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bts as dads: myg

dad!bts au: kim seokjin | min yoongi | jung hoseok | kim namjoon | park jimin | kim taehyung | jeon jungkook

  • one little girl, the mini min, the light of his life, his muse, his best friend, his everything
  • min yeona, 3 years old
  • when i say yoongi’s daughter is his best friend i mean his Best Friend
  • has the pout™️
  • takes her everywhere with him honestly and it doesn’t even bother her because her dad is also her best friend and her role model and her idol and she loves spending time with him
  • she loves imitating her dad and doing literally everything he does but in her own kiddy way and it’s so adorable?? yoongi clutches his heart everytime??
  • like whenever yoongi’s drinking an american yeona has her own little cup of honey water or something or if yoongi’s playing piano, she’ll be playing on her little electric keyboard or if yoongi’s wearing a leather jacket yeona has her own little matching one and she truly is the mini min
  • speaking of which
  • i have this headcanon that yoongi loves to play dress up w his daughter or child
  • probably in the same way that tae is willing to buy and dress his children in anything and everything the gucci kids section has to offer
  • like yoongi just likes making her look stylish as shit
  • like he could be dressed in sweatpants and and old t shirt not giving a fuck to go the studio but he’s decked out mini min in a silk bomber jacket and jeans and sneakers looking fly as shit
  • they have matching oversized scarfs
  • calls herself min smartie
  • stagename: spice
  • “i wanna be just like daddy!!”
  • looooooooots of studio time together
  • like sometimes you drop her off after school and yoongi will already have layed out a little blanket on the floor with some snacks and a coloring book and games for her to play with
  • he may or may not have installed another little desk opposite his with a little sound board and computer and games and a swivel chair just her size
  • she’s not very high maintence like just being in the same room as her dad is enough time spent w him for her
  • she might just be in the background chilling but yoongi is always watching her and takes little notes on her body language as critiques on his music
  • like if she’s sitting on a chair and swinging her legs to the beat he just smiles because yay his little girl likes it
  • or if she kind of sways her head to the music or sometimes she gets up and dances and that’s the best reaction
  • because if mini min doesn’t like the track, the track gets scrapped
  • sometimes he’s more direct and asks her and i feel like she’s really honest with him people always say that kids love whatever their parents do, but if yeona doesn’t like something yeona will tell you
  • “no that’s too slow daddy, i’m bored” “no that sounds funny daddy i don’t like it” “ooh i like that one i like the drums make it louder daddy!!!” and yoongi listens to her every word (and the other producers think he’s crazy for taking production advice from a literal child but yoongi doesn’t give a single fuck, her approval means everything)
  • is constantly showing yoongi new things she’s learned when it comes to music
  • “daddy look at what i learned how to play today!!”
  • and she’s always showing yoongi “new” music and even though he’s already heard he always plays along and tells her she has better taste in music than he does
  • there’s no way you can’t tell that she’s yoongi’s daughter i mean she’s exactly like him
  • she probably takes lots of naps in the studio too but that’s not at all the reason why yoongi bought a kumamon beanbag and a bunch of fluffy pillows and blankets and put them aside nope that was for him totally
  • yeona knows when not to bother her dad but i feel like if she’s really sleepy and it’s been a particularly long day sometimes she’ll go over to yoongi’s chair while he’s mixing beats or something and just kind of sit herself on his lap and make herself comfortable
  • sometimes she tries to stay awake and yoongi teaches her about the buttons on the soundboard
  • but sometimes she just wraps her small hands around his waist as much as she can and falls asleep
  • (yoongi loves when she does that the most)
  • of course yoongi and yeona have matching headphones what else were you expecting
  • he carries her everywhere like physically carries her in his arms at all time this is his princess we’re talking about here
  • will write songs about her (will pull a beyoncé and feature her on a track)
  • the boys’ kids probably all spend a lot time with their uncles, but i feel like yoongi’s kid would be most fond of hobi and jimin
  • because uncle jimin feeds her addiction to sweets and buys her lots of character plushies and always plays with her
  • uncle jimin the cuddliest and spoils her the most (and uncle jimin has fluffy hair that he lets her braid)
  • and because uncle hobi lets her into his recording studio and they always mess around and he knows all the buttons to make her voice sound all funky
  • sometimes hobi saves the recording tho and sends them to yoongi when he’s having a hard time and just opening a file of his little girl singing one of their songs and hearing her giggle at the end of the track is all he needed to get over his writer’s block or whatever it was that was bothering him
Bangtan reaction to you having a nightmare (hyung line)

A/n: bts reaction to you having a nightmare? 

