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🌛🌡️❄️️ Cold Moon ❄️️🌡️🌜

what is the cold moon?

🌛 called the cold moon for the approaching cold weather and the winter months after the harvest. it is the full moon of december. 

what does that mean for witchcraft?

🌡️ as the beginning of winter, and brings attention to the self, reflection, and cleansing. it is the preparation for restarting anew, and finishing projects and tying up loose ends. 

🌛  this is a time for protection spells, self care spells, renewal and prosperity spells. on the flip side, it is also a perfect times for curses, both ending and casting them. 

Quick N’ Dirty Protection Wards for Resisting the Power

All right, fellow Witches. I know things have been tumultuous, and it’s a very scary time to be in the United States. I’m back to being an uninsured American, and am watching my home state fight against a death sentence due to climate change. As a person of color, and a mixed race person, I feel like the need to ward up, protect yourself (no matter who you are), and resisting is of utmost importance. I wanted to share some magical methods of protection you can use.

1. Jar of Security: Create an adapted version of the traditional witch’s bottle. Place traditional ingredients for protection and warding in a bottle or jar - in this case, the nastier the components, the nastier the retribution on the one who crosses it. You’re gonna want nails, you’re gonna want spit (you’re gonna want to be safe about biohazardous ingredients), you’re gonna want irritating peppers and much gnashing of teeth. Finish the spell by putting the cork/lid back on, sealing it with wax (I recommend going with the retribution/fire theme and using red). Place it outside your front door, or near your room door, depending on where you live; hiding it might be a good idea. Bam, you’ve got one more shield up.

2. Ward your Room: Create a quick stone seal for your room by tying a rope or string around a stone for protection. Hematite would be a good choice, or bloodstone, or obsidian. Hold the stone and envision a stone barrier, with a stone gate, protecting your living space. Hang the stone behind your door, and use it to swing the ward open and shut when your door opens and shuts.

3. Sigil Up: Take a white candle and inscribe sigils on doorframes and window frames for reflective magic, protection, warding, and marking your territory using the white wax. It’ll be hard to read, but seals up the entrances and exists to define your space.

4. Purge: Write grievances onto small papers, and burn them in a heatproof container. Works great as a daily purifying ritual, and also has the added bonus of frying your grievance’s subject. 

5. Armor Up: A classic but just as effective as ever. Craft a set of “armor” for yourself by visualizing a set of armor, or outfit, that makes you feel powerful. Now, actually moving your hands, put on the armor when you need it, before you leave the house, or when you need extra support. Crafted “psychic armor” can be taken on or off as you need.

6. Dissuade Idle Gossip: Or, “silence untrue rumors and words”, which is a lot less snappy - this is essentially prevention for slander and mud-raking. Place a single castor bean in a small bottle/jar, and seal. Keep sealed for use. Use a coffee bean instead for the economic witch, use a juniper berry for added protection.

7. Shield of Black Wax: Keeping a black candle burning is a super easy way to put up a shield of absorption while you’re working magic. As far as precautions go, you can just plug in and go.

You now have the tip of the iceberg of an arsenal of protective and reflective methods at your hands - now, work your magic from your vantage point! Get creative! Resist!!

Other non-witchy things you could do from said vantage point include calling your representatives and speaking out on issues, such as Trump’s cabinet appointments or the restart on both pipeline projects, or the silencing of the EPA, or releasing his tax returns… the list is endless! If phone calls aren’t your bag, write postcards to your representatives. Donate to Planned Parenthood! Volunteer your time! Run for local office! Make art, and donate the proceeds! Punch a Nazi in the face!!!

Rionetta’s face was paler than Nako’s, watching as Nako used her Magical Phone, the arm that the Dragon had mauled hanging by her side. Rionetta’s right sleeve was torn, exposing her wrist, which was marked with a number of holes which corresponded to the number of the Dragon’s teeth, and even crack marks. She looked like a doll which had been abandoned by her master after being broken.

Grassroots campaign shuts down far right art gallery!

The Shut Down LD50 campaign can happily disclose that the landlord of the LD50 Gallery has asked the tenants, Lucia Diego and Alexander Moss, to vacate the premises. The gallery sign has been taken down from the building at 2–4 Tottenham Road, Dalston, London, and there is no indication that any future events will be taking place in the space. As of April there will no longer be a racist cultural centre operating in Hackney.

Shutting down the gallery is the result of sustained campaign work by many political and community groups, Hackney residents, cultural workers and journalists. We thank everyone involved for their dedication. At the same time we have to recognise that this is only a first step. More needs to be done both to prevent LD50 and its organisers from restarting their project elsewhere, and more generally to ensure that our communities and cultural institutions are kept free of the influence of the far right.

We urge people inside and outside of the art world to refuse to work with Lucia Diego and Alexander Moss. They have actively supported the development of a fascist culture in London. The speakers they hosted often promote mass violence against oppressed peoples and political opponents. The LD50 representatives have done next to nothing to disassociate themselves from such views. There is every reason to believe that they will attempt to resume their public promotion of racist ideas if given the opportunity. Not giving fascism a platform or a voice is an effective non-violent means of stopping them.

It is also important to learn lessons from our activity up until now. As a loose affiliation of friends and associates the Shut Down LD50 Campaign worked collectively alongside established community groups. We have worked mostly anonymously in order to protect ourselves. This was especially necessary after Lucia Diego published the personal details of opponents for potential use by the online far- and alt-right (including open advocates of political murder). When we oppose fascists we need to protect ourselves from their tactics of intimidation.

We must continue to think about how to oppose racism and fascism more broadly. Whilst some of the events at LD50 were openly fascist, it is clear that the space also took inspiration from the more everyday forms of political authoritarianism that have proliferated during the last few years, including Trump. Shutting down fascists in the long term requires that we transform the culture in which they can begin to gain popular and institutional support (and the art world is not the neutral space it often believes itself to be). We need to be able to ask larger questions, such as how to oppose Britain’s own violent border regime.

One way is by working in and alongside the many groups who helped to support our campaign. All of these different organisations are doing exceptional work in the fight against racism, fascism and oppression. Their struggles are becoming increasingly necessary, and we encourage you to get involved with them. To that end, we include a list of groups who have supported us below.

Shut Down LD50

56a Infoshop, Anti-University, Artists For Palestine UK, Arts Against Cuts, Autonomous Centre Edinburgh, BARAC / Black Activists Rising Against Cuts, Base, BDZ Group / Boycott Zabludowicz, Black Lives Matter UK, Boycott Workfare, Cleaners and Allied International Workers Union, Cops Off Campus, Digs / Hackney Private Renters, Disabled People Against the Cuts, DIY Space for London, Goldsmiths UCU (University and College Union), Independent Workers Union of Great Britain,  Jewish Socialists’ Group, Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants, London Anti-Fascists, MayDay Rooms Staff Collective, Movement for Justice, Mute Magazine, Novara Media, PCS Union Culture Sector Group, Plan C London, Radical Housing Network, Roots Culture Identity Art Collective, Scottish Radical Library, Sisters Uncut North London, South London Solidarity Federation.


final fantasy type-0 abilities:

Jack ➟ Transience.