“I’m gonna sneak in an extra song here if we could. This is one that we don’t really know very well but we’re gonna try and do it. All of you listening out there, were gonna make a special dedication on this one because, you know, he spent so much time here. I think this is a really great song for the moment and ahh, we love him, wherever you are we wish you well. This is for River Phoenix. This song is called Ballad of Easy Rider.” 

That’s how Tom Petty introduced his tribute to River during a concert at the Stephen C. O'Connell Center, November 1993 in Gainesville.

Two Gainesville boys who gave so much to the world. And who left this Earth leaving behind a transcendental legacy of inspiration, kindness and love.

Hope you found yourself a River, Tom. Rest in peace. <3 

The river flows, it flows to the sea
Wherever that river goes that’s where I want to be
Flow river flow, let your waters wash down
Take me from this road to some other town

All he wanted was to be free
And that’s the way it turned out to be

Prior to River auditioning, Corey Haim was offered the role of Chris Chambers in Stand by Me; Rob Reiner offered him the role on the spot. Corey explained, “I had gotten the part in ‘Stand by Me’ and the part in ‘Lucas’ in the same day. So I was actually eating lunch in Rob Reiner’s backyard with him. And I read for, rest in peace, River Phoenix’s part (and) got it.” Corey would turn down Stand by Me for a starring role in Lucas with auditions continuing until River was cast


I grew up watching things like Indiana Jones, having a crush on ‘young Indiana’,  watching Stand By Me with my mum and being absolutely heart broken when Gordie says Chris got stabbed. Seeing films like My Own Private Idaho and feeling an unknown connection towards Mike and feeling sorrow towards the character. River, you created truly amazing characters and I can’t thank you enough for blessing this world with your talent. Not just acting either, you were a passionate musician and the songs you wrote and performed with Aleka’s Attic were works of art. You once said in an interview that you weren’t trying to get a message across with your music, you were just speaking your mind and hoped that someone would maybe listen. I listened. Blue Period speaks to me in a way I can’t describe. I am so utterly grateful that you can speak to so many of us without actually being face to face. Lots of us love you more than we can say. One of my favourite things about you is how much you loved life. All kinds of life from dogs, birds and human life, you loved all of it. You were such a careful, beautiful, soft and mysterious human being and maybe that’s why it’s still a massive shock that you’re no longer with us. Personally, I’m not a great believer in 'if it’s your time to go then there’s nothing you can do about it’ and maybe that’s why this is so hard for me. I suppose if you have a faith then it’s easier to know that someone you love is in a happier place. I’m sure lots of people will be at The Viper Room right now, holding your memory close to their hearts. I will hold many memories of you close to my heart today. I wasn’t alive when you died but it still hurts me deeply and makes me sit in my room and cry for hours when I think of it. Your work and memory has been passed on through to the next generation and I sincerely hope that carries on. You are a true angel, River, and although it’s a hugely solemn occasion, lots of us will be respecting you with happy thoughts and I know for sure that blasting Aleka’s Attic, spouting quotes, watching interviews and watching some of your greatest works on film will be enough for me. Right now my keyboard is getting dangerously wet with tears but I’ll have you know that they aren’t just tears of sadness they’re also happy tears. I am so happy that you existed because you’ve brought a lot of light into so many people’s lives; young and old. Only true legends can do that and you are no doubt, and will always remain, one colossal legend.

I love you, River Phoenix.

Rest In Peace x

(1970-1993…22 years today)

Don’t pretend like we can recover
When you chose the lust of another

Cut me free, you’ll never be what I need
I hope you choke on the words I was lead to believe
Like a puppet on your strings
Control means everything

And in my heart I want to forgive you
That doesn’t mean I’ll forget
You’ll always be my regret

Here’s to a past I’ll never need
No, “Here’s to you, rest in peace”

—  Wage War - The River

rest in peace, river phoenix. (23.08.1970 - 31.10.1993)

“I don’t want to die in a car accident. When I die it’ll be a glorious day. It’ll probably be a waterfall.” - river jude phoenix

one of the greatest actors there ever was, or ever will be. my inspiration to be a better person, and a better artist. rest easy riv. forever twenty-three, but forever living on.

“Life is so mean.”

The late JOAN RIVERS, from the documentary film Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work (2010).

Later on, in an understated guest spot on the FX series Louie, she dispenses wisdom to the title character about their chosen profession:

“It doesn’t get better.  You get better.  I’ve gone up, I’ve gone down, I’ve been bankrupt, I’ve been broke.  But you do it, and you do it because,… because we love it more than anything else.  …You want a real job, honey?  There are a million things you can do.  But what we do is not a job… what we do is a calling, my dear.  We make people happy.  It’s a calling.”

Rest in peace, Joan.

Hahaha remember when Robin Williams made lots of jokes about rape and incest and pedophilia and making fun of Muslim women but when he died it was all OH MY GOD I LOVED ALADDIN, MY CHILDHOOD, RIGHT IN THE CHILDHOOD, TRULY A SAINT FOREVER

Hahaha remember when Joan Rivers died and every two-bit SJW decided that now was the time when the sisterhood of women was fully irrelevant and that she was a cunt witch bitch fucking hag skank of death who deserved to rot in hell forever

Why do we forgive in death male celebrities when we do not do the same for female celebrities? Why did people pop bottles of champagne in the streets and sing “ding-dong the witch is dead” for the death of Margaret Thatcher… But left the death day of her BFF Ronald fucking Reagan bone-dry and champagne free? 

Oh, I see.

By all means, celebrate the deaths of anyone if you’re so inclined. They’re not around to see it anyway. But if you only celebrate when controversial women die (and you rush to spit your venom, call them bitches, cunts, witches, whores, evil monsters, devil women, demon women) then double fucking newsflash, sunshine: you’re probably a misogynist. 