This is such a cute idea! Thank you for requesting <3

Kim Seokjin:

Seokjin would be quite confused when he woke up to a cold bed, getting up and walking around knowing you’d be somewhere in the house. He knew that something was off. Had he upset you maybe? No - that wasn’t it. He saw that the kitchen light was still on. He walked around the corner to see you sitting on the granite countertop with a glass of water in your hands. You were pale, with a frightened look on your face, the water in the glass moved as your hands shook. 

“Jagiya.” he called out making you look up at him with worried eyes. He could see tear stains running down your face. He moved closer to you, putting his hands on your legs. “Another one?”

You nodded at him, not trusting your voice at this moment. He took the glass from your hands, placing it on the counter. He wrapped his arms around your waist, picking you up and carrying you back to your bed where you stayed in his arms for the rest of the night. 

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(W)rapped Around Her Finger

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A/N: I had my first request sent into my inbox. Thanks for trusting me enough to write something for you, I feel like what I write is trash. I don’t want to make this a series but I can see this being longer than one part haha. ALSO I suck at coming up with titles as you can see

Request: can i request a yoongi or jhope fanfic? im not creative maybe where you’re both famous rappers and he has a huge crush on you i cant think of a plot (sorry) so surprise me! :) but i would like angst and fluff :)) thank you in advance if you decide to do it!! 💕💕

Pairing: J-hope x Reader (Ugh I love this little ball of sunshine so much I can’t stop writing about him.)

Summary: You and J-hope are both rappers and he seems to have a huge crush on you although you have always failed to see it. 

Genre: Angst,Fluff.

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Request: Hello! I recently read your ‘Celebrity Crush’ scenarios with Hobi, can it be possible that you write something similar to that but with Namjoon? Thank you!!!

Note: This is VERY different to ‘Celebrity Crush’, but it should still fit the request!! Please enjoy!

Prompt: You were finally in Seoul for your tour, and Namjoon took this as an opportunity to collaborate with you. Little did the two of you know that you shared non-platonic feelings for one another.

Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Idol!Reader

Genre: Fluff, Comedy

Word Count: 2,802

Namjoon’s POV

“Guess who’s in town soon,” Yoongi speaks, reading through a post on his phone.

“Who?” Hoseok questions, walking over to peer over the older boy’s shoulder.

I take a sip from my steaming cup of hot chocolate, placing it on the coffee table before me.

“Y/n, she’s on her world tour at the moment and is scheduled to stop in Seoul for a while. Apparently, they want to look around the city before moving onto the next stop,” I suck in a deep breath of air as Yoongi says this, choking on my drink slightly, causing Hoseok and Yoongi’s attention to focus on me.

“Hyung, you like Y/n, don’t you?” Hoseok laughs at my flustered state, not listening to my arguments against the already known fact.

“It’s not like that,” I speak, trying to clear myself up, “I just think that they’re a talented singer and would like to meet them.”

“Okay sweetie,” Yoongi sees through my lies, a knowing smirk adorning his features, “Why don’t you contact them about a collaboration then?”

“Oh yeah, that sounds good!” Hoseok nods in agreement, my eyes widening at the suggestion.

“Well, I mean- I don’t know,” I stutter, trying to come up with an excuse not to, fear of embarrassment rising in my stomach.

“I’m sending them a tweet,” Yoongi speaks, his thumbs typing away a message on his phone, causing me to literally jump off my seat on the couch, tripping over my own feet and falling to the hard floor before picking myself up and running towards the snow-white haired man.

“Please don’t tweet her!” I basically scream, joining Hoseok behind him to watch what he was doing.

“If you don’t like them, then I don’t see what’s got your panties in a knot,” Yoongi laughs, “I’ve sent it already anyways, and thousands of people have already seen it, so you can’t delete it.”

“I’m the leader of this group, you should listen to what I say,” I speak, frustration oozing from my body as I check my phone to see his tweet.

