


  • Haru will ask you what’s wrong and listen to you attentively as she holds your hands, gently caressing them with her thumbs.
  • She’s slightly surprised that you feel that way about yourself since you’re so full of love and warmth, but she understands how you feel.
  • She’ll hold your face with her soft hands and kiss your forehead, stating that only the most remarkable people are able to recognize and face their faults.
  • Furthermore, she’ll remind you that you’re loved dearly in spite of your insecurities, and she’ll be there if you ever need to talk, or if you simply need a hug.
bi josh proof masterpost

okay so i’ve been getting heaps and heaps of questions recently asking for evidence and proof of why i think josh is bi. keep in mind that this list is fairly short for now but i’ll keep on adding to it whenever something comes to mind/something new happens. i also keep a bi josh tag for everything bi josh lmao. masterpost is under the cut

p.s i’m not forcing anybody to believe that josh is bi nor am i trying to push josh to “come out”. 

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Seven brothers, seven sons.

(there come my fëanorians at last !)


v route is here! it costs 300 hourglasses, hope everyone was saving up. all the characters seem to have new CGs, though yoosung only has one

Pulse Part 4

Part 3

Genre: Angst
Words: 2,004
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Stalking, some minor violence
Summary: Soulmate AU in which one’s heartbeat becomes perfectly in sync with their soulmate’s once they meet.

Sleep never came to you that night. Every sound in your apartment made you paranoid. Your heart would speed up and the creep’s face would be the only thing you saw behind your closed eyes. You finally had gotten so annoyed at yourself and your inability to chill out that you took out your laptop for next to your bed and opted on doing some research.

You and Natasha had both established you didn’t know enough about the whole soulmate thing, and if there was one way to distract you from your impending murder, it would be to think about Bucky.

So that’s what you did. At three in the morning, you researched every question possible:

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Xeno - 1

Plot: The best part about being an assistant in a lab was watching all new inventions come to life, although sometimes some of them fail, leaving them away in a storage room, never to be bothered with; free for the taking.

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader | Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Futuristic au!

Notes: It’s finally here after a week of storyboarding! I really hope you enjoy this series. And I suggest all you first time viewers to read the prologue before this. It’ll give ye a bit of context. Thank you for the support <3 2k words

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Originally posted by bwichim

“Take him?” You asked yourself, as if you were assuring yourself this was the right choice.

Fuck it.

You waved your digital ID before the scanner, and the light flashed green before the glass doors opened up. A blast of cold air made your hair flutter slightly, as you were finally met with the experiment – a human? You were going to assume that, considering he was being pumped with elixir, which was what kept him healthy and alive.

Now the hardest part – getting him out of the lab.

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Three heart attacks and five seizures.

But Lance is completely “Fine”.

Lance, Pidge, and their boyfriend Keith forced Lance into going into the hospital so they could figure out what the hell is wrong with him.

“Mr. McClain?” A beautiful doctor came in with a bright smile. “I’m Dr. Prince, but please call me Dr. Allura.” She walked in further and grabbed his chart and looked it over. She furrowed her eyebrows the more she read. “Oh dear.”

“Yeah, Lance has been having a lot of problems lately. He’s been scaring us.” Pidge kissed Lance’s cheek.“

“Just tell them you’re crazy doc and we can go home please.” Lance laughed. “Do what you have to do just tell them I’m fine. Because apparently I’m not.”

“Because you aren’t, Lance!” Keith groaned from the chair in the corner of their room.

“Forgive me, but… who are you?” The doctor gave Pidge and Keith pointed looks.

The three shared a look indiscernible to Allura.

Lance grinned with no hint of shame. “That’s my boyfriend Keith over there, and this is our girlfriend Pidge.” He reached for Pidge’s hand and held it gently expecting some confused reaction from the doctor which amused him.

“Oh! You’re in a polyamorus relationship!” Allura nodded slowly.

“Yeah! Yeah, doc, that’s right!” Lance laughed a little more relieved than he should be. He let out a sigh, and as he drew in another breath he found it difficult. His face scrunched with confusion and he tried again finding his breaths growing shorter. He squeezed Pidge’s hand and used the other to clutch his chest.

“Lance?” Keith stood up and walked over to his boyfriend’s side just as Lance’s eyes rolled back into his head and he stomped moving and breathing all together. “Lance!”

Allura dropped the clipboard, pressed a blue button by the door, and moved quickly to Pidge’s side of the bed and gently pushed her away. “He’s coding! I NEED A NURSE!” She took away his pillows and moved the bed down horizontally.

“What’s happening! Lance! Please wake up! What’s happening!” Keith reached for Lance and pushed his chocolate brown hair out of his face. “Lance please…”

Allura was accompanied by a rush of people working to save Lance’s life. She put her right hand over her left and pressed them down on his chest repeatedly to restart his heart. “One, two, three, four, five…”