And you know what’s worse? No woman is exempt. People will dance on the grave of Temple Grandin for supporting industrial meat production, despite her being one of the most accomplished agriculturalists and autistic people of the 21st century. People will dance on the grave of Nicki Minaj because they will allege that her sexuality ruined America’s youth. People will dance on the grave of Dilma Roussef, the first female president of Brazil, because they don’t agree with her stance on abortion. And if you’re a successful woman who speaks her mind and holds strong views, they’ll dance on your grave too.

If you only support successful women when they’re dancing to your tune– telling your jokes, preaching your politics, singing your songs, supporting your causes– then you’re not a supporter of women, you’re a supporter of yourself. We do not need to agree with all of the controversial (and sometimes racist, homophobic, transphobic, and otherwise wretched) things that people say to agree that they should rest peacefully. Which is all to say: all of your “SISTERHOOD FOR ALL” buttons, all your rallies, all your Facebook statuses and fliers about feminism, all your “activism”… It’s all wholly and completely irrelevant if you actively curse the souls of dead women who said shit you don’t like.

In conclusion: rest in peace Joan Rivers. You were a semi-frequent cunt, but aren’t we all?

Today, Prince Charles lost another close friend in comedian Joan Rivers. They met in 2003 while on a painting holiday in the South of France and became good friends right away. Rivers was one of four Americans invited to Prince Charles 2005 wedding to The Duchess of Cornwall, and was invited to take part in a comedy show to mark Charles’ 60th birthday three years later. 

Joan made headlines a few years ago after making an impromptu speech at a dinner held at Highgrove to support osteoporosis sufferers. In her speech she said, I just want to say that this is for all you bitches in the room who married your husbands for their money. I know who you are and Charles knows, too, because I've just pointed you all out to him!” The room apparently went silent with the guests surprised by her remarks, that was until Charles and Camilla burst out in laughter which caused the entire room to erupt. 

“He’s so charming, so humorous. All the ­passions that everyone used to laugh at him for — organic food, architecture, talking to the flowers, we’re all into those things now. 

‘He is so far ahead of his time, and I think he will be a very good monarch. He is a very smart man and I adore him”

-Joan Rivers (1933-2014)

Rest in peace, Joan.


Rest In Peace Joan Rivers

In a world of “I can’t even’s” I can’t even deal with the news that Joan Rivers is dead. Even writing it seems like a hoax. I’ve never been more in shock about someone’s passing. Like, I just saw her doing the Emmy’s Fashion Police wrap up, calling A-listers out for their horrid sartorial choices and now a week later she’s gone. What is happening right now?

I can’t even begin to imagine what a red carpet will be without her. Who is going to tell it like it is? Who is going to tell Lea Michelle she looks like a porn star, trash Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, even Angelina Jolie and call Betty White a bitch?

She invented the red carpet. She made it be what it is today. She gave designers the platform to promote their business and become known to the public thanks to her question, “Who are you wearing?” As we celebrate New York Fashion Week, many of these designers gained notoriety thanks to red carpets - thanks to Joan.

She was every adjective you could think of. She didn’t just paved the way for raunchy comediennes, she paved the way for all those women who wanted a job that was in a field dominated by the male sex. She liberated us to surpass our limitations and proved that if you worked hard and believed in yourself you could be considered a males equal in the workforce. She became and still is the first and only female TV host of a late night show - not counting cable, because who cares about cable. Johnny Carson was clearly intimidated and broke her heart but she got up and had the last laugh.

She was not only funny on TV, she was also funny in writing. Just last week I was reading “Diary of a Mad Diva” at the airport. You can’t help but laugh out loud cover to cover. Everything and everyone is on the table when doing comedy and she never apologized for any of it. She knows how to say the truth in the most outrageous way which makes you laugh and agree with her because it’s the truth after all. She just never stopped being funny and clever.

Keeping up with today’s times, she turned herself into a YouTube personality. I was a fan of her show “In Bed With Joan” from the beginning. I’d watch it when getting ready in the AM just to get the day started on a good note. She never stop working, and like she said, her job was her hobby.

I watched “A Piece of Work” when it came out back in 2010 and it’s probably the one documentary about a person in the entertainment industry that has really struck a core with me. I found it to be an amazing look into her life and it redefined how I saw her as a person as well as a comedienne. I seriously remember specific scenes that were so important to me at that point for some reason. I will always remember the opening scene of her without any makeup on. She simply put herself out there and said I’m here and I just want to be liked. She’s a comedy icon. She had the energy, stamina and aggression that a great stand-up needs and no matter where she was performing, she would knock it right out of the park.

I loved watching her reality show “Joan and Melissa”. When you turn your TV on to watch a TV show about someone’s life, you’re essentially welcoming those people into your living room and you sort of form a bond and you feel like you know them. Perhaps that’s why even though I never met her, her death feels so close.

At 81, which is irrelevant to mention because age clearly does not define a person, she was still as vital and as relevant as the youngest gal in the business. With time she got funnier, wittier, and never afraid to speak her mind. She simply said out loud what everyone else was thinking. If people didn’t get her joke or got offended, their loss.

What do I take from Joan Rivers?

1. Her fashion advice. Forget the furs, the Birkins, the Chanel - black kneepads go with everything.

2. Don’t be afraid of redecorating your face. “Show me a person who hasn’t done anything and I’ll show you someone who is hideous”.

3. Self deprecation is actually the key for happiness. Never be afraid to laugh at yourself, after all, you could be missing out on the joke of the century.

There will never be another one like her. Nothing will ever be the same.

You were one of a kind. I thought you would be eternal. Love you Joan, thanks for all the laughs. I will miss you terribly.