“Being a leader doesn’t make you any older, we own you,” Seokjin walks in, his slender hand hitting the back of my head lightly, causing my hand to automatically retract to the sore area, rubbing it softly.

“Shut up,” I mumble.

I read the newly loaded post, “I’m very excited for @y/n to come to Seoul, I would enjoy collaborating with them one day, RM.”

“You really had to, didn’t you?” I grumble, my mood sinking deeply as I watch the rest of the hyung line joke around with my feelings.

“Oh, come on, we’re just helping you,” Yoongi shrugged off my emotions, continuing to banter with Hoseok and Seokjin.

Feeling attacked, I make my way to my bedroom, collapsing onto the bed. It didn’t take long for my moody attitude to dissolve, being replaced with anxiousness and fear of rejection by such a talented and famous person. The anxiety and fear soon develop into tiredness, and I drift into a much-needed slumber.


“Hyung,” I hear a knock on my door, mumbling in response, pulling the duvet above my head.

The sound of the door clicking open and footsteps surrounds the otherwise silent room, large hands beginning to roughly shake my body, “Namjoon!”

“What do you want, Taehyung?” I grumble, collecting myself slightly as I ball my hands into fists, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.

“Twitter is blowing up, not that you’d notice because you’ve been asleep the entiRE TIME!” He yells the last part, causing me to groan in annoyance.

“What happened?” I mumble in question, my mind still foggy from sleep.

“Y/n tweeted us- well, you,” I quickly sit up, completely awake now, “And well, she wants to collaborate with you, and apparently the entire fandom wants it as well.”

“Shit, shit, shit,” I mutter, scrambling out of bed to retrieve my phone, opening the twitter app.

“@BTS_twt I would love to collaborate with you, we should definitely organise something! I love your work :)”.

“SHIT, SHIT, SHIT,” I scream, not knowing what to do with the new information and complement, “WHAT DO???”

“Message them, god,” Taehyung laughs, walking out of the room calmly, leaving me confused and flustered.

I decide to listen to the younger boy, my fingers fumbling to click into their account, pressing onto the button on the page that led me to the direct messages. My fingers hover over the keyboard, not knowing how to begin the sentence in any way. I took a deep intake of breath before deciding to just type what came to my head.

“Hi, this is RM, but you can call me Namjoon. Did you want to organise a collaboration of some sort?” I look at the words on my screen, wondering whether they were too direct or not. I go to delete the text, but my shaky finger hits the wrong button, sending the odd text to the famous singer.

I throw my phone onto the bed in frustration, taking my head in my hands as I cringe over my mistake. In the distance I hear light pitched cackling that belongs to Jungkook, the sound getting louder as some light footsteps make their way down the corridor, the maknae peaking his head through my doorway.

“You can call me Namjoon, do you wanna organize a collaboration of some sort?” he mocks in a high-pitched voice, causing me to harden my gaze on the young boy.

“If you say one more word I won’t hesitate to ban you from playing any video games for a week,” I speak in a harsh voice, causing him to only laugh.

“Please, you’re not my parent, I’m a grown ass boy who can play games when he wants to,” he says in a playful voice, his head held high.

“I’ll call your mum and tell her that you’re not behaving,” I say, his eyebrows raising at the threat.

“Did you hear that?” he mutters, stepping out of the room slowly, “I think it’s Seokjin hyung calling me.”

“Don’t drag me into this, you rat,” Seokjin’s loud voice rumbles through the large house, the eldest calling out Jungkook, who had already run away, after somehow hearing the conversation from rooms away.

A long sigh escapes my lips as I shut my door, walking back to my large bed. I pick up my phone, noticing a reply back from y/n. I can feel the excitement coursing through my veins as I quickly unlock it, reading the message.

“Hi Namjoon, I would love that! Do you have any ideas? Maybe a remix or a duet of one of our songs? We could even just do a cover of another song perhaps. It’s up to you, really :)”. I feel a wide smile break out on my face, reading over the polite and eager message, my confidence slowly building back up again with the hope that they want this as much as I do.

