hello followers,

I don’t like calling you guys followers- you’re people, but yeah, you follow this blog- so this post is for you! You’ve probably notice I haven’t written or been present much at all on tumblr in awhile. It’s been pretty spotty over the past two years. Yes, there’s been a few updates and times where I’ve felt inspired to share, but nothing consistent.

What happened?

Well, the first trigger to my absence began when I went through some with a toxic ex-friendship/roommate who would creep and condemn everything I posted, so that caused me to feel I couldn’t post anything. Yikes. 

Overall, honestly- I met my best friend and started doing life invested where I am. Life took over- so beautifully.

Tumblr has a special place in my heart. Over my honeymoon, I was blessed to meet Patrick @padehler in Portland, OR and Adrian @adriangibbsandstuff-blog at Audiofeed Music Festival in Urbana, IL! Hands down, my favorite thing about tumblr has been the relationship-building with quality, caring people across the world. The Christian community is actually a much smaller circle than most of us realize!

Yes, I have a lot of followers. I haven’t been a good steward of faithfully connecting with all of you. Realistically, it’s impossible to respond to everyone, always. I stopped receiving messages because of my lack of interaction- that has made me sad because I really love those! Most of my writing came out of those prompts to direct my followers to find answers for themselves by sharing what I can. I believe I wouldn’t have studied some topics or questions over the years -and grown so much!- if it hadn’t been for you guys throwing them onto my radar! I’m thankful for that, because whether you guys ever realized it or not, I don’t have all the answers and have a lot to learn, too. 

I also had a time of being silent about my faith, trying to navigate how to write to not just other Christians, but also non-believers. I’ve been trying a long time to process how to communicate in the world we live in something that is sometimes difficult and can have very negative connotations. Those connotations don’t represent Jesus, His heart, or anything I want to be about. I realized I can’t worry about what people think- I have to be true and set the right example of what being Christlike and a Christ-follower is about. I will be authentic and hopefully God is what shines through to people. I’m so happy that I’m finally back in a place were I feel free to say, I follow Jesus- and not be worried what people will say, or if they will misunderstand or reject me for it. I love Jesus more than the acceptance of people. I am known by Him, and that is enough for me to be confident before other people. 

I hope I can still be encouragement to whoever still actively follows my blog, and to keep it real as always, and show genuine care for those of you who need someone to listen and pray.

Know you are loved and never alone. God loves you, He desires you, and He is all your heart is searching for and where satisfaction is found.

Let’s keep adventuring toward being more like Jesus and encourage each other along the way.

I love you guys. Jesus loves you even more.

Breanna Lynn


maybe if i leave
i can start all over
and become a new person
and stop being myself.
maybe if i leave,
i can stop doing things
that make me hate who i am
and make me want to no longer exist.
maybe if i leave,
i can have a fresh reputation
instead of the tainted one i live with
in this stupid town.
maybe if i leave,
no one will miss me
and i can leave this town
and my past behind me.
maybe if i leave,
i can move on.
maybe if i leave,
i can become a good person.

but let’s be honest, i’ll probably become a worse person than i am now.

And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.
—  The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald, 1925
Re start your healthy lifestyle with me!

Hey guys! So its almost the start of a new month, and I want to invite some of my followers to re start with me! I’m sure I am not the only one that’s been doing bad at eating and finding time to exercise lately, and want to motivate myself and others to keep on track with our goals. So anyone feel free to message me and we can keep in touch over the next month (or longer if you want) and motivate each other to eat better and exercise on a schedule. 

I will be posting progress pictures on Thursday for those who asked, and I really want to crush it this month!

Lets do this!

If I had another restart on my life, I dare say that I would find you sooner. I dare say that I would not be as late as I was.
—  Lukas W. // Restart