“I think it’d be good if we wrote a duet together, the only problem would be time though. We’d have to work together a lot if we want it finished before you leave Seoul”. I send the message, eager for their response, hoping that they’d be up for the task. To my surprise, they read the text almost instantly, beginning to type not long after.

“That’s fine by me! I’m coming to Seoul next week, so if you want to, the both of us can write some lyrics beforehand and meet up then to work together and write it all”. I smile, making my way to the door as I write a quick reply in response in agreement.

I put my phone in my pocket, making my way down the hallway, almost knocking over Jimin in my haste.

“Woah there, buddy,” he speaks, eyeing me suspiciously, “Where are you rushing off to?”

“My studio,” I reply, continuing my way to the room again.


Your POV

You were still in shock that not only had Kim Namjoon of BTS, your celebrity crush, reached out to organize a collaboration with you, but you were writing a song with him. It was truly unbelievable to say the least, and you were far over the moon about the whole thing.

It had been about a week since the encounter on twitter, and you had performed for Seoul yesterday, leaving you free for three weeks. Namjoon had messaged you early that morning, giving you the address to his apartment, saying that he works better in a less formal environment, then telling you that you could come at any time you wished.

You got ready for your day not long after receiving the text, dressing in a smart casual shirt and black skinny jeans, going for a casual but fashionable ensemble. You threw a large black coat over yourself, as it was currently freezing in Seoul, taking everything that you needed in a small bag before leaving the large hotel room. You requested that your personal driver took you straight to the gigantic apartment that belonged to the seven members of BTS, a music group that you admired and looked up to.

You texted Namjoon, telling him that you’d be there in a few minutes, and he replied soon after how to get through the gates and that he anticipated your arrival.


“Y/n!” Namjoon greeted you at the apartment door, reaching his hand out for you to shake, awkwardly retracting it when you laughed at his formality.

“Hello Namjoon,” you greeted back, pulling him in for a quick hug; one that seemed innocent and friendly from an outsider, but sent tingles to every part of your body due to the intimacy.

It took him a second to respond, his hands clasping onto each other behind your back as his arms barely touched you.

“Um,” he coughed slightly, retracting his body from your own before continuing, “The loungeroom- no one’s in there, did you want to go there? Or we could go to my studio for something more private, not that we need privacy of course, there’s nothing we’re hiding, but I was just thinking that-

“The loungeroom will be fine,” you offered him a soft smile, helping his awkward state out with your (somehow) calm decision.

“Loungeroom, okay,” he nodded, walking down the walkway to a large room, three identical black couches adorning the area.

He sat on the one in the middle of the room and you decided to join him, sitting rather close to him as you placed your bag on the coffee table, retrieving an old book, pages messily poking out of it.

“What’s that?” Namjoon questioned, watching your every movement with confusion and curiosity.

“It’s my song book,” you answered quickly, “You know, the book that I write lyrics in. I kind of need it to write lyrics in.”

“Oh yeah,” Namjoon stood up quickly, “I need to get my stuff from my studio, I’ll be back really soon I swear!”

“Okay,” you smiled, receiving an apologetic one from the older man before he walked out of the room, heading upstairs.

“He may seem really clumsy and unprepared, but he has a heart of gold,” a voice spoke, startling you as you whipped your head around quickly to see Seokjin, two mugs in his hands, steam pouring out of them, “He’s just very fond of you and has been overly anxious about this all since last week when Yoongi posted that tweet.”

“Wait, Yoongi tweeted that? Why?” you furrowed your eyebrows in confusion, watching the brunette place the mugs on coasters on the coffee table, revealing hot chocolates with white and pink marshmallows afloat.

“We all knew what Namjoon wanted, but he was too scared to ever admit anything, so we had to take matters into our own hands,” he smirked mischievously, recalling the incident, “Anyways, I’ll leave the two of you to it, totally won’t be eavesdropping with the rest of the boys in the other room, no ma’am- Uh, enjoy the hot chocolates, bye.”

And with that, the boy walked out of the room, the only evidence of him ever entering the room being the hot beverages before you. You picked one up delicately, blowing lightly before taking a small sip of the delicious drink, keeping it in your grasp as it warmed your freezing hands.

“Did Seokjin make hot chocolates?” Namjoon questioned as we walked back into the room, a laptop and notebook in his clasp.

“Yeah,” you smiled softly, enjoying the warmth that shot through your fingertips, “He seems very nice.”

“Yeah, he sure is something,” Namjoon reclaimed his seat beside you, “Anyways, lyrics.”


You and Namjoon had been sitting at the couch for several hours now, both of you slightly stumped for lyrics, which was quite odd seeing as the two of you were usually very good at doing so. The both of you had combined your work together, creating a ballad about skinny love, but you didn’t have a chorus and the verses seemed rough.

“Maybe we need inspiration,” you suggested, tapping the pencil that he had offered you earlier gently against your thigh, “We might be able to come up with better lyrics if we’re not cooped up in an apartment.”

Namjoon nodded slowly, looking at his phone screen, “Well it’s lunch time, did you want to go out somewhere to eat and look around the city or something?”

You nod your head softly, following him as he stood up, taking his keys and large coat. You took hold of your own coat that you had taken off hours ago, putting it back on as the two of you headed out the door.

“There’s this really nice restaurant that’s only a block away, we can walk there,” Namjoon spoke, the two of you beginning to trudge through the snow.

Once arriving to the rather expensive looking restaurant, the two of you entered, taking off your coats before requesting a table for two.


An hour and a half had gone by, along with a bottle of wine, and the two of you had spent the whole time talking about anything and everything, never sharing an awkward moment together. Although you had spent hours with him beforehand, you and Namjoon hadn’t spoken about much that wasn’t music and work related, and having lunch with him was like seeing a completely different side of him; one that fans don’t generally see.

After splitting the bill, the two of you headed back into the frosty air, deciding to go for a walk.

“It’s kind of embarrassing to admit, but I’ve a fan of yours since your first album came out,” Namjoon admitted out of nowhere, his hands digging deeper into his pockets in search for warmth.

Your cheeks had become red due to the cold weather and your slight tipsiness, his confession just adding to the mix as you replied, “Well actually, I’ve been a fan of BTS for a really long time as well, and I always found myself attracted to you.”

“Attracted? To me?” Namjoon stopped dead in his tracks, eyes wide.

“Well, yeah,” you stop walking too, looking into his soft brown eyes, “I mean, have you seen yourself? You’re incredibly smart, funny, not to mention extremely good looking, the list goes on. Who wouldn’t fall in love with a guy like you? It was inevitable, honestly-

Namjoon cut you off as his lips met yours, moulding together before he pulled back, a content sigh escaping his lips.

“You have no idea how tempted I’ve been all day to kiss you,” the tall boy smiled, his dimples prominent, “I’m surprized with myself that I didn’t kiss you earlier, actually.”

You laugh at his playfulness, your cheeks reddening further as you gazed happily at the man before you.

“Should we head back to the apartment now?” Namjoon asked, “I think I have all the inspiration I need to finish that song now.”

You nodded happily, the two of you turning around and walking back to his place.


You don’t remember when or how it happened, but the two of you arrived at the apartment hand in hand, not releasing each other once you entered the house.

“THAT’S MY BOY!” You heard a voice yell from the kitchen, turning your head to see Seokjin, an apron on as his joyous figure made his way to the two of you, “I knew you’d have the courage to say something to her! A lucky boy you are, Joonie!”

“We’re literally just holding hands, Jin,” Namjoon rolled his eyes at the older boy.

“Honorifics,” the brunette warned before yelling again, “YOONGI YOU OWE ME DINNER! HE MADE A MOVE ON HER!”

Namjoon’s eyes grew wide once again, “YOU MADE A BET ON US?”



I really don’t have an excuse other than I’m lazy :)

Love y’all

Anon: Baby Bunny playing Pokemon Go! & doesn’t tell his hyungs. Nuff said. (This game is going to be the end of humanity. Saw someone walk into a telephone pole while playing this.)

I don’t know if this was a request or not, but I’m writing it anyways because this is too hard to pass up. I love Pokemon Go and imagining Kookie running around playing it is really cute. Pokemon Go is great and yes, everybody is going crazy over it. I’d probably be the person constantly tripping over stuff haha. Be safe guys!

 Warning: some “inappropriate” references, but I’m probably overreacting. Just in case tho.

Five Times Jungkook Wasn’t Caught (And the One Time He Was)

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